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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Jackson Garrett + PEAK preparations for the season

Doesn't this headline from the BCHL website make it sound like Jackson still plays for the Dogs, and that the Dogs were the winners on Saturday?

"Garrett paces 'Dogs to win"

HaHa. In the league's defence he did play with the Dogs last season, and it's still pretty early!

Anyway, I thought Jackson played a fantastic game Saturday, even though I didn't really like the ending, but that's just me. I'm not privvy to the details as to why Jackson was released by the Bulldogs last year, and I don't think it's anything for this blog even if I was.

I was a fan of Jackson last year and I see great potential in him and wish him all the best. Caps fans will like this guy, he's big and lanky and can score.


I'd rather be calling games NOW, but at the same time I'm getting through the days until our first broadcast September 11th by PREPARING for it.

Today, I picked up our new Broadcast Booth banner from the folks at Jal Designs & Graphics.

Thanks to Rob and Dean and Kristi and whoever else who had a hand in another job well done!

Random videos....

Came across this on the world wide web and just had to post it.

Sometimes, when someone cheap shots you, the best thing to do is:

1) not go down and act hurt.

2) KEEP YOUR HEAD, be smart, think

3) be crafty.

Gotta love Alex Kovalev in this one!

Credit for this find goes to Rod Pedersen's blog. What a beauty. Make the Olympics NOW PLEASE!

One more. AWESOME


Sorry, this is from my cell phone camera.... I really need to start a "Digital Camera Fund" for the blog. It's all for you people, better pictures, better video ;)

Just some Exhibition Action. Nice to be back at THE POUND!

NHLPA fires Paul Kelly, NHL & Leafs battle over territory...Bulldogs 1 and 1 after 2 Exhibition Games

Well, that didn't take long.... The NHLPA has fired their Executive Director, Paul Kelly. To read more, check out this link from

And more news from the NHL level. Here's an interesting read from TSN.CA "Maple Leafs, NHL, at odds over territorial rights"
It's just two Exhibition Games, but it's a good start for the Dogs after a 1 and 1 record. I didn't get down to the game in Victoria Friday night so I can't comment on it, but the 7-5 Dogs win sounded like a beauty. Hey, a win period is beautiful anyway!

Saturday the Dogs out shot the Caps by a considerable margin and I thought they outplayed them along with that, but they couldn't get a break around the net in the third period. I thought the Dogs power play looked good, although you need to find the net more than once on the amount of chances they had. That's back to the luck thing. I was really impressed with the ability of the defence to get pucks through and on net, and at the same time I was equally impressed with the players battling to the front of the net and creating traffic and causing deflections.

Over the last couple of years I don't think the power play has shot the puck enough, or done the simple things enough, like getting to the front of the net and getting the puck there too, etc.

What do I know, I'm just an eye in the sky, and it all looks so simple from up top when it's really not...but I think I've seen enough to know what works best sometimes - K.I.S.S - keep it simple silly - shoot shoot pass, shoot shoot pass. I've just never been a fan of: pass pass pass pass pass pass pass blocked pass, iced, reset. Or: pass pass pass pass pass pass pass shot wide of the net, iced, restart.

I'm all for using your man advantage, but sometimes I think teams try to play above their heads and above their abilities when they are a man up and it's nothing but a momentum sapper.

The Dogs haven't had a Top 10 power play since the 2005-2006 season when it was 7th in the league. It quickly fell to 12th in 2006-2007, slid further to 14th in 2007-2008, and climbed to 13th last season.

You can win games, heck, you can even make the playoffs based on having a lights out power play....Here's to hoping the Dogs are better than bottom 3 or 4 this season. It's still Exhibition, but it looked good Saturday for a first go of it on home ice.

I must leave you with this beauty....The TSN TOP 10 JEREMY ROENICK MOMENTS. We'll miss ya JR, or at least I will, you spoke your mind no matter what!



Saturday, August 29, 2009

4-3 now as Dogs score with 1.6 seconds left...

Too little too late most likely as the Dogs score on a scramble with 1.6 seconds left to make it a one goal game.

10 man scrum at the net ensues as the goal is scored, Jackson Garrett enters as the last man in and jumps Mitch's a lonnnnnnng season. My 2 cents.

Mickey Mihailovich gets the goal, un-assisted.

Final shots 48-27 Bulldogs. I thought the Dogs had a great third period, but they just couldn't get a bounce around the net.


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4-2 Caps in the third period...

Brayden Burns scores a breakaway goal high blocker on Frank Slubowski at 9:19


3-2 Caps after 2....

Shots 27-20 Bulldogs
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3-2 Capitals

Jackson Garrett with his second straight goal, from Curtis Gedig and Brendan Birdsell at 8:28

2-2 6 minutes into second period....

.....Former Bulldog Jackson Garrett scores from Jeff Anderson 5:45 into the second.

Zach Wear now in net for Alberni.

2-1 for the AVB after one period of play....

Dogs had a goal waved off in the dying seconds, whistle went first with penalties on the play....

Shots 12-8 Dogs after one.

Unofficial special teams stats - Dogs 1 for 4, Caps 0 for 2.

More updates through the second.



2-1 Dogs....

Moments after the penalty shot save, Matthew Hatch scores off a Kevin Ross rebound on the power play, 2-1 Dogs. Matthew Hutchinson also assists on the scoring play at 17:33


1-1 3:42 left first period....

Nice goal on the 2 on 1, Jared Sweet from Matthew Hatch and Kevin Spotts at 14:59

Jackson Garrett has just been awarded a penalty shot for Cowichan, he'll take it against Scott Lewan....


Game stays tied 1-1.

Line Up for Tonight's Game


Trent Dorias Matthew Hatch Zack Mazo

Mitch MacMillan Mark MacMillan Casey Bailey

Jared Sweet Peter Clements Robert Lindores

Warren Muir Kevin Spotts

Kevin Ross Nick Cecere

Nick Bell Cole Winans

Matthew Hutchinson Micki Mihailovich

Scott Lewan
Zach Wear
Frank Slubowski


Massingham MacDonald Novakovich

Garrett Stibbard Green

Enger Burns LeBolond

Mueller Anderson Kern

Taker Sidhu

Gedig Birdsell

Johnston Mejia


1-0 Caps in 1st

Massingham from Stibbard and Johnston
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Found- Male Golden Retreiver

A lovely adult made golden retreiver is currently hanging around the Alberni Golf Club. Rest assured, they are taking great care of him, but rumour has it that the official course cat says he can't stay here permanently!

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"Dogs pack a little more bite" + Dogs host Cowichan tonight at THE POUND at 7pm....REVISITING TWITTER

Huge thanks to my buddy Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for sending along this great story from the Victoria Times Colonist written by Sharie Epp.

Click the link to read "Bulldogs pack a little more bite"

I'm pretty excited for the first home exhibition game tonight, as the Dogs host the Capitals at 7pm at the Pound. I will be posting live updates on the blog when stuff happens so if you can't make it, be sure to check the blog!

Ah, Twitter.....

Lets's take a look at the comments that were left on the blog posting I made saying I was giving Twitter another shot:

Superstar Fan said...
Why would we "twitter" when we can just check your "blog" and we don't have to sign up for anything??

Anonymous said...
Twitter is were right in the beginning, there really is no point to it

Anonymous said...
twitter sux give it up hammer you dont need it

Now - if I may be allowed a rebuttal.....

I'm not a big fan of twitter either, as I previously mentioned....HOWEVER, I really do see the use for it.

Example - and an answer to Superstar fan's comment - Last night, or any night if you can't get to a Bulldog game, and you can't be on your computer the whole time, how do you get updates? You are certainly right, why would you twitter when you can just come to the blog. BUT, what would you do when you can't get to the blog? Hmmmmmm.

THIS is where I see the benefits of twitter. If you have a cell phone, you can connect my twitter updates to be automatically delivered to your phone. So if I update my twitter throughout the game, or after periods, for example, you'll get those updates instantly as text messages on your phone.

Now do you see where I'm coming from, with at least how I see it can be useful?

If no one wants or needs twitter updates, that's fine, it's actually one less thing that I will worry about doing to keep the fans updated!

I will still send updates when I get some breaking Bulldog news for any followers I have on twitter so don't worry if you are one of them!

SO - same thing I posted before - if you want Bulldog or BCHL updates, go to and click this link or search for my profile "HAMWILDER"

The easiest thing to do might be to click the twitter logo at the top of the blog on the --------> right hand side

Once you are signed up and following me, you need to go into your settings/options and put in your cell phone number so you get mobile updates.After you have done that, click on my profile again and click DEVICE UPDATES ON, which you should see right under my picture!

I'm hitting the lovely Alberni Golf Club at Cherry Creek for 18 holes, and then I'll see you AT THE POUND!!



Friday, August 28, 2009

Final Score: 7-5 Dogs

Shots 35 - 27 Bulldogs.

Line up-Sweet,Bailey,Lourens, Nicholson,Clements, Berkholtz, MacMillan and MacMillan, Rogic,Brodt,Newman, Spotts,Gardner,Mcgauley, Jones, Mcdonald,Winans, Mihailovich

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7-5 for the AVB

6-5 was Brodt from Mihailovich, 7-5 was Gardner from Jones.

I will post the Dogs line up later.

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5-5 3rd period

Kevin Spotts(1991, Samammish, WA) has scored for the A V B!

Thanks Doug and Lorraine MacMillan for the updates, man I love technology!!



4-4 after 40 minutes

Another update, 4-4 after 2 periods with Mitch MacMillan(1989, Penticton, BC) scoring from Mark MacMillan(1992, Penticton, BC).

Andrew Walton(1991, Castlegar,BC) and Myles Klinenburg(1990, Seattle, WA) have been the Dogs tendersm, letting in 2 each.

Victoria goals - 2 by Copp, 1 by Kolins, not sure about the other one!

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3-1 Dogs after 1

Goal scorers Casey Bailey (1991, Anchorage, AK), Kevin Lourens,(1991, Maple Ridge, BC) and Micki Mihailovich(1990, West Lake, MI)

Thanks to Loraine (forgive the spelling again as I'm not sure if that's right) MacMillan for the update!

Good job fellas keep it going!



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Updates Coming..

Bulldog and Grizzly fans dying to get some updates tonight will be happy to know that I just received word that I will be getting some updates throughout the evening.

Thanks a bunch to Nana Pam for the heads up, great to hear from you again and my apologies for being a little confused at the unknown number from Vancouver calling me at 6:45 on a Friday night from Vancouver! I was guessing it was a telemarketer or an intoxicated and over exuberant friend wondering where the AC/DC concert was!

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Nolan Graham Interview, Great U17 story...Referee Clinic....

Yah, it's my second update of the day, and it's not even 10am. I am en fuego today!

Huge thanks to Nolan Graham for being willing to join me on such short notice to come on the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show today to give the fans a few words on how training camp has went and what his thoughts and plans are for Exhibition action beginning tonight.

I was in the middle of my show, thinkin' hockey, so I messaged Nolan and said "Radio" to which he replied "Radio?" and I said "yes, radio, want to do an interview?" He said "sure" and 60 seconds later we were on the air talking hockey. I promise these interviews will be more scheduled in the future Nolan! I just didn't bother scheduling anything this week because I know how busy he has been.


(All Audio Courtesy and Copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group)

After the games are over, and even after the legacy funds have been handed out, there is STILL a legacy that will live on from the 2009 World U17 Challenge here in Port Alberni last Christmas, and that would be the human connection...Read below, an email from Tom McEvay, regarding another email that he stuff

We all know that the 2009 U 17 has many legacies. I know we all agree that the most important legacies are the human legacies. Here is another from an unlikely source - the Russians. This email was sent this week to Russian Team Host Jim Lawson from his Russian friend Oleg.

We often lament about the challenges of working with the Russians and certainly these were evident during the early stages of the 2009 U 17. It is a real tribute to Team Hosts Jim and Shawn Lawson that they developed such a close and meaningful relationship with Oleg and others on the Russian team. It is also a tribute to all of our 2009 U 17 family that the Russians should have such fond memories of their time here in Port Alberni. Oleg also makes it clear how much they appreciated the souvenir DVD's.

Oleg has also passed on some sad news about their coach Valdimir having a stroke. I know we will now send some form of greeting and best wishes to Valdimir. While this is sad news it is very heartwarming that Oleg would feel inclined to share that with Jim. This is a view of the Russian bear that we seldom get to see.

Thank you to Jim for sharing this email with me and for giving me permission to share it with all of you. Please share with whoever you feel would appreciate this.



Hello Jim,

Hope all OK with you, Shawn, your families. Please say hello to everybody!

The other week we have received a carton with DVDs from Port Alberni! it was
great to refresh memories and remember you guys! Many thanks to organising
committee for such a good idea. We will hand videos to all the kids when

By the way, I got a goalie jersey or even a pair of them for you for a long
time, but have been always forge ting to write you. Have to find out how to
ship it to you.

I think some Russian Coke items wouldn't disturb you as well. :)

One sad note though, before yesterday our coach Vladimir had a stroke
(cerebrovascular accident). He's in hospital now and we pray for him.
He's better today, but our doctor said he would probably not be allowed to
coach, to take long flights because of that, well it's sad... He is so
emotional, so nervous during games, you remember, so maybe it's better for
his health to stop coaching...

Well, let's keep in touch, I miss so much you great town, nature and people!

Let's keep in contact now and then,

Best regards, Oleg Norchenko


Tuesday, September 8th 2009 & Thursday, September 10th 2009~7:15pm-8:30 pm (Both Evenings)
At the AV Multiplex
For 1st year Bantam Recreational Players and 2nd Year Pee-Wee Players trying out for Rep
Contact Dave Beecroft for more info 250-723-4888


Wednesday, September 16th and Thursday, September 17th~ 6pm-10pm (Both Evenings)
At the Gyro Youth Centre 3245 7th Avenue
For more info contact RIC Chris Canuel at 250-735-2310
Everyone attending must register online

That's it for for now!



Bulldogs @ Grizzlies in Exhibition Action Tonight, HOME TOMORROW!, Jackie Little National Champion! (AGAIN)

FINALLY, the Alberni Valley Bulldogs Exhibition season kicks off tonight. I know, it hasn't been THAT long but it's just another step to REAL hockey, which I've been waiting for since last February. And that is a LONG time! So I'm more than a little excited with another step being taken here to get to the regular season.

I won't be making it down to Victoria tonight, but I'll be at the POUND tomorrow (sounds great to say that again) as the Bulldogs host the Cowichan Valley Capitals for a 7pm start time. If anyone is going to be attending the game tonight, I'd love some text message score updates if you are so technically inclined.

Any Bulldog fans going down? My buddy Grizz' fan Dave are you going? Drop me a line HERE if anyone is going or text me if you already have my number!

(image: Royal Canadian Golf Association)

Wow, another National Championship for Jackie Little!

Huge congrats to Jackie for defending her title at the Royale Cup, the Canadian Senior Women's Championship.

Click the link ---------------> to READ MORE

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dogs camp continues, update on Clipper Camp, HAPPY BIRTHDAY - RICK HANSEN, Who's Canada's Golden Goalie?

Bulldogs Training Camp continues again today with ice sessions/practices and then another scrimmage tonight at 7:30. I took in last night's game, and was pretty impressed with a bunch of returnees and newcomers. More so, I was impressed with the overall speed, skill, and intensity.

All of the above will have to pick up for the next scrimmage tonight, and then the next one tomorrow, before the Exhibition games (beginning Friday in Victoria, Saturday at home to Cowichan) before the REAL games start with game 1 September 11th. So far, I like what I see.

Thanks to my good buddy Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for sending me this update on the Nanaimo Clippers Training Camp, from the Nanaimo Daily News written by Michael Rhode.


Happy Birthday - RICK HANSEN, born this day in 1968 right here in Port Alberni, BC. If you don't know who Rick is, GOOGLE HIM Neat story, my uncle Jimmy was involved with the Man in Motion tour from the very beginning. I'm not sure what his title was, but he was right in there in the trenches for the duration. Cool!

EDIT - I actually just googled my uncle, and believe it or not, he was the CHAIR of the Rick Hansen World Tour, and he was the Chairman of the Board of the Rick Hansen Foundation. Even cooler!

Moving on.....

There's no bigger position, or decision, when it comes to Canada's Gold Medal Hopes for 2010.

Click to read - WHO SHOULD BE THE TENDY?



Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The hits just keep on coming.....UPDATED Training Camp Rosters...

Some slight changes. Click the image to enlarge.

Training Camp Rosters....

Here's a look at the training camp rosters. Somewhere in there you'll find your 2009-2010 Bulldogs, besides a couple of players that aren't yet on the sheet.

Click the images to enlarge.

Monday, August 24, 2009

More Training Camp Stuff - Nolan Graham Interview

Click the below link to listen to a short interview I did this morning with Dogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham regarding the start of training camp today.

Trying again - CLICK HERE



Camp officially open!

I love the new paint job in the tunnel outside the Dogs dressing room. Below is a picture showing how it looks now. Anyone that has been in the tunnels at the Multiplex knows what the colour scheme is like - forest green, white, black, and maroon. Not exactly Bulldogs colours. It's only a picture of the storage room door below, but you get the idea on the colours. A little thing, but a nice touch in my eyes. The doors have been painted black as well, they used to be green.

Some on ice shots.

New Coaches Nolan Graham and Brian Vines address the prospective Bulldogs.

Not much to report yet with the first ice session just finished. Tonight is the first scrimmage, be sure to drop by at 7:30 to see some game action!

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TRAINING CAMP OPENS TODAY, Jim Hiller to Tri Cities, GOLF - Economic Impact in Canada, 2010 Olympics Cash Crunch.

I can't believe it's already that time again! The Bulldogs 2009/2010 training camp opens today at the Alberni Valley Multiplex with the first on-ice session beginning at 12 noon.

Scrimmages will go all week every night at 7:30pm.

I'll do my best today to grab a couple pictures and a couple words with Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham to be sure to check back.

We'll see you at the rink!

Thanks to Susie from the Alberni Valley News for sending me this article, a write up by Annie Fowler for the Tri City Herald.

click to read - "Hiller excited about taking over Veteran Ams"

Best of luck to Jim!

Finally - GOLF. Something that's talked about this blog probably a little too much for the most of you. Sorry! This story is quite interesting to me. The impact Golf has on the economy in this country.....a 13.6 BILLION dollar industry? Over 340,000 jobs? W O W.

Click to read - "Canadian Golf an Economic juggernaut"

Finally - I found this one to be an interesting read. Click the link to read "Cash crunch causing tension between Vancouver, international Olympic organizers" by Stephanie Levitz of the Canadian Press.



Friday, August 21, 2009

Ernie "Punch" McLean found alive and well...Dogs school ends today, camp starts Monday

The best news I've heard in a while came down last night - "they found punch" were three very nice words yet.

Not much in the way of details right now, but it's safe to say that Punch is one severely tough hombre. - PUNCH FOUND

Monday is the day that the Bulldogs officially break camp to kick off the 2009-2010 season. I'm excited to get to the rink and see what some of the newcomers trying to make the team look like!



Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sad and scary stuff - Punch McLean missing

Such a nice man, one who I consider myself blessed to have met on several occasions. A true All-time beauty in the history of the game. Say a prayer for Punch that everything is ok.
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Kane to be charged? Olympic Jerseys feedback.

Pat Kane might be charged today. All over a couple of dimes. Is it worth it Patrick? I know boys will be boys....Remember the Staal brothers a couple summers back? They had a little "fun" that might have been over the top. The difference? They didn't hurt anyone, or assault anyone. Anyway, boys will be boys but not all boys have the same profile and pay cheque and responsibilities.

Latest on Patrick Kane HERE

It seems that not everyone likes the new Canada Hockey sweater for the 2010 Olympics

I don't think I'd buy it, but that's simply because I don't really purchase hockey jerseys. I'd still be happier than a pig in poo if someone wanted to give me one for Christmas though! I love the logo change. "Too Native"? WOW to that comment.

Finally, the sad state of sports right now. It's a STORY when everyone competing is actually NOT on performance enhancing drugs. Wow.

Read - All Athletes Clean from Men's 100 Metres at Worlds

That's it for me, I'm heading to the course after 10am. Have a great day, remember the sunscreen!



Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New 2010 Olympics Hockey Canada Jersey logo!

I love it! I know in this day in age we're all supposed to be critical and cynical, but I just plain love it. Really though, it's Canada's hockey logo, I'd love anything that they threw at us....give me a beaver chewing a hockey stick and I'd think it was a thing of beauty!

For some background info on the new logo and jersey, check this ----------> LINK

If you want to buy a jersey check out the ----------> LINK

Thunder in the Valley 2009 Video!

Just a couple cell-phone video clips from Thunder 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to AUDIO posting.

Doing some testing here, as I attempt to get back to providing audio clips for your listening enjoyment on the blog.

My former hosting service, appears to not exist in the same form that it used to, resulting in me losing a whole bunch of Dogs audio from the last couple of years. Thankfully, I think I had most of it backed up.

I have been searching for a new provider, and I think I found one.

Let me know if this works for you. Nolan Graham on THE PEAK morning show last Friday, by request! Click the link to listen!

As always, all audio is courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.


Bulldogs Hockey School begins TODAY, Training Camp in 7 days, Y.E. Yang, Canada's 2010 Olympic Hockey Jerseys

Its another sure sign that fall is on the way.

The Bulldogs Summer Hockey School kicks off today! And a week from today, it's the first day of training camp.

This is why I'm trying to golf as much as possible right now. Soon, I won't be able to get out there at all!

Speaking of golf, how about Y.E. Yang yesterday? At the same time, how about Tiger Woods? I haven't putted good lately, but I think I could have made some of the ones he missed yesterday. Yang, you are the man, mang. What a performance.

Yang rallies on Woods to win PGA

And last but not least, Hockey Canada is set to unveil the Mens (and Womens?) 2010 Olympic Hockey uniforms today. Apparently the unveiling happened last week. Nothing can be kept a secret anymore, it gets credit for the image and the leak.

For more info - click it -------> 2010 HOCKEY CANADA JERSEYS

That's it for now!


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Morikawa to Elmira for 09/10...

...this one surprised me a bit, only because I didn't receive a press release and only happened on it by chance by surfing to the Dogs site. Congrats to Mark and best of luck in the future!

Read all about it on the Bulldogs website here

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Starlite Movie Night..

Seems like all of Port Alberni came out to this cool event, it's packed here!
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The Bulldogs 2009-2010 season kicks off a month away from today, September 11th in Powell River!

As the rains came yesterday, and I realize that the season kicks off a month from today, I'm starting to panic realizing that the golfing season is coming to an end for me sooner than I'd like it to, so I'm going to be getting out there as much as possible over the next while....maybe I'll snap a couple of pics from the Alberni Golf Club at Cherry Creek today!


Monday, August 10, 2009

World U17 Challenge Legacy Funds Recipients. Thunder in the Valley A BLAST!

I said it when the legacy fund was announced, and I'll say it again now - this is why Port Alberni deserves to host more events of this calibre. Quite simply, they are a huge success. The U17 Challenge was over long ago, but the legacy will be left behind in the Valley and on the Island for years to come.

2009 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge announces Legacy Fund recipients

The World Under-17 Hockey Challenge Legacy will soon be in the hands of organizations across the central island. Organizers recently completed the evaluation process and will be allocating funds to over 20 regional initiatives ranging from facility improvements to development programs, equipment upgrades, coaching Initiatives, and KidSport contributions. A detailed list is attached.

The Legacy Fund Committee congratulates the successful applicants. “The 2009 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge created many lasting legacies and the committee is excited to support a wide range of projects across the partner communities” said Committee Chair Ron Paulson.

Funds were allocated to the Alberni Valley and the five partner venues – Campbell River, Comox Valley, Cowichan Valley, Nanaimo and Oceanside. The remaining 30% ($75,000) of the total Legacy available will be distributed through BC Hockey membership programming.

Alberni Valley 35% ($87,500)

Nanaimo 8.75% ($21,880)

Campbell River 6.56% ($16,400)

Comox Valley 6.56% ($16,400)

Oceanside 6.56% ($16,400)

Cowichan Valley 6.56% ($16,400)

The 2009 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge was held December 28, 2008 to January 4, 2009 at the Alberni Valley Multiplex and partner venues across Vancouver Island.

For More Information contact your local Legacy Fund Committee member or:

Stefanie Weber

Media Director

2009 World U17 Hockey Challenge


Ryan Robins

Hockey Canada

Manager, Marketing Services/Events


2009 World Under-17 Hockey Challenge Legacy Fund Recipients

Alberni Valley Minor Hockey/Hockey Canada Skills Academy $42,500

Equipment for off ice training and rink dividers

Coaching resource center

Goalie equipment

Renovated storage facilities

Scholarship/Bursary Program

Nanaimo Parks, Recreation and Culture/Nanaimo Minor Hockey $21,900

Arena upgrades including new board glass, rink divider boards and nets.

Cliff McNabb Arena Score Board and digital clocks

Port Alberni Parks & Recreation $21,500

Facilities improvements for the Alberni Valley Multiplex including automatic door openers, a floor cleaning machine, Penalty box doors, Automatic External Defibrillator, Cordless microphone unit and Skate training aides

Campbell River Minor Hockey Association $16,400

Strathcona Place score clock and lighting upgrade

Cowichan Valley Organizing Committee $16,400

Renovations to the Cowichan Arena, which will include a four-sided score clock and upgrade to the lighting system

Regional District of Nanaimo – Oceanside Parks & Recreation Department $13,250

Oceanside Place Scoreclock replacement

Comox Valley Regional District $11,900

Renovate arena seating area

Alberni Valley Minor Hockey/Female Program $8,000

Equipment lending and Offiiciating Development program

Alberni Valley/Oceanside Minor Hockey Associations $6,000

Joint Female Development Program that focuses on fun, skill development and team building

Port Alberni Kid Sport $5,000

Funding for sport registration fees for under-priviledged youth

Alberni Valley Minor Lacrosse $4,800

Funding for new shot clocks and goalie gear

Comox Valley Regional District $2,500

Automatic External Defibrillator for the Comox Valley Sports Centre

Comox Valley Kid Sport $2,000

Funding for sport registration fees for under-priviledged youth

Oceanside Generals Jr. Hockey Club Parksville $1,000

Trophies and awards for the 2010 Cyclone Taylor Cup Provincial Jr. B Hockey Championship

For Immediate Release …… Alberni Wrestling Thanks Drags and Announces 50/50 Winners

The Alberni Valley Wrestling Club would like to thank the Alberni Valley Drag Race Association for the opportunity to once again contribute to the Thunder in the Valley Drag Races and to raise much needed funds at the event through our very popular 50/50 sales.

Alberni Wrestling have been involved as volunteers in the Thunder in the Valley event for all 9 years of its existence. Over the years Alberni Wrestling has provided help in many areas at the races as we do for many other community events. Currently we provide the labour force for both the set up and takedown of the event as well as the security personel. In return for this significant contribution to the Thunder event the Drag Race Association does not pay Alberni Wrestling but they give us the right to run the 50/50 draws. The proceeds from these 50/50 draws at Thunder in the Valley have become an important part of our yearly fundraising efforts. Clearly this is a win/win scenario for both the Drag Race Association and Alberni Wrestling.

This agreement is also a big winner with the Drag race participants and fans since the Thunder in the Valley 50/50 has become a very popular part of the event. 50/50 sales are always brisk at the drags and the result is large pots being won by extremely happy participants. Where the winners are coming from also shows the popularity of the Thunder in the Valley with visitors from all over BC. This year’s winners were …..

· Saturday 12 pm Draw – Ted Gilbert of Port Alberni

· Saturday 4 pm Draw - Dave Beal of Duncan

· Sunday 12 pm Draw - Kevin Erickson of Duncan

· Sunday 4 pm Draw - Brenda Bentien of Kelowna

All draw prizes were claimed and all proceeds accounted for once again this year.

Alberni Wrestling would like to thank everyone who supported their 50/50 sales again this year. Thank you to all of our fantastic wrestling volunteers and to the Alberni Valley Rescue Squad who provided several volunteers to assist us this year in exchange for part of the proceeds. All other funds go back into programs that support our wrestlers all season long such as equipment, uniforms, entry fees, transportation and other operating expenses. Again a big thank you to Bill Surry and the Drag Race Association for once again trusting that Alberni Wrestling would do a good job for them and giving us this opportunity. Congratulations on another successful event. We look forward to being involved in next year’s 10th anniversary event.

Tom McEvay

Alberni Wrestling

Office: 250-723-3744

Now those are some happy people!

Thanks for reading!



Sunday, August 09, 2009

Buy this!

I had a little mishap earlier in the week when my driver head seperated from the shaft on the 14th at the Alberni Golf Club. As I went out to play 9 this evening I asked if I could borrow a demo club as my driver is still in 2 pieces. I was given this Ping Rapture to borrow. I have just hit it to the 150 mark for the second time on a par 5, and I also drove it over #6. WOW this is a special club, cause it's sure not my swing!
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Patrick Kane arrested for robbery, assault...

WOW is about all I can say to this one!

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Thunder in the Valley 2009!

A variety of pictures from the show and shine last night and official race action out at Thunder in the Valley today at the Airport. Hope to see you out here!
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Friday, August 07, 2009

Theo Fleury attempting NHL comeback..

Go Theo!!
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Nolan Grahan - "working on a goalie", "Catalyst" lounge, no more?

Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham was on THE PEAK morning show today, talking about the Dogs Hockey School kicking off August 17th. Call the Dogs office at 250-723-4412 or drop by to register TODAY.

Regarding the roster and how it's shaping up for training camp August 24th, Graham revealed that he's "close" to announcing the signing of a veteran goaltender. While he said he would like to make an announcement NOW, or before training camp, he is making sure all the paperwork is finalized and the i's are dotted and the t's are crossed before anything is announced.

Should be interesting.

Also, Nolan addressed for the first time that Adam Hout and Brett Mohler have elected to leave the Bulldog fold to pursue an opportunity to play in the USHL. Nolan wished the players well, and good luck and said that of course he'd like them to be wearing Bulldog colours but he can't control their decision to play elsewhere.

I'll echo the sentiments of Nolan. Best of luck fellas, you are both great guys and great players and I wish you the best.


I find this story quite interesting. Should Catalyst keep their name on the lounge at the Multiplex????

Read more by clicking the link to the story written by David Wiwchar of

Busy weekend for myself and THE PEAK with THUNDER IN THE VALLEY tomorrow and Sunday, and the Valley Street Rods Show and Shine tonight from 6pm to 9pm at Chances Rim Rock. Jolie will be live on location tonight for THE PEAK from 6 to 8pm, and I'll be live tomorrow out at the airport from 9am to 1pm. When I'm not there live, I'll be filing reports throughout the weekend!



Nolan Graham on THE PEAK this morning....

....Catch Alberni Valley Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham on THE PEAK this morning talking Bulldogs Hockey just after the 8:00am News Sports and Weather update!


Thursday, August 06, 2009

Brian Kang off to Concordia, TWITTERING, TWEETING, etc

Huge congrats to "Grandpa" a.k.a Brian Kang who is off to Concordia next season to study and play.

Quite the inspiring story with this guy, and one that I think the Bulldogs organization, fans, and the community of Port Alberni should be proud of. Brian came to the Bulldogs after being unceremoniously released by the Trail Smoke Eaters. Not a position many 20 year olds want to find themselves in. And not a position that some guys can perservere through to keep playing the game. Brian was relased, and the Dogs picked him up. He went through some tough times here as well, from 1st line to 4th line to a 20 year old healthy scratch for a stretch there. But he persevered and fought through and kept improving, and the coaching and educational staff obviously did a lot to help move him on to the next level.

Kanger is close to one of the more quiet guys I've met, but he's also a great personality and a class act. He's a guy that I wouldn't be surprised to hear from in about 5 or 6 years down the road, STILL playing hockey. He certainly has all the tools. Best of luck at Concordia next season Kanger!

Alberni Valley Bulldogs Brian Kang Commits to
Concordia College

August 5th 2009

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are pleased to announce that Brian Kang has committed to play for Concordia College for the 2009-2010 season.

A four year veteran of the BCHL, Kang finished his junior career with the Bulldogs last season recording 11 goals and 13 assists over 53 games.

Concordia College is a small, private school of 2,800 students located in Moorhead Minnesota. The Concordia Cobbs Men’s Hockey team is a member of the NCAA Division III, Minnesota Intercollegiate Athletic Conference (MIAC).

“The Bulldogs organization couldn’t be happier for Brian as he embarks on a new chapter in his life and hockey career,” said GM/Head Coach Nolan Graham. “Concordia has a strong hockey program and is an excellent school academically. We wish Brian all the best as he pursues his goals on the ice and in the classroom.”

Alberni Valley Bulldogs training camp starts at the Multiplex on August 24th at 12 PM. The first preseason home game is scheduled for August 5th at 7:00 PM.

Alright, onto TWITTER..... Well I'm going to give Twitter a "real" shot. I signed up a couple of months ago, and didn't really see what all the fuss was about. I think my first 6 or 7 "tweets" (that's what it's called when you update your twitter, I think, lol) were something like this:

"Evan thinks twitter is pretty lame"

"Evan still thinks twitter is lame"

"Evan can't see the point in twitter"

And so on a so forth for a couple of weeks basically like that.

BUT I'm going to give it a shot because I can see the benefit - if just for Bulldogs stuff - to update via twitter. Like yesterday I tweeted "Bulldogs exhibition schedule is out, check the blog" and today I put "Kang off to Concordia, check the blog" etc etc etc.

SO - If you want to keep up to date on the Dogs and BCHL happenings, head over to and sign up and search to follow HAMWILDER or even easier, just click the TWITTER logo on the right hand side at the top ---------------> and it should go to my profile.

And let me know what you think!