Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society PRESS CONFERENCE AUDIO, Interview on THE PEAK tomorrow AM!

Click the below link for the full Press Conference audio, including the Question and Answer period. While you won't be able to hear some of the questions, I'm hoping even just hearing the answers will help people understand everything going on.

Tom McEvay and Darren Deluca will stop by the 93.3 The Peak FM studios tomorrow morning for a chit chat so be sure to tune in just after the 8am News/Sports/Weather


Lots of Media...

Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society Press Conference

...Society has been formed, and is a legal entity now in Province of BC, formed for purpose of purchasing the majority ownership of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs who own 51% of the team.

100% ownership of the team is the goal, however the minority local owners of Dennis See/The See Group of Companies and Dr. David Ness have indicated they would be happy to stay on as owners should the society not be able to secure anything more than the funds required to purchase the majority ownership from the Okanagan Hockey School / Okanagan Hockey Academy.

The initial board of directors:

Chair - Darren Deluca
Secretary - Bob Cole
Treasurer - Al McCulloch
Director - David McCormick
Director - Tom McEvay

The board is now forming fundraising committees to embark on an aggressive 45 day campaign to gauge the support of the people of the Alberni Valley, setting an initial goal of 500,000 to be raised by June 1st with further efforts to reach the ultimate goal of 1,000,000.

Alberni Clayoquot Community Futures has approved a 50,000 refundable loan to kick off the campaign with seed support also pledged by the board of the 2009 World Under 17 Hockey Challenge.

Donations can be made to the "Donors Club" and "Founders Club" by visiting the RBC on 3rd Ave, the offices of Mollon Tyler Mollon on Johnson Road, the newly established Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society at 3009 4th Avenue, the Bulldogs Office, at Port Alberni City Hall, and by visiting their website going live today at


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Port Alberni Junior Hockey Association Press Conference

Good crowd on hand for today's Presser. Details/Audio to follow so be sure to check back.


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society formed to purchase Bulldogs, Alberni Wrestling at Nationals....

Big news here as a society has been formed with the goal to secure majority ownership of the Bulldogs at a local level. I don't know what the price tag is, but it will surely be substantial. If any community can do it, this is the one. More details will come out on Thursday afternoon....

   Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society

                                                                 For Immediate Release

The newly formed and registered Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society (PAJHS) invites all media and interested people to attend a press conference on Thursday April 19th at 12 noon in the upper lounge of the Alberni Valley Multiplex.

The purpose of this press conference is to give the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society the opportunity to announce its goal to purchase majority ownership in the Alberni Valley Bulldogs Junior A Hockey franchise and hence make this a truly community owned team.  The Society will introduce its inaugural Board of Directors and their plans for an aggressive short term fundraising campaign. They will be calling on the citizens of the Alberni Valley, Bulldog Alumni and all Bulldog and community supporters far and wide to come forward with ideas and participation.

Please plan to attend this important community announcement. Details, rationale and further information on how people can get involved and support this initiative will be shared on Thursday April 19th at noon.

For further information media can contact:

Society President – Darren DeLuca at cell  250-720-7453 or email
Society Director – Tom McEvay at cell 250-720-7624 or email
For comment from the current majority owners Okanagan Hockey Schools please contact President Andy Oakes at 250-493-1408 ext 3360 or email
Alberni Wrestlers Outstanding at National Championships

Five wrestlers of the Alberni Valley Wrestling Club travelled to Fredericton to compete in the 2012 Cadet/Juvenile National Championships this past weekend. They were joined by coaches James Messenger and Chris Bodnar and pairing master Richelle McKenzie. The club’s results were outstanding with all five wrestlers finishing in the top six in Canada.

Grade 12 wrestler, finished Daley Forbes finished her high school wrestling career in style winning the gold medal and the title of National Champion for the third straight year.  Competing in the 75 kilogram Juvenile (17 & 18 year olds) Girls Division, Daley was dominant throughout the competition.  This was the fourth year in a row that Daley was in the National Championship finals.

 “Daley has been a very reliable performer for our wrestling team.  She demonstrated that once again this weekend.  Her consistency is a testament to the fact that regardless of the tournament, regardless of her opponent, she sticks to her game plan and wrestles for the positions she needs to be in.  It isn’t the flashiest wrestling style out there but it certainly caught the attention of some of the university coaches who were in Fredericton recruiting members for their varsity programs. At this point Daley isn’t sure what she will do next year but we are all hopeful that she will continue to pursue both her education and wrestling.” commented coach James Messenger.

Fredericton was the first trip to the National Championships for Grade 9 wrestler Nolan Badovinac.  Badovinac did not let his inexperience show as he went undefeated to claim the title in the 72 kilogram Cadet (15 & 16 year olds) Boys Division.

When asked about Nolan’s gold medal performance Coach Chris Bodnar had this to say, “Nolan has had a very successful Grade 9 season.  He obviously had an outstanding National tournament and was extremely dominant this weekend.  Many people are surprised to hear that he is so successful as a Grade 9.  No one who spends any time around our wrestling program is surprised. Yes, he is talented but he also works very, very hard.  He never misses a practices, never misses a run, and doesn’t shy away from wrestling with tougher, more experienced training partners. It all came together for him at the Nationals and we couldn’t be happier for him. ”

Grade 12 wrestler Connor McDonald wrestled at his best to finish fourth in the Juvenile Men’s 82 kilogram Division.  “Connor wrestled the best tournament of his life.” commented Messenger. “He showed up to compete and didn’t let the level of competition intimidate him.  He scrambled well and finished takedowns better than I have ever seen him do.  I am really proud of how he did and how he finished his high school career.”

Grade 10 wrestlers  and twin brothers Jordan Wagner (5th Cadet Men 54 kilograms) and Jesse Wagner (6th Cadet Men 50 kilograms) found themselves in two of the toughest Cadet weight classes of the tournament.  They each won multiple matches against tough opponents but a couple of hard fought losses resulted in them being held out of the medal rounds.
Coach Messenger reflected, “Obviously I am proud with how are wrestlers performed at the Nationals. Going into the tournament I had hoped that we might be able to get 3 or 4 placers.  Having all 5 of our wrestlers place was an outstanding way to finish the season. Once again our athletes did our program and our community proud on the national stage. Believe me, anyone involved in wrestling in Canada knows about Port Alberni and our wrestling program.”
Nationals is the official end of the competitive season for the local wrestlers. Now the focus turns to fundraising and preparing for next year.  In addition to fundraising another big part of prepping for next year is taking some time away from the mats.  Coach Messenger commented further, “I strongly believe kids at this age will be better athletes if they do multiple sports.  I really encourage our kids to get involved with other sports in the offseason.  Go play rugby, go out for track, lacrosse, ball or play golf. Whatever it is, be active.  A break from the mats is a good thing but I don’t want them sitting on the couch.”
Another focus for the local club and their supporters is a three week trip to Europe this summer. Forty people leave Port Alberni on July 26th and fly to Prague in the Czech Republic. The group will visit Munich Germany, Saltzburg and Innsbruck Austria, St. Moritz and Zurich Switzerland,  Vaduz Liechstenstein and Paris France before finishing their tour in London during the Olympic Summer Games. The group returns on August 13th. More information will be released later on this exciting tour.  

The most immediate event coming up for local wrestlers is their Annual Awards Night Thursday April 26th 7 pm at the Italian Hall.  Wrestlers, their families, and all supporters are encouraged to make plans to attend. Clearly the Alberni Wrestling Program has much to celebrate.
For more information contact:
·James Messenger at 250-735-8854 email
       ·Tom McEvay at 250-723-3744 email

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dogs Spring Camp...

Finally got a chance to get out to check the action today...busy busy weekend, got a round of golf in on Friday, and headed with the fam down to Tiger Lilly Farms yesterday. Great times, great weather!


Friday, April 13, 2012

Dogs Spring Identification Camp kicks off today, Season Ticket Renewal deadline NEXT WEEK!

Once again, here's the schedule for this weekend's Spring Identification Camp


      8:30-8:55am  Check In
      9:00-9:15am  Assembly, Opening Comments, Welcome, Video (UPSTAIRS LOUNGE)
    9:30-11:00am  Fitness Testing (WEYERHAEUSER RINK – DRY FLOOR)
    12:00-1:00pm  On-ice skills, Teams 1 + 2 (COULSON RINK)
      1:15-2:15pm  On-ice skills, Teams 3 + 4 (COULSON RINK)
      2:30-4:30pm  GAME 1, Teams 1 vs 2 (COULSON RINK)
      4:45-6:45pm  GAME 2, Teams 3 vs 4 (COULSON RINK)

    9:00-11:00am  GAME 3, Teams 2 vs 3 (COULSON RINK)
    9:00-10:00am  Education Seminar (Parents/Players) Teams 1&4 (UPSTAIRS LOUNGE)
    11:15-1:15pm  GAME 4, Teams 1 vs 4
  11:30-12:30pm  Education Seminar (Parents/Players) Teams 2&3 (UPSTAIRS LOUNGE)
      1:30-2:30pm  Goalie Session (COULSON RINK)
      4:00-6:00pm  GAME 5, Teams 1 vs 3 (COULSON RINK)
      6:15-8:15pm  GAME 6, Teams 2 vs 4 (COULSON RINK)

      7:15-9:15am  RED & WHITE GAME #1 (rosters announced Saturday night)
    9:30-10:30am  Exit Interviews for players from Red & White Game #1
  10:30-12:30pm  RED & WHITE GAME #2 (rosters announced Saturday night)
    12:45-1:45pm  Exit Interviews for players from Red & White Game #2

TEAM RED             TEAM 1         DRESSING ROOM 5


TEAM GOLD          TEAM 3         DRESSING ROOM 7


Teams are assigned their dressing rooms until Saturday night. Dressing rooms will be locked over night so players can leave their equipment in the rooms if they choose. After last game on Saturday, players will need to take their equipment as new teams will be created for the games on Sunday morning. Sunday rosters will be made available Saturday evening.

And one more item before I go - a note from the Bulldogs Office - 2012-13 Season Ticket renewal deadline is TUESDAY, APRIL 17th. If you don't get in touch with the office to indicate you are renewing your seats you are at risk of losing them to ticket holders that have already renewed next season who are looking to upgrade their seats! So get into the office ASAP or over the weekend or call them at 250-723-4412!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Dogs Spring Camp kicks off Friday, Nucks come out flat, Vees sweep Kings, MENS NIGHT at Alberni Golf Club tonight......

The Bulldogs begin the process of searching for some diamonds in the rough tomorrow (and identifying players for the future) with their Alberni Valley Spring Camp. They will also hold camps in Quesnel at the end of the month, and in Osoyoos in early May. Get down to the rink and check out some hockey, admission is free!


8:30-8:55am Check In
9:00-9:15am Assembly, Opening Comments, Welcome, Video
9:30-11:00am Fitness Testing
12:00-1:00pm On-ice skills, Teams 1 + 2
1:15-2:15pm On-ice skills, Teams 3 + 4
2:30-4:30pm GAME 1, Teams 1 vs 2
4:45-6:45pm GAME 2, Teams 3 vs 4

9:00-11:00am GAME 3, Teams 2 vs 3
9:00-10:00am Education Seminar with Tom McEvay (Parents + Players) Teams 1 + 4
11:15-1:15pm GAME 4, Teams 1 vs 4
11:30-12:30pm Education Seminar with Tom McEvay (Parents + Players) Teams 2 + 3
1:30-2:30pm Goalie Session
4:00-6:00pm GAME 5, Teams 1 vs 3
6:15-8:15pm GAME 6, Teams 2 vs 4

7:15-9:15am RED & WHITE GAME #1 (rosters announced Saturday night)
9:30-10:30am Exit Interviews for players from Red & White Game #1
10:30-12:30pm RED & WHITE GAME #2 (rosters announced Saturday night)
12:45-1:45pm Exit Interviews for players from Red & White Game #2
Great picture from the Vees facebook page of my buddy Murray Maxwell from the Vees support staff raising the Fred Page Cup last night in Powell River as the Vees swept the Kings with a 3-2 win. Congrats to the Vees, and good luck against the AJHL Champs, either Fort Mac or Brooks. The Bulldogs are represented on both sides of the series, with Mike Puddifant on Fort. Mac and Dylan Nowakowski and Tanner Hicks play for Brooks. Tough luck for the Kings, losers of the Fred Page Cup series four straight years and now two straight years going down in four straight. The Kings should be proud of their accomplishments, this year and in the four previous years. Having said that, it has to seem pretty hollow at this moment being so close yet so far away.
The quote of the day today comes from a Vancouver Newspaper - I didn't read the paper but it goes something like "it was only fitting that Dustin Penner scored the winner, as the Canucks were flat as a pancake all night"

If you aren't aware, Penner injured himself this year while eating pancakes for breakfast. And WOW were the Canucks ever flat! It could have been 5-0 five minutes in if not for Roberto Luongo. The Kings looked like a Sutter coached team, while the Canucks looked like...nothing good for the most part. Here's hoping they find some urgency and intensity for tomorow, or this run could be a short one.
The first MEN'S NIGHT of the season goes tonight at the Alberni Golf's tonnes of fun, with great food, great prizes, and the course is in great shape! Get out there and have some fun! That's my little guy Griffin above, still a little young for Men's Night, but I'm training him. Thanks to Bruce for the mini-club!


Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Fenkell to Bowdoin, Lacrosse TRY IT tonight,

Fenkell Commits to Bowdoin
April 2, 2012

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs would like to announce that 91 G Max Fenkell has committed to the NCAA hockey program at Bowdoin College in Brunswick, Maine. The Bowdoin Polar Bears play in the NESCAC, the premiere conference in NCAA Division 3 hockey.

“Bowdoin is a highly selective liberal arts college on the coast of Maine with a long history of
educating leaders in all walks of life,” as described on the school’s website. “The campus is a closeknit community where respected scholars have built an environment that values collaboration and
teaching above all else. Our location in Maine is central to the experience, allowing access to mountains, cities, and coastal environments.”

Bowdoin also has a very rich hockey tradition, dating back to 1919. The Polar Bears play in the new Sidney J Watson Ice Arena that opened in January of 2009. “The Sid”, as the rink is arena is commonly known as, averages 1,100 fans per game. “I am very pleased that Max has the opportunity
to continue his hockey career,” said Alberni Valley Bulldogs Head Coach Kevin Willison. “Bowdoin College is getting a very special and talented athlete,” added Willison. “The Alberni Valley Bulldogs organization would like to wish Max all the best moving forward as he is a very focused and goal oriented young man.”

“Bowdoin is a top academic school in the US and Max has high academic qualifications so it is a good fit,” said Alberni Valley Bulldogs Educational Advisor Tom McEvay. “Max had opportunities to return to NCAA Div 1 schools but in the end the opportunity to further his academic interests and to play on a regular basis were the deciding factors.”

“I would like to thank the Alberni Valley Bulldogs organization for everything they did for me during my year in the valley,” said Max Fenkell. “Coaches Kevin and Adam and Tom were tireless in their efforts to help me achieve my goals and gave me every opportunity to make this day a reality,” added Fenkell. “Thank you to all the fans for the support and to my billets, Rick and Melinda, you guys gave
me a place to succeed away from the rink.”

Fenkell will suit up for the Bowdoin Polar Bears in the 2012-2013 season. The Alberni Valley Bulldogs organization wishes Max the very best while at Bowdoin College and in all his future endeavors.

For more information please contact Assistant Coach Adam Hayduk at 250.723.4412 or

Huge congrats to Max...I love being involved in the game for stories like this, where persistence, attitude and perseverance win in the end!

Alberni Valley Minor Lacrosse are still looking for players in all divisions. If you are thinking about trying your hand at Lacrosse, get out and check out their free TRY IT session tonight from 5:30 to 7:00pm at Glenwood! For more information, check out their website HERE and to sign up head to Home Hardware anytime!