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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Dogs win first, Clips lose first.

The Bulldogs were 2-1 winners in Nanaimo Friday night. All of the scoring was on the power play with Daniel Moriarty making it 1-0 Dogs 14:01 into the first after killing off an early Nanaimo 5 on 3. The Dogs went up 2-0 7:46 into the second on pp chance when Evan Michalchuk drove wide down the right wing and cut to the net before sending it to Marcello Ranallo who was walking through the hash marks. Less than 1 minute later the Dogs were in penalty trouble again with Nanaimo going on an extended 5 on 3 where Eric Filiou banged in a rebound to get the Clippers on the board just past the halfway mark of the game. I'm sure that no one thought at the time that 2-1 was going to be the final score. At least I didn't. But with good team defense and good goal tending by Harrison May through the latter parts of the second and 3rd the Dogs made it stick. I said it at the time, and I'll say it again- anyone holding Nanaimo to 10 shots in the third period in that rink when they are up by 1 is doing something right. The Dogs didn't generate near the chances that the Clippers did but they are still improving game to game with the chances they are able to create. 20 shots on goal doesn't sound like much but Michael Garman did make several good saves, notably 2 breaks/partial breaks in the third by Evan Michalchuk and Matt Frydrysek. I committed a broadcaster cardinal sin by saying Frydrysek had scored on his chance. I had to ask him later how it didn't go in as it looked from my angle that he had half of the net to hit, with Garman looking to be on the other side of the goal and oddly positioned. Bottom line is that the goalie kept it out and gave the Clippers a last chance to tie it up. Harrison May was brilliant.

Here's the play-by-play of the game winner, courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM.


It's officially bed time now. Pregame tonight from the pound is 6:45pm with the play-by-play at 7:00pm on 93.3 The Peak FM and through the BCHL fanzone at

Great job by the Bulldogs last night/tonight. Great to watch and great to be writing about a win.


Friday, September 28, 2007

35 years ago today.....where were you?

I wasn't even born. But it seems like I was right there. Those that were alive no doubt remember it, EXACTLY where they were.

Thirty-five years ago today, Paul Henderson etched his name into Canadian history. So did the rest of Team Canada. It was on this date in 1972 that Henderson scored with 34 seconds left, as Canada beat the Soviet Union 6-5 in the deciding eighth game of the Summit Series in Moscow.

In the original broadcast quality, but a longer version.

Dogs in Nanaimo tonight. 7:15 pregame 7:30 play-by-play on 93.3 The Peak and the BCHL Fanzone.


See you there/talk to you from there.

Send an email to the PRESS BOX


Thursday, September 27, 2007

2 more for Dogs this week,Hout family Roadie, Dogs new trainer, Clips go Pink, and more and more

Hello and thanks for checking the blog. Sorry for the lack of updates lately but I've been swamped with Bulldogs this week and the preview for the Dogs website (up now, check it out) and my prep work for this weekend, which sees the Dogs in search of their first victory as they are into Nanaimo on Friday and back home against Victoria Saturday. I believe that the first win of the season could come this weekend. The first two could come this weekend. The sky is the limit with this group if they continue to improve and work hard and buy in to what Alan Kerr and Bryant Perrier are selling. The overall 60 minute effort needs to improve. The work ethic needs to improve. The physical play needs to improve. The discipline needs to improve. The special teams need to get better, get that big goal and big kill when it's really needed. The goaltending needs to improve. The same could be said for EVERY team in the league throughout the season. The biggest positive I have seen from this group is the work they have put in to improve each day and each game. It will be a great season if they keep that up, and once that first victory comes they very well might turn the corner. It's not how you start, it's how you finish. The 05-06 Dogs team taught us all that, if we didn't know it already. The big key for the Dogs right now is finding a way to win at the START so they aren't too far behind to find themselves out of it at the finish- and out of the playoffs. Once you get in the dance, anything can happen, everyone knows that. The job right now is getting that first win and getting there.

The first win should've come last week. Up 2-0 after 40 against Powell River. If the Dogs came out a little more ready they might've won that game. If they stayed out of the box against Victoria Friday and if they would've gotten that big save when they needed it they might have won there too. As Bryant Perrier said on the post game show with me earlier this season "If if's and buts were Beers and Nuts then we'd have one awesome party" Or something close to that. Very true words. I guess as a fan and follower of the team you have to hope that the lessons being learned are sticking and the players are indeed learning from them.

Pregame from Nanaimo tomorrow is at 7:15. My second intermission feature guest is Burnaby Express play-by-play voice Eddie Gregory. Saturday at home the pregame puck drops at 6:45. Second intermission feature guest that night is Merritt Centennials voice Keegan Goodrich.

What a story from the Hout family! (Kathy, Sam and Dena) I sat down yesterday and fired up the laptop to do some prep work for the 'booth Friday in Nanaimo. As I had that work completed I fired up the email and started to answer back all of the emails that were sent to me over the games last week. I always try to answer back those that took the time to drop me a line as I appreciate anyone who takes advantage of the email feature during the games. The Houts emailed during the game on Friday, so I emailed back and said thanks for emailing and thanks for listening...Kathy Hout emailed right back two minutes later as she was doing one last check of the email 5 minutes away from getting in the car (actually, Adam's car) before beginning an epic roadtrip from Ladera Ranch, California to the Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo. That's an approximate 1,400 miles one way. What a trip. They are coming up to bring Adam his car, to be here for his 18th birthday, and to catch 2 Bulldogs games in 48 hours. Sunday they fly out of Victoria back down to Cali. What a trip indeed! I really hope all goes well for them because it could be one of those "experiences of a lifetime" Now the Dogs just need to get a win or two and Adam needs a goal or two! Hey Houts- If you are reading this- Feel free to pick up a pack of those Marlobo's eh? I also know my friend Bulldog fan L.R.T would certainly consider a paying a sum for a pack of Miller Highlife beer. Both not available in Canada! All kidding aside- Good luck in getting to Nanaimo for gametime on Friday! The ferries are always an interesting scenairo when it comes to getting to the Island! If you don't get there in time and you have a radio tune in to our sister station 106.9 The Wolf in Nanaimo to hear Dan Marshall's great call of the game!

I know Bulldog fans will give the Houts' a great welcome so I don't need to even mention it!
Dogs New Trainer

The Bulldogs announced on their website this week that they have found a new trainer. A big welcome to the valley and the team and congrats on the appointment to Jesse Moser!
Clippers Go Pink

Thanks to my buddy Dan "thestatsman" Tisserand on this one.

From the Nanaimo Daily News

In support of the upcoming Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation CIBC Run for the Cure on Sunday, the Clippers will wear pink laces during Friday's game against the Dogs.

Kudos Clips, Good on ya. Every team should do this!

Wow, check out this story!

And our hero of the day award goes to Doug Sauter, the coach of Oklahoma City's minor-league hockey team who helped prevent a possible stampede of horses at the Oklahoma State Fair by biting one of the animals on its ear! Doug, coach of the Oklahoma City Blazers, was at the fair attending a horse show when he saw a Belgian horse break free from its reins. That caused a chain reaction that spooked other horses. A stampede seemed inevitable until Doug bit the ear of one of the spooked horses to stop it from stampeding. He told reporters, "That's how you stymie a horse. You bite as hard as you can, and it won't move." (The Oklahoman)

Who knew?

Ump Mike Winters suspended for remainder of regular season over Bradley flap

Umpire Mike Winters has been suspended for the rest of the regular season following his confrontation with San Diego's Milton Bradley. The Padres claimed Winters baited the outfielder, who has a history of losing his temper. Bradley tore a knee ligament when his manager tried to keep him from going after Winters during Sunday's game with Colorado.

I'm very happy to hear of this news. It seems that all too often in all sports and at all levels that officials are given free reign to act however they want to the players/coaches/staff. I certainly won't name names or attack any certain leagues or sports with this. It's just how I've felt certainly more than a time or two in the past. Officials take HUGE amounts of abuse, don't get me wrong. If you don't get treated with respect of course you shouldn't give it back. It's the toughest job in the world, especially when it comes to reffing hockey. If you abuse your position of power and use it as a means to treat others with disrespect, you SHOULD be reprimanded, in my humble opinion. All too often it seems that leagues associations and unions PROTECT officials, no matter WHAT their actions. Again, I'm happy to hear that this ump has been suspended. By all accounts he baited the player, and to me, that's an example of abusing your power. The player getting injured was the manager's fault, but it was CAUSED by the umpire.

And that could be the very first and the very last time baseball will come up on the blog.

I think I've written enough for today...I had a big "Ode to the BCHL Message Board" planned in light of the recent Caps vs Clips brawl....More on that later though!

Thanks as always for checking out the blog. Hopefully not too much reading for you today!


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Pictures/Play-by-Play from the weekend, Would you see the "Gay Hockey Movie"?

I agree Bernie, what the heck is going on here!
photo: Dennis See/Bulldogs Photo Gallery @

Dogs Tie it Up-great pic

photo: Shane Power of Lasting Images Photography

Now that you have the image, hear the sound, courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM:

Click HERE for the play-by-play on the 3-3 goal

More pictures from the Bulldogs tail gate party Sunday afternoon, with credit and thanks for all the following pictures to Dennis See. Be sure to check out all the great pictures/audio/videos by visiting the site

Interviewing Sawyer Eichel for the NEW Bulldogs SHAW TV program (more on that in the future)
Kevin Ross, Liam Brennan and Josh Pineiro hard at work manning the grill
The Bulldogs Booster club is always hard at work at events like this. Thanks to Garreth and Alice and the rest of the club, on behalf of the players!
Bernie giving Manny and Mandeep tips
All proceeds from the event went to a great cause, the Canadian Cancer Society and Cops for Cancer, Tour de Rock!

Moving on- This is garnering plenty of attention recently. Would you see the "Gay Hockey Movie"? Sounds interesting to me.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pics from the weekend, Dogs earn point with comeback, "Bulldogs This Week" tonight at Alberni Chrysler

Aside from all of my broadcast duties I also had the camera out this weekend taking pictures from both home openers. Enjoy.
New luxury boxes going up in Duncan. Are you listening City of Port Alberni/Bulldogs??!!!
BCHL Comissioner John Grisdale speaks
Alberni Valley Bulldogs President Andy Oakes addresses the crowd
Congrats to BCHL Volunteer of the Year, Gerry Fagan!

A great weekend of hockey for the Dogs and Caps and the fans of both teams. For the Dogs, they continue to get better and more competitive every game, which is a very good sign! They have their first point, next up it's the first win! Nothing like a comeback in the Dog Pound. Of course you don't want to be in that position. About the weekend- I'm just glad it's over. I think....

Here was my sked for the weekend:
Morning show on 93.3 The Peak.
Down to Duncan for the game, Broadcast Game.
Home by 2am.

Morning show on 93.3 The Peak FM
On location for The Peak at the 23rd Annual Port Alberni Toy Run 11am-3pm. (best one ever, we counted 1018 bikes!)
Straight to rink after throwing on a shirt and tie for interviews for the broadcast.
Then did some TV interviews for a new SHAW TV Bulldog show we are working on.
Broadcasted the Game.

Morning Show on 93.3 The Peak FM
Back to rink parking lot to get more interviews for SHAW TV Bulldog show.
Wrote "Weekly Recap" for the Bulldogs website
home to recover.

Morning show on 93.3 ThePeak FM
Write this Blog posting.
Interviews, planning, formatting for Bulldogs games Friday and Saturday
Beginning of writing "Weekly Preview" for Bulldogs website
Down to the rink to get audio from the coaching staff and players for preview article
Interviews and planning for tonights "Bulldogs This Week" at Alberni Chrysler from 6pm-7pm.

Tonights guest list:
A member of the Dogs coaching staff.
A Bulldog player.
Victoria Grizzlies play-by-play voice Scott Didmon
Nanaimo Clippers play-by-play voice Dan Marshall

and of course your emails HERE

Is that as boring as it appears? Throw in trying to deal with life's issues, and about 50 other work things, thats my sked for the last couple of days and today/tonight! I hope you tune into the show and I hope you email in.

I'll be in to the SHAW studios tomorrow to do some work on the Bulldogs show. More on that to come, but I hope you are excited of the news of this show being in the works!


Friday, September 14, 2007

Dogs Gameday #3, Dogs make trade.

Hi and thanks for stopping by the blog. I managed to find the above pictures in the archives. They are from the Caps and Dogs home openers LAST year. I thought it was appropriate to post them today since the schedule is the same this year- Duncan Friday, Alberni Saturday. Should be some great fun!
Here's the PLANNED schedules for the broadcasts tonight and tomorrow. All times are approximate.
Tonight: Pre game show at 7:25. Puck drop at 7:50. Our second intermission feature guest will also be tonight's colour commentator- Rick Schievink. I will be replaying the interview Rick and I did regarding the Alberni Valley Hockey Academy. Yes, it was on the morning show, and also here on the blog, but for any fans that missed it I thought it was important to get it out there again. I figured that there would be no better time to run the interview again than during a HOCKEY broadcast.
Tomorrow: Pregame at 6:55. Puck drop at 7:20. My second intermission feature guest will be the BCHL Director of Officiating Mr. Frank Brodeurs. It should be a great interview worth listening to, as we will discuss new BCHL rules, rehash the old ones, and talk about officiating in general.
The Bulldogs made a trade last night sending Matt Thompson to the Burnaby Express in exchange for Lee Patzer. The Bulldogs have just put a media release up on their website
That's it, very busy day, I must run- See you/Talk to you tonight and tomorrow!
Don't forget to add a comment, or send me an email during the broadcast or regarding anything else!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

**Broadcast time changes this weekend** + Bulldogs Tailgate Party

With both games Friday and Saturday being the home openers for the Caps and Dogs, our broadcast times will change due to the game start times being pushed back.

Here are the approximate schedules, according to Capitals Marketing Director/Business Manager Shari Paterson, and Laurie Smillie, the Bulldogs Director of Marketing/Public Relations:

Friday in Cowichan- Approx puckdrop of 7:50pm. We will hit the air with the pregame show at approximately 7:20pm

Saturday in Alberni Valley- Approx. puckdrop of 7:20pm. We will hit the air with the pregame show at approximately 6:55pm

Of course you should be in your seats BEFORE 7:30 and 7:00 Friday and Saturday respectively to catch the pregame festivities!

Thanks to Shari in the Caps office and Noreen Pelk and Laurie in the Dogs office for the information.

Dogs Tailgate Party-
This sounds like tonnes of fun for the Kids Sunday!
Bring the kids to the rink between 1 and 3pm for the party that will include a chance to play some Road Hockey with the players. Twiggly Wiggly The Clown will also provide entertainment. Bulldogs players will be signing kids up for the Bulldogs Kids Club as well. Lastly, there will be Burgers/HotDogs and a pop BY DONATION with all proceeds going to the Cops for Cancer, Tour De Rock

Gotta roll!

Fired up for the home opener yet?

For those that have never seen the inside Alberni Valley Mulitplex (thinking about the Bulldogs players/families/friends/etc) or anyone that hasn't been in the rink in a while, I hope you enjoy this video- I took it with my feet right standing on the centre ice faceoff dot, I give you "Dog Pound 360" I really should get into movies I think....
I guess I put alot of thought into the VISUAL aspect of the rink and the game...My whole business remember is making people SEE the game, making people feel like they are AT the game. My belief is that if you see the rink in your mind you can better see the game in your mind.
The video starts facing the opposition's end of the ice....The end with the scoreclock is the Bulldogs end, as in- Dogs defend twice. The end with the catwalk and windows is the opposition end, as in-Dogs attack twice.

Man....this one gets me right fired up. Love John Ashbridge. Love the Drums. Love the Horn. Love the U2. Love the fans. Love the air raid siren. Man we gotta crank that thing up at the Mulitplex. I can't even hear it. Maybe I can do some talking on that one.....Also must say I love what CBC does. Many other networks, and many other sports, they don't seem to care much about giving the viewer the experience of being there and watching the game. The intro of the teams onto the ice, the anthems....Seems it's just commercial time to them. Kudos to CBC.
Lastly, love Youtube!


I hope you can appreciate this next video even if you aren't a Canucks fan, but a fan of "crowd energy" like me. Growning up in Manitoba I was never really a Canuck fan. Habs and Jets first, then Oilers because Cujo was there. 2002 or so watching the playoffs on CBC it was actually the CROWD that got me into the Canucks. The unreal atmosphere, the great "pop" from the crowd when the team came on the ice or scored a goal, the tradition of singing part of the Anthem, all of that got the passion flowing and next thing you know, I'm a fan!

Thanks for checking the blog!Don't be afraid to send an email HERE or add a comment below!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Who are you, where are you from, and why don't you comment!


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This Week966

Apparently people actually read this thing...Aside from a nice message board comment (Thanks Cam my friend, I really appreciate the props, thank you very much!) and the nice encouraging email now and again (thanks to the Hout's in Cali for the very nice words on Sunday) it seems that there's a few other readers/viewers that are unaccounted for. Whoever you are, thanks again for viewing/reading/etc. If no one was, then why would I be doing this? Still, don't be SHY people. Be interactive. Email me or post a comment/question/complaint/etc. I look forward to some feedback the other way every now and again. Of course I don't want anyone visiting this site to cause a fight or to bash me or the team or the league etc etc etc but I also don't want to just give YOU the reader what I think you want....Tell me. Help me help you, I think that how it goes? I try to give you a little hockey, a little personality, a little seriousness with a dose of lightheartedness, a little human-interest, some Alberni Valley pump-up stuff, BCHL thoughts, hockey in general, even a RANT now and again. All of the above coming to you in the form of pictures, audio, video, and last but not least and by far my weakest skill-the written word. As one fan said on the message board, I "won't be winning any nobel's" But that's ok, you understand me right?

ANYWAY, If there's anything else you would look forward to regularly or enjoy on here, let me know. If there is something of the above that you like more than others, let me know. Or leave me unleashed and loose and let me do my thing I guess if I am doing that good of a job! HA.

I have heard lots of feedback around town from the fans about Bryant Perrier's great interview on Saturday from Powell River. Being that it was the first time in the booth I had interviewed Bryant I didn't know what to expect really....The radio station on a nice sunny morn is different than in the press box after losing 4-1. Having said all of this- I found Bryant to be honest and articulate and intelligent. A coach through and through, but a good interview at the same time. That IS a possibility, you know?

By request- CLICK to hear Bryant Perrier on the postgame in Powell River. Enjoy.

I have to be up to do a morning show in 6 hours...sleep time.


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

So I'm not Steven Spielberg....

....but I still think I did respectable job on this using just a digital photo camera on the video function. Oscars here I come!

Took this picture right after taking the video. Loading the good 'ole bus up again to head to Nanaimo on Friday. It's a second home come hockey season. We'll be back on it Friday to head down to Duncan Friday to take on the Caps at the BIG STICK.

A big THANKS goes out to Alan Kerr, Daniel Moriarty, BCHL Comissioner John Grisdale, and Cowichan Valley Capitals Head Coach and GM Scott Robinson for helping me make the first edition of "Bulldogs this week" a roaring success last night. Thanks to the folks at Alberni Chrysler Dodge Jeep for hosting us and sponsoring the show, thanks to Diane from The Peak and thanks to Dan "the stats man" for dropping by. Final thanks goes out to The Baileys who sent in a great question for Head Coach/GM Alan Kerr via email that coach even hung around for an extra minute to answer on the air.

That's about it for today. Back to the rink again this afternoon to grab some audio for "Hammer's Preview" that will be on the Bulldogs website later this week teeing up this weekend.


Monday, September 10, 2007

Bulldogs start 0 and 2, BULLDOGS THIS WEEK is BACK 6-7pm tonight, May's new gloves, the worlds best soup?

Hello and thanks for stopping by the blog. The Bulldogs opened the season over the weekend with losses in Nanaimo Friday and Powell River Saturday. For my recaps on those games please visit the Bulldogs website and click on "Hammers Recap" to see what happened.

After everyone got the jitters and nerves out in the first game in Nanaimo I thought that everyone looked better Saturday in Powell River. That's what it's going to be about for this group- getting better every night.

This week of action sees two games- a home and home set beginning in Duncan Saturday against the Caps, before heading back to Port Alberni Saturday FINALLY for the Dogs home opener. Should be fun as always.

"Bulldogs this week" is BACK! Now, for those that probably don't know it was even gone, here's the background- In 2004-2005 the radio station (then CJAV AM) produced a 2 hour Monday night "Bulldogs This Week and BCHL This Week" show that was hosted by yours truly at the radio station. We brought on a host of guests locally and league-wide to talk BCHL and hockey in general. Due to a variety of reasons the show was put on the shelf for the last couple of years. Now, it's back, and I'm excited to be hosting it again. We have made some changes, namely- the show is only 1 hour long, and it will now be ON LOCATION at Alberni Chrysler, located "at the top of the town" in Port Alberni by the Tourist Info Centre. We have plans as the show progresses to open it up for the public to come by and watch, and even ask a question or two. For the first week though, we intend to just do the show and get the kinks out of the way. You are welcome to send an email for me or my guests HERE if you have any questions. Also, I am always open to any suggestions/complaints/ideas. Bring 'em on!

Tonights guests will be:
Dogs head coach/GM Alan Kerr
Bulldogs forward Daniel Moriarty
BCHL Commissioner John Grisdale
Cowichan Valley Capitals Coach/GM Scott Robinson

It should be a lot of fun! Big thanks to the radio station staff for making it happen, for Alberni Chrysler for coming on board, and last but no least the Bulldogs organization for their commitment and involvement. Without them, there is NO SHOW.

I have to run as I'm in the process of getting read for the show, but I have a couple of pictures for you.

First, I give you the new gloves belonging to Bulldogs Goalie Harrison May. I LOVE the "MayDay" stitching. You see, I take credit for "MayDay" being Harrison's nickname. Last season the boys were calling him "Dirty Harry" (yes after the Eastwood character) but I thought MayDay was much more appropriate. Harrison, I expect my royalty check any minute now.

I give you the "worlds best soup" (in my humble opinion) It's the "Roasted Scallop" soup first discovered by Matt Auerbach when he was the Dogs trainer. I made sure the tradition of the staff and support guys getting the soup lived on last year, and I raved about it enough this year that we got to have it again on Saturday. Honestly, I would go to Powell River and back just for this stuff. It sure tastes better than the picture might lead you to believe, trust me! No one else thought it was as good as I did....Must be due to how much I pumped it up ahead of time!
Don't forget "Bulldogs This Week" tonight at 6pm on 93.3 The Peak FM. The show might actually make it onto the BCHL Fanzone tonight under "Live Shows" It will surely be there in the future for fans and parents outside Port Alberni, but I'm not sure if the league and station can swing it for tonight. I really did my best with that one, but it's out of my hands.

Thanks for reading the blog!

Friday, September 07, 2007

Season starts TONIGHT, BIG PEAK ANNOUNCEMENT #1 + THE CHAMP epidsode for Bob Phillips!

Thanks for visiting the blog today....Very busy day, Game Day #1, a Friday for "Fall Fair" here in Port Alberni. It's a beauty of a morning and I hope the rest of the day shakes out!
It's Game #1 tonight, with an anticipated pre-game show start time at 7:20pm, with the puck drop somewhere around 7:40 to 7:45 as there will be pregame festivities a-plenty with the Clippers raising their 06-07 Championship Banner. Tonight's "feature guest" in our second intermission will be new Clippers play-by-play caller Dan Marshall. I hope you tune in, and it you do, send an email to the pressbox to let us know how it sounds, to answer our trivia question, to see if we might get a "shout-out" on the air for you. Click here to email us in the PRESSBOX

After broadcasting all 60 games last season without a colour analyst as my teammate, I have company again!
Of course Alf Thompson was my "partner in crime" for three years on the broadcast. (after he did the Jr. B. Bandits and the first year of Bulldogs before I arrived) Ace stepped down last year to focus his time and efforts into the Midget Rep program as their Head Coach.

Please join me in welcoming RICK SCHIEVINK as colour-analyst for all 30 Bulldog home games. I'm very excited for this after going it alone last year, and I hope the fans are excited too. For those that don't know Rick, he has been involved in hockey at many levels throughout his life. As a player he suited up locally here in the Valley, and even as a pro in Europe. As a coach, he is coming off of three years as Assistant Coach with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs, and further involvement with Team BC and the "Best Ever" Program.

Rick stepped down from his Bulldogs duties in August to focus his time with his new big responsibility- Head Instructor with the Alberni Valley edition of the Hockey Canada Skills Academy.
The best news is that Rick still has free time at NIGHT. Not too much free time now Rick!

Rick brings a great knowledge of the game of hockey and the BCHL, and he will be a true professional in the booth. Rick has an incredible work ethic that he put into everything he does that I have seen FIRST HAND over the last three years. I look forward to Rick bringing this to the broadcast booth!
Welcome Rick! It will be no easy process but in no time I'm sure Rick and I will be working together like a well-oiled machine!

THE CHAMP does an episode for Bob Phillips

This could be about the coolest thing EVER to end off the post today. You might have heard of THE CHAMP. AKA Bro Jake from Rock101 in Vancouver. If you haven't heard of THE CHAMP, where have you been?

I will give you some advice- The Champ is....well...THE CHAMP. The best boxer that has ever lived. He's a bit tempermental now that he has retired and he isn't in the ring much anymore. It seems each and every single week SOMEONE is stupid enough to say SOMETHING to the champ that has some naughty innuendo involved. About his wife, about him, WHATEVER. And the Champ always loses it, SNAPS, and OVERREACTS on said person. After some upper-cuts and some flurries....He's THE CHAMP and the show ends.

Well this show isn't about THE CHAMP losing it, it's about giving some nice words to someone who is in his corner- Bob Phillips.

(Pictured above with his wife Star, the absolute MOMENT that Andrew Ella scored the OT winner over the Nanaimo Clippers for the 18th WIN IN A ROW for the Dogs. It's quite possibly the best picture ever. Great job BIG DOG on getting that pic)

Speaking of BIG DOG and this special edition of THE CHAMP. It seems Big Dog might've been in the Champ's corner back in his hey-day, and he called in a special favour for his friend Bob Phillips.

And THE CHAMP delivered.

Bro Jake, you ARE the CHAMP.

Big Dog, you are the champ too.

Bob and Star, YOU are the REAL champs.

Ladies and gents, I give you THE CHAMP for Bob. A warning- It brought a tear to my eye, and it might do the same for you! Click the link below to listen!


I was hoping to be able to play it on the air today on my morning show, but I couldn't get permission in time. I hope I'm not pushing it by putting it on the blog!

For more on THE CHAMP, please visit his official website HERE

And of course Bro Jake (Jake Edwards) The 'Stro (Martin Strong) and The 'Co' (Corrie Miller) are on Rock101 HERE

Some of my favorite CHAMP episodes we used to run when I was the Morning Man at CJ1240am in The Pas, Manitoba, include:

The Old Log Inn, The BlackHawks AND last but not least- Brett Hedican. Enough of those though, as this is a FAMILY SHOW!

For Bob Phillips' ALS Blog and to learn more about this horrible disease, please click below:


ALS British Columbia

FU ALS (Friends United, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis)

That's about all I have for today. Hockey game #1 tonight, and #2 tomorrow. Off to work for me.

Thanks for checking the blog!


Thursday, September 06, 2007

Rick Schievink interview UP, My first "Weekly Preview" article is up+HUGE NEWS FROM THE PEAK+Bulldogs looking for a "Bernie"

Peak Control
Hello and thanks for checking out the blog.

First today, I give you the Rick Schievink interview from my show yesterday here on 93.3 The Peak Fm. Click the link below to hear Rick talk about the Alberni Valley-edition of the Hockey Canada Skills Academy. Rick is the head instructor. All audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak Fm.

Expect TWO (at the very least ONE) huge announcements for Bulldog fans coming from 93.3 The Peak FM sooner rather than later. I would tell you more, but they'll kill me!
Want a hint? I already gave you one- see above "for Bulldog fans" I will say no more except this- We are doing our best here at The Peak for the sports fans in our audience. We are the home of the Bulldogs. We are the home of the Canucks. More to come!

Head on over to the Bulldogs website to read my first "Weekly Preview" of the year...What a load of work this was, as I looked back at the changes the team had made throughout the spring and summer months up to camp. It can only get easier next week!

If you notice any errors- Spelling of players names, stats, what-have-you, please don't hesitate to let me know. I am very meticulous in my preparation but I am not perfect. I would rather know than keep on getting it wrong!
If you have a problem with my opinion- Write your own column!

The Dogs are looking for a "Bernie the Bulldog" If this sounds up your alley get your resume to the Dogs office by this Saturday.
I think that's it. TICK TOCK season starts tomorrow!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Hockey Canada Skills Academy Video, Rick Schievink interview 8:10 Wednesday Morning on 93.3 The Peak FM

As previously posted, Rick Schievink will be on my show tomorrow (Wednesday, September 5th) to talk about the Alberni Valley Hockey Academy. Rick was kind enough to share this video with me, a very comprehensive story done by CBC's "The National" on what the Hockey Canada Skills Academy program is all about. If you have the time, I suggest watching the video by clicking the > play button below. Also, be sure to tune into the interview.

Instant Karma, Sutter nails slew-footer, exhibition season over+back doing work for the Dogs

Hope you had a great long weekend! It was a busy one for me with my "live on location" duties as Salmon Fest surrounding a Dogs game Saturday night. The weather wasn't great, but the times were!

Lets get down to business. The "(anything but) Super Series" shifts to Canada after our boys won all four games in Russia in fairly dominating fashion. It will be nice to see the Winnipeg hockey fans perform tonight as they are second to none with their noise and enthusiasm. I still remember the last days of the Jets and the '99 World Juniors in The 'Peg. Too bad that the hockey they may see may be a little less than intense. Who knows, maybe the Russians need to get on the road to get together?

Brandon Sutter on Alexei Cherepanov. At one end of the ice, Cherepanov throws a slew-foot on Sutter. At the other end, Cherepanov cuts to the middle with his head down, and Sutter puts him out of the tournament. Ladies and Gents, boys and girls, I give you INSTANT KARMA, INSTANT PAYBACK

I laugh at the penalty that was called on Sutter. Big hits just equal penalties in this day and age. Look up slew-footing in the rule book and find out it's a major penalty. There's a simple reason for that- it's extremely dangerous. The victim most of the time doesn't see you coming, and you instantly throw them to the ice on the back of their brain.

For ANY of the ________ ___________'s (I couldn't think of ANYTHING non offensive there so I'll let you fill the blank yourselves) out there that say for ONE SINGLE SECOND that Sutter's hit wasn't clean (ok CHARGING I will maybe MAYBE give you that) I will please ask you to look at the following video.

Enjoy watching the tournament from the stands Cherepanov. Too bad your slew-foot led to you cutting to the middle with your head down which led to you getting king-kong-ed.

Rant off.

The Bulldogs prepare for the season opener Friday in Nanaimo after going 1-3 and 1 during exhibition. After going loss-tie-win the Dogs ended with two lopsided losses to Nanaimo and Victoria Saturday and Sunday. I don't have a problem with lopsided losses in exhibition (or the regular season even) as long as they are LEARNING experiences and not recurring experiences. I can't speak of the game Sunday in Victoria as I didn't head down there. What I can say about Saturday at home against Nanaimo is I hope the team learned to not get sucked in to the stupid stuff, and to keep their cool. Also, I hope they learned that the standard of play that is upheld at one moment won't be held up the next, but it might be held up later. Does that make sense? Expect nothing, be ready for what you perceive as bad calls and battle through it. Everyone goes through it. The team that does it best might very well end up higher in the standings than a team that doesn't, and further in the playoffs than a team that doesn't. It's a fact of life in the BCHL. It's a developmental league for the players as it is every one else associated with the league. I was standing with Clippers play-by-play voice Dan Marshall and I remember how dumbfounded I was with some of the things the Dogs got away with the last five minutes of the third. The Dogs sure paid for it in spades in the third with a couple of back to back 5 on 3's against. Bye bye hockey game, as the Clippers capitalized. It was an awful game for a fan to watch, and especially for a coach to watch, especially when coaches are using the games to evaluate talent. I don't know what if anything could be evaluated Saturday. Again, as I said off the top, I hope it was a learning experience.

I'm back doing the "Weekly Preview" and "Weekly Review" feature for the Bulldogs website this season, as I'm putting the finishing touches on the first edition coming out some time this week. A little hard to finish the write up and prep for my broadcasts this weekend as at the moment as I don't have the rosters for the Clippers or the Bulldogs or the Kings. Rest assured, I'm working on it.

For those that haven't read the feature before, it's pretty simple. I look forward at the Dogs "Games of the Week" and get some audio comments for your listening pleasure from a couple of players and a member of the coaching staff. Early the next week, I submit a recap of the games of the week. Then, I "lather, rinse, repeat" for every week of the season. It's just one of my duties throughout the season, but it takes alot of work. I won't let the blog go, but I will have to push the blog down a bit on the priority list.

Last but not least- I am excited to have former Bulldogs Assistant Coach Rick Schievink in on my morning show tomorrow at 8:10am on 93.3 The Peak FM. The focus of the interview will be yet another BIG NEWS item in the local hockey scene, the emergence of Port Alberni's own Hockey Academy- of which Rick will be the lead instructor. This is great news and make sure to tune in tomorrow to hear more details. If you miss the interview, I will be posting it here on the blog along with running it during a Bulldogs broadcast coming up for those that missed out. Of course I will also get Rick's comments on the Bulldogs and the time he spent with the organization as Assistant Coach from 04-05 through 06-07.

That's it for today. Busy guy here, hi-ho hi-ho.