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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Bulldogs run streak to three, host parents, Bombers need a W


Just a random picture from Saturday night to grab your attention!

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Well, here we are heading into week four of the season already. While it's still young - it's not new anymore either, if that makes sense?

The Bulldogs went 2 and 0 last weekend, running their win streak to three games. 

They earned a 4-1 win in Victoria on Friday night. Hlib Artsatbanov was fantastic, as the Grizzlies threw 50 shots on net. The number didn't feel that way at the time, but after following up with several analytic services that number sounded to be fairly accurate. 

Two goals in 16 seconds really changed that game - Victoria might believe, and might be right, that they deserved a better fate. They have a good team and the Bulldogs will need to be at their best Friday night. 

The Bulldogs topped the Nanaimo Clippers 4-2 Saturday night. They trailed early, they went up 3-1, and just when it looked like they might've ran away with it, Nanaimo answered immediately and there was no scoring until the empty netter to seal the deal. A game that certainly could've gone either way and the Clippers might feel they deserved a better fate as well. 

Saturday night the Bulldogs host the Cowichan Valley Capitals - at this moment, they are the last team to have defeated them - it was their only win so far this season. They last dropped a 2-1 overtime decision to Powell River on Saturday night at home. You can bet that they'll be an angry and motivated team when they arrive at the Dawg Pound on Saturday night. 

I would also expect the Grizzlies to show up the same way on Friday. 

This is an important practice week for the Bulldogs. One has to think you're motivation and attitude are... different... when you've lost a couple in a row, as opposed to when you've won a couple. 

At the same time, one has to think that the Bulldog Coaching Staff and Leadership group will keep everyone on task to have a week of improvement and competition within the team to find a way to get better come Friday night. That's what it's about all year - win or lose, find a way to get better both individually and as a team come the weekend. 

That's what good/great/contenting, etc teams do! 

The majority of the player's parents and families are visiting the Valley this weekend for Parent's Weekend. It's always a special time, as many people come and see our little slice of paradise for the first time, and they also get to catch up with their Boys who have been gone likely since August! 

Make sure you give them the typical Alberni Valley welcome! 

The Port Alberni Bombers are in action tonight at the Multiplex. After winning their season opening game, they've lost eight straight. I've seen marked improvement from this young team from earlier in the season to now. They seem to be on the right track. Winning is very tough at this level and as a young, inexperienced squad they have taken their lumps. 

It may sound hollow when I'm on the outside looking in, but you just need to keep working every day to get better. Here's hoping they can see some results from their efforts sooner rather than later. It's the results that can add that fuel to keep a group headed in the right direction! 

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Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Bulldogs open season 1 and 1, Broadcast Expectations

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I meant to post this last week, to give some insight into what you can expect throughout the season with our Bulldogs Hockey Broadcasts on 93.3 The Peak/ FloHockey - but I got so busy I forgot! 

It's a couple games late - but here's my annual informational post in regards to what to expect when you tune in to Bulldogs Hockey on 93.3 The Peak FM (or another medium) through the next 52 games, and any subsequent playoff games.

First and foremost - understand the medium. Which means - we're broadcasting on radio. I am your eyes. My primary goal is to enable those not at the game to SEE the game. I very much understand that some people are watching the pay-per-view and can SEE the game and they might get too much, but the people that can't see the game need more, not less!

Some insight into the broadcast philosophy... as a general rule, I will always try to be positive. At the same time I try to be honest. The core fan base of this team from day one is an educated one. They want me to "call a spade a shovel" and not sugar coat things. Having said that, I'm well aware that there is always one fan on one side of the fence, and one on the other side of the fence. It is one of the challenges and benefits of having such a great fan base and community here that cares for the team and is involved with the team on many levels. There's also a few fans standing ON TOP of the fence - not sure what side they are on. Ha. 

The  job isn't an easy one, as I am always walking the fine fine fine line of not wanting to offend the parent/fan/billet/sponsor that is looking for entertainment, and something to root for and get emotionally invested in. The other side are the true hockey people/fans/parents etc. They want to know the REAL SCOOP. They want BLAME outright, and ANSWERS why the team isn't winning, or why they are winning, and they might have an agenda.

In my opinion there isn't anything wrong with being on one side of that or the other either! In the end the hockey is great, and it's highly competitive. You win some, you lose some, you can't win them all and the line between both results is sometimes - or more often than not - razor thin.

In the end, I'm just "calling it like I see it" as my employer (for those that don't know, it's 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, LP, not the Alberni Valley Bulldogs that signs my cheques, a very common misconception) wants me to do, and as I have done for about 1300? games over the last 20 years or so. Why? Because it hasn't failed me yet. People won't always like what they hear, or don't hear, but I simply can't help it if the game on the ice isn't going the way you want for the team - or an individual on the team.

I'm very happy to inform you that we have Van Isle Ford (home games) and Pacific Chevrolet (away games) back as our title sponsors this year - if you appreciate the broadcasts, thank them with your business!

We begin our broadcasts approximately 15 minutes to puck drop with our pregame show where we speak with coaches from both sides of the puck about the game and current events. We end the game with a post game show with a game recap, a chit chat from a member of the Bulldog Coaching staff, post game show awards and out of town scoreboard updates. In between periods, we speak with Bulldog players both past and present, as well as Coaches/Broadcasters/Executives from around the BCHL and who knows where else!

If you are interesting in being a sponsor on Bulldog Broadcasts, the more the merrier - contact our sales staff at 93.3 The Peak at 250-723-2455, we have plenty of options from big to small available!

Listening Live on your computer:
Watching Live on your computer/SmartPhone

Also a huge thanks to ALL our sponsors that make the broadcasts happen. Fans that have listened before will know that we strive to put together a professional big-league broadcast, and in my humble and very biased opinion, I think we accomplish that.

If you appreciate and like the broadcasts, please thank the sponsors that make them all happen with your business!

If there is something you don't like, we always welcome your feedback - drop me a line by the contact form here on the blog. 

We would love to hear from you throughout the season - feedback, comments, complaints, criticism - constructive or otherwise, an interesting stat or fact about your son or brother or family member that may be on the team, where you might be listening to the game from, etc etc. 


The Bulldogs began the opening weekend with a win and a loss - 5-1 over Coquitlam Friday night, and 6-4 to the Langley Rivermen on Saturday night. 

I liked what I saw out of the team on both nights. I obviously didn't like the end result Saturday night, but I thought the team could've just as easily won that game. One can argue - leading by two at one point, and leading 3-2 after 40 minutes that they SHOULD have won that game. 

This league is way to good to take a shift off - better yet five to ten minutes off, which is what I thought happened Saturday night. 

The Rivermen came out to start the third inspired, to a man, at a level that the Bulldogs weren't at. Before they knew what hit them, they went from leading 3-2, to losing 4-3. 

Once in that position, they weren't able to push back immediately, and they fell into a 5-3 hole. 

You can't always be at your best - and despite your talent, it's not going to be easy. There's another team out there, and in this league - they are all good. 

The Bulldogs responded, and made it a 5-4 game. However - it took them too long to respond. Momentum is hard to earn, and turn sometimes. Good teams find a way to answer IMMEDIATELY - or better yet, they don't let the other team up off the mat at all. 

They did eventually respond, and they then spent the better part of the final five minutes all over the Rivermen in their zone. The game was lost either at the start of the period, or the following minutes where they gave up what proved to be the game winning goal. 

It sounds so cliche - but I think it's appropriate - you need to play a full 60 minutes. Here's hoping that the Bulldogs earned a valuable lesson Saturday night.

A 2 and 0 start to the season on the road was within reach - but a response from Langley wasn't immediately answered, and despite controlling the play late, they couldn't dig out of the hole and they came home with a 1 and 1 record. 

I'm very much looking forward to the team returning to action this weekend - especially seeing them play at home for the first time this season! 

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Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Two down, two to go for Bulldogs, Bombers 1 and 1, Toy Run + more


Hi, Happy Tuesday, and thanks for checking out the blog. 

I need a weekend for my weekend! Bulldogs, Bombers, the Fall Fair, Soccer, Rugby... did I miss anything in there?  

The Bulldogs went 1 and 1, topping  the Clippers 4-0 in Nanaimo on Friday night, and dropping a 6-4 decision at home on Saturday night. 

It's always hard to get an accurate read this time of year as teams aren't dressing their full rosters, players are making their first appearance in the BCHL (albeit in exhibition) and the level of intensity isn't what it will be when it comes to game one. 

Having said that, it's as close as you're going to get prior to Game One on September 22nd. 

I saw some good things- I saw some concerning things. I'm excited for the season to begin for real, and of course the final two preseason games this weekend - in Duncan against the Capitals on Friday and at the Multiplex on Saturday night when the Bulldogs host the Capitals to conclude their preseason.

You can watch Friday's game on FloHockey, courtesy of Capitals play-by-play broadcaster Justis Doucet. 


The Port Alberni Bombers also went 1 and 1 to start their regular season, winning 3-1 in Nanaimo on Thursday and falling 8-4 in Lake Cowichan on Friday. 

There's perhaps no better introduction to the grind that is Junior Hockey than back to back games on the road in as many nights! I was happy to see the Bombers get a win on night one, and fight back from a hole and show no signs of quitting on Saturday. There will be growing pains - but having standards in regards to your character as a team can take you a long way. 

The Bombers play their home opener Friday when they host Oceanside - they visit the Generals on Saturday night. 

The 39th Annual Port Alberni Toy Run goes this Saturday and Sunday. 

It's a very busy day for me, as I'll be doing my regular bike count live on 93.3 The Peak FM Saturday afternoon, before broadcasting live from the Glenwood Centre to follow. Always a fun time - here's hoping for good weather! 

Find out all the details you need to know on the Toy Run website here

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Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Bulldogs begin preseason this week HOME BROADCASTS are back, Bombers regular season begins, Black Sheep open season


The Bulldogs begin their 2023 preseason schedule Friday when they visit the Nanaimo Clippers at the Frank Crane Arena. 

They then host the Clippers this Saturday at the Dawg Pound for their home preseason opener. 

You will be able to watch this game on Flo Hockey, thanks to the encouragement and support of the Bulldogs. 

(You will also be able to watch the September 16th home preseason finale on Flo Hockey, as the Bulldogs host the Cowichan Valley Capitals. )

I cannot stress enough that this is NO WHERE near the product that you can come to expect throughout the season when we are broadcasting on 93.3 The Peak FM and Flo Hockey takes our audio broadcast to sync up with their video pay-per-view.

I won't have any produced elements or much of a pregame show, intermission coverage, interviews, or a post game show or anything along those lines.

I also won't have much lead time when it comes to finding out rosters/line ups and associated names and numbers for players like we do throughout the season, so please keep that in mind. 

It bothers me to put out a less than "finished product" but I know that fans/parents/families etc. will appreciate it none the less! 

Once again - this is strictly a volunteer effort to:

a) make sure all our equipment works
b) to make sure I still remember how to do play-by-play (HA) 

c) to give you an opportunity to be able to follow the game.

To watch the game, head on over to FLO HOCKEY 

I'm unaware at this point the status of a broadcast being available Friday in Nanaimo, or next Friday in Duncan. I'll be sure to post an update here and on Social Media should I find out more! 

The Port Alberni Bombers begin their third season in the VIJHL this week, as they have back to back road games Thursday in Nanaimo, and Friday in Lake Cowichan. 

Their home opener is September 15th when they host Oceanside. 

The Port Alberni Black Sheep Rugby Club also have their season open this Saturday, when they host Nanaimo. Kick off is at 1:00pm at the top of Argyle.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Bombers begin VIJHL exhibition tonight, Black Sheep Rugby Kids Camps continue...


The Port Alberni Bombers play their lone Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League preseason game tonight, as they visit the Storm in the imposter Salmon Capitol of the World, Campbell River. Everyone of course knows the real legitimate holder of that title is Port Alberni :) 

Game time is 7:30

Storm play-by-play voice Mark Berry has the call. You can watch on FloHockeyTV or listen live through Mixlr

The Bombers begin their third season in the VIJHL a week from tomorrow, as they play their regular season opener in Nanaimo against the Buccaneers. 

The Port Alberni Blacksheep Rugby Club, in conjunction with BC Grassroots Rugby foundation, are putting on FREE Kids camps all this week - click the image above. Get the kids up there today, tomorrow and Friday. 

Rugby is great - my kids started to dabble in it a bit over the last couple of years. Sports are great in general -  get some exercise, stay out of trouble, learn to be accountable to your teammates, yourself, respectful to Coaches, Officials, etc etc etc ! 

Thanks for reading! 


Tuesday, August 29, 2023

An ode to Chase Klassen..... and... who wears the "C" ?


I stumbled upon the below video on Social Media over the weekend. An entertaining watch (nice touch with the Metallica - but, needs more Hammer ;) ) that brought out some emotions and provoked some thoughts of the future of the Bulldogs. 

It suddenly hit me that Chase won't be out there this year. It's one of the facts of life of Junior Hockey - the circle of life, so to speak, if you are a Lion King fan....and who isn't, right?! Old guys graduate (yah, 20 is old, in the Junior Hockey game) and new guys come in. 

Despite all that, for me for some reason it's hard to think about Chase not being in a Bulldog sweater. He played over 150 games as a Bulldog- he played as an affiliate player in 2019-20, and then was one of the leaders of the 2020 "Pod season" At the 2021-2022 Year End Banquet, Joe Martin announced that he would be the Captain for the 2022-2023 season. 

He's a player that was somewhat from a different era. He was physically dominant and  put a little bit (or perhaps a lot) of fear into the opposition. He kept the other side.... honest. He found a way to walk the line most of the time to be able to still play a tough and physical game, when it seems more often than not now a days that you can't play that way anymore and it's the responsibility of the hitter, and not the hitee (is that english?) to protect and defend themselves. It's a contact sport - and Chase played the game that way. As you'll see in the below video! 

As someone who works in conjunction with the team, he was a classy and kind individual who always said Hello. My kids absolutely loved him from his appearances at their School, and I've heard countless stories of the difference he made with countless kids being involved with Alberni Valley Minor Hockey. 

While I travel with the team, eat with the team and spend an inordinate amount of time with them throughout the season I am NOT present in the "trenches" so to speak - I'm not on the bench, I'm not in the room, etc. but the fact he was named Captain says all you need to know about what Head Coach  Joe Martin thought of him and his character. I reached out to him, and others with the team to provide a few words on Chase.... 

From Bulldogs President David Michaud:

It was a gift to watch Chase Klassen grow with our organization from his rookie season during the pod, to finishing as our team captain in his final year.  The reason everyone loves Chase is because the combination of what makes him so special feels rare.  Not everyone has it in them to be like Chase.  That not a knock on other players, it’s praise for the human Chase Klassen has become.  I’ll personally miss having Chase around our group everyday, it will be different without him. 

From Bulldogs Assistant Coach Ryan Rehill:

I met Chase on the ice the summer before my first season coaching with the Bulldogs. Immediately he struck me as a confident, personable veteran player with great energy and hockey abilities. After reflecting on a full season with Chase, I realize that the first impression he gave me is exactly the person he is everyday. I think that is a large part of why Chase had such an impact on the Bulldogs and the Port Alberni community. He was always himself, nothing less. Chase was a fan favourite not just for his tenacity and energy that he brought to the ice, but for the person he is off the ice. Personable, confident, and genuine is how Chase was with anybody that he crossed paths with. There is no clearer example of character and leadership than being chosen Captain prior to camp for the upcoming season. It was a privilege to spend a season with Chase, he has left the Bulldogs and Alberni Valley better than he found them. 

 As for who wears the Captain's C this upcoming season? No idea. I have a couple guys in my head that from how they play, I think will be considered for the role. As I said earlier, I don't know what goes on behind closed doors or in the heat of the moment enough to make an educated guess, nor do I think it's fair to throw names about.

I look forward to finding out who is tasked with this job. I trust the management to make the right selection. It's an incredibly important one, and it takes a special individual to lead a team. There's a lot of pressure, there are expectations and duties that come with the title - it's not just a letter on a sweater, that's for sure. No successful team exists without great leadership, and the Bulldogs were blessed with it last season. 

As for what's next for Chase - I saw a post on Social Media that made me smile - but sadly I can't find it again! In it, it was announced that Chase will be working in an Assistant Coach role with the VIJHL's Westshore Wolves - where his Junior hockey career began. Outstanding news! 

Training Camp begins Friday at the Dawg Pound!

If you have thoughts on Chase, I'd love to see them in the comment section. 

Thanks as always for reading. 


Friday, August 25, 2023

Building the Bulldogs ...


Hi, Happy Friday, and thanks for visiting the blog. 

Training Camp begins a WEEK from today!

In building the roster for the upcoming season, the team has added/signed/acquired the following players - in no particular order from the end of last season: 

Defenceman Anthony Ip

Forward Wyatt Blace - brother of Bulldog Defender Braden. 

Forward Daniel Vasic 

Forward Jack Ziliotto - committed to NCAA Division I - RPI Engineers. 

Forward Lucas Buzziol - committed to NCAA Division I - Union College

Forward Jimmy Lyver - committed to NCAA Division I - Holy Cross. 

Defenceman Lenny Greenberg, committed to NCAA Division I - Sacred Heart. 

Forward Samuel Leonard, committed to NCAA Division I - St. Lawrence 

Forward Hayden Stavroff - from the Salmon Arm Silverbacks.  The Bulldogs recently announced his committment to play NCAA Division I with Dartmouth College. 

Defenceman Matias Myllykoski

Goalie Gleb Artsatbanov 

Forward Grayson Badger - committed to NCAA Division I - Northeastern 

Forward Fischer O'Brien