Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

VIDEO - THE COMEBACK "Bulldogs Extend Home Win Streak" - Alberni Valley Times

Way to go Dogs!

Video Courtesy Alberni Valley Bulldogs / Dennis See

Audio Courtesy 93.3 THE PEAK FM, The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group

And here's a story from today's Alberni Valley Times by Dwayne Stern - click to read


Thanks Dan for the link.


Saturday, September 26, 2009

"Cardiac Canines" win 4th straight


The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are 4 and 1, after their fourth straight win tonight in thrilling fashion, a come from behind 4-3 overtime triumph over the Surrey Eagles.

Things weren't looking good for the Dogs as the Eagles held a 3-2 lead until the 19:54 mark of the third when Matt Hatch scored the tying goal with Frank Slubowski on the bench for the extra attacker. In overtime, it was former Eagle affiliate Johnny Rogic scoring his second career overtime winner over the Eagles just over a minute in.

I can't help but shake the feeling that I'm the only one still working while everyone else is out celebrating and enjoying the victory, so I think I'm going to go join the masses.....

BUT I do love the fans and know they'll love this...

Click the link to listen to the GAME TYING AND GAME WINNING GOAL

Good night, GO DOGS.



Some members of the Bulldog family and fans are rallying the masses tonight to BRING BACK THE STANDING OVATION before the opening puck drop, before the second period puck drop, and before the third period puck drop.

This is a 100% Alberni tradition as far as I know, an incredibly cool and unique "Dog-Pound-ism"

Sure, the standing ovation and the "lets cheer when the game starts" ideas exist, but this is a little different.

For those that are new fans, here's the history. (Correct me if I'm wrong people that know, but I think I have it right)

At a rare rough point in the 2005-2006 season Bulldog fan and now Billet Nancy Smeltzer thought that the team needed an "extra boost" before the game from the fans, a special show of support, a "We aren't going anywhere, we support you" sort of thing from the fans.

So, she printed off a couple hundred pieces of paper with a note written on it that said


She then cut them into 1800 plus little pieces of paper and stood at the door and handed one to every single fan that walked into the building.

Needless to say, what happened that night and many nights afterward was something special. The guys had no clue it was coming, and they were blown away.

"Hairs standing up on the back of your neck" was the comment I remember most from the players and the coaching staff.

The Standing Ovation hasn't died all together, but it has certainly eroded, like things do when seasons aren't the best and the excitement isn't there.

WELL, in cased you missed it this team is off to the best start in Franchise History.

They deserve to be applauded so I hope you get off your feet tonight!


Friday, September 25, 2009

Dogs 3, Chiefs 1

The best start in Alberni Valley Bulldogs franchise history continues, after they ran their winning streak to three with a 3-1 win over the Chiefs tonight at the Dog Pound.

Mitch MacMillan had a big night, opening the scoring on a 5 on 3 before the game was two minutes old, and then adding the insurance marker with just over two minutes left in the game to make it 3-1. Josh Mitchell picked up the game winner (his first BCHL goal) in the second period to put the Dogs up 2-1.

Frank Slubowski was the games first star, coming up with several big stops as the Chiefs outshot the Dogs 34-31.

Next up - The Surrey Eagles tomorrow night, 5-4 overtime winners tonight at the Frank Crane Arena.

More tomorrow!


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Game Day Video, Game Day Chat...

Serious Coffee VERY SERIOUS!

This posting coming to you live from Serious Coffee in the 10th Avenue Plaza. I'm here until only 2pm as we're looking for a winner in our Peak GET CONNECTED contest.

While I'm only here until 2pm, tomorrow is also a big day here with new owners Clay and Meloney having their GRAND RE-OPENING from noon to 5pm. They'll have live music from Diana Pearson from 1 to 3pm and giveaways all day!

Try the STRAWBERRY BOMB Smoothie....mmmmm!


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Chomping at the bit...Fenske debuts tonight

The Bulldogs patiently awaiting to get on the ice today for their game day skate.

I am expecting someone to step off the bench any moment in an attempt to catch the Zamboni with it's head down!

I snapped this picture with my phone as I arrived at the rink this morning before the pregame skate. The players are just finishing a quick little warm up. An absolute beauty of a day in the Alberni Valley today, you can see the fog burning off in the background!

Luke Fenske will debut tonight, wearing sweater #6. He will also make his radio debut tonight, joining me for a chat on the first intermission show.

Crazy fact - Luke has TWO cousins on the team - Sam Mitchell and Josh Mitchell. Crazy!


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GAME DAY - Chiefs visit Dogs, 1000 plus posts!

Winning streaks are on the line tonight as the Alberni Valley Bulldogs put their modest two game streak against the visiting Langley Chiefs, winners of three in a row.

Catch our pre game show on 93.3 The Peak FM at 6:45 with the play by play to follow just after 7:00. If you aren't in listening range check out the online stream at

Our second intermission guest tonight is Colin Tiggelaar, voice of the Surrey Eagles.

We'll be taking your emails and trivia guesses in the broadcast booth at, as we try to give away a pair of tickets to next Fridays home game as the Dogs host the Powell River Kings so get your thinking caps on if you are tuning in tonight.

Don't be afraid to drop us a line to give us just a hello or some feedback on the broadcast if you aren't into the trivia.

Don't forget to get up to Safeway on 10th Avenue to enter your name in the Safeway Bulldogs Power Play contest. Every time the Dogs go to the power play, we'll pull a name. If the Dogs SCORE, that person wins a gift card from Safeway!

One final thing for now as I sign off on this one - BLOGGER told me that I have made 1003 posts on this bad boy....WOW is all I can say, and THANKS FOR THE SUPPORT!



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Raise a Reader Picture, Travis Cross Update, Bantam Dogs update....

Special thanks to Barb Bailey for sending me the below picture of Dogs Captain Sam Mitchell and forward Warren Muir along with Port Alberni Mayor Ken McRae and Ed Galenzoski, VP for CanWest Community Publishing Group at Quality Foods selling papers yesterday for Raise a Reader.

I ran into Mayor McRae later in the day at the Raise a Reader BBQ at the Alberni Valley Times and he had nothing but great things to say about the Bulldogs choice as Captain, saying he was incredibly impressed with Sam as they stood and sold papers for three hours!

And another special thanks to Shane Morrow of the Alberni Valley Times who apparently gave me permission through Barb to use the picture on the blog. Thanks Shane!

Here's an update from local Wrestler Travis Cross from the World Championships in Denmark:

Hello everyone from the World Championships in Herning, Denmark. I only have a couple of minutes on the computer so I will make it short.
My first match I beat Mongolia 1-1, 4-0. I moved very well and felt on my game.
My second match I lost to Venezuela 1-0,1-1,0-1. I didn't wrestle well, it is a disappointing loss. I will not let that happen again.
We had a few other wins from our Canadian team but unfortunately no podium results.
All the best.


And an update on the Bantam A Bulldogs, thanks to Simon Read


The AVMHA Bantam A Bulldogs opened their season with two exhibition wins at Weyerhauser last weekend. On Saturday they faced off against Campbell River Tyees and came away with a 6-2 victory. The Bulldogs finished on top of Oceanside 6-2 in Sunday’s game. The whole team was contributed to the weekend results. The coaches will build on these first games as they try to forge a really strong team from a group of players who are still getting used to each other.

The Bantam Bulldogs will be playing their first placement round games away next weekend. They play Cowichan at 1:30 PM at Fuller Lake Arena on Saturday September 26 and Nanaimo at Nanaimo Ice Centre at 3:30 on September 27.

Bantam Bulldogs celebrate their 3rd goal in the game against Campbell River last Saturday.

#19 Jas Sidhu, #14 Chase Gaudreault, #8 Logan Savard.

Canucks STILL perfect, Dogs getting set for Chiefs and Eagles

I'm almost worried about the Canucks because they have looked so unbeatable in EXHIBITION action so far. I'm predicting the 'Nucks to have a tough start to the REAL season. Why? I'm not sure, but I just think they will. The hockey gods work in weird ways.

But man that shootout is fun to watch isn't it?

The Bulldogs are nearing the end of their week of practice with game day tomorrow and Saturday with Langley and Surrey in town. I'm pumped up and I wish it was Friday already because I want to get back to the pound to watch these guys play again.

There is a considerable buzz in the community about the team right now. Back to back home wins will do that for you. And the buzz can die just as easily with a couple of stinkers at home over the weekend. So I sure hope the guys are ready to do more of the same stuff that saw them win two last weekend. Work hard, be physical and tough to play against, SKATE and shoot the darn puck!

If they do keep it up with each game, there will be more bums in the seats in a big hurry. In hockey years 2005-2006 might seem forever ago. But it's obviously just a turn of the hour glass in the grand scheme of things. The reason I bring up 05-06 is because that was the last time that the Pound was close to sold out EVERY SINGLE NIGHT.

The support from the community is here. The guys just gotta bring them back.

It's my dream for the players to play in front of that building SOLD RIGHT OUT.

It's my dream for the community to again show itself to be the best hockey city in this entire country.

And it's my dream for the ownership group to have that place packed on a nightly basis.

I still remember the Nanaimo vs. Alberni games in the 2005-2006 season. In particular one a little later in the season, possibly the night the Bulldogs won their 18th game in a row....On TUESDAY, that's right TUESDAY - for a SATURDAY game the Bulldogs office staff was already putting up signs at the rink that said


Take a look at these videos...not an empty seat and people stacked 5 deep behind the glass.

So, to summarize - I want the Dogs to make a playoff run to the RBC. I want success and a scholarship for every one of the guys on the roster. And I want the Pound sold out every night.

Dream big or don't dream at all. I might be just a LITTLE excited for the games this weekend, and I might be a little excited in this years team. I know, I know, it's only three games in. I don't care though. From coaching staff through the entire roster, I believe in these guys.

EDIT - I guess if I'm saying I BELIEVE it's a good excuse to throw up the Don't Stop Believin' video again for those that missed it a couple weeks back...

Just to be REALLY clear - I don't want it to be 2005-2006 again. I want 2005-2006 ALL OVER AGAIN. But plus a long playoff run ;)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Raise A Reader...

Someone commented on the below posting "what, no pictures" so here ya go - its the only one I have!

Unfortunately I wasn't able to get to where the Dogs were selling Newspapers today to take any pictures because I was in the station doing my show!



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Raise a Reader Day Today!

Today is Raise a Reader Day, and Port Alberni will be a buzz with people everywhere supporting Literacy!

Here's the basic schedule of events.

From 8:30 to 10:30 look for local celebrities and volunteers selling Newspapers to support Literacy all over Port Alberni!

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs will be at Tim Horton's from 7:30 to 9:00 to be sure to drop down and see them. Maybe even see if you can get breakfast out of them for me. I'm a fan of the Everything Bagel - toasted with Herb and Garlic Cream Cheese :)

Tim's also has their SMILE COOKIES back for another year with funds raised from their sales going to Raise a Reader.

To finish the day off I'll be on location for 93.3 THE PEAK from the RBC Tent in front of the Alberni Valley Times building from 11 to 1 today for "Recycle for Reading" where you are encouraged to donate your bottles as they will be worth TWICE as much as the Provincial Government will match dollar for dollar the value and donate it right back to Port Alberni's Raise a Reader efforts!

For your troubles, you get a receipt for a Hot Dog and a Drink so come visit the Tent!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Bulldogs add Fenske, release Hutchinson

Some news from the Bulldogs, as they have added to and trimmed from their roster, adding defenceman Luke Fenske and releasing defenceman Matt Hutchinson.

To read the release, check it out on the Bulldogs website HERE

To Luke - Welcome to the club! And to Matt - best of luck in your career, you are a very nice young man and I wish you all the best!



Last second 'Nucks magic....

Monday, September 21, 2009

Port Alberni Toy Run 2009 - video, More Bulldogs pictures,

A little video I took Saturday as I was running around like a Chicken with my head cut off covering the Port Alberni Toy Run for 93.3 The Peak FM while also getting read for the Bulldogs Broadcast that night!

One lucky fan had the captain's signed jersey before he was captain! Cool
More great pictures from Judy....Thanks again!

Mitch MacMillan tips one in to make it 3-2
And Mark MacMillan pots a loose puck off a great second effort from Zack Mazo to tie the game at 3-3
And "Dizzy" as the guys call him, wins it in overtime.

The salute. Stick around fans. Our side of the rink looks packed from my angle.

If you are looking for more pictures - You are in luck. The Bulldogs commissioned Gordon Lee to document their home opener and he ended up taking over 300 pictures! All of which I'm sure are incredible in quality.

If you are interested in ordering some, contact Dennis See at the Bulldogs office at (250) 723 4412 or by email at

In the near future check for some of the photos on


"Dogs put bite on Grizz and Caps" Black Sheep Rugby Update, Attention Coaches - Mentorship/Speciality Clinic

From today's Alberni Valley Times, here's a recap of the weekend games...Thanks as always to Dan Tisserand for sending me the link.

Click to read "Dogs put bite on Grizz and Caps" by Dwayne Stern.


And here's an update on the Black Sheep Courtesy Randy Thoen.


Welcome to the beginning of the 2009-10 Rugby season. The Black Sheep have been doing some growing over the last couple of seasons and begin this season fielding 4 different teams. Beginning on Saturday at 11:30 am, the Ladies side opens the Black Sheep season at home vs. UVic. The ladies have worked hard at recruiting players in the off season and so several more players will be making their debut, let’s come out and cheer them on.

The Div. 1 Men open their season on the road this Saturday with an early start on the road (7:15 am) to allow a stop for some new boots for those who require them. They will play the UVic Norsemen in Victoria, a chance for the boys to get the first road trip out of the way, arrive and knock off the bus-dust and get their heads stuck in early.

On Sundays, the Sheep are proud to be fielding a U-15 side for boys as well as a Div 3 side for the men. The U15 Boys were to head for Cowichan for an 11:30 am start but have had their first game of the season re-scheduled. The Div. 3 Men, playing in the North Vancouver Island Rugby Union will be at home for their season opener vs. Nanaimo with the kick-off happening at 1 pm. All home games happen at the Black Sheep Rugby facilities at the top of Argyle St. , everyone is welcome to come and cheer the Sheep on.

Good Luck to all of the Sheep sides in their opening weekend!



When: Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time: 5:30pm Multiplex Upper Lounge ~7:00pm on ice~Bring Appropriate Gear
Guest Instructor: Mr. Len Barrie of Victoria, B.C

Topic(s): Skating and Small Area Games and general into to FlexxCOACH to interactive coaching software

***Need a minimum of 12 Coaches
***To Register, please contact Bryan Neufeld 250-723-1541


Saturday, September 19, 2009

Dziurzynski Doubles Up, Dogs beat Caps 4-3 in OT - AUDIO, PICTURES, VIDEO

Here's some audio highlights courtesy 93.3 The Peak FM


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Capitals @ Bulldogs LIVE GAME CHAT!

The un-official 93.3 The Peak FM bike count..

Down a little from last year, but the weather was no where near as nice leading up to the event this year...still an amazing show of support!

Come see us at the Glenwood Centre, we are there until 3pm AND we have a pair of Toy Run Dance Tickets to give away!!


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And counting...

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Bikes at Little Qualicum Falls

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Heading out to the Toy Run!

What an incredibly gorgeous day!


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Audio Highlights - Dogs 3 Grizz 1, off to the Toy Run!

Click THIS LINK to hear some highlights from our broadcast last night

(Courtesy and Copyright 93.3 The Peak FM)

I'm off to the Toy Run all day before the rink tonight, so it's a long day. Hopefully we'll see you either at the Toy Run or at the game tonight!


Friday, September 18, 2009

Slubowski sensational, Dogs beat Grizz 3-1. VIDEO, PICTURES.

In my blog poll, "more pictures" (66%), and "more videos" 33% were the top two things you said you wanted from the blog in 09-10.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Huge thanks to Judy Bailey for some incredible shots of tonight's game!

First goal on home ice this season

Not many empty netters pop water bottles.

And the last shot from Judy, smilin' Frank Slubowski.

The rest are mine, they fail in comparison to the ones above but hey, I'm busy!

Grizzlies @ Bulldogs live chat here!

Dogs make trade, Select Captain, LIVE CHAT TONIGHT Grizzlies @ Dogs

Lots of news out of the Bulldog camp this morning, with a trade being finalized and a Captain selected.

If there aren't any press released issued before the game tonight, I can promise you that you will be filled in on the details of these two items on the pre game show when I catch up with Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham.

Our pregame show hits the airwaves and Internet-waves at 6:45 on 93.3 The Peak FM and our website at

Here's some shots from the game day skate today as the team went over their final preparations for tonight's Home Opener against the Victoria Grizzlies.

And here's one from afterwards when the lights went out. I love this view of the rink when I see it, with the whole building dark but with one light shining above the Bulldog logo at Centre Ice.

That's the last you will be hearing from me until game time tonight. Pregame nap time!