Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, February 29, 2008

See ya in the funny pages!

Staring at my first weekend off since September, I am DARN EXCITED.
I will be taking some time off from the blog, back on Monday hopefully.

I'll wave at you from GM Place tonight.
I know this much- I DESERVE IT!

Good luck to all the teams in the playoffs starting tonight. This is the first time in 10 years of doing this that I won't be calling playoff games, so I'm not sure what to do with my time!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

Minor Hockey this weekend.

It's getting down to the nitty-gritty for some of the local minor hockey rep teams, with playoff action this weekend. Thanks to Simon for giving me the updates on these teams!

First- The PeeWees.


It is do or die for the Peewee Timbermen this weekend as they face off against Powell River in a battle for the Vancouver Island Hockey League AA Championship. The winner will also represent Vancouver Island in the AA provincials during spring break.

Alberni is the only team to defeat Powell River this season (in the quarter finals), but they had a narrow (2-4) loss last week in front of a large Powell River crowd. The Timbermen have home ice advantage for the rest of the 3 game series and they will play their best with a home town crowd supporting them.

The Peewees play in Weyerhauser at 3:30 PM on Saturday March 1st. A win for Alberni will force a deciding game to be played on Sunday at 9:00 AM, also in Weyerhauser. So if you have a friend or relative on the team, or just feel like watching some of the best peewee hockey on Vancouver Island, come out and support your Alberni Valley Peewee Timbermen at the Multiplex.

The Peewee Timbermen are:

#1 Casey Davidson (G)
#4 Jesse Hammond (D)
#6 Liam MacLeod (F)
#7 Connor Gagnon (F)
#13 Sam Visona (F)
#14 Michael Roodbol (F)
#16 Marino Somerville
#18 Logan Savard (F)
#19 Brett Sherwood (D)
#20 Jas Sidhu (F)
#30 Bryce DiRocco (G)
#44 Dawson Marlatt (D)
#55 Nathan Read (D)
#87 Corey Beecroft (F)
#88 Beau Wilson (F)
Defenceman #17 Ryan Buse is out due to injury.

The team wants to give a big thank you to all the parents for supporting them to get to the Island Championship series, especially Head Coach Dave Beecroft, Assistant Coaches Ron Buse and Kevin Somerville, and Manager/Safety team Barb and Bruno Visona. The team also thanks their sponsors, Smitty’s Restaurant, Sassam Falling, Bowerman Excavating, Best Western Barclay Hotel, Tides Inn Bed & Breakfast and the world’s #1 Hockey Grandma.


Second- The Bantams.


The Alberni Valley Bantam Timbermen play the opener in their best of three series for the Vancouver Island AA championship against Peninsula AA Eagles here at the Multiplex Saturday March 1. The series was delayed due to the number of Bantam players who participated at the British Columbia Winter Games last weekend, but the whole team will be here Saturday.

The Timbermen have not faced Peninsula since their 4-2 tiering round victory in October. Alberni is undefeated in the play-offs so far, having defeated Triport and Powell River in the quarter finals, and Kerry Park Islanders in the semi-final. In those three games the Timbermen have outscored their opponents by a combined score of 25 goals to 3.

The Bantam Timbermen are:

#1 Gianni Crema (G)
#2 Brady Janzen (F)
#3 Leo Fitzgerald (F)
#4 Myles Fitzgerald (F)
#5 Luciano Somerville (F)
#6 Gerry Fitzgerald (F)
#7 Keenan McConnell (D)
#8 Ryan White (D)
#9 Jesse York (D)
#11 Dillon Rees (F)
#14 Bryan Read (D)
#15 Dustin Diemert (D)
#16 Cameron MacAdams (F)
#17 Colin Norris (D)
#18 Jesse Ursic (D)
#20 Carson McCulloch (F)
#35 Andrew Cusson (G)

The players thank all their parents for supporting them to get to the Vancouver Island AA championship finals. They also thank Head Coach Brent Demerais, Assistant Coach Dave McConnell, conditioning coaches Dave and Jill Sherlock, Manager Janet Fitzgerald and Safety Person, Sonia Somerville and all the other behind the scenes helpers. They also thank their sponsors, G.D.M. Boom and Sort, Red Mark Ventures, and ReMax Realty.

The game Saturday is at Weyerhauser Arena starting from 12:15 to 3:15 PM. Come and cheer the Bantam Timbermen in what may be their last home game this season. After the game they travel to Victoria for the second game which will be at Panorama Arena in North Saanich at 1:00 PM Sunday. If necessary, there will be a third game back in Port Alberni on March 8th. The series winner will be the Vancouver Island AA champion and will go on to the British Columbia provincials to be held in Summerland during spring break.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008



Best I could get it with my poor camera. Thanks Sarah for taking the video!

Good news travels fast, final game pictures.

Still going through Bulldogs withdrawl? Yesterday was my first did without hockey-on-the-radio work to think about. What did I do? I spent some time down at the rink, HAHA! I'll be down there today as well, working on the final edition of "The Bulldogs Show on Shaw"

Good news travels fast. I got this text message Monday morning from former Bulldog David Aime, now with the Red Deer Rebels.

" Hammer,
I heard about the greeting the boys received back at the rink when they returned. That's unreal. Wish I was there to see it. Those fans are one of a kind"
On to some pictures from the final game in Powell River. Thank you very much to Judy Bailey for sending all of these in. Great shots!!

James Kerr makes it 3-1
What are you doing so close to your own net Matty? Oh, RIGHT, playing D.
Only Morikawa is missing from the 3M line as he is taking the faceoff- Moulson, Muir, Morikawa, the most consistent line down the stretch.

The 2 twenty year olds.

Before OT
MORIARTY WINS IT. What that must have felt like.....

Monday, February 25, 2008

FINAL Bulldogs This Week, 6pm-7pm TONIGHT

The final edition of "Bulldogs this week" goes tonight from 6 to 7 live on 93.3 The Peak FM and live at Alberni Chrysler. As always, fans are welcome to come up to the dealership to see the show live or to send an email in HERE with a question for my guests. Click the image below to enlarge the GUEST LIST for tonight.My latest recap for the final Bulldogs road trip is up on the Bulldogs website. Dennis See also took some great pictures of the Bulldogs being welcomed on their return to the Multiplex last night. Check it all out on the Bulldogs WEBSITE

I am putting the finishing touches on a video taken with a digital camera last night. The quality is poor, but the message comes across no matter the quality!


Straight out of Disney.

Who wrote that script?

Click below to listen to Daniel Moriarty ending it. The only thing that would've been as good would have been Marcello Ranallo getting the goal.


Pictures from the final weekend. Where did the ice go! Yes, this is why the Dogs finished on the road, as the BC Secondary Schools Provincial Wrestling Championships were hosted at the Multiplex.
My good buddy Dean Williams from Jal Designs & Graphics selling official merchandise for the provincials.

The players get off the bus in Duncan.
Someone emailed me Friday and said "Hammer, why do you call Duncan the BIG STICK?" Here's why-
My good buddy Angel Magnussen with her best buddy Adam Hout as the Dogs returned to a heroes welcome Sunday night.
About to catch the first of FOUR boats in two days, I snapped this pic with my phone of the new "Coastal Renaissance" Weary after just a couple hours sleep, Lee Patzer rallies the troops with this great shirt. James Kerr might be a little better dressed, HAHA.
Here's a special one, as captain Daniel Moriarty surveys the ice in a moment of solitude before what would be his last Junior A game.
Another special one, the last time the guys as a TEAM are on the ice together.
And Moriarty and Ranallo leave the ice for the last time as Junior players, and as Alberni Valley Bulldogs
Dog fans celebrate on the boat after the game

A heroes welcome as the players return to the Multiplex. I will never forget this as long as I live.
PLEASE don't complain about the quality of my pictures. Camera phones suck. Taking pictures with one while broadcasting isn't easy. Being a terrible photographer doesn't help matters!!


Sunday, February 24, 2008

Words cannot describe.

The season ended today for the Dogs with a 4-3 overtime win over the Kings in Powell River. The Dogs blew a 3-1 third period lead as the Kings fought back with two goals in the last six minutes to knot it up. In an ending straight out of a Disney movie, Bulldog Captain Daniel Moriarty ended his Junior A career by scoring the winner 8 seconds into overtime. As impressive as it was to see the team pull it out on their 3rd game in 2 and a half days, what was REALLY incredible was what happened when the team arrived back at the Multiplex.....

Since Saturday's game I had been promoting the fact that the Bulldogs office was inviting fans down to the Multiplex Sunday night when the team returned from the road to salute them and thank them for their efforts, while also giving the team a chance to do the same to the fans. WELL what a turn out tonight. Like I said, words cannot describe the moment. A true high point in Bulldogs history in my opinion. NO WHERE ELSE does a team end their season out of the playoffs and return home from the road to a couple hundred fans waiting for them and chanting


as the bus rolls up to the rink. Just plain incredible. What was REALLY special was being able to be on the bus and see the players reactions. The team staff knew- the coaches, the bus driver, the ownership, Jamie Amos and Jess Moser. The players had NO IDEA. As the bus pulled up in front of the rink, the players slowly started to notice that this wasn't the regular dog-tired return to the rink after a roadie. The front of the rink was packed with fans and banners. I usually don't EVER repeat what is said on the bus, but I will here. Alan Kerr stood up as the players realized something was going on. He simply said: "guys, one more thing to do. These people are here for you, to thank you. Please take a moment to thank them" Then, as the bus rolled up to the front of the rink he said "wow, I SURE WOULDN'T WANT TO WIN IN THIS CITY"

The players were just totally blown away. Shocked, amazed, emotional and on and on and on. Like I said, words cannot describe it totally. You just had to be there in the moment.

It is a moment like this that stays in a player's head from now through all of the summer work outs and training sessions as motivation to come back bigger, faster, stronger, and BETTER.

For those of you that weren't there, don't worry, I'm always working and always thinking. A video was taken by my better half Sarah. I will work on editing it together to give to the Dogs to get on the website. It won't fully capture the moment like being there, but it will still give you an idea of the response from the fans. Daniel Moriarty, Marcello Ranallo, and Alan Kerr addressed the crowd before the players mingled with the fans before heading to the dressing room one final time.

Port Alberni, Bulldog fans, this was just another chapter in your "we are the best fans anywhere, we are the best city to play anywhere" book. To other people that aren't a part of this, it makes you laugh to read it. To the people there a part of it, it brought tears to their eyes to be there.

Yah, I said it off the top, words cannot describe it. I tried at least, haha.
I'm off to bed. Morning show at 6 tomorrow morning, after this tough weekend. I'm outta gas.


Saturday, February 23, 2008

Dogs streak ends at 4 with 7-4 loss to Express, season ends tomorrow in Powell River.

The Dogs season high four game winning streak ended last night with a 7-4 loss to the Express in Burnaby.

The Dogs season comes to an end with game 60 Sunday afternoon in Powell River. Click the image below to enlarge the CHEAT SHEET for tomorrow.

My second intermission guest will be former Bulldog Michael Lee Teslak, who now attends Michigan Tech.

Don't forget that the pregame show kicks off at 1:45 and the puck drops at 2pm.

The Bulldogs office are inviting anyone who would like to see the players one last time down to the Multiplex at approximately 8pm tomorrow.

That's it for tonight. Off to bed shortly to be up at 5am tomorrow to make the 2 boat trip to Powell River here from Vancouver.

Thanks as always for reading.

Dogs run streak to 4 with 3-2 comeback win over Caps, visit Burnaby tonight.

What a game last night in Duncan, as the Dogs were out shot almost 2 to 1 but thanks to Harrison May they hung around long enough to score two quick goals to erase a 2-1 deficit and lead 3-2. Things weren't looking good as the Capitals led 1-0 1:29 in and 2-0 just over five minutes in. Warren Muir made it 2-1 late in the first on the power play, before Jordan Principalli tied it at 2-2 halfway through the third. Just over a minute later it was Muir again, scoring for the 3-2 final. May was one highlight after another all night. The Dogs were 2 for 2 on the power play while killing off all 4 Capital pp's. The Dogs were left out of the three stars, so I went:

3) Chris Moulson (assisted all three goals)
2) Warren Muir (two goals including the winner)
1) Harrison May (see above)

The Dogs are right back at it early Saturday, on the bus and heading over to Burnaby. My first intermission guest is Carl Poole, part 2 of the interview I ran last night in Cowichan. Former Bulldog Brad Gorham comes up on the second intermission. Click below to enlarge the CHEAT SHEET for tonight.
I'm off to bed. Don't want to miss the bus!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Dogs @ Caps, "The Bulldogs Show on Shaw", The Dogs GOOD DEED, Happy Birthday Pat LaFontaine

Alright. A million and one things to get to today, so I'll toss the mitts and get at it.
The Dogs are in Cowichan tonight at the biggest hockey stick in the world to visit the Caps.
Click the image below to enlarge the CHEAT SHEET.Tonights FIRST intermission I will run PART 1 of a 2 part interview with BCHL and WHL referee CARL POOLE.

I have done this once a year for the last couple of years and I found the feedback from the listeners to be very positive. It is certainly a rare interview, and a VERY different perspective. I hope you enjoy it. Part 2 goes in the first intermission tomorrow in Burnaby.

My second intermission guest is another memeber of the Bulldogs alumni, Tyler Scofield a Bulldog in 03-04 is now attending Bemidji State University and playing for the Beavers.

I'll have two more alumni interviews to round out the season. Tomorrow night in Burnaby we'll catch up with 2006-2007 Bulldog Brad Gorham, now attending Ohio State University. Sunday afternoon my guest will be 2003-2004 Bulldog Michael Lee Teslak, who attends Michigan Tech.


The latest edition of "The Bulldogs Show on Shaw" (Channel 4, Port Alberni) started airing last night as part of "The Daily" This edition of the show focusses on the positive points and successes of a season where the team hasn't made the playoffs. We talk to Alan Kerr, Daniel Moriarty, Marcello Ranallo, and Bulldogs educational advisor Tom McEvay. I hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think!

The show wouldn't be possible without the talents of Jenny Fortin doing the shooting and editing and advising me along the way. Thanks JENNY I don't think you know how much I appreciate your efforts! Darren Evans and Nancy Wilmot always get a thanks here too for their efforts in making the show happen! Thanks all! We still have one more "Bulldogs Show on Shaw" episode to come. More on that next week or later.

I have received a nice note with words of another "good deed" by the Bulldogs that I'm going to tell you about. Even though the guys get mad at me, I still need to tell these stories. Yes, you read right, the guys get a little frustrated. When word broke of the story when Daniel Moriarty and Adam Baldassarre went and played road hockey with the kids, Moriarty was frustrated by the PRESS that it got- radio, paper, this blog, and on and on. Sorry guys, it's a small town. Word gets out! Best keep it GOOD WORDS by continuing to do stuff like this, as opposed to bad words by doing other things. Without further delay- here again is an example of just how great these guys REALLY are. This aforementioned note makes me relate to the players and how they feel about getting "press" because this one mentions me. I'm not saying this because it's the proper thing to say, and I know the guys don't say it because it's the right thing either- I don't want the press either. I just want to help out and make a difference. It's hokey and cheesey to some of you reading this no doubt. But it's the truth!

Here's the email I got yesterday:


Cheryl told me to let you know the what the dogs did for me. When we all got together at Boston Pizza to celebrate the success of the coin drive I had the privilege of chatting with Daniel Moriarity. I told him about a young boy in Angel's class who is a really big fan and how this nice boy hung around the gym one day when a couple of players came and joined in the noon hour floor hockey game just to get their autographs. I said it would be great if Daniel could get the guys to sign autographs for this boy and how much it would mean to him. Cory came up to me at lunchtime today to tell me how the bulldogs showed up in his class with two signed flags, one for him and one for Brendan. I've never seen such a huge smile on his face. They are an amazing group of guys and I'm really sorry it's time for some of them to move on but I wish them all the best in the future, they are great ambassadors for hockey and our town. I'm also very impressed with you and all you do for your listeners, the dogs and kids like Angel. Way to go Hammer! MaryLea

Thanks so much for the note MaryLea. And once again, WAY TO GO GUYS you are true champs.
OK OK to finish it off today- HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAT LAFONTAINE!
Now you may be thinking- "Why do we care about Pat LaFontaine?"
You probably don't, but I'll take ANY excuse I can find to post some of Rick Jeanerette's work on the blog. Yes, Rick Jeanerette as in the play-by-play voice of the Buffalo Sabres. He also has to be one of the biggest beauties of ALL TIME.


And you people thought that I went crazy!

Thanks for reading as always.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

now THAT is atmosphere.

Ah, the Pound. Too bad that another year of hockey is done in the great house of dogs. Every rink has their moments, but the Multiplex is just different. The atmosphere is second to none. The OOOHS the AHHHS the crowd on the edge of their seats and on their feets and hanging on every play.

End to end action, culminated by the "pop" of the crowd as I call it, as a goal is scored. Throw in the fact that the Dogs were down 3-1 after one and had just scored their second straight moments earlier to tie the game at 3-3, and the crowd was just a little more nuts for this one. And so was I, haha.


It will be way to long until we get to hear that again!

Thanks to Tony for picking me up the two pucks from Cornell and Brown last month when he went down to watch is son Devin, (former Bulldog Captain) play. He sent me an email after the Brown-Cornell game to tell me that there were four former Bulldogs on the starting line up that night- Scali and Krantz for Cornell and Timberlake and Zolnierczyk for Brown. Very cool, thanks Tony!

I ordered the above piece of artwork from Allie at the Angel Variety Show. I couldn't believe how quick she got it finished. Check out Allie's website HERE or email her HERE if you would like her to do something up for you! Very very cool, thanks again Allie!

Have a Timmy's for Travis, and get down to the BC's!

I got this email from Tom McEvay yesterday! Get to Timmys and get to the Multiplex this weekend to check out some great wrestling action.

Hi everyone, if you have time Friday morning (7-9 am) drop by the Port Alberni Tim Horton’s and you will be supporting our Olympian Travis Cross and our Alberni Wrestling program. Bumper stickers and T-shirts from JAL Designs will be available for purchase there and at the BC High School Wrestling Championships Friday and Saturday at the Multiplex. They are also being sold at many locations around town. Our goal is to have every Port Alberni car wearing a Travis Cross Beijing bumper sticker by the day Travis wrestles at the Olympics on August 21st, this summer.

Please try to come by the Multiplex sometime on Friday or Saturday and support our local wrestlers as well as the over 500 grade 8-12 wrestlers from all over BC who will be competing at the High School Championships. Wrestling goes from 9 am -8 pm Friday on 8 mats. In addition to the BC’s we have one mat devoted to Elementary wrestlers from 12:30-2:30 pm Friday. Starting at 2 pm Friday Travis will be doing a training session with other National team members and at 2:30 pm Neill and Dunn Middle Schools will be having a dual meet. The preliminaries of the BC’s will continue Saturday morning from 9 am – 11:30 am including matches for 3rd to 6th place. All this action is free of charge.

The big show will be Saturday afternoon from 2 -5:30 pm with the finals. The doors will open at 1:30 pm and you will need a ticket. Tickets are available at Echo Centre, Vast and ADSS. They will also be sold Friday at the event. On Saturday the price goes from $5 to $10 per ticket IF THERE ARE ANY LEFT. We expect to sell out Saturday so plan to be there it will be a great show including an opening speech from Olympian Travis Cross.

All the best.


Tom McEvay
Alberni Wrestling

That's it for today. I'm spending some time today working on the latest edition of "The Bulldogs Show on Shaw" more on that tomorrow!