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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Final score- Clippers 7, Bulldogs 5.

Third period scoring summary:

Brad McConnell from Eric Filiou and Tyler Pistone 1:08

Eric Filiou from Justin Favreau at 3:47

Evan Witt from James Kerr Brett Mohler at 8:17 on the power play. Josh Pineiro took the original shot on goal.

Evan Witt from Brett Mohler at 15:44 on the power play (this was a Josh Pineiro shot..and I believe his goal. At the very least, he deserved an assist)

Fagerheim, unassisted, shorthanded, into an empty net - 18:54

The Bulldogs were in a position to even it up with just over a minute remaining and a power play opportunity. They unfortunately would cough the puck up at centre ice with Matthew Wong already at the bench....Fagerheim would score on the empty net on the breakaway.

Final shots 28-27 Bulldogs.

Final power plays - The Bulldogs were 4 for 11. The Clippers were 2 for 7 while also scoring twice shorthanded.

Matthew Wong took the loss in goal for the Dogs.
Evan Smith started for the Clippers and played just over 34 minutes giving up 3 goals on 17 shots. Alexander gave up two in relief.


Clippers 4, Bulldogs 3 after two.

Two goals to speak of in the second-

Joey Perry from Franzon 15:24 on a 5 on 3 power play

Carson Schell from Joey Perry 17:46 short handed

Shots in the second 5-4 Bulldogs for an after two total of 18-16 Bulldogs

Bulldogs are 2 for 6 on the power play, Clippers are 2 for 5 while also scoring once shorthanded.

Bulldogs 3, Clippers 2, after one period

Here's the update after one. Sorry I don't know the first names of the Clipper players. The sheet provided has no first names. The Clippers led 1-0 before I was even in the building. The Dogs struck back with three straight to lead 3-2. Late in the first, the Clippers banged in a rebound on the power play for a 3-2 score.

Aynsley, unassisted at 2:12

Branden Gracel from Nick Sandor at 10:30

James Kerr from Evan Witt (and also should be Brett Mohler) at 14:46 on the power play

Brett Mohler from Shae Naka and Kevin Ross at 18:53 on the power play

Carson Schell from Joe Perry at 19:13 on the power play.

Matthew Wong is in net for the Bulldogs, Evan Smith is in net for the Clippers.
Shots are 13-12 Bulldogs after one.
The Dogs are 2 for 2 on the power play, The Clippers are 1 for 2

Port Alberni Salmon Festival Update. Bulldogs vs Clippers at THE POUND tonight

I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend! I certainly had a fun day in my travels working today for THE PEAK live at Salmon Fest. As of 3:00pm, the BIG FISH of the Derby is pictured below. Mr. Lang is from Shawnigan Lake.

I had to snap a picture of this on my way by.... Yes, NO DOGS allowed at Salmon Fest..but in a couple weeks it will seem like nothing but BULLdogs on THE PEAK!

Those unable to attend the Dogs vs Clippers game tonight, have no fear I will be posting updates after each period here on the blog!

Don't forget the official homepage for Salmon Fest.....the link is on the RIGHT ------>


Clippers 3, Bulldogs 1. Rematch tonight at 7pm at the DOG POUND, Salmon Festival opening ceremonies(updated to add pictures)

The Bulldogs fell to 1 and 2 in exhibition while the Clippers improved their record to 1 and 2 with a 3-1 win over the Dogs last night.

Just going by newspaper write ups, this game was opposite as you can get from the 10-5 loss the Dogs suffered Monday in Victoria in a game of firewagon hockey.

Here's more - "Clippers up and down in 3-1 win over Bulldogs" from the Nanaimo Daily News and written by Michael Rhode.

Click HERE to read it

And thanks to Dan for sending me the story!

I didn't make it down to the game....I even planned to get some pics and video from the Salmon Fest opening ceremonies at 7pm and then head to Nanaimo for the rest of the game but just be late. That plan fell through due to the fireworks...and what a fireworks show it was!

When I have time I will post some pictures and even some videos from the opening ceremonies and the rest of the fest!


Update here's some pictures at least for now!
World famous Kiwanis Salmon BBQ Dinner. Best nine bucks you might ever spend.

Bear Tracks.... Too many lumberjacks not wanting their picture taken or I would have got one of them too haha.
CJAV has been around Salmon Fest for a LONG TIME. We were also one upon a time "AV1240 The Source" and now we're known at 93.3 THE PEAK FM. Due to the historical significance of the call letters, they were kept when we flipped to FM three years ago...Is that how long it's been? We now operate as "CJAV-FM Port Alberni"
Me and the hero of Port Alberni, Travis Cross!

O' Canada by Caitlyn Royendyk
And then Travis rings the bell to open Salmon Fest!
Beautiful to watch, hard to photograph! The Quality Foods Fireworks Display from the deck of Bat-Star.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Travis Cross to open Salmon Festival tonight, Bulldogs visit Clippers tonight, LISTEN TO THE PEAK ONLINE, Houter and Rossie are true beauties!

I am torn!

I don't know if I'd like to go down there tonight to set up at Salmon Festival for all of the coverage 93.3 The Peak will be providing all three days of the long weekend...And then head to Nanaimo to watch the Dogs visit the Clippers at the 'Crane at 7:30?

Or do I stay at Salmon Fest, eat the WORLD FAMOUS Kiwanis BBQ's Salmon Dinner, and watch Travis Cross at 7:00pm and then the Quality Food's fireworks presentation at 9:00pm!

Tough choices. On one side I would certainly enjoy the Salmon Dinner and seeing Travis speak. I would love to grab a quick video as well for the Blog. At the same time I really want to see this hockey game tonight!

I will be getting more than my fill of Salmon Fest over the next three days. I do my show from 10am to 3pm live from the festival grounds Saturday and Sunday. And then 10 to 1pm on Sunday.

Peak afternoon drive host Jolie McMullan will host 3pm to 8pm Saturday and Sunday, and 1pm to 4pm on Sunday.

The Peak is now STREAMING LIVE

Speaking about Jolie - she has done a great job recently getting our live Internet stream going.

And now it's going good, as far as I know!

Head to and click the LISTEN LIVE button!

Adam Hout and Kevin Ross are beauties

Ok what's this all about?

First off- the guys might get mad at me for talking about this here. It happened last year when I got pictures on the blog and told the story here of when Daniel Moriarty and Adam Baldassarre joined in on a neighborhood road hockey game. I think it was maybe the first day off the team had in a long time. It was something that the guys did by their own choosing...not a team event or anything. They just saw the chance to have some fun and give some kids a story of a LIFETIME.

So I talked about it on the blog because I thought it was a story that NEEDED to be out there.

Sometimes this great game is about more than wins and losses and practices and attending school and on and on...the boxscores and paper headlines and radio interviews...It can be much bigger, and much more important than any of the above.

It gives you a chance to make a difference for people!

A little birdie emailed me some pictures of a birthday party in town that Adam Hout and Kevin Ross attended.

The story goes that the guys were invited through facebook to attend. Probably through the Adam Hout and Kevin Ross fan clubs.

Yes, you read right.... fan clubs!

People in the community and even the players themselves don't totally realize the role they can play off the ice in this city!

After getting the pictures emailed and hearing the story I contacted the birthday girl Kaicee Trott and asked her if I could tell the story and put up the pictures.

She said she would be THRILLED if I did, and she told me how great it was to have the guys come to her party. She says she is a huge Adam Hout fan, and she said that he and Kevin are great guys.

Kaicee- I agree....Way to go guys.
Above------- The boys and the birthday girl

Below - Kevin and everyone
Gangsta below, awesome!

I apologize to the parents of Adam and Kevin for bringing this story to light...I know these are the ones that make mom cry!!


Thanks Safe & Sound Media!

A huge thanks goes out to Tony and Nella McKimm and their crew at Safe & Sound Media in Port Alberni as they are currently saving my bacon right now working on fixing my computer!

I had one laptop recently stolen (yes, we were robbed - If anyone tries to sell you a Laptop please let me know) and my dektop is on the fritz so that is why I couldn't get a post to you earlier yesterday!

So if you need some computer work, or if you are looking for a new one or just some of the fancy upgrades and new technologies - check them out!

They are also the official videographers of THUNDER IN THE VALLEY and they are currently working on the 2008 video! Find more information on that by CLICKING HERE
One more thing before I go - How about these pictures taken just at 9am this morning from the 93.3 The Peak FM studios? Beauty! What a start to the long weekend!


Jackie Little A NATIONAL CHAMPION!!! PLUS Ty Watson House needs your support!

Thanks to Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for sending me this....

Outstanding accomplishment Jackie!

Read more from the Alberni Valley Times by CLICKING HERE.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Partnership Announcement coming soon between Alberni Valley Bulldogs, See Group of Companies, and Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association!!

An announcement will be made on Thursday, September 4th at 7:00pm at Boston Pizza in Port Alberni where the details of a partnership between the Alberni Valley Bulldogs, the See Group of Companies, and the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association will be revealed.

And that is about all I know of this partnership.

I am like the rest of you, I am most intrigued and extremely excited to learn all the details.

Whatever they are, you can bet they will be a huge benefit to hockey locally. And THAT is what is so exciting.

And OH YAH, I almost forgot.....The Bulldogs will also be revealing their NEW 3rd Jersey at the same time!

I know zerrrro about the 3rd jersey. And if I did know anything, I wouldn't say a word because I would fear the repercussions I might face from one Jess Moser!

Is that enough NEWS?


Ok, here's more
I received word from the Bulldogs today that when Travis Cross drops the puck for the Dogs home opener on September 12th, they are encouraging everyone to wear TEAM CANADA OLYMPIC RED to support Travis Cross and BULLDOG RED to support the team!


Kevin Ross to attend Princeton!

Kevin Ross will attend Princeton for 2010-2011!

Read the release on the Bulldogs official website through this link:


WOW! On one hand this isn't surprising at all given Kevin's scholastic and hockey abilities...At the same time I just wasn't expecting this announcement at this time! NO this isn't the NEWS I was talking about earlier that I promised more details on. So you still have that to look forward to!

Congrats to Kevin and his family, to Tom McEvay, and to the entire Bulldog organization!

This is what it's all about!


Confirmed! Travis Cross to drop puck at home opener!

I just got confirmation from the Bulldogs that Travis Cross will drop the ceremonial puck to open their 2008-2009 season Friday, September 12th as they host the Victoria Grizzlies!

Cool stuff! I suggest getting you tickets in a big time hurry if you don't have them already because I'm sure with this news the good ole' Dog Pound will be SOLD RIGHT OUT.

I'm excited to see and hear the ovation that Travis will receive from the Bulldog Faithful.

MORE NEWS - I have been sitting on announcing this for a while as I wanted to make sure I had everything straight beforehand.

I'll give you the details later today - so be sure to check back. It involves an exciting future announcement coming down from the Bulldogs organiztion!!

Spread the word on Travis dropping the puck. Way to go Bulldogs and way to go Travis for doing it!


The people have spoken: Get TRAVIS CROSS to DROP THE PUCK! Jackie Little DOMINATING at National Seniors Women's Golf Championship!

I went to bed last night sometime around 9pm and woke up to three different email alerts for comments made here on the blog.

I was very happy upon further review to see that they involve people thinking Travis Cross should be the one who drops the ceremonial first puck on the 2008-2009 Alberni Valley Bulldogs season.

I agree 100%!

Jamie Amos and I were actually kicking that idea around over the weekend down at the 'Pound during Bulldogs camp.

I hope Travis can be available to drop the puck (he will be back working by that point) and I also hope that the Bulldogs will invite him to do so. The roar of close to 2000 people and the inevitable standing ovation he will receive might just be the final cherry on top of this entire journey for Travis and the community. It will most likely be the biggest local crowd to thank him, and it will SURELY be the loudest.

I'm e-mailing the Dogs office right now with my two cents, for what they are worth!

Who knows, they might have this planned already!

Holy smokes, Jackie Little is absolutely shredding the competition at the Canadian Women's Senior Championship in St. John's.
I didn't talk about Jackie here on the blog yesterday, but I did mention it on my Sportscasts on THE PEAK throughout the day....she led after one round yesterday by two strokes.
AFTER yesterday, her lead has grown to ELEVEN. No, that's not a typo.
Thanks to Dan for sending me this update, from SLAM SPORTS at

Way to go Jackie!!

More later!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Travis Cross to address community at Salmon Fest Opening Ceremonies Friday Night!

Another cool thing in the incredible story that is Travis Cross and Port Alberni.

Here's an email I received today from Port Alberni Fire Chief Tim Pley:

Hi Evan, I'm hoping that you can help us get a message out regarding a public homecoming for Travis Cross. Travis will be on stage at the Salmon Festival at 7 PM on Friday evening. This will be Travis' opportunity to publicly thank the community and the Community's opportunity to show Travis how proud we are him.

Thanks, Tim

Of course I'm all over promoting this!!

I have lined up an interview with Tom McEvay Friday at 8:10am on the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show to get one final update on the Alberni Wrestling Delegation's trip to China corresponding with Travis' Olympic Debut.

I just REALLY hope that Tom doesn't show up with a copy of his phone bill from all those calls he made to THE PEAK to give us on-air updates from the journey!

That's it for now....TONNES of news to get to tomorrow!


Capitals down Clippers 7-3, more on Dogs vs Grizzlies.

Thanks to my buddy Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for these updates.

First off, thanks again to Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for emailing me these great articles.

The first one- "Clips drubbed by Caps" is in response to the Capitals beating the Clippers 7-3 last night. Another great write up from Michael Rhode in the Nanaimo Daily News.


The second one- "Grizz take bite out of Dogs" is in response of course to the Grizz evening the score with the Dogs with a 10-5 win last night at the Juan De Fuca Arena. This one comes from the Times Colonist out of Victoria, and it's written by Sharie Epp.


Hey fans of Island teams- You got it pretty darn good when it comes to media coverage of your teams. In case you weren't appreciative of it already!


Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Final Score in Exhibition action between the Victoria Grizzlies and the Alberni Valley Bulldogs - 10-5 Grizzlies.

Wow, must have been quite the good ole' barn burner at the 'Bear tonight!

I had updates of 3-1 Grizzlies after one, and 5-4 Grizzlies after two before a final update of 10-5 Victoria..

I really appreciate all of the updates from comments here on the blog, texts, phone calls and emails!

Thanks so much to Grizzlies fan, billet, and supporter Jean Knight for phoning update to me earlier and for emailing me list of the scoring plays and some other stats.

Nothing official, but still a great amount of info otherwise not readily available....

Alberni goal scorers
1- Payne from Ralbi (PP)
2nd Period
2 - Witt from Ralbi and Tonello (PP)
3 - Muir from Ross and Castagna (PP)
4 - Mohler from Castagna and Ralbi
3rd Period
5 - Muir from Pineiro

Victoria goal scorers
1 - MacRae from Millhouse and Baldwin (PP)
2 - Forsyth from Guthrie and Bremmer
3 - Courtnall from Forsyth and Bremmer (PP)
2nd Period
4 - Matheson from Higgins and Millhouse (PP)
5 - Reid from Courtnall
3rd Period
6 - Courtnall from Reid and Robertson
7 - Millhouse from Higgins(PP)
8 - Reid from Courtnall and Robertson
9 - Bremmer from Guthrie and Robertson
10 - Millhouse (unassisted) (PP)

Total shots
Victoria 49 Alberni 37

Penalties (I believe these were all, though I might have missed a couple)
Victoria 19
Alberni 17

Victoria had 10 Vets dressed for tonight's game

Clark was in net for Alberni and Biszczak was in net for Victoria

Thanks Jean for your efforts and thanks Dave for setting it up!

Thanks to all for reading the blog and for spreading the word about it.


Another update....

5-4 Grizzlies at last update over the phone from Juan de Fuca.

3 of 4 Dogs goals on the pp.

Grizz still have the same 2 powerplay goals. My correspondent in Victoria says Clark is playing well in net for the Dogs as shots are 30 something to I believe a number in the teens for the Dogs.

Final updates later. Back to Wii Boxing now!


An update from Victoria...

After one period at Juan de Fuca Arena - Grizzlies 3, Dogs 1.

Victoria struck twice on the powerplay while the Dogs also struck on the man advantage.

Shots 17-6 Victoria.

Travis Cross article: Wrestler's defeat eclipsed by community support

What a great story this one is, written by Terry Jones for and Slam Sports.

Travis has some words that really hit me.....I hadn't thought of it really, but this for sure was a journey for me as it was for Travis. I'm sure if you think about it this was a journey in a way for you, as it was for ANYONE else in this community who supported Travis in any way.

It just makes me extremely proud of Port Alberni, and proud for being a member of this community.

Click the link to read the story.

Wrestler's defeat eclipsed by community support


Monday, August 25, 2008

Final: Bulldogs 4, Grizzlies 2.

The Bulldogs beat the Grizzlies in their exhibition opener tonight by a score of 4 to 2.

The Bulldogs led 2-0 after one and also 2-0 heading into the third before building their lead to 3-0. That score held until the final five minutes when the Grizzlies got on the board to make it 3-1. The Grizz then really made a game of it with under two minutes to play scoring to trim the gap to 3-2. With the goalie pulled for the extra attacker as Victoria looked for the equalizer, Nic Sandor scored his second of the night for the 4-2 final.

Third period scoring:

Zack Mazo from Lee Patzer at 2:35 on the power play
Cam McWilliams from Dustin Nowick and Jerris Gregory at 15:24
Brian Nugent from Shaun Stuart at 18:21 on the power play
Nic Sandor unassisted at 19:59 into an empty net.

The Dogs outshot the Grizzlies 35-21 in a fight-free but penalty filled game.
The Bulldogs were 2 for 7 on the power play while the Grizzlies were 1 for 11.

The two teams go back at it tomorrow night at Bear Mountain Arena in Victoria. You'll have to rely on....I have no idea....for updates tomorrow as I won't be making the trip down for the game. I will do my best to see if I can secure some updates and a final score....If anyone is going down or is attending from Victoria please don't hesitate to contact me or submit information on tomorrow's game here on the blog.


'Posted with my HTC SmartPhone on the Bell high speed mobile network'

2-0 Bulldogs after two over Grizzlies

No scoring in the second, shots 14-7 Bulldogs for a 24-13 advantage after 40 minutes.

Grizzlies 0 for 8 on the power play, Bulldogs 1 for 4.

Grizzlies goalie change near the midway mark of the game, Norberg Biszczak - out- Alex Peck in.


2-0 Bulldogs after one over Grizzlies

After one period the Bulldogs lead the Grizzlies 2-0.

Scoring Summary:

Nic Sandor from Josh Pineiro and Adam Hout, 2:13 on the power play.

Zack Mazo from Ben Payne and Evan Witt, 11:12

Bulldogs 1 for 2 on the power play
Grizzlies 0 for 4 with their 5th resuming at the start of the second period.

Shots 10-6 Bulldogs after one.

Colin Rundell is in net for Alberni Valley
Norberg Biszczak is in net for Victoria.

Another update coming after the second period.


Travis Cross update AGAIN, Dogs vs Grizzles exhibition updates to come.

Another update on Travis Cross- Now 9:00pm tonight for an ETA to the Wal-Mart Parking lot. They lost his luggage! OUCH.

1-0 Dogs lead Victoria in the 1st.

Update on Travis Cross tonight.

I just got a call from Jolie at THE PEAK and then the same call from Alberni Wrestling Director Tom McEvay.

Travis' flight has been delayed and the estimated time of arrival tonight has been pushed back an hour to 7:30 in the Wal-Mart Parking lot!

So spread the word!! AGAIN- 7:30pm Wal-Mart parking lot!


Travis Cross welcome home TONIGHT at 6:30, Dogs host Griz in Exhibition TONIGHT, Fitzgerald Triplets story-Steve Ewen's blog Vancouver Province

Lots of cool stuff today to get you going on a Monday.

First off- I had a message on my voicemail when I walked into work today asking me to announce that there will be a "Welcome Home" for Travis Cross tonight at 6:30 in the Wal-Mart parking lot.

I'll be there, and I hope you'll be there to. Please give Travis the hero welcome that he deserves!

Again I'm not sure any of the details other than what I was given....6:30 tonight in the Wal-Mart Parking lot.

After a short and small training camp, the Alberni Valley Bulldogs open their exhibition season tonight as they host the Victoria Grizzlies at 7pm at The Dog Pound. I'll post a report after the game on what happens. I can't wait to get back to the rink to actually WATCH a game. This and the other two home exhibition games will be my only chances this year to WATCH the Bulldogs play. Of course all 60 regular season games and any subsequent games will be broadcasted.

The Bulldogs camp over the weekend was the smallest I have witnessed in all my years of covering a Junior Hockey Team. Only 30 or so players were out there so competition was fierce. From what I can see, it seems that Bulldogs Head Coach Bryant Perrier has made this less of a training camp, and more of a practice and tune up. I like the thinking....Recruit the kids you want, and then start as soon as possible making the team you want and working on hitting the ground RUNNING. The camp over the weekend even had power play practice. These guys aren't messing around!

With the Bulldogs opening the season at HOME for the first time in franchise history is seems that every step is being taken here to put the roster into the best possible position to start the season on a winning note and get some confidence right off the bat.

You can bet that the Dogs won't be starting 0 and 6 again this year like they did last year - a hole they never really recovered from.

One thing great about having such a small camp- There isn't much room to hide out there if you aren't in shape or if you aren't working hard.

Bryant was running timed skating drills on Saturday afternoon when I was there. And he wasn't shy about letting a couple guys know what he thought from what I saw.

There was more than 1 guy out there that I saw who was most likely thinking to himself "WOW I should've trained harder over the summer!"
A big time tip of the hat to Gregg Drinnan, Sports Editor for the Kamloops Daily News.

Gregg has a great blog that I have pumped up here before called TAKING NOTE where he's more often that not talking about Hockey.

Yesterday, he picked up on a cool story coming out of Vancouver Giant's rookie camp from the blog of Steve Ewen, who covers the Giants and the WHL for the Vancouver Province.

The story is about Port Alberni's triple threat of Leo, Myles, and Gerry Fitzgerald and their showing at the G-Men rookie camp.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Pictures from Dogs Camp

I had an extremely busy day today, but managed to get up to Bulldogs camp for a few minutes to take a couple of pictures.

A beautiful new sheet of ice.

Port Alberni, HOST CITY for the 2009 World U17 Challenge. DROP THE PUCK ALREADY!
My "view" from the Broadcast Booth in the Pound.
Every guy at camp hopes to find a full time stall beyond this door.


Dogs acquire Matthew Wong, trade Frydrysek and Principalli

Here's the press release from


Same deal here as the Malone/Jebson deal. It's tough for me to see a couple great guys and friends in Matt and Jordan move on. In my eyes, both players have great potential to be impact players in this league.

Good luck in Quesnel guys!

Now to Matthew Wong. I'm again very excited to see this guy in a Bulldogs uni manning the pipes. The first 3 or 4 times the Dogs and Grizzlies met he was lights out and one of the game stars, just like Kevin Jebson was with Burnaby against the Dogs. I actually looked at Matt last year and thought of him as certainly the RBC goalie for the Grizzlies this season. Here's hoping that the Grizzlies loss will be a huge gain for the Bulldogs.

How about the log jam in the Bulldog crease now? Or if not NOW, but the potential log jam in the future? May and Jebson are both in WHL camps, and Frank Slubowski is about to have surgery.

GM Alan Kerr obviously wanted and needed a guaranteed solid guy here from GAME 1. I think Matthew is now that guy, barring anyone back possibly sooner than expected from a WHL camp. If and or when someone comes back, there might be one heck of a battle for the starting goalie job. In my opinion, that can only be a good thing for the Bulldog organization.


Posted on the Bell Mobile high speed network from my HTC SmartPhone.

Friday, August 22, 2008

An email from Travis Cross, Star Light Movie Night.

Well said Travis!

Thank you everyone sending your emails. Everyone is so positive and it is good to know your thoughts and feelings of not only my competition yesterday but of the whole journey to Olympics.

I was very excited to go out and wrestle, it is what I dreamt of for so many years. I had as good of a draw as I could of had at the Olympics. I was confident I could beat Turkey. I felt relaxed on the mat and gave it everything I had. I can try to analyze my performance and look at areas to improve but to be honest I felt I wrestled my best and I am not having any regrets with the way I prepared or performed. Everything, the tough times and the good times were all worth it.

I was really impressed with my friends and family (64 in total) who were representing our beautiful country so well with pride and dignity. It was unreal to have them here. I know everyone back home was watching too and I hope you all enjoyed the experience.

My Olympic experience has been phenomenal. I have many great memories that will be etched in my mind forever, not only from the last couple weeks but over the past years. What a great opportunity. I did not leave any stoned unturned. Everyone supporting me helped make sure that I was able to prepare properly and helped me to have my best focus to compete.

I have learned so much about myself and not only my potential but the potential of so many others. This experience really showed me what great things can be accomplished when there is teamwork and dedication. I am talking about all of you. My situation 3 years ago was far from ideal in order to qualify and compete in the Olympics. If it wasn't for the fact of having so many generous and genuine people around me to help then I would not have been here.

I hope this experience will inspire others to pursue and live their dreams. I know the positive impact this journey had will continue to help many others to reach their potential for many years to come.

This experience has taught me that no matter who you are, where your from or what situation you find yourselves in, your goals and dreams will be realized if you have the courage to pursue them.

I am looking forward to coming back home, I love you all, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Now go out there and pursue your dreams!


I went down last night to catch "Star Light Movie Night" at Bob Dailey Stadium. What a cool night it more ways than one! Yes it was a LITTLE chilly, but it was much better than raining like it was the last couple of days. It was just plain cool to watch a movie sitting on the grass on a blanket like that under the stars...and clouds. I grew up going to the drive-in theatre, but it's nothing like sitting under the stars like that. What a great idea!

A great crowd showed up to watch Nim's Island. Lots of kids, lots of families, just lots of people period.

This is something that needs to happen at least every couple of weeks in the summer, if it's affordable to bring in, of course. Alternate it with the weeks where there aren't any OUR TOWN events?

I just thought it was cool to get people of all ages from the community out like that having fun and maybe feeling some community pride!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Pictures from Travis Cross viewing party at Boston Pizza

Here's some great pictures from Boston Pizza for the crowd that came to watch Travis. A person posted in the comment section of an earlier post saying there was a great crowd at Echo to watch at the party there...Where are my picture submissions!

Dean Montgomery, the owner of Boston Pizza, with Marc Beer and his flag that he was getting signed for Travis.
Not sure who but he was doing the rabbit ears in the above picture on the first try so he gave me the thumbs up.
Travis on the Big Screen during his feature.
Tom on the the other screens during the same piece.

More on Kevin Jebson and Shane Malone, and more Bulldogs stuff.

Just some more thoughts on Kevin Jebson and Shane Malone.

I mentioned yesterday that Kebson was lights out in every game he played against the Dogs last season. Upon further research today - In his three games against the Dogs he picked up STAR honors in every game. First star once, Second star once, and Third star once.

Nuff' said.

Shane Malone. Not that the classy Bulldog fans wouldn't ALREADY - but be sure to give Shane Malone a nice warm welcome if he returns to The Pound as a member of the visiting team next year. And not just for his service to the club and the community. Do it for a moment that still sticks out in my head from last season. You may or may not remember the incident in Langley where Daniel Moriarty was jumped by the Chiefs at the opening puck drop of the second period. Daniel already had one fight on the game, and couldn't afford the automatic ejection that came with his second fight as Brown University had come to the game for the sake of seeing him play.

With another fight already on going on the ice, the officials weren't there to protect Daniel. His young and inexperienced teammates on the ice didn't come to his aid either. It was a tough situation for them.

Cue big Malone, fighting through the people on the bench to hold him back, to come to Daniel's aid. It was a personal sacrifice in the name of a teammate that I certainly won't forget. I know that Shane's former teammates won't forget it, and I know the Bulldogs fans probably won't either. Since it happened on the ROAD, I thought I should give you just a little reminder about it.

I still remember the energy and pride I felt seeing Shane coming off the bench. No gloves on, no helmet on. Not only was he coming to a teammates aid who was jumped and who was fighting several of the opposition.... he was doing it like a guy with some stones and some class and some recognition of the "code"


Check out the release from the Dogs site here

The Bulldogs are also looking to add to their volunteer and billet family base for the upcoming season. For more information on that, call the Dogs office at 250-723-4412.


Interivew added- Travis Cross and Tom McEvay from Beijing.

Here's a link to the interview with Tom and Travis this morning from Beijing. Great to hear them in good spirits, and uplifting as well to hear the Port Albenri crowd over there!
Audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 THE PEAK FM, and The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.
One other tidbit to add - Again a big thanks to my buddy Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for the heads up on this great story on Travis, which almost echoes my sentiments from after the match last night that I posted on the blog.
It's courtesy The Nanaimo Daily News - a great read by Bob Duff reporting from China for the Canwest News Service.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Cross out after losing 1-1 and 1-1

I'm just as proud of our Olympian as I'm sure the rest of Port Alberni is after tonight.

I am just hoping that Travis is just as proud himself after the heartbreak wears off.

What a sport! 1-1 in round one, and 1-1 in round two....And the Turkish Wrestler won both rounds because the way the sport works....whoever scores last in a round wins.....And he scored last both times and Travis scored first both times. Absolutely heartbreaking to watch, but inspiring at the same time. It just doesn't seem fair, but it's the way the sport works and it's the same for every athlete I guess.

Too bad that it took so long for it to get on CBC, but in the end I thought they did a great job with the Travis Cross Vignette.

Right at 7:20pm PST they showed the OTHER Canadian match on the other mat. At the same time I knew Travis was wrestling because the 64 strong Port Alberni faithful were true to my expectations of them - I could hear TRAVIS TRAVIS echoing through the arena. Cool stuff.

A great crowd was on hand tonight at Boston Pizza, and I'm sure the Echo Centre was jammed as were the other Sports Bars in town.

Win or lose, in my humble opinion, Travis and the community are all heroes and all winners for achieving the accomplishment of getting to the biggest show on earth.

Travis- You have inspired me and you have inspired this whole community. Every kid living here now believes that THEY TOO can make it to the Olympics. You are are hero.


CBC I forgive you

They are at least showing Wrestling now!

Now show us Travis!

Dogs Acquire Kevin Jebson for Shane Harrison May to a WHL camp, and Frank Slubowski to have surgery.

This one has been rumored for a while and I've been biting my lip. And that has been tough to do that because I am PUMPED UP at the thought of Kevin in a Bulldogs jersey.

Read the release on the Bulldogs website here.

Kudos to the Alan Kerr and the Bulldogs organization for always complimenting their players that move on. It is nice to not see the "we traded this guy for that guy thee end" sort of stuff that most releases look like from most teams. I'm not bashing the clubs that do it that way...but there is always a nice word said to the player that was once part of their organization when it comes to the Bulldogs releases and that is a breath of fresh air.

At the same time, has there ever been more news on one release? As excited as I am to see Jebson hopefully suit up in the 'Pound, I am also sad to see Shane Malone go. In my job - like any job I'm sure- you develop camaraderie and a relationship with guys you see every day and spend so much time with. Of course you meet the parents of these young men as well and you get to know them.

Shane was a funny guy with great character. Best of luck buddy...hopefully in the Dub.

At the same time the release speaks of Harrison May and Frank Slubowski, two guys that I also know well. On one hand, I wish "MAYDAY" the best of luck at his WHL camp, and on the other hand I wish "The Big Slubowski" all the best on his rehab from his unfortunate injury. While it sounds like this season might be down the tubes for him, at least his career isn't. That's the attitude I hope he takes when dealing with this at least.

Why am I so pumped up at the thought of Kevin Jebson in a Dogs jersey? That's simple. For those that don't remember, he was LIGHTS OUT every time the Dogs and Express played last year. As a former goalie, I don't easily forget a guy that plays as good as he did as often as he did against the Dogs last year.

A final word would be a good luck (but not too good of luck) to Jebson as he attends Moose Jaw Warriors camp!

How many posts is that today now? Wow am I ever on fire! Time for a pre-Travis Cross nap!

See you tonight at Boston Pizza!



A plea to anyone getting together tonight to watch Travis!

Whether it's at home with a group of friends, at a Sports Bar or Pub or especially everyone at the Community Viewing Party - PLEASE take some pictures, please take a couple of 60 second videos, and PLEASE send them to me. Or youtube them or whatever!

The reason I ask- While I really want to see what all of the fever that happens tonight looked like and what it felt like for MYSELF, I also know it will be even more special to Travis and all of the supporters from Port Alberni who are over in China.

While it was on a much smaller scale, I went through an "away from home" moment when I was the play-by-play voice of the OCN Blizzard and we went to the 2002 Royal Bank Cup in Halifax.

Nova Scotia is a long way from Manitoba, and it was only 2 or 3 weeks notice, so there were plenty of fans that couldn't make the trip. The team ended winning the semis and going all the way to the finals.

The ONLY regret I have from the whole experience of a thousand great memories I'll never forget - is that I couldn't be HOME with the people of the community to experience what it was like to watch from afar.

I heard story upon story of community gatherings everywhere, restaurants and and bars going crazy, people running through the streets hugging strangers and drivers on the streets getting out of their cars to celebrate.

I regretted at least not seeing a picture or a video to hear more than a "story"

So- I'll be taking a camera to Boston Pizza tonight to capture the people there. If you can do it wherever you go or wherever you are, that would be cool.

Submit them to my via email to and be sure to put TRAVIS CROSS in the subject line. Don't hesitate as well to contact me should you need some technological assistance!

I will post the submissions here and I will get them to Travis!

Just a little something small like these would be great, just poor quality cell phone videos. I happened to take both of them on the spur of the moment, and I'm glad I still have the moments captured!


Happy Travis Cross Day! PLUS, another phone call from Alberni Wrestling in Beijing!

Happy Travis Cross Day! Yes, Travis makes his Olympic debut at approximately 6:30 PM PST TONIGHT.

There is NO GUARANTEE that any live coverage will be provided. If there is live coverage, of course CBC is the channel you need to be watching!

There is a community viewing party at Echo Centre in the Cedarwood Room. Show up earlier than 6:30 if you are planning on getting a seat. Wear your red and bring your Canadian flags.

It's also a given that any Sports Bar or Pub will have it on the Big Screens. I will be taking in the festivities at Boston Pizza so if you are headed there I hope to make some noise with you!

Pretty cool to again get a phone call from Tom McEvay and the Alberni Wrestling delegation in Beijing. Tom called me and I was planning on just taping it, but the emotion got to me as I could just hear how excited he was. So I figured why not do it live to hopefully capture some of that excitement for everyone on their way to work listening to THE PEAK this morning!

So if you missed it, here it is again.

All audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM, and The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

Go Travis, and make some noise tonight Port Alberni! I know the 64 strong in Beijing will be inspiring to hear and see!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My letter to the CBC

You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take!!

Greetings CBC, from Port Alberni, BC!

Thank you for you outstanding coverage so far from the Olympics in Beijing.

You give us the option with this forum to tell you our story. So here is mine.

My name is Evan Hammond. I am the morning show host on the local radio station, and I am also the broadcast play-by-play voice of the local Junior A Hockey club. I have seen what the passion this community is like and tomorrow this city will reach a fever pitch.

Tonight is an exciting one for this city of 18,000 as tomorrow our local Olympic Wrestler Travis Cross makes his debut at the Beijing games.

We are excited to watch Travis compete and we are especially excited for the atmosphere that should emanate from the Wrestling Venue, as reports are that the largest contingent of Canadians in Beijing is the 64 STRONG group from Port Alberni that are there to support Cross.

Support is just as strong here locally as it is in China as our Community Centre is hosting a "CBC viewing party" tomorrow to watch the proceedings. The party has been moved from one community room to another as the previous was deemed too small for the expected support.

I also know of several Sports Bars that are inviting the community to come down to watch Travis and provide him support from back home.

It would obviously be an extremely exciting thing for everyone here to be able to watch. We are hoping upon hope that the CBC will be able to provide live coverage of Travis when he wrestles. Of course we also understand that this is a big country and the Olympics are such a large event that one never knows where the next story will develop. Locally, we believe the next big story will be TRAVIS CROSS!

Regarding the option to submit this story with the "I have a webcam" option. I do indeed have a webcam that can stream and I would be most proud to provide you a feed from the Community Centre or a local Sports Bar tomorrow so you can see the pandemonium when Travis Wrestles.

So please don't hesitate to contact me.

Evan Hammond

Bulldogs Release Main Camp Sked, Simon Whitfield reminded me of Travis Cross....

First off- The Alberni Valley Bulldogs released their main camp schedule on their website today.

Click THIS LINK to to read it.


I just saw the Simon Whitfield interview on CBC with Ron MacLean. What a well spoken man Simon is, and what a great interviewer MacLean is!

Sadly I was out working and missed the finish to triathlon. I got a very excited call from home near the finish and a couple WOW text messages from people.

Here's the story from CBC in case you missed it.

Hearing the follow up interview tonight everything Simon said about his support crew and his group and how everyone that came over and was a part of the journey really sounded like Travis Cross and here's story.

Here is the Travis Cross story, also from the CBC WEBSITE.

What a great job CBC has done in all aspects of their Olympic Coverage. Now we all just really hope that they will be covering Travis LIVE tomorrow.

From what I have been told, the Alberni Wrestling Delegation is the BIGGEST of any group from this COUNTRY cheering in Beijing. I hope that the rowdy people from P.A. get some coverage to the Nation watching back home!

Changes to Travis Cross viewing party at Echo tomorrow.....AND add Boston Pizza to the list!

Hello and Happy Tuesday. First off- this email I received yesterday from 93.3 The Peak FM afternoon drive host and Promotions Mistress Jolie McMullan..

Change to Travis Cross Day:

This event is now going to be held in the Cedarwood Room at Echo to accommodate more people. Also encourage everyone to wear Red and White that day for the day and bring your Canada flags to come and watch.

Gotta love Port Alberni and it's people! I knew that the Dogwood Room wouldn't be big enough for this big of an event and sure enough they are getting a bigger room already!

Again don't forget that Travis wrestles at approximately 6:30pm PACIFIC STANDARD TIME TOMORROW. So show up earlier than that to get a seat.

And AGAIN AGAIN on this note- CBC cannot guarantee that they will show Travis competing LIVE. As far as I am aware they have at least committed to showing his match/matches afterwards.

Crossing my fingers that this will be live, but you never know what story might be developing at the time!

If the Cedarwood Room still isn't big enough, or if you are looking for more of a party like atmosphere or just dinner and drinks, you can Add BOSTON PIZZA to the list of places to watch Travis compete tomorrow.

I was down there last week taking a buddy of mine from Edmonton who was in town out for some fun when I ran into BP's owner Dean Montgomery during dinner.

Dean was ALREADY pumped up for tomorrow way back LAST week some time, whenever this was. And that just got me MORE fired up! The Cross-fever is sure infectious.

Now of course you can watch Travis compete hopefully anywhere with a couple of big screen T.V's.... but I just think Dean and the crew at Boston Pizza deserve some extra props because they have been supporters of Travis and crew from the day they opened for business, If I remember correctly.

I sadly couldn't make it when it happened but I know on one instance they had Travis and his teammates serving customers their dinner working for tips. They are also one of the restaurants that fed Travis and teammates when they were in town for the Olympic Training session in Port Alberni before they all left for Beijing.

Oh yeah....they are big supporters of the BULLDOGS too :)

So hopefully we'll see you at Boston Pizza for Travis making his Olympic debut tomorrow. If I don't see you there I encourage one and all to get to the Cedarwood Room!


Monday, August 18, 2008

Back in action....Olympics stuff...TRAVIS CROSS Wrestles WEDNESDAY AUGUST 20th 6:30pm PST!!


I'm back blogging again after taking a couple days off for a busy weekend where I attended a wedding of epic proportions over in Vancouver.

I may post more later, but I wanted to leave you all with this right now....

The Olympics. I was maybe like most of you last week, thinking "COME ON lets just get ONE MEDAL"

I know the athletes were trying their best, and I know that they have trained harder than they ever probably thought they could train to prepare to represent their country.

Not everyone can win though, so I guess that's what makes it so special?

This one brought tears to my eyes and made me think of all the athletes that wanted so badly to win and they just couldn't do it. Thanks for your efforts!

Our first medal. Gold.



Friday, August 15, 2008

NOT banned in China, Christina Spence-Proteau interview link added.

OK, you might be wondering what's up with the "Not Banned in China" stuff.

I actually wasn't sure people over there would be able to read my blog, as I saw on Rod Pedersen's blog over the last week or so that he had a report from some people in China who were having trouble accessing his.

As Rod isn't a guy that talks about anything that the Chinese would find offensive, I figured that most likely all websites would be blocked. Blogger is quite FREE SPEECH after all.

Turns out I was wrong, as Richelle commented on an earlier post of mine that she was reading the blog loud and clear in China with the Alberni Wrestling/Travis Cross delegation.

Thanks China!

Hope I didn't curse it!


It was a pleasure to meet and talk at length with Christina Spence-Proteau today. I was impressed by her personality and her ability to talk. She'll make a great lawyer, maybe even better than a golfer! Christina, Travis Cross, we sure have some good people as good athletes in this community.

Thanks for coming in Christina!


Audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 THE PEAK FM, and The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.


Port Alberni's Christina Spence-Proteau in Sports Illustrated's "Faces in the Crowd" and on 93.3 THE PEAK this morning!

I've been trying to line up an interview with Christina FOREVER. We actually had one scheduled back in the May after she defended her National Collegiate Title. Unfortunately Christina missed the interview due to taking her bar exams. Some excuse! Ok Ok, it's a good excuse, I get it!

I will accept no excuse for her not making it in this morning just after 8:10 though, as she is working NEXT DOOR to the radio station!

Getting in Sports Illustrated is a HUGE DEAL. For a Canadian from a small town like Port Alberni, it's incredible!

I'll get a copy of the Christina interview here on the blog later for those that miss it at 8:10am this morning on 93.3 THE PEAK FM.

I suggest you pick up a copy of the College Football preview of Sports Illustrated if you'd like to keep the issue as a keepsake. I wish I was smart enough to do that on the way to work this morning so I could have had a signed copy!

Click the link for the online version of "Faces in the Crowd"

Congrats Christina!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nanaimo Clipper Colton Cyr heads to WHL...and another Clipper recruit heads to the Regina Pats.

If I haven't said it before, I really appreciate it when people help me out and send me the heads up on news articles pertaining to the BCHL and specifically Port Alberni, Nanaimo and the rest of the Island. I do all I can to post all I can when it comes to things that might be of interest to those that read the blog. But I can't catch them all and I can't search and find them all!

Today I had two emails giving me the heads up on this interesting development out of Clipper camp.

My thanks to David Wiwchar of A Channel News, and my thanks for Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for both taking the time to send this info my way.

Tough news on a couple of fronts for the Clippers for sure. Port Alberni native Cyr informed Clipper GM Bill Bestwick yesterday that he was heading to the Kelowna Rockets camp. Cyr was the second player in a matter of days to go the same route, as on Friday recruit D-man Jeff Dort informed the club that he's heading to a try out with the Regina Pats.

Michael Rhode has this all covered in greater detail in THIS ARTICLE, FROM THE NANAIMO DAILY NEWS

Thanks for reading.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

August 20th Proclaimed TRAVIS CROSS DAY, Happy International Left Hander's Day, Happy Birthday Bobby Clarke!

Cool stuff today...I got a phone call this morning from the Acting Mayor of Port Alberni, "Old" Ike Patterson. He informed me that at the regular meeting of City Council Monday night, the Port Alberni Acting Mayor and Council proclaimed August 20th to be TRAVIS CROSS DAY.

What does this mean? Here's the gist of the conversation..

Travis Cross will start wrestling in Beijing at 9:30am on August 21st.

Which is 6:30pm, August 20th in Port Alberni.

The CBC cannot guarantee guarantee that live coverage will be provided when Travis is wrestling. However it WILL be broadcasted at some point.

City Council has proclaimed Wednesday, August 20th as "Travis Cross Day" and to honour the occasion they are inviting citizens to gather in the Dogwood Room at Echo Centre to watch Travis' Olympic debut on a big screen TV, courtesy of Barlow's Home Entertainment Centre.

The Dogwood Room will be open from 4:30 to 8:30pm but seating is limited so interested fans and supporters should arrive well before 6:30pm.

Cool stuff!

Old Ike will be on the 93.3 THE PEAK FM morning show just after 8:10am tomorrow to talk about this in greater detail so be sure to tune in!

In response to all of this cool Travis Cross stuff on the blog, I was included on this great email of support to Tom and Tom and the crew and of course Travis in Beijing from the Hout family down in Ladera Ranch, California.

Yes, Cross fever is spreading everywhere! Gotta love the internet! I hope they can get on the blog in China to read this!

Hi Tom (and group), We just listened to the exciting and informative telephone conversation today between you (and Tom #2) with Hammer, all the way from China. It's on Hammer's blog (gotta love the technology of today, WOW). What a fabulous opportunity to be traveling with your group from the Alberni Valley to support Travis while competing at the Olympics. Once again, the Alberni Valley proves to be the most incredible community on this planet. Need we say more...

We'll be sending good wishes and good karma Travis' way on Aug. 21st, all the way from Ladera Ranch, California. Love to see an Alberni Valley group photo from the Great Wall of China, not to mention, Travis winning the gold!

Safe travels abroad. Go Travis Go! Regards, The Hout family- Sam, Kathy, Adam & Dena


I am excited because today is International Left Handers Day!

Today is our one day to celebrate being different from roughly 90% of the population. It is our one day to celebrate and forget the simple struggles of living in a right handed world!

My thanks to my dear mother, for not just accepting my left-handedness but encouraging it. She did everything from buying me left handed scissors and even books about how cool being left handed could be.

It all sounds pretty cheesy to you righties. But you just don't understand. That could be due to our higher level of intelligence!

So I'll keep it short as to not get myself hacked by some hating right-handers... To my left handed brothers and sisters out there reading this...Have a great day!

Yes, it's Bobby Clarke's birthday today. A former teammate of my dads in the heydays of the Flin Flon Bombers.

A two time Stanley Cup Champ, a THREE time Hart Trophy Winner, and #23 on The Hockey News' List of the Top 100 NHL Players of All-Time.

I had to at least mention this today for the fear that they might not let me go back home next time if I didn't!

I didn't see many of Bobby's games myself, but I have seen plenty of old games. Grab some tapes somehow if you have a young or old player that you think needs to learn and understand what tenacity and work ethic and drive are all about. Sometimes it's those three factors that make the biggest difference between winning and losing and making it or not making it.