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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Matt Irwin 3, Alberni Valley Bulldogs 2

(oh yeah, the rest of the Clippers also combined for three more)

It was all tricks and no treats for the Dogs last night.

Matt Irwin put on a show as the Clippers made the Dogs look nothing like the team that beat them the last time out. What a player this guy is.

It appeared that the Bulldogs missed Isaac Smeltzer and Sawyer Eichel a lot more than the Clippers missed Russell Goodman, Braden Birch, and Carson Schell.

Has anyone seen the fan in Nanaimo with the BCHL "Bad Calls Hockey League" T-shirt?

After the Devin Braden penalty late in the second period last night I'm contemplating getting a "Body Contact-less Hockey League" one made up.

In defense of the official, maybe he was shocked that it was almost he first hit of the game, about 39 minutes into it. Really too bad that it has to be a call like that that really ends the chances for the Dogs.

Let's be honest here- At that point, the Dogs had no business being in the game the way they had played, and the way the Clippers had out played them. That doesn't matter though. They WERE in the game, they had just scored to make it 4-2 and the appeared to possibly finally be getting going. One body check later, a penalty, it's 5-2 and it's game over. Of course it's not as big a deal if it doesn't end up in the back of the net. Credit to the Clippers for that.

Costume of the night went to the fan dressed up as a referee complete with a white cane, sunglasses, and a poster on his back that said "property of the Nanaimo Clippers" Hopefully the good-natured Clipper fans can find some humour in that.

With all this being said: We can't have the games without the refs. It's not a job I liked when I did it. I certainly couldn't do it at this level. That doesn't mean I can't give my opinion just like everyone else when I see bad calls.

Being the play-by-play voice of the #1 most penalized team in the league I should be used to it. When it comes to the warranted calls (in my opinion) I haven't said a word. In fact, I have said very little PERIOD all year long.

What I really don't like and what really frustrates me is when the officials put me in a position where my choices are to either

A) lie about what I see or
B) just totally ignore what 2000 people or the other team are reacting to.

I'm not going to do that, I'm not doing my job if I do that.

It sounds bad, but don't blame the messanger. I try to say it the best I can.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dogs host Clippers, Get well Shane Power, Dan Marshall interview by request, FINAL WARNING on posted interviews

The Dogs are back in action tonight, and maybe it's good to get back to action so quickly, after a 3 in 3 road trip to the Mainland left a lot to be desired. The task at hand is huge in the Clippers, so the Dogs had better be ready.

Fans need to remember to DRESS UP tonight! Have a little fun! Anyone who comes in costume gets a treat from Bernie the Bulldog, and the top 3 costumes will win prizes!


Shane Power, of Lasting Images Photography was hit by a puck right in the kisser while photographing the Cowichan vs Nanaimo game last Friday in Duncan. A true photographer, Shane didn't drop the camera. Atta boy Shane. A true trooper, he plans to make it to the game in Port Alberni tonight, stitches and all.

Thanks for Shane for the great picture of Josh Pineiro at the top of the blog, the penalty shot winner against Nanaimo. Also thanks for the great picture below of the "salute" from that same game. I'd like to dedicate both of these pictures to my good friend Bruce Sly, die hard Clipper fan. Sorry SLY, it's the BULLDOG blog, hahaha.

Check out all of Shane's BCHL pictures HERE

* A special note to the fans on the OTHER side of the rink*

Why not hang around the extra 30 seconds? You come to be entertained, you want to be entertained, you want an honest effort. The players in turn come back out to thank YOU for your incredible support, but you can't wait the extra 30 seconds for it? Where is everyone in such a rush to get to? The traffic jam in the parking lot? The beer garden? The bar? If you aren't out there before the game is over, I don't think you are getting any sort of advantage. But what do I know, I'm never out of the booth until 30 minutes after the game. Big kudos to everyone on the pressbox side of the rink. As far as I can see, most of the fans hang around for the three stars and the salute, when the home side wins.

Also big credit to the entire Alberni fanbase for ALWAYS cheering the three stars, no matter what side they come from- the Dogs, or the opposition. That is 100% class and very unique. Shows what the fans really appreciate here- A good effort, a skilled game, and being entertained, whether you are from the home side or the away side.

As requested, here's the interview I had last night with Dan Marshall, play-by-play voice of the Nanaimo Clippers. Dan is a true pro and a great interview. Click the link below.

FINAL WARNING for any interviews I have posted on this blog, and any interviews I have hosted on the net and sent links to people for them to catch interviews they have missed- SAVE A COPY NOW because I will be deleting those files. Until someone starts paying me for this blog, this will be something I will be forced to do. It's no small deal to host up to 30 different interviews, all 10 minutes in length, or close to it. That's alot of space. I will give you a couple of days, but make sure you find those links and RIGHT CLICK and SAVE AS so you can have a copy on your computer.

Thanks for checking the blog.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Bulldogs This Week Tonight

The Bulldogs lost their third in a row yesterday, 4-2 to the Langley Chiefs at the George Preston Recreation Centre. It was another game where the Dogs hung around and hung around but just weren't able to find that extra gear to tie it up. The Dogs did a good job of coming out and working hard in the third period, but when they generated offense and pressure and finally earned a power play chance, they also weren't able to stay out of the penalty box. *This is not a recording*

Should be an interesting show tonight at Alberni Chrysler tonight and live on 93.3 The Peak FM. Be sure to tune in from 6 to 7pm, or drop by the dealership. Send those EMAILS if you have any questions for me or my guests.

Thanks as always for checking the blog.


Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dogs drop second in a row, 4-2 at Burnaby

The effort and discipline were 100 times better Saturday night in Burnaby. Unfortunately the end result was the same. Off to breakfast, on the bus, and off to Langley.


Saturday, October 27, 2007

Dogs lose game and cool in Surrey, in Burnaby tonight

Greetings from downtown Vancouver!

It wasn't a pretty game last night in Surrey- 0n many fronts, not just the final score. The game lacked control, and Bulldogs and Eagles at times lacked control. I would guess that this was not a game the BCHL would want to see happen to often.

On the post game show last night Bulldogs associate coach Bryant Perrier said flat out that the team wasn't ready to play. I would certainly agree with that.

I have a few thoughts about this group of players that I will hold off posting until the weekend is over. Nothing more right now.

A true test of guts, heart, and courage will be needed tonight in Burnaby. From the best of my knowledge Daniel Moriarty will be out for tonight as he was assessed an instigator in the final five minutes last night. Sawyer Eichel picked up a MATCH penalty for having tape on his hands. Not sure how long he will be gone for. Two very important players out of the line up, no matter how you slice it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Dogs visit Eagles, new poll up!

(click image to enlarge)

Should be a good game tonight(Friday), lots of room on the Olympic Ice in Surrey. Tonight's second intermission feature guest is Dave McLellan, the new Head Coach of the Burnaby Express. Pregame tonight is at 6:45, puck drop is 7:00pm.

Send those emails to the PRESS BOX HERE

I have finally put a new poll up- I have heard tonnes of good feedback on the new 3rd sweater- Even from a couple CLIPPER fans if you can imagine it!

So- what do you think- Like 'em or not? Don't care? I would love to see what everyone thinks.


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

New 3rd Jerseys.

I like them!

But of course I do! I even liked the red original thirds and the more recent all copper ones.

What are your thoughts?

photo credit: Dennis See, Bulldogs Multimedia site

As a broadcaster, all that really matters is how good the numbers and letters show up. Also, love the Buffalo Sabres style numbers on the front. Almost football jersey-like.

Post your comments!


HUGE show tonight on 93.3 The Peak and live at Alberni Chrysler Dodge Jeep. It's big because spirits are high in Bulldog land right now. It's big because the Bulldogs will be unveiling their third jersey design tonight live at the show. The Peak is also giving away a beautiful matted, limited edition Walt Collins print- only those at the show can enter and only those present can win- Just another reason to come up to the show tonight. It will be a little crazy in the dealership as Chrysler is also having an event of their own this evening, the unveiling of the 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan. So again, I encourage you to get up to the show and tune into the show. Should be a lot of fun.

To send your emails to the show click HERE
To ask your questions in person, SHOW UP to Alberni Chrysler tonight from 6 to 7pm.
So what does the new DOGS jersey look like? I'd tell ya, but they'd probably kill me, haha.
I like it- but what do I know? I really liked the copper based previous third jersey, but most people hated it. It's been a no win situation for the Dogs with their third jerseys. Everyone bashed the team and complained before because there wasn't one. When they did come out with one, everyone comiplained about the teams choice. If that's the only drawback of the fans here in "Montreal West" I guess we can all live with it, right?! I really hope that this one is a winner with the fanbase. It just screams BULLDOGS to me, it seems to fit the attitude that this team is starting to show. But that's all just to me. Come see it tonight. If you can't I hope to have it on the blog or the Dogs will most likely have something up on their site. I will help you see it somehow if you can't make it up tonight.
All I can think of to post now. Hopefully see you tonight!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dogs win 2 straight for the first time this season

Wow, what pair of games...The Bulldogs had a heck of a week beating the two conference leaders in back to back games at the Pound. My latest recap is up on the Bulldogs website.

Off for supper, enjoying a half day off here today. Lots to come on the blog tomorrow or tonight. Read the recap!


Friday, October 19, 2007

"I Datsyuk'd him"

That's what Josh Pineiro said on the post game last night when I asked him what that move was that he pulled on Michael Garman with the game on the line with a double overtime penalty shot .

"I Datsyuk'd him" he simply said.

The second I heard Josh say that, the move all of a sudden made sense. At the moment when he pulled it off and scored though, I lost it....Couldn't believe it, really. I was utterly shocked. I don't know about the rest of the fans watching in the building, but I was expecting ANYTHING BUT THAT from a rookie kid from California (a defensemen, at that) with the game on the line in probably the most pressure packed moment he's ever faced in hockey. A wrist shot, a simple deke, heck, even a slapper from the blue line would've been less shocking than that move.

Pineiro said on the postgame that as soon as he found out it was a penalty shot, he knew exactly what he was going to do. Did he ever.

I don't have video of Josh's goal last night, but I did find the Datsyuk goal. Josh's was different in that it was a penalty shot, so it was a little slower. Josh is also a right handed shot while Datsyuk is a leftie. While Datsyuk's might have been a little smoother and prettier, the end result was still the same. It was the SITUATION that made Pineiro pulling it off that impressive.

I'll do my best to get my hands on a link or a copy of the Pineiro goal.

Till then, at least relive the moment through the radio. Here's the play-by-play of the penalty shot winner from the 93.3 The Peak FM broadcast last night. All audio courtsey and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

Click to listen to the Josh Pineiro penalty shot game winner


Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bulldogs Game Day #16

click image to enlarge

Tonight's second intermission feature guest is Patrick Haas, play-by-play voice of the Salmon Arm Silverbacks.

To send an email to the press box click HERE

For further details on the Bulldogs two games this week, see my "Weekly Preview" on the Bulldogs homepage at

See you at the rink.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

How to listen to BOTH BROADCASTS through the BCHL fanzone (IN PICTURES)

I've had plenty of emails and comments directed my way from people who don't know how to listen to both broadcasts (when available) through the BCHL Fanzone. Through much trial and error I have managed to put the below picture together. It should be self explanatory.

When you have the fanzone open and you are listening to the broadcast click the button that says ALTERNATE AUDIO which is located just above my green arrow in the picture below.

If you have any further problems, as always fire away with the EMAILS.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Changes in the Bulldog Camp, Bulldogs This Week tonight. EDITED TO ADD UPDATE

Bulldogs this week takes to the air in about 40 minutes as I type this. I have just returned from the rink and a talk with the Bulldogs management and coaching staff. The show tonight should be a good one for fans with news breaking on several changes with the team. I will say no more but I will hopefully see you in person live at Alberni Chrysler tonight or I will hopefully hear from you in an email should you be able to tune in on the radio. Here's the guest list for tonight:

The changes announced on the show were pertaining to the Bulldogs leadership structure, and their roster.

For full in-depth conversation and discussion (even coach getting a little hot at me, I think) I suggest you visit the Bulldogs Multimedia Site at HERE
or look for


on the Bulldogs website HERE and click on it.

Navigate to the "Audio Interviews" section and then the 2007-10-16 edition of Bulldogs this week.



Monday, October 15, 2007

1770 miles/2832 kilometres later, we're home / Hockey makes people do stupid things

From loading the bus at the Dog Pound 6am Tuesday and driving up to Prince George, then to Quesnel, then to Kamloops and Kelowna eventually to Trail and Castlegar, then on to Penticton and finally Merritt before heading home, the Dogs put 1770 miles and 2832 km's on the odometer. I don't even have the energy to figure out where you can go "as the crow flies" from Port Alberni if you travel that distance.

After arriving back in Port Alberni after midnight last night (technically today) I had to quickly jump into the wrapper to get some shuteye to make it to the radio station to be on the air at 6am this morning. Needless to say, I need a nap right about now.

Next up for the Dogs is back to back home games this Thursday and Saturday. Fans will see two teams at home for the first time this season in Nanaimo and Salmon Arm. The Dogs haven't seen Salmon Arm at all this season, but they have seen Nanaimo three times already, all games at the Frank Crane Arena. Nanaimo won game 1 on opening night 5-1, before the Dogs handed them their first loss of the season 2-1 back on September 26th. Nanaimo won the most recent meeting 4-2 on October 6th.


Tonight on 93.3 The Peak FM the Vancouver Canucks return to the local airwaves with the pre-game show on the air at 6:30 and the play-by-play at 7:00 as the 'Nucks host San Jose. Very excited to have the Canucks back on local radio.

Due to the Canucks game, "BULLDOGS THIS WEEK" will be airing tomorrow night at 6-7pm live on location at Alberni Chrysler at the top of the town. Fans are welcome to drop by the dealership to check the show out live in person and have a chat with my guests from the Bulldogs coaching staff and roster. I will also have guests joining me on the phone from the Nanaimo and Salmon Arm camps to talk about their seasons so far. A huge test for the Bulldogs, as they face the top teams from both conferences in the Clippers and the Silverbacks.

If you have a question for my guests drop me an email HERE


I'm just glad this wasn't us....I really hope the police catch the idiots responsible for this. How stupid.

Brakes-CutINDEX:Justice, Social, Sports Prince George, B.C. hockey team escapes injury as vandals cut bus brake lines

WILLIAMS LAKE, B.C. - RCMP in the Interior B.C. city of Williams Lake are investigating a serious case of vandalism in which both brake lines were cut on a bus carrying a junior bantam hockey team from Prince George.

Constable Jeremy Roberts says the deliberate and malicious act took place last Thursday night after thieves broke into the bus and stole items belonging to team members and coaches.

The thefts were discovered when the team boarded the bus, but the driver had no indication the brake lines had been severed until the bus was moving.

Fortunately, he was able to bring it to as stop and no one was hurt.

Roberts says no arrests have been made.

He says the deliberate sabotage has upset the Cariboo community of Williams Lake and residents want to know who would put so many lives in jeopardy. (CHNL)(The Canadian Press)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Good evening from Castlegar

Hello and thanks for stopping by the blog. WOW it's great to finally be off that bus! After the game last night in Quesnel the team boarded the iron lung and travelled to Kamloops, a 5 plus hour trip. At 3:00am plus, everyone was quite tired and ready to sleep in a BED. Wake up came at 10 and breakfast was at 11. Then, back on the bus by noon, and the long trip to the Kootenays began. After lunch in Kelowna and dinner in Trail, we got to the hotel here sometime around 10pm. What a trip. Huge thanks to Ron Sandberg for getting us to and fro safely, and to Bryant Perrier who not only has the associate coaching duties but also the roadtrip planning duties. Great meals, and well thought out to the last detail.

Two down, two to go. Tomorrow night the pregame show is on the air at 7:15, and the play-by-play is at 7:30. Then it's back on the bus and a couple more hours to Penticton. After getting in early Sunday morning, it's quick to bed, and up for breakfast and back on the bus to Merritt to the "Ice Box" for a 2pm start time Sunday. Then HOME.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

How to listen through the FANZONE, Chiefs a class organization

I've had several people, namely Bradyn Melrose and Jordan Kremyr, who have had problems listening to our broadcast through the BCHL Fanzone. Two emails last night from these guys said the same thing "Hammer, all I can hear is Merritt, how do we get you?"

It's simple really, but don't feel bad guys as several people have had this problem....At the bottom of the Media Player in the FANZONE, lower left hand corner, there's a button that says "ALTERNATE AUDIO"

Click that and you should be able to switch between broadcasts.

If there is still a problem after you have clicked that button, please contact me in the PRESS BOX and let me know.

Hats off to the Langley Chiefs for being a class organization. In talking this week with Jared Harmon, the Chiefs Director of Marketing and Play-by-Play Broadcaster, I told him about the unfortunate incident that saw a young Bulldog fan get struck in the face with a puck last week. I was surprised but very happy to hear that the Chiefs showed up in town tonight with a signed jersey that they will deliver to her during the game tonight. Classy move Chiefs!

Almost game time, I gotta roll.


Friday, October 05, 2007

Canucks home opener already controversial? Dogs host Cents. UPDATE: DOGS ADD COLLEGE BOUND PLAYER?

Imagine my surprise when I was doing my prep work for the broadcast tonight when I saw that the Bulldogs had a new player on their roster. Imagine my further surpise when I went to the BCHL webiste to do some research on this player and there he was, staring me in the face, as a feature player under the "College Bound" link. ??!!

"Alberni Valley Bulldog's Chris Moulson- Committed to Cornell for 2008-2009"

Nothing official yet from the Bulldogs or the BCHL. Except the aforementioned "College Bound" link. Welcome to the club Chris!

From the newswire this morning:

(BC-Canucks-Season) Say goodbye to that hockey fan in your family and make plans to meet again in June -- the new N-H-L season is underway and the Vancouver Canucks meet San Jose tonight. But the Canucks' home-opener is already controversial -- in part because of the team's new blue and green jersey, introduced last month. Team management has extended the new colours to the conference and division banners gathered by the team over the past 37 years. Purists are particularly incensed that the banner honouring Stan Smyl's number 12 jersey -- the only one ever retired by the team -- has also been changed from the yellow and orange worn by Smyl to the new blue and green. (Citytv)

Whats your opinion? I say leave them as is- Don't update in the name of fashion!


The Bulldogs are back in action tonight, hosting the Merritt Centennials at the Pound. The pregame show is on the air on 93.3 The Peak FM or the BCHL Fanzone at 6:45 with the puck drop at 7:00pm.

More of a preview is available by visiting the Bulldogs website and clicking on "Hammer's Preview"

Don't forget to bring a non-perishable food item tonight for the Bread of Life. Bring a food item and you will be given a paper airplane to toss for a chance to win Turkeys!

See you at the barn.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Long Lost "Chuck Canuck" + other HHOF pics as Nucks open 07-08

Alright, here's what I believe is a long lost Canuck logo version, not from a jersey but from memorabilia. Meet Chuck Canuck. This pennant is way under a staircase with a bunch of other random trashy looking stuff at the Hockey Hall of Fame...hence the poor pic quality. I think it's pretty cool. New. At least new to me. I scoured the net 100's of google pages searching for "Canucks Vintage" and I couldn't find anything like this. Photo credit- ME!

Bottom mask in the above picture is Dunc Wilson, from the 70-71 inaugural season for the Nucks
Ah, King Richard!

That is a lot of pucks! Not all of the 802 pucks are the original goal puck, but the NET is actually the one he scored the goal on. Who was in net when this happened anyway? Sorry for posting this Nucks fans but it's history none the less, haha
Had to grab a picture from the "wall of pucks" at the Hall Entrance of my home town. Sarah touches the "lucky loonie" from the ice in Salt Lake at the 02 Olympics.

Man....this one gets me right fired up. Love John Ashbridge. Love the Drums. Love the Horn. Love the U2. Love the fans. Love the air raid siren. Man we gotta crank that thing up at the Multiplex. I can't even hear it. Maybe I can do some talking on that one.....Also must say I love what CBC does. Many other networks, and many other sports, they don't seem to care much about giving the viewer the experience of being there and watching the game. The intro of the teams onto the ice, the anthems....Seems it's just commercial time to them. Kudos to CBC.
Lastly, love Youtube!

hope you can appreciate this next video even if you aren't a Canucks fan, but a fan of "crowd energy" like me. Growing up in Manitoba I was never really a Canuck fan. Habs and Jets first, then Oilers because Cujo was there. 2002 or so watching the playoffs on CBC it was actually the CROWD that got me into the Canucks. The unreal atmosphere, the great "pop" from the crowd when the team came on the ice or scored a goal, the tradition of singing part of the Anthem, all of that got the passion flowing and next thing you know, I'm a fan!


The "Churchill" is goose bump city!
The addition of the Winston Churchill speech only improved what is already one of the greatest intros in pro sports today. Throw in the fact it was game 7, which made the crowd extra nuts. Love that air raid siren!

Long story short, I predicted this next one. From later on in game 7. When Jovo took the penalty, right when the video starts, a fan jumped off the wagon. I said "YOU'RE GONNA FEEL PRETTY DUMB WHEN THE NUCKS TIE IT UP WITH JUST SECONDS LEFT"

The rest is history. All 30 people at the house we were watching it at went nuts like you can't believe. We kicked the wagon jumper off the island. Or something like that. Although Calgary got the last laugh. That one still hurts. Man do I ever miss Chris Cuthbert.

PS- BOB COLE IS STILL THE BEST. Just imagine him doing Canucks games instead of Leaf games. I love Hughson, he will be the man for a long time. It will be great when Bob Cole goes out in style this year with him calling the Canucks winning the cup.


1 more. What a crazy moment is. Bob and Harry are great.

I won't say anything about Miller or Maguire on TSN. My momma always said if you can't say anything nice about your broadcaster brethren, don't say anything at all!

Predictions- I always say that predicting is for Nostradamus. But I will humour you.

Canucks win the Cup, and win the division. Anaheim wins the west.

I don't even want to go into the scenario of what happens if Bobby Lou goes down. I honestly wonder if Nonis or Vigneault or any other staff or fans have had a nightmare where they see Luongo go down, but it seems real. Yikes. Don't even want to think about it. But hey, take away any teams #1 and they are in some trouble.

Calgary will make the playoffs, based on Kipper alone. Not Keenan.

Edmonton will be closer than anyone thinks.

Leafs won't be in unless Toskala plays like Cujo.

Sens will be top 5 in the East again.

Habs will make it. Carey Price will end the season as the #1 goalie.

Thanks for visiting the blog. That's all for today. Two posts today. 7 games for the Bulldogs in 10 days starting tomorrow at home. Expect me to be scarce, but around!

If you pass along the "Chuck Canuck" logo, please give the blog credit please and link it!


By Request for Patty: 2 for Kremyr in 22 | Canucks long-lost logo tonight!

Stephen Pattison saw my post yesterday regarding the COUNT request by Matty and dropped me a line regarding his request for Jordan Kremyr's 2 goals in 22 seconds against Nanaimo. When Patty came in to do his goodbye interview on the PEAK morning show he said that this moment was his favorite in his three years as a Bulldog. Here's the quote from the interview:

"it was so loud in that rink....I could just hear a buzzing noise...I couldn't even hear the horn, I couldn't hear the crowd, it was just a buzz"

Without further adieu, I give you the moment. What a crazy moment it was. I sound like a braggart saying "whatever you will do we will do better" But you have to understand the context and craziness of the moment. The Bulldogs were 9 and 0 at home. Nanaimo was 9 and 0 overall. It was a battle of the #1 and #2 teams in the league. Nanaimo came out early in the second and scored twice in 44 seconds, taking the entire rink out of it. Then cue Jordan Kremyr. The first goal was loud enough. The second one seconds later is impossible to describe. The crowd went nuts BEFORE it even went in! Just listen.

(A warning to Clipper fans, you shouldn't listen, you will hate this, haha)

CLICK TO LISTEN 2 in 22 seconds for Kremyr

Stephen Pattison is attending Brock University getting an education and playing hockey for the Badgers. Best of luck Patty! We will do an interview for the broadcast soon!


Coming up tonight I will be posting some Canuck stuff, getting pumped up for the season opener. I believe that I have a picture of a long-lost Canuck logo that might be so rare that no one has seen it unless they have been to the Hockey Hall of Fame. It's hidden there, so you have to look REALLY hard for it. I will post it later. Not a jersey logo but merchandise stuff, vintage era. Not Johnny Canuck either!

Be sure to check back, and thanks for visiting the blog!


Wednesday, October 03, 2007

By Request for Matty : "The Count"

I received an email last week from former Bulldogs Trainer/Therapist Matt Auerbach (now with the Chilliwack Bruins of the WHL of course) asking me if I had any copies of the radio broadcast of the crowd in the Dog Pound doing "the count" in the middle of that incredible winning streak.

Yes- A good lesson in BACKING UP what you have on your computer. Even if my hard drive can't be saved, I still have all of those memories backed up on CD. I spent a good couple of hours yesterday going over alot of the moments from 05-06 looking for the fans chanting the wins and listening to other stuff. I found another crazy moment in my library that Stephen Pattison had remembered as his fondest memory as a Bulldog, a moment he called the loudest he had ever heard the Dog Pound. I'll get that on the blog in the future too.

Nanimo fans must read this and listen to these things and all of a sudden want to barf...All the best moments are against them! I've said it before and I will say it again- It says something about the strength of the rivalry and the Clipper fans should also take it as something to be proud about when it comes to their team. Not proud in the sense that they are coming out on the wrong end of these moments of course, but proud that it says something about their team and their program that someone's best moment and memory is beating THEM.

About the "count" It was just redonkulous to be a part of that winning streak- whether it was media memeber, fan, player, coach, TRAINER, etc. 20 games. That is a THIRD of the season. Just plain nuts. To be there watching it and be on that wave of emotion was an incredible ride to be on. Thinking back and listening back to this I realized that at the time I didn't realize how nuts the whole run really was. Yah, it was amazing. But when you are in the middle of it you don't realize that it might be a once in a lifetime thing.

Fans in the Dog Pound are the best, bar none. No doubt some out there will argue that till the cows come home. The fact that 90% of the people I talk to from other teams and other communities say Bulldog fans are the best is enough validation for me. Having heard the the "wall of noise" and the "ROAR" of the pound crowd is enough for me. If you have never been inside that barn when it really goes nuts- You just DON'T KNOW.

"It's all in the horn" you say? Feel free to watch the video below this post with the fans roaring on the ROAD. And that's a third of the crowd that is at home, in a rink with a high roof, also far different from at home.

And now listen to 2000 people counting in unison. CRAZY.

Thanks to Matty for the request. All the best to you and Jim and the Bruins!

P.S. to Matty- Big Dog got me a Giants hat over the weekend. Don't make me wear it.

P.S.S. to Matty- No trainer since you has had the radio on like you always did in the room. Better pass along some of your tips on that one.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

04 Bulldogs playoff video, - fans nuts on road | We got a hard drive down! | backup your data | 7 games 10 days | Sad News Saturday

Yah I know, longest posting title in history. Lots going on right now. Check out this video, the last win of the 03-04 Bulldogs season. Great video on youtube from Nicole shows the roar from the Dogs fans on half the rink in Surrey, as the Dogs kill the rest of the clock for a road playoff win. I hadn't noticed the noise the fans had made at the time, just when I watched the video for the first time. Surrey would get the last laugh though.

Sorry that it has been a couple of days since I posted. A little problem arose Thursday when my hard drive starting making a noise like a dog whistle. I got the blue screen of death and my computer crashed. It hasn't worked since. I am crossing my fingers that Cliff from Dunbar Computers can save the old hard drive enough to give me all of my data back instead of setting me back to the dinosaur age. I have plenty of backed up data but one can never keep up with the amount of work I do on the darned computer. Go Cliff Go!


Starting Friday the Bulldogs begin a stretch of 7 games in 10 days. Ouch.

When you realize that 10 games is 1/6th of your season, this 7 game stretch seems that much more important!


Regarding the 6-2 loss to Victoria Saturday night- I think the most simple way it can be said is that the team just plain wasn't ready.

I was saddened when I heard the news that a gentleman had collapsed outside the rink before game the game and passed away.

I was shocked to later hear that the fan that was struck by the puck was the daughter of the man that found the collapsed gentleman and tried to save his life.

Thoughts and prayers go out to all those dealing with these incidents.