Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Great pics vs Victoria, HUGE weekend.

Hello and thanks for stopping by. Just banging out a quick post here before a nap and then down to the bus to go to Nanaimo. Huge home and home this weekend, no small test for the dogs playing the divisional leaders and their biggest rival. Should be entertaining and the dogs should have a chance is they bring their work ethic and play SIXTY MINUTES. Anything less, and it'll be a long trip home and a long weekend. It's been so long since these teams have played, that the goalies of record the previous two games for the Dogs were Ryan Lafferty and Matt Korchmar. The season series is tied 1-1. The Dogs have won- no kidding- TWO regular season games in a row in Frank Crane Arena, including last years last regular season game there. On the other side- including this year and the end of last year, The Clippers have won two straight in the Dog Pound. Odd. Should be two great games. Bring your NOISE with you if you are attending, it will be needed for sure, and boost helps. Now to the pictures! Thanks again to Judy Bailey for taking these and sending them in. OUTSTANDING pictures! Drop me a line HERE if you have anything to submit or anything to say! OH YEAH- one more thing.


1st Star. hat trick goal.
Jamie Amos, biggest beauty in the league.
Chuckie doing what I love to see- PROTECTING the goalie!
hat trick celebration
Ruel's top shelf beauty?
Former Bulldog teammates- Ella and MacIntyre

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Hello from Langley! Matt Auerbach and Jim Hiller interviews!

Hello all and thanks for stopping by the blog. The Bulldogs look to snap a four game winless streak tonight after dropping a 6-5 decision last night in Burnaby to the Express. The Dogs came out and layed an egg- down 5-0 after one period. They didn't play BAD, but they didn't play GREAT. Moral of the story? Don't play great and sometimes you don't get the bounces, or you don't deserve the bounces. It won't be easy tonight in Langley. Harvey Smyl and crew are doing what they do best, simply out working the opposition and winning. The Dogs are 0 and 2 in Langley this year. The season series is in favour of the Chiefs 3-2, after they won in Port Alberni last Thursday 4-2. That was another game where the Dogs played WELL, but not WELL ENOUGH. They got caught flat coming into period two, and Langley killed them with 3 goals in the first five minutes. After that it was all over. SIXTY MINUTES! How long has that been the number one problem for the Dogs?

Tonight in Langley my second intermission guest will be Ross Beebe AKA "Rosco" the educational advisor for the Langley Chiefs. Rosco is a walking encyclopedia of NCAA rules and regulations, so you don't want to miss this interview. We will talk about the BCHL All-Star game Wednesday in Surrey, and we'll also get some tips from Rosco on what young players out there should be doing if they hope to go the BCHL/NCAA route. Rosco's efforts can be seen throughout NCAA and professional hockey in North America (and I'm sure beyond) with the number of Chilliwack Chiefs he has helped get to the next level with their education. Rosco also works with the BCHL and Global Sports Camp in an educational advisor role. If you miss the interivew in the second intermission tonight I will be sure to podcast it here on the blog in the future.

Now, to some great interviews from "alumni" of the Bulldog program. Over the last couple of games I managed to catch up with former Bulldog trainer/equipment manager/athletic therapist Matt Auerbach, now with the Chilliwack Bruins of the WHL. Certianly miss Matt's friendship and comraderie on the road and at home, but at the same time I know myself and the rest of the Bulldogs fanbase and family are proud of him getting to the next level. The same must be said for former Bulldog coach and now Chilliwack Bruin head coach Jim Hiller. From us to you gentlemen, GET THOSE BRUINS IN THE PLAYOFFS!

Click the links below to listen to the Auerbach/Hiller interviews.

All audio courtsey and copyright 2007, 93.3 The Peak FM.



Thanks to Matty and Jim or their time, and again, good luck!

If you know any former Bulldogs out there and their contact information, please pass that along to me or get them to email me HERE

Also, please submit any pictures, questions, comments, complaints and so on and so forth to the above email address!

I will upload a couple more pictures in the future and add the pictures that didn't work from my last post. My apologies that I messed something up there. I would fix it now but here I am on the road, on my laptop, without the pictures.


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Trade deadline nears, Dogs add Gorenszach, PICTURES, and congrats to Jamie Amos

Hello and thanks for surfing on over to the blog. Down to business. The trade deadline is coming up soon. All trades need to be submitted to the BCHL office by 6pm Wednesday night. I ranted about this on the morning show abit today, and I'll do the same here. What would I do if I were GM? Well, first off, I must say that I would be a BAD GM. Bad, because I would never be able to give up on a team, and think more about the future than the in "next season" I have been with 5 championship teams at this level, so that may skew my outlook some. I am a big believer in the "you just never know" outlook. Raise your hands, ANYONE, who predicted Burnaby and Victoria in the Coastal Final? No hands, exactly as I thought. Lets further that- hands up, anyone who predicted Burnaby to win the BCHL. No hands. Alberta? Exactly. And finally the whole thing, the Royal Bank Cup? NEXT!... So, as I said, you just never know! The perfect scenario every year would be able to "build for the future, compete in the present" so that is what I hope the Dogs can do this trade deadline.

I really like the Anthony Gorenszach addition. I liked this guy all last season as a rookie, and again this year. He moves the puck well out of his own end, he can move the puck and shoot he puck well on the power play, and he can make a hit. I still remember phoning his parents last September to ask "help me out with a pronounciation please" Welcome to the team Anthony.

Some pictures of the end of 2006 roadie to Surrey and Langley

Front of the South Surrey Arena

All star game, and former player Bryce Hollweg

former Eagle now New Jersey Devil Scott Gomez, current Eagle captain Tyson Angus

New Eagles third uni- pretty sweet!

the walk to the pregame meal in, not going to a movie

Harry Zolnierczyk, crushed after I secured the last meat sauce pasta

Harry, thrilled after the girls at Boston Pizza rounded up another meat sauce!

pre game water for Jeff Manryk

Assistant trainer/equipment manager Jamie Amos, with trainer Preston Charles. The 4-0-0 is to recognize Jamie's 400th game working in Junior Hockey, starting first with the Junior B. Port Alberni Bandits, and then the Bulldogs. In an odd occurance, the game was in Langley, a rink Jamie hadn't been to since 1980 something, a rink where he also worked a hockey game for the first time, as a penalty box attendant. Jamie said that back then the penalty boxes had no glass in Langley. Congrats to Jamie and thanks for all that you do for the team! They couldn't do it without you!

a picture to show the closeness of the "broadcast location" to the benches. Note the "road mascot" picture watching over us, a gift from the Pitts family last year. He's tuned in as always to 93.3 The Peak FM on his radio!

A picture to show why I said "broadcast location" and not "pressbox" or "broadcast booth" Dan "the stats man" looks on, ready to go as always. We broadcast from a table underneath the broadcast booth, tight quarters.

Thanks to Judy B for submitting these pictures, trying out her new camera. Great pics! I ask often for people to submit stuff, pictures, etc, but not many do. Thanks Judy!

Scott McNaughton vs Mike Switzer

Former teammates, now enemies (on the ice at least) Andrew Ella, Jordan MacIntyre

Final score!

crease celebration

salute to the fans, as is the tradition on home ice after a win

Thanks again to Judy Bailey for the pictures, and thanks to the Bailey family for the nice little gift they dropped off to the pressbox last Thursday, for my "blog anniversary" Yup, 1 year and counting! It almost looked like an IPOD before I opened it....have I mentioned how much I want an ipod? lol. Maybe if I update more this year Santa will be good to me next year! In all seriousness, thanks to everyone that keeps checking this, it keeps me going! Thanks for the gift as well, I certainly wasn't expecting anything.

Three more biggies for the Dogs, all against divisional opponents ahead of them in the standings. Langley at home Thursday, then down to Duncan Friday (for the first time since SEPTEMBER 15!!), and then back home against Cowichan Saturday. The Dogs are 2 and 2 against the Chiefs. Neither team has won on the road in that series yet. The Dogs are 1 and 3 against Cowichan, but they won the last time out, in November.

See you at the pound, and thanks for stopping by the blog!

I will update with any trade information!


Thursday, January 04, 2007

1 YEAR LATER! (Bulldogs vs Victoria Grizzlies tonight)

Wow, incredible, it's the 1 year anniversary of my blog today, January 4th! Everyone who thought I would keep this going a whole year raise your hands.......


No hands up.....

That's ok. I've kept at it, and that's what matters. Yes, granted, there have been times when I've been guilty of forgetting about posting, or just not finding time. I resolve to post more, as long as you keep visiting.

Coming up this weekend- pictures from the Bulldogs mainland roadtrip to round out 2006, including pictures of the new Surrey Eagles 3rd jerseys. Also, pictures of Jamie Amos on the road with the Bulldogs working his 400th game in Junior hockey. Big congrats to Jamie!

Big game tonight for the Bulldogs as they host the Victoria Grizzlies. The Dogs haven't fared well against the Grizz this season, as they are 0 and 4 against them. I've stressed it before on the air and in the preview/recap writing for , but I will stress it again- You should NEVER be too happy about losing "close" That is, unless you lost 10-4 and 9-1 before losing "close" a couple of times. After two blowouts of epic proportions the Dogs lost two hard fought heartbreakers to the Grizzlies the last two times out 5-3 and 4-2. So I guess something to build on at least, as opposed to the previous two. It will take nothing but a season best effort if the Dogs want to beat this team tonight. Should be interesting as Regan Smiley makes his return to the pound tonight, as a member of the Grizzlies.

After the 6-4 loss to the Vernon Vipers last night the Bulldogs have lost their last two games in the same painful fashion- A shorthanded goal against in a tie game in the third period. OUCH defined. The Vernon loss hurts more I think, for the fact that the team battled hard down 4-2 after two to tie it at fours. They had all the momentum, everyone was thinking SCORE, and instead, it's an own-zone turnover and a shorthanded killer with 2:39 left. At least in Langley the turnover and shorthanded goal against came three minutes into the third, not with three minutes left. In the end- tomato, tomatoh. A loss is a loss, and both game losers were shorthanded. The bright light is the fact that the team battled hard, played hard, and was RIGHT there. Just gotta eliminate that one mistake and get over the hump. Mistakes will end up in the back of the net against the Grizzlies, as the Dogs already know full well.

Pregame tonight on 93.3 The Peak FM and on the BCHL fanzone is 6:45, puckdrop is 7:00.

Thanks for dropping by the blog, and coming here over the last year, and sticking with me! Now I think I deserve an anniversary present or something!

As always, don't ever be shy, drop me a line, send me a game picture, etc. HERE