Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Selanne's farewell, Gold in the Net GOLF, Daniel Sedin hit/injury, Live at SLAMMERS today

Pretty nice moment last night in Anaheim as Teemu Selanne played his final Regular Season game and then took a victory lap at the end before grabbing a friend - check out the video.

I can attest to the comment about Selanne being a great person in the community...for the last couple of years, I have been the Emcee for the Gold in the Net Golf Classic that benefits the Aaron Cornwell Memorial Scholarship Fund. Part of the event includes a Live and Silent Auction of jerseys, equipment and memorabilia to raise funds. Over the last couple of years there have been jerseys from Rick Nash and Hendrik Lunqvist, just to name a few. Those jerseys come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" from the team. Aaron's parents always get a couple of jerseys from the ducks, and included in that in the past has been a Teemu Selanne jersey, but no certificate of authenticity. Aaron's Dad last year addressed the crowd and said "Here's your certificate of authenticity - Teemu invited us to come to his house and accept the jersey from his Wife's hands right at the front door" Pretty authentic to me!

Hopefully you can make it out to the tournament coming up - always a tonne of fun, and for a great cause!

Daniel Sedin was taken off the ice on a stretcher last night after taking a hit from behind. I'm curious your thoughts on the incident. In my opinion, it's remarkably similar to the hit Tryg Strand put on Travis Stephens in the final moments of Game 6 of the Coastal Semi Final.

Sedin is first to the puck, Byron trails him. The SECOND that Sedin touches the puck, he immediately STOPS. What else can Bryron do here?

I DO NOT want to see players hurt. I DO NOT want to see players take runs at other players from  behind.

I had to get that out there first.

Just as passionately - I DO NOT want to see hitting taken out of the game. This is a contact sport. You need to first and foremost protect yourself. With the way trends are continuing in the game, more and more hits like this are seeing the hitter taking all responsibility while the receiver takes none, and in my opinion, certainly deserves to take some responsibility for how it all went down.

Kids - please don't win a race for the puck to the corner and immediately, instantly STOP. Chances are, someone is going to hammer you from behind if you do that. It's not that they have the intention to hammer you from behind, or even hit you, but they don't know you are going to immediately stop and don't expect you to immediately stop. The game is way too fast to allow players to not think about self preservation.

Just my two cents!

I'll be Live On Location today at Slammers Gym on 6th Avenue from 10am to 2pm so be sure to come and check out their new facility. I went and took a tour when Jolie was On Location there for The Peak a couple weeks back and I was impressed!


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Giving away $10,000 at Pacific Chev today, Hatch and Union in NCAA title game today, Dogs Spring Camp...

Absolutely GORGEOUS day in the Alberni Valley today! I'm Live on Location at Pacific Chevrolet for CAR WARS (II) with both Ford and Chev here set up on the lot. Everyone who purchases a new or pre-owned vehicle is entered into a draw for $10,000.

An additional $10,000 is also up for grabs. The WINNING CODE is out there somewhere, so get up here today with your flyer you should have received in the mail, and see if you are the lucky person!

Very cool that former Bulldog Matt Hatch will suit up in the NCAA's National Championship game this afternoon as Union takes on Minnesota - you can watch the game on TSN 2 and online at TSN.CA with the game getting underway at 4:30. Go Hatchie, Go Union!

The Bulldogs 2014 Port Alberni Spring Camp kicks off next Friday, with the on-ice portion getting underway at 12 noon and games getting underway at 2:30 and 5:00pm with action continuing throughout the weekend. It will be great to get back to the rink to see some hockey!


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Matt Hatch, Mitch and Mark MacMillan in Frozen Four on TSN, Alberni Golf Club Update

Former Bulldog Matt Hatch and his Union College teammates have advanced to the NCAA's Frozen Four where they will take on Boston College at 2pm today.

The University of North Dakota and former Dogs Mitch and Mark MacMillan will take on Minnesota at 5:30 tonight.

Very cool - you can catch the games live on both TSN2 and/or online through TSN GO.

More details HERE

It's well into the time of year that I'm thinking GOLF....all the time. I haven't been out as much as I would like as I've been busy at home with life and the kids, but I did get out on Sunday for 9 holes and the conditions at the Alberni Golf Club were fantastic as always.

The first Men's Night goes NEXT Thursday - hopefully I can make it out to that. Bruce and Kathy and all the Staff at the club do a fantastic job and all their sponsors make everyone leave happy!

Details from Bruce here -

Hello Guys,
Well its that time again, Men's nites start on Thursday April 17th. Again they will be a fun packed evening with good times,great food and super prizes.
The start time is 6 PM. Enter by signing up in the shop,calling or emailing me,
Looking  forward to another great season,

Call the Proshop 250-723-5422

I will certainly be spending a good portion of my free time over the next four days watching the Masters! Isn't this picture from yesterday's Par 3 Tourney the best?

More Golf - here's the Men's Club update from Gerry:

It’s still early in the season, but for an open day we had a good  turnout on Sunday. The closest to the pin winners were   Bill Barrett on #2, the Charity closest to the pin on #4 was won by Kyle Luchinski who pocketed $34, on # 13 it was Steve White and Sam Parhar took the prize on #17.

Low gross for the day, shooting a 74 was Tyler Ruel, great game Tyler. There were two low nets awarded, one by Cliff O’laney and the other was Don MacGowan both shooting 71.  In the skins competition Handi Cap 0-13 were won by Bill Barrett, Ken Fong, Bruce MacDonald, Preban Rasmussen, Tyler Ruel and Sam Parhar. Handi Cap 14 and over were won by Bob Matlock, Cliff O’laney, Bob Vandermolen and Steve Evans. There will be a carry over on holes #5,7,9,10,12,15 and 16, on the low side. Also a carry over on the high side on holes #1,6,7,9,11,12,14 and 15. Although there were several birdies on March 30th there were no money pot winners as there was no outright winners. This past Sunday Bill Barrett collected $86 for the only birdie on #2, while Ken Fong pocketed $55 for his bird on #17.

The Tim Hortons Partner with a Pro will be held this Sunday April 13th. You will be using a Pro that is playing in the Masters this weekend as your partner. When you come into the Clubhouse on Sunday morning you will pay your $10 then choose a number out of a hat and the corresponding Pro will be your partner.  Your net score and his score added together is where you finish in our event. This is an individual game so every man for himself. The usual Charity closest to the pin as well as the other closest to the pin. money pot and long drive will be up for grabs.

The winner wont be known until later on Sunday after the Masters is finished.
Please make up your own group or enter as a single and Bruce or Brian will put you in a foursome. Tee times start at 8AM. Don’t forget to turn your completed score cards in to the Pro. Shop when you have finished your round
See you on the links.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Royals on the ropes, Auerbach story, Linden Canucks President....

Nice story from the folks at Chek below on former Bulldogs Trainer Matt Auerbach, now with the Victoria Royals. Although I remember him as Auerbach as in "BACK" and not "BACH"

Great story. Was too bad to see the Royals drop a 4-3 decision last night at home to Portland. Sure is nice to be able to watch the games on SHAW in HD. Nothing beats Junior Hockey in a barn with great atmosphere. Although I do find them somewhat hard to listen to.

Thanks to Danno for the heads up on the video by the way!

CLICK HERE to watch the video

A day after gassing Mike Gillis as President and GM, the Canucks hired Trevor Linden as President today. Thoughts on the move? On both moves?

I don't think Gillis did the best of jobs, or even a good job. At the same time, I wonder how many decisions were truly his with how involved the Canucks Ownership is. Did he make the call to fire Vigneault? Did he make the call to hire Tortorella? To trade Schneider?

Fans will no doubt approve Linden being in the fold.

My most favorite recent Trevor Linden moment has to be this Game winner from Game 7 in 2007. Oh Harry Neale, how I miss you!


Friday, April 04, 2014

Belated THANKS, Future Considerations announced, Fred Page series set

I dread doing this, as it's hard to think of everyone and thank everyone that deserves it. Just another great thing about being involved with this team in this city - the support is tremendous. You can hear it when I interview every single Bulldog Alum that's off playing somewhere else..."anyone you'd like to say hello or thank?" and they always have such a hard time with it because they know they can't thank everyone that they want to. I shall try my best! I apologize I haven't done this sooner. I have quite simply been very much enjoying the freedom to NOT blog - it gets to be quite a chore during the season. I have been staying very busy at home with the kids, soaking up everything I miss throughout the season!

This is for everyone that either wasn't at the banquet or missed the final "Sign off" on the Postgame show from the final game. I always try my best on the final broadcast to thank everyone top to bottom. I heard some great feedback that Bruce and I did a great job with it - thanks, that means alot!

Thanks to:

My family, and everyone that supports them. It's not easy with how the schedule is to be gone for extended periods, to be on the road, to have almost every single weekend booked from September through March. Thanks to Theresa and Griff for their support, and to everyone that supports them in my absence. It's been even tougher this year than others with an addition to our family as well.

My work family - everyone at The Peak that makes the broadcasts happen from a sales and operations standpoint, and covers for me when the team is on the road - David, Wanda, Diane, Brian, Jolie, our production staff, and our Broadcast Operators and Producers Nick, Brendan and Paul. I get to have all the fun, they do a ton of work behind the scenes. They are all true pros, and without them, we don't have a broadcast.

The sponsors - the broadcasts don't happen without people investing in them. Without you, there is nothing. THANKS. Extra thanks to our title sponsors - Van Isle Ford and Pacific Chevrolet.

Bruce MacDonald - For his Colour and Analysis, rides to the rink and friendship. He brings an unbelievable amount of passion to the job - without a doubt the most passionate person I have worked with here on Bulldogs Broadcasts in the Valley. The committment he makes taking time away from his family and his business to attend the games not just at home but also away is something that few people except me can understand, appreciate and respect. Keep in mind it's a side job for him. He's a great guy to hang out with in the booth and on the road on the bus and in the hotel. Like I said last yer, we are due for some time on the golf course though, where no one is listening to us and we don't have to feel the constant pressure of being judged on what we say/think, etc.

Dan Tisserand - For his compiling of Team and Individual Statistics. As I have said before, Dan thanks me for the opportunity to do it and I tell him to "can it" because I/WE should all be thanking Dan for his commitment and for what it brings to the Broadcast. This is ONE guy, attempting to compile the numbers that a crew of people do at the NHL level. He's the pinnacle of dedication and committment and love for the game - he lives in Nanaimo, every game is a road game for him except those at the Frank Crane, and he doesn't miss many. He's travelling on his own most of the time, he's home late, he's working the next day. I know everyone appreciates his work, from the fans to the players to the parents to the Coaching Staff.

Thanks again Danno!

Dan and Bruce need their own show for their conversations during commercial breaks on the game, players, officials, etc etc. I only hear half of it, because I'm busy running the broadcast. What I do hear is awesome stuff!

The Bulldogs Organization - TOP TO BOTTOM - Coaches and Staff, Players, Office Staff, Jolie and Lucas. They all are great guys and gals. It's not always easy not working for the team, but working in such close association with the team. It's also not easy when you have to constantly walk the fine line between being truthful and unbiased, and also supportive and positive. The Coaches were amazing to deal with, and are a couple of great guys. Same can be said for the Players and the support staff - Jamie and James, Will "the thrill" and the Office Staff and volunteers. Miss all of you already more than you know!

Jamie Amos and James McDonald - thanks for your incredible dedication to your jobs and thanks for taking care of me in the booth. Just amazing stuff. The meals, the rooms, the attention to detail for the players in their physical off ice preparation/recovery. Truly out of this league. You have a huge part in the success of the team. No one is better taken care of, prepared, looked after, and put in a position to compete than our players. James - you will be missed more than you know. You left incredibly large shoes to fill, and set the standard incredibly high.

Billets/Volunteers - Hockey at this level doesn't exist without Billet families to take these guys into their homes, and without volunteers at so many levels to make the team and the games run, in the Office, around the rink on game day - public address and music, scorekeeping and score clock operating , penalty box attendants, goal judges, security personnel, the volunteers at the front of the rink, the members of the Booster Club. Thanks for playing such a huge part in this being such an amazing place, not just in hockey but in day to day life! Quite simply, there are lots of incredible people in this city. I need a list because I don't even know everyone's name! Charles, Brenda, Mark, Shelly, Nick, Trent, Chris, Scott, Terry, Gareth, Leanne, Charlene, the Anthem singers, the net-putter-outters, the puck-picker-uppers, etc etc etc!

The Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society - THANKS to everyone involved for stepping up, and showing no fear and refusing to say NO! Just like the people that first brought this team here, you showed the same Port Alberni mentality. Thanks for dreaming big, thanks for all your time and efforts away from your families, your jobs, your priorities. Incredible story written over the last couple of seasons. Filling the rink, filling the athletic hall, filling other teams rinks, showing other cities around the province how we roll, how proud we are of our city, our team, ourselves. PRICELESS.

Blog Readers and Supporters - Thanks for giving me the incentive to keep this blog up and going throughout the season. It takes way more work than most people realize. Thanks for the positive feedback, and thanks for the donations through the link on the right ------> (DON'T BE SHY TO CLICK IT!!) that keep me going and give me a kick in the butt when I'd rather take some down time or time with the family. The donations go a long way in not only making me feel like the time I put in is appreciated, but they also go a long way in making the blog what it is - new computer, new phone/camera, online hosting fees for audio, etc! I know not everyone is in a position to be able to do that - it means just as much when you pull me aside at the rink or when you send me an email or a message to say how much it means to you to be able to read the blog, to be able to listen to the broadcasts, and to be able to follow your son and bridge the gap between you when he's away "chasing the dream" far or near but in the end AWAY from home and family!

The Coaches and the Players - it was just incredible, what you guys did from the horrific start to making the Playoffs. It couldn't have been easy talking to me on some nights with how things were going. True pros through and through.

Ok, so who am I missing now? Oh right, the FANS! None of this happens, and this team isn't here without your generosity and support. Second to none not only in the league, and in the country. Your support of the broadcasts, and of the team, is incredible. You packed OUR rink, you invaded THEIR rinks, you pushed the team into the Playoffs and to the verge of the second round. I don't think this season would have happened ANYWHERE else. It's your hard earned $$$, and I thank and respect you for your mind blowing support!

Thanks as well to the BCHL, for giving us great hockey to watch at a great price. Thanks to the opposition, you can't have games without them. Thanks as well to the Officials - often maligned, never appreciated or commended enough.


Onwards and upwards to next season now!

The Bulldogs announced the Future Considerations portions of trades they made in advance of the deadline on January 10th - gone are Harlan Orr and Craig Martin - coming to the Bulldogs is Jesse Knowler.

It's certainly tough to see Orr and Martin go, two great guys, and players that had a big hand in the success of the team down the stretch. Best of luck to them in the future, and thanks for your efforts in a Bulldog sweater and in the community fellas! Knowler is certainly a welcome addition.

The trades made at the deadline in my opinion without question enabled the team to get into the Playoffs. Although the team fell short in Game 7 of Round 1, one has to think that the experience earned will be valuable in the future. One cannot dispute the financial impact of three extra Home games at the Dog Pound when it comes to the success of the franchise as well.

Bulldogs Announce Future Considerations Details

Port Alberni, BC – The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are releasing details of the future considerations components from deals made at the trade deadline that allowed the team to add depth and make the playoffs.
First of all, 1995-born forward Harlan Orr is the player named as future considerations in the deal that saw the team acquire 1993-born forward Mitch Owsley from the Whitecourt Wolverines (AJHL). Owsley was a key ingredient for the Bulldogs down the stretch, contributing 17 points (6 goals, 11 assists) in 16 regular season games. Half of Owsley’s goals came on the power play.
Harlan Orr was picked up by the Bulldogs early into the 2013/14 season after the Salmon Arm Silverbacks decided not to keep Orr just 6 games into the regular season. In his second season in the BCHL, Orr put up 34 points (9 goals, 25 assists) in 49 regular season games for the Bulldogs and added another 4 points in 7 playoff games against the Victoria Grizzlies in round 1.
The final future considerations trade that has a player departing the Bulldogs was made with the Trail Smoke Eaters at the deadline. That trade eventually turned out to see the playing rights of 1995-born forward Jake Kauppila and 1994-born forward Jesse Knowler come to the Bulldogs in exchange for 1995-born forward Craig Martin and 1995-born forward Jakson Elynuik. This trade allowed the Bulldogs to retain the services of Martin for the rest of the 2013/14 season while adding the skill, work ethic, and leadership of Jake Kauppila for the remainder of the 2013/14 season; Knowler will join the Bulldogs for the 2014/15 season.
Knowler, a former major midget teammate of Tryg Strand, spent his 17-year-old season with the Prince Alberni Raiders (WHL) and the last two years with the Smoke Eaters. Knowler had 9 multiple-point games for the Smokies in 2013/14, including a 3-assist performance against the Merritt Centennials, a 1 goal and 2 assist performance against the West Kelowna Warriors, and a 5 assist game against the Vernon Vipers. In a season where it would have been easy to pack it in, Knowler finished strong with 12 points in his final 7 games of the season with the Smokies, ending with 35 points in 47 games. Going the other way is Craig Martin, who was acquired in a trade early this season that had Martin and future considerations come to the Bulldogs for 1994-defenseman Jared Wilson. In 41 games in a Bulldogs jersey Martin scored 10 goals and added 13 assists. In 7 playoff games, Martin scored 4 goals and added 1 assist. The Alberni Valley Bulldogs would also like to formally announce that Jake Kauppila, who was originally committed to attend Michigan Tech for the 2014/15 season, is deferring for a season and is expected to be back with the Bulldogs next season.

As is always the case, the Bulldogs had to give up something to get something. Harlan Orr and Craig Martin were exemplary teammates and outstanding contributors to the team and to the community. The Bulldogs family wish Harlan and Craig all the best with their future teams and look forward to welcoming Jesse Knowler to the Bulldogs family and to a strong core of players returning for the 2014/15 season.

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs hit the ice next for the annual Spring Identification Camp in Port Alberni, BC from April 18-20, 2014. As always, the Bulldogs’ camp will be open to the public and an official schedule will be posted on the team’s website during the week leading up to the spring camp.
For more information please contact Alberni Valley Bulldogs Head Coach/GM Kevin

The Fred Page Cup Final series is set, as the Coquitlam Express will face the Vernon Vipers in the League Finals with the Best-of-Seven series kicking off a week from today in Vernon.

The Express advanced with a 4-3 triple-OT win last night in Victoria over the Grizzlies to improve their record in the round robin to 2 and 1, while the Grizzlies fell to 0 and 3. The Express tied the game with a minute to play, and killed off a 5 minute power play for the Grizz in the first OT. The Fitzgerald triplets went out in style, scoring all three goals for the Grizz.

Reaction has been mixed in regards to the Interior/Mainland/Island Semi-Final series. On one hand, I'm a traditionalist and a fan of a SERIES. On the other hand, I'm not really a fan of a Best-of-Five and I'm not really a fan of the Interior having to win two less games to get to the league finals as opposed to the Coast. For those that don't remember or don't know, the Coastal Conference representative last year had to win 10 games to advance to the League Finals - two Best-of-Five series, followed by a Best-of-Seven series. The Interior rep had to only win two Best-of-Seven series. I certainly don't think the Round Robin is perfect (what is, really?) but it at least seems somewhat more fair.

What would YOU do?

That's it for now.



Saturday, March 15, 2014

Bulldogs Year End Awards Banquet

Coaches Award:

Tryg Strand
Connor LaCouvee

Academic Players of the Year - Sponsored by The See Group

High School - Zach Funk

College - Rob Click

Best Defenceman

Kurt Gosselin

Rookie of the Year

Scottie Clark

Humanitarian Award

Dylan Haugen

Unsung Heroes

Dylan Haugen
Zach Funk
Josh Adkins
Ron Paulson

Community Hero

Alberni Valley Bulldogs Season Ticket Holders

Top Scorer

Justin Georgeson

Most Improved Player

Darian Henry

Most Sportsmanlike

Zach Funk

Most Valuable Player

Connor LaCouvee

Fan Choice - voted by the fans, spnosored by the Port Alberni Port Authority

Tryg Strand

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Dogs season ends with 5-4 double OT loss in Game 7

The Bulldogs again opened the game on fire, quickly opening up a 1-0 lead when Kurt Gosselin found a loose puck in the left circle that he slapped low, far-side past Renyard. Craig Martin and Mitch Makin picked up the assists at 1:17 of the first. The Bulldogs would keep up the pressure, and built the lead on the power play seven minutes later on a frantic attack that saw several shots blocked before Craig Martin one-timed a puck with great skill as it was in the air and he timed it perfectly to catch it flush the second it bounced, blasting it low through Renyard. Assists on the play went to Kurt Gosselin and Harlan Orr at 8:29 of the first for a 2-0 lead. The Dogs would play a solid period, taking the 2-0 lead to the room after one while holding a 12-11 lead in shots.

The second period started rather slow, but the Grizzlies started to pick up the pace and get some chances. After back-to-back deflections hit the post on either side of LaCouvee and stayed out, they would get on the board when Shaw McBride tipped a Mitch Meek point shot through LaCouvee and just over the line to make it 2-1 at the 6:49 mark of the second, with Cole Pickup also drawing a helper on the play. The Grizzlies came close to tying it on the following shift, as Gerry Fitzgerald walked to the slot and rang a shot off the crossbar. The Bulldogs would push back almost immediately, storming the net and almost scoring on a scramble that saw Brandon Egli loose his cool and drop his gloves and jump Jake Kauppila and take an extra two minutes. The Bulldogs didn't score on the power play but built momentum, taking a 3-1 lead shortly after the man advantage elapsed as Zak Bowles put the puck back to the right point for Darian Henry who blew an absolute rocket top corner, far-side over the blocker of Renyard. The Referee at the side of the net wasn't sure if it went in, and couldn't be blamed for it, as it was incredibly fast. The back Referee at centre ice had a better view and pointed immediately that it was a goal at 11:39 of the second. The Grizzlies would get a power play later in the period to try and get back into it, but the Dogs killed it off. Quinton Wunder would exit the penalty box and pick up a stretch pass after Dylan Haugen and Zach Funk did a great job to battle it out at the Dogs zone. Wunder would gain the line and show great strength on his skates to fight off two Grizzlies before snapping one home low, long-side past the glove of Renyard to make it 4-1 with just 28 seconds to play in the second as the Dogs led the shots 26-22 after two.

The Bulldogs did a great job through the early stages of the third period to continue to play at a high pace and not give the Grizzlies much in the way of chances or time in the attacking zone. They would take a penalty that changed the tide a bit though as the Grizzlies scored to trim the gap to 4-2 as a Jaden Schmeisser shot from the deep slot deflected off a Bulldog defender and in over the glove of LaCouvee. Assists on the play went to Myles and Gerry Fitzgerald at 8:23 of the third. The Bulldogs would again play solid to salt the time away, holding off the Grizzlies who were pushing hard to make it a one-goal game. They would have a great chance to get further insurance when Scott Clark walked in on a partial breakaway, but Renyard came up with the save to keep it 4-2. The Dogs would head to the penalty box after a long shift defending in their own zone in the late stages as the Grizzlies went to the power play with just over two minutes to play. They would pull their goalie to make it a 6 on 4 advantage, and dodged an early bullet when the Dogs got the puck out and Jake Kauppila had his empty net shot from centre ice blocked. The Grizzlies would get within one when they won a draw in the Dogs end and Myles Fitzgerald walked in to the slot where he ripped one home top corner, short-side over the glove of LaCouvee with Gerry assisting at 18:18 of the third. They would pull their goalie immediately afterwards and less than a minute later tied the game when Jaeden Schmeisser took a cross-slot pass from Gerry Fitzgerald in the left circle that he ripped top corner, far-side over the glove of LaCouvee with 18:44 gone in the third to force overtime with Myles Fitzgerald also drawing an assist on the play with the shots favouring the Grizzlies 40-31 after 60 minutes as the game and the series went to next goal wins.

The first overtime would see no scoring, with the Bulldogs in full on survival mode as the Grizzlies dominated the play and the short-staffed Bulldogs clawing with every ounce they had to keep their season alive. Connor LaCouvee would come up time and again, and his team would do their best to protect their net to keep the game going. The Bulldogs would have a couple good chances, most notably on Darian Henry and Jake Kauppila looks from the slot, but they couldn't find the winner. The Grizzlies outshot the Dogs 18-5 over the first overtime.

Double OT saw the Bulldogs further short-manned as Darian Henry left at the end of the first overtime after getting concussed hitting his head on the glass. The Dogs gave up several glaring chances early in the double OT, but again LaCouvee stood tall and the Grizzlies failed to connect and the Dogs held on to keep the game going. The Grizzlies would prevail just over eight minutes into double overtime to win the game and end the series when a loose puck came to the slot for Shawn McBride who one-timed it home far-side past the blocker of LaCouvee. Assists on the play went to Cole Pickup and Kevin Massy at 7:18 of double OT for the 5-4 Final and the 4-3 series win.

Final shots favoured the Grizzlies 63-42 with Connor LaCouvee taking the loss in net, and NOT picking up a star award - possibly they were selected by the Game 6 Referees...Nic Renyard picked up the win. The Dogs went 1 for 4 on the power play while the Grizzlies went 2 for 4.

This one will no doubt hurt these players for a long, LONG time. Maybe forever, given the circumstances.

I for one, will NEVER FORGET what they accomplished and what they overcame and went through to even get to this position.

Thanks gentlemen. Incredible stuff.


Line ups Dogs @ Grizz

Bulldogs at Grizzlies tonight for winner take all Game 7

For the second year in the row the Bulldogs will visit the Grizzlies for the deciding game of a series as it's Game 7 of this Island Semi Final series at the Q Centre tonight. Most would have thought three days ago that it would not come to this, and seven days ago no one would have believed that it would come to this under the circumstances that it has, with the Bulldogs having three chances to put it away. Just ten days ago most would have thought that the Bulldogs weren't even going to make the Playoffs at all, with a magic number of two on the last day of the season. As I always say, expect the unexpected.

Most importantly though is how the Bulldogs have to forget that happened on the last two nights. They are just as relevant as the six months. All that matters now is embracing the opportunity that presents itself, and that's ONE game to win a series. One game to continue their season -for some their careers, and for their team and fans a chance to defend their Island Championship.    

Last year when these teams met in the deciding game of a series it was a Game 5, and it was the second round of the Playoffs, the Island Finals


The Bulldogs might be playing without Captain Tryg Strand, after he picked up a Major Penalty for Checking from Behind with less than four minutes left last night. Pretty tough play for Strand as it appeared he was right on the back pocket of Travis Stephens on a race to the puck into the corner and Stephens got there first and touched the puck and immediately dead stopped.

I understand the onus is on the hitter but I don't understand what else Strand can do in this case. It's down to the dying minutes of an elimination Playoff game and a race to the puck and he's doing nothing more than hustling after it and has a millisecond to realize that Stephens is stopping directly in front of him instead of continuing down the boards. At the same time the onus has to be on the player to look after themselves and always expect to be hit, especially in hockey at this time of the year. However I'm sure the other side sees it very differently.    

Bulldogs Hockey on 93.3 The Peak FM brought to you by Pacific Chevrolet begins with the pregame show at 7:00 and the puck drop to follow at 7:15pm with myself, Bruce MacDonald and Dan Tisserand providing the Play-by-Play, Colour/Analysis and Teams and Player Statistics.
If you aren't in listening range of 93.3 The Peak FM you can listen/watch the game by:

Listening Live on your computer:
Listening Live on your SmartPhone :
Watching Live on your computer/SmartPhone

Tonight's 2nd Intermission guest is former Bulldog Matt Hansen, now with Colorado College of the NCAA's NCHC.