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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Bulldog faithful not going anywhere....

Except to the top of the hump.

Forgive me for worrying for even ONE MILLISECOND if there would be anyone at the top of the hump today as the Dogs headed to Nanaimo. The only time this was tried before was when there was first overall on the line, when the team was 40 and 10 (or so) and when things were going good and the playoffs were on the horizon.

This time it was much different. It was colder, it was darker, and the team isn't in the position that they were then. Things haven't been easy for these guys. Wins, losses, adversity, you name it. I was worried that the bus would roll up there tonight and there would be just a couple of people and the players would be CRUSHED. Afterall, this send off was to show them that the fans still believed and still supported them.

Well, the fans sure do. The guys were anything but crushed. They were motivated, they were surprised, they were blown away. Well done faithful. Not anywhere near the people that were there last time. It's my hope that this will help turn these guys around and one day get them the sendoff at the summit to go and win a game that REALLY means something. This February woud be good.

I'll apologize for my loud voice on the video. I was blown away myself at the support, just like the guys. As you hear on the video "wow" "look at this!" "holy smokes" It's me saying "are you kidding me!" As I was just blown away.

Warning, mild language, PG13.


Dogs visit Clippers, Dogs make trades, Dogs help with youth hockey camp, John Grisdale comments on the CARDS.

Tonight's second intermission feature guest is former Bulldog Tyler Ruel, be sure to tune in.

It's been a busy 24 hours or so for Bulldogs GM Alan Kerr as the team has seen a 5 player change in their roster, with two players leaving and three players coming on.

Gone is 20 year old defenseman Isaac Smeltzer to the Vernon Vipers for 18 year old d man Eliot Raibl and 18 year old forward Evan Witt.

20 year old Evan Michalchuk is gone to the Salmon Arm Silverbacks for 18 year old forward Mark Morikawa.

Further proof that the hockey world is a small one- Morikawa and Josh Pineiro were teammates last year.

I had many emails and phone calls last night and this morning from people wondering why I hadn't commented on the trades yet. The answer is simple- they weren't official. The BCHL message board is NOT OFFICIAL. Any deal that is not approved by the BCHL is not official. Maybe it's just a formality, but until something is official, it isn't officially released. Until it's officially released, it's not sent to the media and it's not something I will mention.

Although 90% of the time the BCHL message board's rumours are true.

Now that the deals have been approved by the BCHL, and they are in the transactions section of the BCHL homepage, I have commented on them.

Best of luck to Isaac and Evan, two good guys that I'm happy to call friends. I'm just the play-by-play guy but when you spend three years doing what I do with these guys you get a familiarity and a friendship that develops.

Both players gave their hearts and souls to this team and this town. What more could you ask?

Listen to the pregame show tonight with Alan Kerr to hear his comments on the trades.

Welcome to Dog land Eliot, Evan, and Mark. Right into the fire for these guys- a home and home with Nanaimo. Should be fun.

While the skates of Smeltzer and Michalchuk won't be easy to fill, it will be fun to watch how the team reacts to the change. Not only is there three new guys joining the team, there is big time minutes to be taken by SOMEONE. That's 5 on 5, power play, penalty kill. I hope the rest of the roster is motivated by the opportunity that has presented itself to them, the chance to become a big time player. The team wins in the end if someone steps up to fill those roles.

The Bulldogs are helping out Port Alberni Parks and Rec with their Youth Hockey Camp. Here's the details:

Youth Hockey Camp
with the Bulldogs

Mon. Dec. 3rd

Register at Parks and Rec. $10.00 per session

6 to 8 years old - 9am to 11:00 am
9 to 10 years old - 11;30 AM - 1;30pm

Hockey drills, fun games and scrimmages

You won't find a better bargain for your young hockey players for just 10 bucks so sign up and get them out there!

I've had plenty of questions and feedback regarding Dec 1st, Jan 10th, and the "carding" system. I called BCHL commissioner John Grisdale today to get some clarification. Click the link below to listen

DEADLINES/CARDS with John Grisdale

That's it for today. Talk to you tonight at the Pound. Hopefully we will see you at the HUMP as the bus rolls through tonight, or tomorrow at the "Teddy Bear Toss" and "3rd Jersey Unveiling" night as the Dogs host the Clippers.

Feel free to contact me HERE

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

MONSTER POSTING! More on the TeddyBearToss, Send off on the Summit II, Audio/Video/Stills from Cornell

Alright, I'm on fire today. Lets start with the infamous Teddy Bear Toss. See all the details in my previous post below. SUPPORT the thing like THESE fans. This is a video from the Teddy Bear Toss night for the WHL's Portland Winterhawks. The goal wasn't even allowed in the end, LOL. Great video though!

Several of these questions and comments have come up to my previous posts:

Anonymous said...
Hopefully Clippers score first, I'll for sure throw my teddy on the ice then! If they don't, I will still throw it when dogs score.

Anonymous said...
What happens if we don't get a goal......throw the bears at the ref?

Anonymous said...
Throw them then when AJ Gale scores. Cocky? No. Confidence? Yes

This is what I had sad previously when I was promoting the Teddy Bear Toss here on the blog:

I hope that some of my Clipper fan friends will bring down some Teddies for the night. Just remember, you have to throw them on the ice when the DOGS score. If not, security will boot you out! haha.

So I'm going to stick by that- It's the BULLDOGS Teddy Bear Toss, so any DEBRIS thrown on the ice when the Clippers score should result in the offender being removed from the rink and the Clippers should get a 2 minute delay of game penalty!!! Now of course I'm kidding, but I don't think the Alberni faithful will like Black and Orange Teddies on the ice too much. What would be REALLY nice would be if the Dogs played in Nanaimo on Teddy Bear Toss night, giving their fans a chance to chuck plush at the Frank Crane like the Clipper fans get to do at the Pound. I'd bet that Dog fans would show up with thousands. It would be "TOY RUN PART II" and in the end it would be the kids and the less fortunate that would be the winners!

If the Dogs don't score, don't throw them at the ref unless he calls another penalty on the goalie for knocking the net off for trying to make a desperation save.

Anonymous Clipper fan- I understand and respect the difference between being cocky and feeling confident. Just don't curse your team....The hockey gods work in weird ways!!!

Meet Handy and Mandy. Cute.

GET THOSE BEARS people. Buy 'em at HomeHardware, The Dogs office, or at the game Saturday. Proceeds go to the Children's Hospital. Just bring a bear from home if wish. Several Bulldogs players will be at Home Hardware today from 11:00am to 12:30 or so selling the bears. ___________________________________________________________________
Ahhh, the "Send off at the Summit" What an incredible moment that was. How's this for INCREDIBLE. Earlier this week, I was interviewing former Bulldog and now Wayne State Warrior Tyler Ruel, with plans to air the interview Friday night from the Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo. Whenever I do the Alumni interviews, I ask every guy what his "favorite moment" as a Dog was. Tyler's favorite moment was- you guessed it- the send off at the summit. I said to him "can you believe that on the very same night this is airing the Bulldog fans and supporters are planning the second ever send off at the summit" We were both a little dumbfounded at the coincidence.

Here's the deal- Nancy Smeltzer is rallying the Bulldog troops, getting the fans mechanized and up and running. She wants the hump to be the site of a banding together of Bulldog supporters, a way to show the team that they are anything but fighting this thing by themselves, a way to show them the fans are behind them. Here's the note that they are handing out at the Dogs office

"It's time to show OUR Bulldogs "We Believe" that they can do it. So, on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 30th by 4:15pm (AT THE LATEST!) We will all meet on the Hump to send them to Nanaimo with a rousing cheer......Bring your SIGNS Bring your VOICES (Hammer edit....and your airhorns) and your Bulldogs gear and BE LOUD AND PROUD as the bus goes by!! Thanks for your support, GO! DOGS GO!!"

So get up to the top of the hump, the "brake check" and get on the big pile of dirt and make some noise!

Way to be Nancy, and I hope the rest of the fans have the boys backs as they head to Nanaimo.

Here's the video- I give this a PG12 rating with mild language. There's your warning. It contains the "S" word a couple of times. I'm sure the guys would've said a bit more, but they were SPEECHLESS. And that is no joke. You have no idea what it takes to make a busload of hockey players pretty much speechless. My apologies that you can't see the drive up to the hump. I didn't know that the glare off the front window was killing my camera....That's what you get when you take video with a digital camera I guess. I think my video is the only that exists so it's better than nothing I guess! The Dogs may be on a losing streak but they are a perfect 1 and 0 on "Send off at the Summit" games to Nanaimo!

One more thing on Dogs and the Clippers- I've had lots of emails about this one, most people shocked at what they heard, and not believing what people have told them they heard on the show. Yes, Bill Bestwick did indeed put some words of encouragement towards BULLDOGS FANS Monday night live on "Alberni Chrysler's Bulldogs This Week" on 93.3 The Peak FM. Probably something that Dogs fans thought they would never hear.

To hear the words for yourself, head to the Bulldogs Multimedia website HERE


I said it was a monster posting. ALMOST DONE. College Hockey time. I got these great pictures sent to me by Doug Krantz's dad Randy- Doug and the Big Red at MSG last weekend. Pretty awesome.

After I saw these pictures I was inspired to do a little research on Cornell. I found these two AWESOME videos. What an atmosphere in the Lynah rink! Not the classiest bunch, but it's better than a quiet rink! Lots of BCHL talent all over the ice, even an all "Clipper" goal, I think! Enjoy! The videos are broken up into TWO. Make sure you take time to watch both.

I think I'm DONE for today. I told ya- MONSTER POSTING!
Thanks for checking the blog!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

2nd Annual Alberni Valley Bulldogs/Home Hardware Teddy Bear Toss

The Teddy Bear Toss is back THIS SATURDAY as the Dogs host the Nanaimo Clippers.

Here's how it works:

  1. Purchase a stuffed Mandy/Handy Teddy for $10.00, available at Port Alberni Home Hardware, the Bulldogs office, or at the game Saturday
  2. $5.00 from each teddy sold goes to the BC Children's Hospital
  3. Toss the teddy at the game this Saturday when the Dogs score (if people can't make it to the game Saturday don't worry, as Home Hardware will collect all sold Teddies and toss them for you)
  4. The Alberni Valley Bulldogs will deliver all Teddies to children at the hospital.
  5. Each purchase of a Teddy will get you a ballot to enter to win a signed Bulldogs Jersey that will be drawn at the game on Saturday
  6. Thursday Nov 29th several Bulldogs players will be on location at Home Hardware from 11am to 12:30pm selling the Teddies.
  7. You are more than welcome to bring ANY bear, but you are encouraged to purchase a bear from Home Hardware and support the BC Children's Hospital.
**Last year over $3000 in bears and $$ went to the Children's Hospital. The goal this year is to DOUBLE IT!

So get on it Port Alberni!!

Last but not least- This is what it looks like!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

What do you do?

I knew it was a different day today when I walked into the coaches office and Bryant Perrier was dressed up in full equipment (the same from his playing days in Phoenix I might add)

What do you do when you have worked your tails off right from day #1 of camp and you still find yourself struggling and in a slump and on a streak? You try to forget. The Bulldogs had a "fun prakkie" today, (as I used to call it) and I think this thinking by the coaching staff is pure genius. The guys were probably not too pumped up to get back to work today, in the middle of a streak going the wrong way where everything seems to be going wrong. So instead of talking about how everything has gone wrong, I'm guessing they were told to have some fun and forget about it for a couple of hours. Just have fun. The game is supposed to be fun, in the end. Yes, it's a job at this level. And it just gets more serious and the expectations get higher and the commitment level gets higher if you advance from this level. In the end, there has to be some joy there, or you won't succeed. This team has worked incredibly hard since camp. They have had 1 or 2 days off since August, by my count. I know they'll be right back to work tomorrow. Maybe even today after practice. But right now, the guys are having fun. And I bet it feels damn good. It made me feel better just watching them. I'm just the radio guy, but I still left the rink feeling plenty different from when I went in there to get audio for my "Weekly Preview" article on the Bulldogs website.

Enjoy the pictures...

First and foremost- WINTER in Port Alberni. Holy smoke! What a shot from my deck. Drive safe. I feel like I am back in Manitoba.

Other than that, just pictures of the guys hamming it up. Adam Baldassarre with his "Smeltz" cape, Matt Frydrysek with the 'stache, and Josh Pineiro top to bottom are a couple front runners for the creativity award!


Bulldogs This Week, 6pm-7pm TONIGHT

Here's tonights guest list for "Bulldogs This Week"

A tough weekend for the Dogs again. It seems right now that whenever any moment comes up in a game where the boys can either seize momentum or lose momentum, they LOSE it. Penalty kill, power play, capitalizing on a chance, getting a big save, making a bad turnover, creating that big turnover....It goes on and on. Stack up about about 5 or 6 situations like that each night, all going against you, and you end up on a losing streak like this. I'm no coach, but I would guess that the goal for the players is to stay the course, be mentally tough, and realize that it's a 60 minute game. 1 mistake or 1 missed chance doesn't make or break you.....but letting it turn into 5 or 10 mistakes or missed chances certainly does!

Just my 2 cents.

It will no doubt be an interesting show tonight talking about recent games and a huge home and home coming up this weekend with Nanaimo.

I hope you will tune in, drop by, or email me a question HERE


Friday, November 23, 2007

Dogs @ Clippers

Tonight's second intermission guest is former Bulldog Devin Timberlake, in his second season at Brown University.

Tomorrow night's second intermission guest is former Bulldog Doug Krantz, in his senior year at Cornell. What a weekend coming up for Doug- He gets to play tomorrow at a sold out Madison Square Garden! Doug is pumped, calling it a "once in a lifetime experience" Personally, I think he's wrong and he will be playing there again once he makes it pro. But for now it's a once in a lifetime experience! Dougs mom and dad are making their way down for the game and I have requested some pictures and videos so hopefully they will email me some!

If you would like to contact me regarding the blog or Bulldogs Broadcasts or anything else!


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Bulldogs add Ben Payne

Welcome to the club Ben Payne! See the Bulldogs website for news on their latest acquisition, forward Ben Payne from the Surrey Eagles.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Dogs organization to address second intermission last night, Dogs make trade.

Quick post- 2 things to tell you.

1) I was wrong earlier when I said that the team would be addressing the second intermission Tuesday night through their website. The team has released a statement through the media that will be on 93.3 The Peak tomorrow. I can't speak for other media sources but I will indeed cover it on my show.

2) The Dogs have made a trade. As far as I know from last night it is for future considerations, and it is for a forward that has shown an ability to put the puck in the net at this level. Again, I would suspect full details on the team website at


Dogs play well again, lose again.

Another tough one at the pound last night where the Dogs again played a good game overall, but they couldn't get it done on special teams and they couldn't limit the Grizzlies chances in transition. Two breakaways, Two 2 on 1's, four goals against. Again, it just seems that the Dogs can't find the net, and the opposition always seems to capitalize on their chances. The fine line between winning and losing. Not making too many mistakes, and capitalizing on your opponents mistakes.
Special teams are always a big factor in the final outcome of any game as well. The Grizzlies scored on their first power play, they scored shorthanded on their first penalty kill (a major, at that) and took a 2-0 lead. Matthew Wong was again incredible in goal. It was game over.

In a most interesting development, the Bulldog players did not leave the bench during the second intermission. It amazes me that in all of my years, (I'm by no means a seadog, but I have been around) that I can still see new things. I am not going to second guess or bash the coaches. Enough people here in Montreal west do that for me. I base my thoughts on results most of the time. We'll wait and see what, if anything, comes of this.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Dogs host Grizzlies, Dog fans like 3rd Jersey, "Bulldogs Blankets" back tonight + more

Tonight's second intermission feature guest is former Bulldog Josh Bonar, now playing professionally for the Rio Grande Valley Killer Bees of the CHL.
When the Bulldogs inveiled their new 3rd jerseys, I put up a poll asking

"What do you think about the new Bulldogs 3rd jersey?"
Here's what respondents said:

LOVE IT: 67%
It's OK: 22%
Don't care:4%

Going on how previous 3rd jerseys have gone over with the fans, I'd call this one a resounding success!

Bulldog Blankets are BACK! Starting tonight the Alberni Valley Community Foundation will be at the Multiplex selling the blankets, raising funds for the community. These blankets are beauty- made of warm fleece with a Bulldogs logo embroidered along with the sponsor logos and even complete with Velcro carrying straps they are a perfect stocking stuffer and are a great thing to have from the rink to the beach to just in the car. I especially like mine on the BUS! Be sure to check the blankets out and check out what the Alberni Valley Community Foundation is all about by visiting their website HERE

93.3 The Peak FM is one of the many proud sponsors of the blankets. Way to go radio station!

Other sponsors with their names embroidered on the blankets include:

Jal Designs & Graphics
Beaver Creek ACE Building Center
Aaron Vissia Financial Incorporated
Alberni Chrysler Dodge Jeep
Dave Koszegi Re/Max
Alberni Valley Times
and last but not least
A Channel

Should be a good one tonight! Hopefully I will see you at the Pound or I will at least talk to you from the barn as you will be tuned in!

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Monday, November 19, 2007

I hate early-week games!

OK, OK, I'll be honest, I don't hate ANY game. If it's a day that ends in Y then I am fired up no matter what.

I don't hate the games, it's just the challenge that an early or mid-week game brings that makes me a little crazy.

One of the good things about Junior A hockey is that not too many games happen in the early or middle parts of the week. In Major Junior and Pro you are looking at 70 plus game schedules which makes it necessary to play ALL nights of the week while in Junior A the bulk of games are Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The challenge is simply the prep time and the turn around time. Tomorrow just doesn't feel like game day. Rest assured that I am READY for it but it was a busy couple of days. Sunday I crammed in the writing of my "Weekly Recap" for the Bulldogs website in between the football games and the Canuck game and getting to bed at a reasonable hour for my morning show today hitting the air at 6am on 93.3 The Peak. After I was off the air at 10am I spent a couple of hours getting ready for the game tomorrow, doing things such as tracking down and securing my second intermission "feature interview" for tomorrow-former Bulldog Josh Bonar. I then threw together all of my statistical information, my line up card, and other things. As the Dogs and Grizzlies haven't met since September I have had to spend a couple of hours today dedicated to memorizing the Grizzlies roster again- one of the things I do before EVERY single game. You can't keep up with the game if you don't know who has the puck, pretty simple.

Aside from the prep for the broadcast tomorrow I also spent more time getting ready for "Bulldogs this Week" live tonight at Alberni Chrysler. I thought it was a great show tonight, as I had Alan Kerr and Kevin Ross from the Bulldogs, along with Nanaimo Clippers play-by-play voice Dan Marshall from our sister station 106.9 The Wolf in Nanaimo.

Be sure to check the Bulldogs Multimedia site HERE to listen to the Alan Kerr and Kevin Ross interviews, up on the site already!

After all the Bulldog Broadcast prep and Bulldogs This Week prep I then spent a couple of hours in meetings with my bosses from our programming and music departments doing more radio station work.

When that was done it was straight home and straight to the rink to grab some comments from Alan Kerr, Marcello Ranallo, and Adam Baldassarre for my "Weekly Preview" article for the Bulldogs website. Then it was back home to get that audio ready, and then I had to WRITE the actual article for submission to the team.

Sometime after I finished that I grabbed some dinerunch or lundinner or lunchupper. What do you call a meal that's not lunch and not dinner/supper? We really need a word for that- we have BUNCH after all...OK, I'm really off the deep end now...

Then it was in the shower and off to Alberni Chrysler to host "Bulldogs This Week"

As soon as the show was over the cell phone rang and it was Ross Raymond on the line, setting me up to be first guest on Dan Marshall's "Off the Ice, the Clipper Hockey Show" on our sister station 106.9 The Wolf FM in Nanaimo.

After that, I did some other work for tomorrow.....and here I am now. Whew!

Just so you all know, I'm not looking for any sympathies, just letting you readers know that if I'm not posting here there is indeed a GOOD REASON, like I'm doing 100 other things!

It's 9:18pm as I write this so it's almost bed time for me with 4:30am staring me in the face with the morning show tomorrow.

And of course tomorrow is GAME DAY!

(even if it doesn't feel like it should be yet)


Saturday, November 17, 2007

Dogs host Eagles.

Hello all, thanks for checking the blog. Very busy day today so I must keep it short!Tonight's first intermission guest is Lee Patzer. Victoria Grizzlies Head Coach and General Manager Jackson Penny is my second intermission guest.

Don't forget- Don't be afraid to drop me a line in the pressbox HERE

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Vipers 5 Dogs 4, OT | Take care Ricky | Bulldogs in the Community

It was a heartbreaker for the Dogs to lose last night at the Pound, where they gave up the tying goal with 2:33 to go and then the winner in OT with just four seconds remaining on a penalty kill.

A couple of turning points in this game. First it was David Aime making a penalty shot stop in the first period with the Vipers leading 1-0. The Dogs would come back to tie at 1-1.
Another would be the Bulldogs power play chance shortly after they went ahead 2-1 in the second. I thought that instead of the Bulldogs taking a two goal lead, or at the very least momentum, it was instead the Vipers that came out and appeared most desperate than the Dogs. They agressively killed the penalty, and then minutes later scored twice in 16 seconds to go from trailing to tied to leading, 3-2.

A long 5 on 3 penalty kill by the Dogs early in third kept the game tied 3-3, before the momentum gained saw the Dogs up 4-3. Shortly afterwards, the Dogs again went to the power play. They did everything BUT score on this one, I thought they were unlucky not to find the net, as they swarmed the Viper net for chance after chance.

The Vipers came on late and the Dogs were unable to hold the lead. What a player Hunter Bishop is. I'll agree with Bryant Perrier 100% with his comments ont he postgame show when he said he believes Bishop is the best player he's seen in this league this year. Without a doubt, he's the best, in my opinion. His 26 goals prove it.

If anything, the Dogs hopefully again proved to themselves and their fans that they can play with anyone, when they come out ready and when they battle hard, work hard, and play desperate. It isn't easy to do it every night, all night, but it's what this team needs to do to win. They also need goaltending like they got last night from David Aime, who was HUGE all night long in his home ice debut.
Want to wish Rick and Barb Methot well as they are off to Medicine Hat. I got this nice email from Rick I'd like to share with you here. All the best "goosebuster", from "broken tee" hahaha good times!

Hey Hammer,

I have accepted the job as ad director with the Medicine Hat News effective November 20th so this will be my last game in the penalty box here in the "Dog Pound". I would like to say that I will always cherish the last seven and one half years I have spent in the Alberni Valley and especially having the best seat in the house during the trials and tribulations that our Bulldog's have been through. I would like to thank the management, staff, players and fans of the past and present for the opportunity to be a part of the spirit that has made Port Alberni one of the greatest sports towns I have ever known. Every night I was told by opposing players that they would love to play here because of the support they hear from our fans for our Bulldog's. So to the people of Port Alberni, continue to be the loudest and most supportive fans in the league, you will be rewarded....just ask any opposing team.

Gonna try and get in the Tigers penalty box.
Will miss each and every one of you.

Rick Methot

I also received word last night from Laurie Smilie, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the Bulldogs, that Marcello Ranallo and Lee Patzer will be at HomeHardware today from 11:15 to 12:30 to kick off selling Teddy Bears for the Bulldogs 2nd Annual Teddy Bear Toss coming up on Saturday, December 1st when the Dogs host the Nanaimo Clippers. Fans are encouraged to buy a Teddy Bear at HomeHardware with 50% of those monies donated to Children's Hospital. Anyone who buys a bear will be entered into a draw to win an autographed Bulldogs Jersey.

So get the kids and yourselves down there and meet the guys and help out a great cause! I hope that some of my Clipper fan friends will bring down some Teddies for the night. Just remember, you have to throw them on the ice when the DOGS score. If not, security will boot you out! haha.


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dogs vs Chiefs brawl- I owe the referee an apology.

Good ole Youtube. Someone has posted the start of the second period brawl between the Bulldogs and Chiefs from Sunday afternoon in Langley. GOOD. I really needed to see it, just to confirm what I thought I saw.....And also to help me out as to what I DID NOT see.

I was too busy at the beginning of the Moriarty "jumping" to even notice it was happening. I was distracted by watching a heavyweight tilt at centre ice with two bonafide all-league tough guys where Isaac Smeltzer was taking it to Jesse Tresierra. (my opinion, of course, and opinions are like you know whats and everybody has one) I REALLY wish I could see the video from the start of that fight. By the time I looked to my left, Coleton Thielmann was already pummelling Moriarty up against the glass as you see on the video, and then on the ice, as you also clearly see, before help arrived.

WHY I must apologize to the official- I maintained on the air that the referee didn't do enough to try and prevent the situation, especially how it ended. You can clearly see on the video that the referee is doing his best to stand between Thielmann from fighting Moriarty in the beginning.
I will give him credit for that, and aknowledge my error in saying he did nothing to avoid what happened. In my defense, you'll see on the video that he promptly DESERTED him and then it got really stupid in the end. In the officials defense, it was an ugly situation, and he might've been concerned with an all out line brawl or even a bench brawl erupting.

This portion of video proves exactly what I said- Daniel Moriarty did nothing. Gloves on, still had his stick, took a beating. A borderline assault actually.

So how does the referee justify giving him a fighting penalty to kick him out of the game?

He can't. See for yourself.

Dogs host Vipers. + S.N.A.F.U.

S ituation
N ormal
A ll
F ired
U p

I went to the rink yesterday to do my work for the Bulldogs website (PREVIEW UP at )

I'm not sure what I expected after the recent disappointing games, but I didn't see it yesterday. All I saw was an energized and ticked off group who appeared to have simply rolled up their sleeves and went back to work in their continuing efforts to get better. And that's excatly what has me sitting here today on a game day getting fired up again and ready to go for tonight.

I saw and heard the same attitude from Bryant Perrier and Adam Hout on "Bulldogs this week" last night at Alberni Chrysler. You can hear those emails through the Bulldogs Mutlimedia site under "audio"

In the end, sure, what option do these guys have other than just keeping at it, right?
If you hear some of the fans and if you read the message boards though you might believe that these guys are just going to get down, quit, feel sorry for themselves, etc.


Not happening.

I still believe in this group. After the weekend it might be hard for some as it was for sure a let down, but as long as they keep working like they have been I still believe they will get rewarded for it.

I hope to see the Pound rocking tonight. The boys need the fans. Midweek games are never the same, but I still hope there's a good crowd tonight. As a fan you might think that their record doesn't warrant your support. I can assure you that their EFFORT does.

Pregame tonight hits the air at 6:45, PXP at 7:00. Former Bulldog Jordan Kremyr will be my second intermission guest.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bulldogs This Week, 6pm-7pm TONIGHT

Be sure to catch "Bulldogs this week" on the air tonight live on location at Alberni Chrysler and live on 93.3 The Peak FM.

Send your email questions in here

Please note that my email addy has changed for Bulldogs hockey and Bulldogs this week!

bulldogs AT (change the AT to an @ symbol)


Sunday, November 11, 2007

Dogs drop third straight 6-0 in Surrey, into Langley Sunday, PLEASE REMEMBER.

It wasn't a pretty one for the Dogs in Surrey, as they fell behind early and stayed that way, losing 6-0. The Eagles love facing the Bulldogs, as they have out scored them 11-1 in two meetings now this season. The task doesn't get any easier for the Dogs Sunday in Langley, as they face the red hot Chiefs, winners of 6 in a row. Langley's streak started with a 4-2 win over the Bulldogs on October 28th.

I found this poem on the blog of Rod Pedersen, who might have the best job in the world- he is the play-by-play voice of both the WHL's Regina Pats, and the CFL's Saskatchewan Roughriders. Check out Rod's blog HERE

It is the VETERAN , not the preacher,
Who has given us freedom of religion.

It is the VETERAN, not the reporter,
Who has given us freedom of the press.

It is the VETERAN , not the poet,
Who has given us freedom of speech.

It is the VETERAN , not the campus organizer,
Who has given us freedom to assemble.

It is the VETERAN , not the lawyer,
Who has given us the right to a fair trial.

It is the VETERAN , not the politician,
Who has given us the right to vote.

It is the VETERAN ,
Who salutes the Flag,

It is the veteran ,
Who serves under the Flag,


Before I go, I give you Terry Kelly's "A Pittance of Time"
This one always brings a tear to my eye. I've never been a big fan of sporting events of Remembrance Day. I'm a fan of Remembrance Day ceremonies on Remembrance Day. However, if having a ceremony at a sporting event gets the word out and opens some eyes of someone who wouldn't be recognizing Remembrance Day, I guess it's a good thing.

Ceremonies in Port Alberni go at ADSS starting at 10:30am. Please be seated by 10:15. If you REALLY want a seat, I'd suggest you get there by 10:00. Typical Port Alberni, they show up in droves for a community event such as this. I had the good fortune of not having a hockey game last year so I could attend. We got there at 10:00am and still couldn't find a place to sit.

I remember.

Terry Kelly time. Should be a fun game tomorrow, thanks for checking the blog.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Dogs lose second straight, 6-2 in Powell River.

I thought the Dogs actually played better than the score indicates, up 1-0 through the first 30 minutes of the game. A bad giveaway, a bad missed off side, and it's 3-1 in four minutes and it's game over. The Dogs didn't quit, but the Kings were well on their way by that point, adding three power play goals for the 6-2 win.

I must hit the hay. Early wake up and a couple of ferries to make way to the Mainland tomorrow.

The pregame show from Surrey is on the air at 6:45, the play-by-play is at 7:00pm. BCHL comissioner John Grisdale will be my second intermission guest. David Aime will be my first intermission guest.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Dogs in Powell River tonight, "Red Fridays"

The pre game show tonight is on the air at 7:15 with the play-by-play at 7:30.
Tonight's second intermission feature guest is former Bulldog Maury Edwards, now attending UMass-Lowell.

Emails to the pressbox can be sent HERE

Something to think about- Thanks to Wanda from the radio station for e-mailing this to me

I am not telling you what to believe or what to do, but it's something to think about.




Last week, while traveling in Canada on business, I noticed a soldier

traveling with a folded flag, but did not put two-and-two together.

After we boarded our flight, I turned to the soldier, who had been invited

to sit in First Class (across from me), and inquired if he was heading home.

No, he responded.

Heading out, I asked?

No. I am escorting a soldier home.

Going to pick him up?

No. He is with me right now. He was killed in Afghanistan. I am taking

him home to his family.

The realization of what he had been asked to do, hit me like a punch to

the gut. It was an honour for him. He told me that, although he didn't

know the soldier, he had delivered the news of his passing to the soldier's

family and felt as if he knew them after many conversations in so few days.

I turned back to him, extended my hand, and said, Thank you. Thank you

for doing what you do so my family and I can do what we do.

Upon landing in Canada the pilot stopped short of the gate and made

the following announcement over the intercom.

'Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to note that we have had the honour

of having Sergeant Steeley of the Canadian Armed Forces join us on this

flight. He is escorting a fallen comrade back home to his family. I ask that

you please remain in your seats when we open the forward door to allow

Sergeant Steeley to deplane and receive his fellow soldier. We will then

turn off the seat belt sign.'

Without a sound, all went as requested. I noticed the Sergeant saluting

the casket as it was brought off the plane, and his action made me realize


I am proud to be a Canadian.

So here's a public Thank You to Our Military Men and Women for what you

do so we can live the way we do.

Red Fridays

Very soon, you will see a great many people wearing RED every Friday.

The reason ... Canadians who support our troops used to be called the

'silent majority.' We are no longer silent and are voicing our love for God,

country and home in record breaking numbers. We are not organized,

boisterous or overbearing.

Many Canadians, like you, me and all our friends, simply want to recognize

that the vast majority of Canada supports our troops. Our idea of showing

solidarity and support for our troops with dignity and respect starts this

Friday -- and continues each and every Friday until the troops all come home,

sending a deafening message that ... every Canadian who supports our

men and women afar, will wear something RED. It could be just a small

RED ribbon.

By word of mouth, press, TV -- let's make Canada on every Friday a sea of

RED, much like a homecoming football game in the bleachers. If every one

of us who loves this country, will share this with acquaintances, co-workers,

friends, and family, it will not be long before Canada is covered in RED

and it will let our troops know the once 'silent' majority is on their side

more than ever, certainly more than the media lets on.

The first thing a soldier says when asked, 'What can we do to make things

better for you?' is ... 'We need your support and your prayers.'

Let's get the word out and lead with class and dignity, by example, and

wear something RED every Friday.




Wednesday, November 07, 2007

May's new gear

Down at the rink today to take care of some stuff and lo and behold I spotted Harrison "MayDay" May with some sharp new pads.

I had told Harrison a while ago he needed new gear and he surprised me by saying "it's on the way"

Speaking as a former goalie, it's like Christmas when you get new gear. I like them, they look good. Black/White/Copper/Red. Who cares what they look like as long as they stop the puck, right?

Look good, feel good.
Feel good, play good.
Or so I always believed.
Didn't always work with me though, haha!

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, as good as I could get with my phone.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Ticking away to 10,000

Thanks everyone for the support! I put the hit counter up in early September, to the best of my recollection. I can't believe no one has asked to advertise on this beauty yet but I guess it's because I'm not out there trying to get it! Too darn busy!

Thanks to all those who read the blog and to those who have spread the word to other fans to get the word of the blog out there.

(as of 9:30am Tuesday)

Hammers Bulldog BlogSite Summary

Total 6,539
Average Per Day 102
Average Visit Length 2:02
Last Hour 11
Today 27
This Week 713

Total 9,964 !!
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This Week 1,039

Monday, November 05, 2007

Dogs add David Aime, World U17 Challenge Presser...

Another great edition of "Bulldogs this week" tonight live on 93.3 The Peak FM on location at Alberni Chrysler.

Bulldogs Head Coach and General Manager Alan Kerr announced that the Bulldogs have added goalie David Aime to their roster. David played last season with the Prince Albert Raiders in the WHL.


View David's stats HERE

According to Alan Kerr on the show tonight David looked elsewhere to play after not getting a shot in P.A. this fall. David first ended up in Vernon, but they had a three goalie logjam that they weren't able to resolve, whether it was by releasing someone or moving someone, so David came to the Bulldogs.

For those that wish to hear the announcement straight from the horse's mouth in greater detail, be sure to visit the Bulldogs Multimedia Website HERE as my interview with Alan Kerr is already posted there in it's entirety for your listening pleasure. The interview with Isaac Smeltzer is also up on the Bulldogs Multimedia site.

Welcome to the team David. Good to add a good Manitoba boy!
All the best to Kevin Genoe. As Alan Kerr said tonight on the show, he's a great kid, a model kid. I believe that Kevin has all the tools and abilities to have a very bright future in the game.

As good as I can get for pictures from my phone....

I was in attendance today as The 2009 World U17 Challenge Committee had a press conference today to announce further information on the event next December/January.

Head over to the Bulldogs website to read the latest media release. This is going to be a great event for Port Alberni.

That's all for today....Morning show tomorrow. I better hit the hay!


Bulldogs This Week, 6pm-7pm TONIGHT

Tune in to 93.3 The Peak FM tonight from 6pm to 7pm to catch the latest edition of "Bulldogs This Week"

You are also welcome and encouraged to drop by the showroom at Alberni Chrysler to catch the show live. Feel free to email your questions to me for any of my guests, or feel free to stop by and ask them live.

The Bulldogs had a new face at practice today. I haven't received anything official yet but you can bet on hearing details tonight during the show if you haven't heard something already!

The guest list for tonight is below!


(click to enlarge)

1 small step for blogkind.....

one giant leap for Hammer's Bulldog Blog!

I have managed to figure out how to post from my phone...... be afraid! haha.

Saturday, November 03, 2007


The Bulldogs lost 5-2 to the Cowichan Valley Capitals last night at the Pound. It was a tough night to watch, and it was tough to not be puzzled by the Bulldogs.

The Bulldog team that showed up Saturday was no where near the team that played 24 hours earlier at the BIG STICK. I thought that Cowichan came out from the opening shift much more prepared than the Bulldogs, and I thought that Cowichan continued that trend for a 60 minute effort.

After what the Dogs did Friday in their barn, I thought that the Caps came out last night and played exactly how they thought they would've had to if they wanted to win the game. And win it they did.

I know that the players aren't trying to come out and NOT play, and I know that the coaching staff is doing all they can to get them ready to come out to play.

Friday's effort proves that.

The Bulldogs continue to show great promise and that there is a reason to belive in what this group can accomplish. They also continue to be consistently inconsistent.

Gutsy win for Dogs, I had the crystal ball out again, Hockey Canada visits the POUND tonight.

The Dogs came from behind last night to win a game that they never led until James Kerr scored the game winner with 1:52 to play in regulation down at the Big Stick.

The Caps led 1-0 after one, and 2-0 just 27 seconds into period two ,before the Dogs fired back to knot it at 2-2 into period three. Again the Caps went ahead with a Brian Matte goal, before Daniel Moriarty tied it again before they even had time to announce the official on the 3-2 Caps goal, it was 3-3.

Yup, I had the Crystal Ball out again. For some reason I said that I "had a good feeling about James Kerr" Minutes later, he had his first to get the monkey off his back and get the Dogs on the board. They always say, once you get one to bump the slump they will start going in for you. The proof was in the final score, as Kerr scored a big league goal to put his team up 4-3.

Kerr's 1st

It should be a great one tonight, if it's anything like last night's game.

See you at the pound. Off to grab some interviews!
Dean Merrick, play-by-play voice of the Powell River Kings, will be my second intermission guest tonight.


Hockey Canada will have representatives at the Pound tonight to see how the facility works when it's full for a hockey event. Just the start of many many many things to be done for the 2009 World U17 World Hockey Challenge being hosted by Port Alberni.

Knock 'em dead Dog fans I know they will be blown away but the atmosphere and support hockey gets in this city. (and the horn)


Friday, November 02, 2007

FIRED UP! 2 for 1 Friday.....

Yes, aren't you lucky, two posts in one day! I must make this quick as I have to 2 feet and a heart-beat it down to the rink to get to Duncan tonight.

Three things.

1) You don't want to miss the final words from Alan Kerr on the pregame show tonight. It really struck me, in regards to what he wants out of his players. A serious warning, you could say.

2) For those in Port Alberni- The second installment of my "Bulldogs TV" feature should hit the airwaves on the local SHAW TV station tonight, channel 4. It's an in-depth look at the leadership change, and why the team made the move. Also, it's about hitting rock bottom Tuesday against Nanaimo, and how the team plans to rebound.

3) It's not about how you fall down. It's about how you get back up. The Dogs took a knock out blow to the kisser from the Clippers on Tuesday. I am fired up to see how they get up off the matt tonight.

My pregame tune. Take a look at this- and CRANK IT UP. Canada's best band, The Tragically Hip "Nautical Disaster" This is one of the best rock tunes of all time, about Canada's raid on Dieppe. Maybe with us in November it's a great time to bring this up and remember for a minute. Enjoy this song. Man it fires me up!