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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Dogs Prospect Camp Opens, GO NUCKS GO.

Good Friday! Thanks for visiting the blog. I'll start first with the Canucks. Everyone is off the wagon already....not this guy. I predicted the 'Nucks in 6 over the Ducks. In a weeks time I will either be saying "I told you so" or you will all be laughing at me. REMEMBER people, I picked the Oilers run all the way to the cup last year, almost 100% right. And everyone was laughing at me then.

Round 1 this season I predicted the Nucks in 7 over the Stars. Have a listen to the clip from the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show the day of game 7- the prediction would come true that night. CLICK HERE

So, sometimes I do get these things right! The playoffs are a weird game, the favorites don't always win. The Canucks need a much better game tonight in all facets, and they REALLY need Sammy Salo and Kevin Bieksa. Both might be doubtful. You just gotta believe people!

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs prospect camp opens up tonight with practices and registration at the Mulitplex. Scrimmages kick off Saturday and run throughout the day into Sunday. Here's the sked as I know it-

A vs B
9:00 - 11:00 am

D vs E
11:30 - 1:30

A vs C
2:00 - 4:00

D vs E
5:00 - 7:00

C vs B
7:30 - 9:30

A vs B
8:30 - 10:30

D vs E
11:00 - 1:00

c vs A/B **
1:30 - 3:30

I'm "coaching" one of the teams so it could be interesting! Thanks for stopping by the blog and maybe we'll see you at the rink. Go Nucks!


Friday, April 20, 2007

Congrats Clippers, Playoff Pool FINAL STANDINGS, Jordan Kremyr interview.

Hello, happy FRIDAY, thanks for stopping by!

Congrats to the Nanaimo Clippers for winning the BCHL Championship, and best of luck against the Camrose Kodiaks. Thanks Clippers for doing it in 6 games so Danthestatsman and I could make up some room in my playoff pool after finally getting a prediction right. Speaking of the pool- here's the final standings.

Champion- RICHELLE! 81 points!
2nd gobulldogs 72 points
3rd brandonc 64 points
4th HAMMER! 59 points
5th nandogsfan 53 points
6th pantherfan 51 points
7th danthestatsman 47 points
8th kelownadogsfan 39 points
9th maggie 35 points
10th jamie 11 points (jamie only predicted the last couple rounds)

We lost some players along the way as their teams were eliminated, so I will leave them out. Thanks for playing though! Thanks to everyone else that took part and CONGRATS RICHELLE! Now go play some SportsAction for me!

Jordan Kremyr interview- I've had alot of requests about this already. At the Bulldogs wind-up banquet and awards night Krems asked me if he could come in on the morning show when he was leaving town to just "say thanks for everything" Of course I said he could. Earlier this week he got in touch with me as he's leaving this weekend- so he came in on the morning show Wednesday to have a chat with me. I'd just like to take a second to wish Krems all the best in the future as he will play hockey and take classes next year at Providence. It's a tough situation for anyone involved in hockey- fans, billets, coaches, owners, trainers, media guys- when a player moves on. It's a tough situation because you are a friend, or a fan, or more. It is the name of the game though! I'm just the play-by-play guy, but after you spend three seasons with anyone the amount of time even I spend with the guys you develop a friendship or at the very least a common bond- riding the bus, the boat, being bored in hotels, and so on and so forth. So again- best of luck Krems, thanks for the fun the last three years, best of luck in the future, and SHOOT THE PUCK AND MOVE YOUR FEET! (Final words of wisdom, haha)

Click HERE to listen to the interview from the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show.

Thats it for now! Keep in touch everyone and GO NUCKS GO!


Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Unbiased opinion- Nanaimo vs Vernon, Game 2, plus NHL PLAYOFFS!

Hello all, and thanks for checking the blog! I will start today with the BCHL finals- Nanaimo vs Vernon as we went down to check out Game 2 Monday night.

First and foremost, I must start with how I was more than a little surprised after the first period Monday when several little birdies told me that the end result of game 1 had been under protest by the Vipers! I talked to some people to verify that the game had indeed been protested, just to confirm what I had heard. And it was true. Don't expect me to divulge any sources. This is just my personal blog, so I can do whatever I want! Anyway...the game was being protested over a game sheet/roster issue. I was told that the appeal went all the way to Hockey Canada. Obviously the appeal/protest was rejected. I don't blame the Vipers for trying. This is the league finals. I would expect the Clippers or any other team to do the same.

Certainly this isn't something that the BCHL wants to happen during the playoffs, or the league final. Or DO they? Right now you are probably thinking "of course they DON'T Hammer, what are you thinking"

I'm thinking about Game 7, first round, 2003-2004 Nanaimo Clippers vs Powell River Kings. The infamous made-up penalty shot call with a minute left in regulation that the Clippers ended up scoring on to win the game, and the series. Long story short, there was no rule in the book to award a penalty shot on the play. Powell River ended up protesting the game, and the firestorm ensued. In the end they won their appeal and a week later the teams went back to the Frank Crane Arena to pick up play at the point of the incident in question, with Nanaimo on the power play. The power play carried into overtime and the Clippers ended up scoring to win the game, and the series. They then went all the way to the Royal Bank Cup.

The point of all of this is- "there's no such thing as BAD publicity" Or so they say. If I'm not mistaken, the Frank Crane Arena hasn't been as full for ANY Clipper game since that one. Free entry aside, people came because people heard about it. "Game 7.1" was a FRENZY. I would hazard a guess that the BCHL hasn't had that sort of media publicity and public interest since THAT game. TV stations, newspapers, radio stations, EVERYONE was talking about this.

Of course controversy isn't a GOOD thing that you go seeking out. When it finds you though, it can have unexpected positive results. Enough of this. I was just surprised that I never heard anything "official" about this. If the Vipers would've won the appeal we all certainly would have!

About game #2, my thoughts- I thought that the Clippers won the territorial battle by a large margain. They were certainly better than the Vipers at getting the puck in deep and winning those puck battles. Vernon didn't threaten much with sustained pressure, but rather with attacks on the rush. Vernon is VERY dangerous transitionally. They get from "D" to "O" in a big hurry. For the first 10 minutes of the game it seemed like Vernon was outchancing Nanaimo just by breaking up the rush and turning the puck up ice. Several times on 3 on 2's and 2 on 1's they didn't get a shot on net though, looking for just too pretty of a play. I'm of the belief that if you get that odd man rush- especially as the visiting team- ESPECIALLY down a game in the series- ESPECIALLY IN THE LEAGUE FINALS- GET THAT PUCK ON THE NET. How many times do you ever see that third cross-ice pass go in anyway?

I thought that Vernon was average at moving the puck on the power play in the first period, and they were even worse at getting shots through blockers or ON NET. At the same time one must credit to the Clippers killers, former Bulldog Kevin Noble especially- for good killing and shot blocking.

The only goal of regulation for Nanaimo was an odd one, but hard working, as Kyle Ostrow banged in a rebound off the head of Nick Olynyk- who was spectacular, by the way.

The Vipers appeared a different team in the second as they got their legs. More importantly, they found their hands. On a second period power play, the Vipers did something that made my jaw DROP. Seemingly out of nowhere came a 5 way passing play, as smooth as butter, and as well executed as I have ever seen at the Junior A level. No kidding. Maybe those that have watched the Vipers through the latter parts of the season or into the playoffs have seen this before, but I certainly didn't see it from them during the two regular season meetings or from ANY TEAM over the course of the season. And that's a lot of hockey. tic-tac-tic-tac-tac-toe. It was quite impressive as they strung together what felt like 5 one-touch passes. They also did this several times for the remainder of the game. It sure it pretty to watch, but it didn't get them anywhere in the end. It's no beauty contest. But I was impressed to say the least.

The only goal of the game from Vernon came in the second with Mike Ullrich ripping a low "against the grain" shot past Mike Garman on a shorthanded 1 on 1 (or was it a 1 on 2?) rush. What a player Ullrich is. More on him later.

While it was Nick Olynyk who kept the game alive in overtime, it was Mike Garman in the Clipper net that FORCED overtime as he made two breakaway saves in last half of the third. One on a clear cut chance by Kyle St. Denis, and another by a player I can't remember that developed from the hashmarks in. Garman played the best game that I have seen from him this season without question. In overtime it should've been over about 10 times but Olynyk was incredible. Positionally sound, good rebound control for the most part, and square to the shooter. This wasn't the guy I saw during the regular season, but that's what the playoffs are about anyway- elevating your game. I thought the Vipers had it early in the second overtime with a goalmouth scramble but they coudn't find the net. After more Clipper domination it finally ended with a beaty goal by Langford as he picked up a Matt Irwin flipper over a D-man's head at the Nanaimo line and went short-side, crossbar-and-in on Olynyk with the in-alone chance down the right wing. I actually thought that the Viper d-man had a play on the puck at the line, but it appeared to me that he judged it to be too high, and too hard- that it would go for icing- so he gave up on keeping it in. Bad idea. At least that's how it looked to me.

So that's how you end a 1-1 double OT thriller of a hockey game.....yes, with a basketball play! The alley-oop played to perfection.

Random thoughts:

The Clippers miss Brendan Mason. He is the hardest working player on the ice, hands down. I raved about him during Bulldog vs Clippers games. Scoring abilities aside, I think he's missed because of the energy and detirmination he brings. He just plain out works people. He hits. It's contagious. The building picks up, the bench picks up. There wasn't a player like that on the ice Monday night. At least not to his level.

Nick Olynyk- what a performance! If I was Mark Holick though, I would tell you, NO, ORDER you, to NOT PLAY THE PUCK. Especially on the power play. Maybe it was just a bad night for him in this area, but 4 or 5 times he too icings and killed precious power play minutes by trying to push the play up ice. Just stop the puck! Right now I probably sound like every coach I had, and every coach my dad had. We both loved to play the puck.

Mike Ullrich- IN MY OPINION the most dominant player on either team. And that isn't a slight on anyone else out there. I respect anyone in the league to begin with, and I recognize the talents of the special players. Ullrich is different though. I don't know what it is- puckhandling, vision, anticipation, skating, maybe just playing at a higher level- but he is something else. I was saying this to my friend, Clipper fan ( no not that one ;) ) Bruce Sly, that he reminds me alot of Tyson Mulock from the 03-04 Clippers. Ullrich just seems to have that same ability as Mulock to get to the net and get a great chance almost EVERY TIME he touches the puck. Or he creates one for someone else. In the third period he turned the puck over at the Nanaimo line while shorthanded, and I was thinking "WHAT ARE YOU THINKING!!!"....then he's the player that somehow backchecks and gets the puck back. Enjoy watching this player is all I can say.

Nanaimo appeared to be the DEEPER team to me in Game 2. It didn't really show up until the overtime though, where the Vipers appeared out of gas for the most of it and Nanaimo appeared to just be getting started. Maybe getting some rest and getting back to their own building will energize the Vipers tonight. I hope so, as I want a good series!

That's my thoughts.....NHL playoffs....well those will have to wait as I didn't anticipate this taking me so long. Once I get going, look out! haha.

Feel free to share your thoughts, post your comments.

Nucks in 7...or 6.

Saturday, April 07, 2007


Hello all. Hope you are enjoying the Easter long weekend! Here's the latest standings for the playoff pool after the Interior and Coastal finals series have finished. You have until Sunday night at 730pm to get your BCHL finals predictions in so don't forget!

Here's the standings after round 3.

Richelle 64
brandon c 58
CreaseMonkey 57
gobulldogs 55
nandogsfan 53
Hammer/Pantherfan 42
KelownaDogsFan 39
Danthestatsman 30
maggie 26 sorry it wasn't a better week :)
Jamie 11 (only round two)

I'm sure I probably messed up the total somewhere! Please let me know if I did.

The stakes get higher for the finals!

Right team, wrong number of games= 9 points
WRONG team, right number of games= 6 points
RIGHT team, RIGHT number of games 17 points

May the best predictor win! And thanks for stopping by the blog!

Nanaimo in 6