Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, February 05, 2007


Hi, and thanks for stopping by! Vote for me? For what? Let me explain. Over the Christmas holidays I was surfing the best website in the NHL- and I saw a contest they were taking entries for- "Celebrate Hockey Moments" Here's the gist from the Oilers website

"Celebrate Hockey with the Oilers. We want to see your hockey memories. From ages one to one hundred, show us all the on-ice action you’ve caught on video. Submit your video memories for the chance to see them online, at Oilers games and on Oilers telecasts and become the star of Oil Country. Find your hockey memory. Whether it's a hockey blooper, a great goal, or a great hockey moment you've captured on video, we want to see it! The sky is the limit, from basements, to backyard rinks to Rexall Place, we want to celebrate hockey memories."

This REALLY caught my attention. The prize is certainly nice, a 42" TV if I remember correctly. However, I didn't enter this contest to win the TV. Yes, I will be honest, I entered to "become the star of Oil Country"

I have long been honest about my goals in broadcasting- to make it to the next level. I read about this contest and it hit me like a jolt of electricity. "Why not enter a video of some great Bulldog moments with me doing the play-by-play?"

I don't care if I win the TV, I just want my name and my abilities noticed. If even one Oiler fan, or one member of the Oilers staff looks at my video and says "this guy is not bad" then I have gotten somewhere. I've heard it a thousand times- "you're the best play-by-play guy I've heard" "listening to you do a game is like listening to the NHL" or my personal favorite "you are the next Jim Robson" That one is especially interesting because Jim Robson, the former voice of the Canucks got his start here in Port Alberni where I work now, CJAV radio. I can't say how much I appreciate it when I hear comments like this. It motivates me and stokes the fire within to keep working hard, to keep pushing to get better. For the fans, the parents, the players, and LASTLY for myself. I don't let comments like this go to my head. I don't even agree with them. But I sure do appreciate them and it really tells me that I am on the right path and I am doing what I should be doing. No, I'm not in the NHL. I'm in junior A hockey. But I'm working hard to advance. I love being where I am and where I work, but my goals are higher.

Back to the contest- Entrants were asked to submit a 60 second video, and a description of what the video was, why it was a "special moment"

Here's the jist of my description of my "celebrate hockey moment" story.

How does one celebrate hockey? I believe what we celebrate hockey by LIVING in the moment. We celebrate by feeling the thrill of victory when OUR team wins. And what makes victory even better? Simple- when it's SUDDEN VICTORY, and when it's over your biggest rival. The team you love to hate. You love to beat them, you hate to lose to them. My celebrate hockey moment video is of two sudden victory moments "golden goals" for the Alberni Valley Bulldogs over the Nanaimo Clippers, their biggest rivals. Think "Battle of Alberta" and Edmonton and Calgary, but instead this is the "Battle of Vancouver Island" The second game winning goal is for the Bulldogs 18th, yes 18th!!! win in a row. When you watch the video and see, hear, and FEEL the emotion from the fans, the players, and the broadcaster, it's all about CELEBRATING HOCKEY. The broadcaster that you hear is ME. I am truly blessed to be able to live the game and be a part of it. This is me and my moments, CELEBRATING HOCKEY.

Well, wouldn't you know it, I checked the Oilers website today and I MADE THE CUT!!!!! But I'm not happy just getting to the final 24. I'd rather win the whole darn thing. That's where you people come in. I don't imagine that I will get too many votes out of the die hard Oiler fans as my video isn't dripping blue and copper like alot of the other ones. But it is CELEBRATING HOCKEY right?

To any Nanaimo Clipper fans- I'm sure you don't enjoy the video too much. I know I wouldn't if it were the reversal, Clippers beating Dogs. If anything, I hope Clipper fans don't take offense to this but actually take this as a compliment- It says something about your team and your program and what you have accomplished when someone's best moments are when they manage to beat your team.

If you think I'm deserving, if you think the Bulldogs, their fans, or the BCHL are deserving of some recognition, I urge you, no, BEG you, to click on the link below, and then "click here to view recent submissions and vote for your favorite entry" MY VIDEO IS VIDEO #21.

It doesn't appear that there is a limit on how many times you can vote, so go crazy! If anything, if I get alot of votes the Oilers and their fans might give me a second look as opposed to the other ones.


I have also uploaded the video onto youtube, and have explained the story behind the video, in the hopes that Edmonton fans will see what we are about and how these are great moments.

Here is my video!

Wish me luck, and PLEASE VOTE, and even more importantly SPREAD the word! Inlaws, outlaws, friends, family, enemies, pets, the more the better!


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Dogs take 5 of 6, final pics.

Great 5 out of 6 point road trip, finished with a 6-3 win in Trial. Final roadie pictures below.

Banners in TrailFLIN FLON, MAN, and TRAIL BC, only places left with the Queen at the end of the rink, as far as I know
MEMORIAL means something, ladies and gents, boys and girls.
Mural outside the rink in Trail
Jumbo tron and the operation centre, quite the set up!

Views out of the press box- left, right centre.
Cool trees on the way up to Trail

Special treat for "Melly" at the pregame meal for his 21st birthday. Bradyn later went out and got a goal, and the team got a win. Great birthday!

One last picture from Penticton I missed.
Alright, thats it. Bed time. Early wake up and on the long bus home tomorrow morning.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

Dogs break streak, more great pictures from the road!

What a poetic finish last night, with Marcello Renallo scoring the game winning goal against his old team for the Dogs to break the losing streak. The boys made it interesting until the end, and even at times appeared to be trying their best to lose the game. But they held on, and they now have 3 out of 4 points so far. Tonight it's the Trail Smoke Eaters as the Bulldogs face the only team in the league they haven't seen yet, 52 games in!

Some pictures from the road- More to add later but here's what I have for now. This is one block from the rink in Kelowna. I fought the urge to go in there and host the morning show, LOL

Former Bulldog Volunteers Roy and Howard Stevens. They used to be the "net guys" during the intermissions taking care of the nets during the ice clean. They now live in Lake Country, but came to Kelowna sporting lots of Bulldog gear. You can take the boys out of the valley but you can't take the valley out of the boys!

Three shots of Memorial Arena in Penticton, "the museum"

Looking back into Kelowna heading to Penticton.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Hello from chilly Kelowna, Dogs hit interior again

Greetings from Kelowna Memorial Arena. Certainly a nip in the air up here in the pressbox as the Bulldogs gameday skate goes on below me. After leaving Port Alberni 830am yesterday the team travelled all the way to Kelowna, checked into our hotel, and headed right downtown to Prospera Place to watch the Kelowna Rockets host the Prince Albert Raiders in Western Hockey League action. A couple of former BCHL'ers on the ice last night- 2002-2003 Alberni Valley Bulldog Chris Ray is now the captain of the Rockets, and coming into relief in goal after the Rockets fell down 3-0 early in the second was Torrie Jung, last year's back up standout for the Cowichan Valley Capitals. Jung played well, but the Rockets were never really in this one as PA won 4-1. Hopefully another PA can get a win tonight!

This morning it was a 730am breakfast at the Hotel and then right here to the Kelowna Memorial Arena for the skate. Beauty old barn this one! A couple of good news items. It looks like Anthony Gorenszach has been given the green light to play so hopefully we will see him tonight or this weekend. "Tony" was aquired by the Dogs at the trade deadline but has not yet played. From all "on the record" comments I've received, Gorenszach arrived ALOT more hurt than "day to day" as the Bulldog were told his condition was. I really like him as a player so here's hoping he can boost the back end defensively and offensively, special teams and 5 on 5. Also the Bulldogs have picked up an affiliate player from Kimberly of the KIJHL, d-man Jordan Forman. Not sure on the spelling. Looking foward to see what he can do this weekend as well.

Lastly- here's the "feature guest" interviews for the second intermissions of the 93.3 The Peak FM Bulldog broadcasts this weekend. Tonight from Penticton my guest will be Westside Warriors play-by-play voice Kevin Parnell. Friday here in Kelowna Tim Kehler, Trail Smoke Eaters coach and GM will by my guest. Finally, Saturday in Trail I will be joined by former Bulldog Joe Scali, now at Cornell University. Tune in, enjoy, and hopefully I will have a win or two or three to bring back home to you in the Valley and on the Fanzone. Send those emails HERE

The Bulldogs have won four in a row in the Interior- Quesnel, Vernon, Salmon Arm, and Merritt, in that order. It will take a monumental effort to get off the 8 game losing streak, and an even bigger effort to win all three, but these guys have done it before and I know they can do it again. SIXTY MINUTES. PHYSICAL. UNSELFISH. DESPERATE. GOALTENDING. SPECIAL TEAMS. My buzz words/keys I guess. Keys to any team....

Before I go get my coach and player interviews as game day skate has ended below me, here's some pictures.

After returning down to the bus after the ferry crossing, Harrison May points out the damage on the windows and says "Hey BC Ferries, don't park us next to a CATTLE TRUCK next time, PLEASE!"
Kelowna Memorial Arena, press box. Always thinking about the press last. Who put that beam there!

End view.
Memorial means- FOR THE VETS, boys and girls.
Rink and Museum all in one!

Thats all for today, thanks for viewing!