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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Martin Mars Water Bomber Update- VIDEOS+PICTURES from California

My thanks again to Barb for finding this great update on the Hawaii Mars mission down in California on Lake Shasta.

This great website has a video of the arrival. It is cool to see the plane landing, especially after battling through several challenges just to get down there. I'm knocking on wood for the skies to clear so they can start BOMBING, and they will have safe flights.

Read the story about the arrival HERE

a photo gallery HERE

and more photos HERE

and user-submitted photos HERE

By request- Rob Schick interview, Another Martin Mars Water Bomber Update. NHL free agency,

Wow, what a weekend! And WOW what am I doing working today??!! The show must go on I guess.

Some thank yous are in order for the great friends we have that opened their homes to us over the weekend.....Thanks to Angel and family for inviting us over Saturday for a BBQ gathering to see the progress with Jelly Bean the service dog. And of course a dip in the pool. After that it was off to Crystal's for BBQ # 2 on the day and a little Bocce. I am still undefeated in Port Alberni when it comes to Bocce. It's true, ask ex-Bulldog trainer Matt Auerbach, now with the WHL's Chilliwack Bruins.

Yesterday we were invited out to the Bailey's for a dip in Sproat Lake and a cool beverage. No better way to beat the heat!! Thanks Norm and Barb! Holy smokes is Sproat Lake ever cold! It's no lake in Manitoba by any stretch, but still chilly with the lack of any sustained warm temperatures until the last several days. You can't get any more refreshing than that though!

After that it was over to Parksville and another BBQ gathering at my good friend Paul's house, and a walk on Rathtrevor Beach and into the Pacific....And finally back home to a HOT house and a bed to be able to wake up at 5am for the morning show today.

What a couple of days! I am amazed and thankful every day with the incredible beauty of where I live, and I'm also thankful for the great and kind friends we have here!

Ask, and you shall receive. By popular demand, I'm providing a copy of the Rob Shick and crew Alberni Valley Charity Golf Classic interview from the 93.3 THE PEAK FM Morning Show Thursday morning for your listening enjoyment here on the blog. I have had a tonne of emails and facebooks about this. Enjoy the interview- click the link under the PEAK logo

(audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM, A Division of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, LP.)

Thanks to Barb for finding this story about the Mars arriving on the scene in Cali.

Tomorrow isn't only Canada's 141st birthday, but also the start of the always-crazy NHL free agency.
Check out TSN's website or Sportsnet's website if you are looking for the scoops and the breaking stuff.

What will the Canucks do? Who knows!!! Phone Mike Gillis!
That's it for now, thanks for reading!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Another update on the Martin Mars Water Bombers, beware the UV index, Jim Hughson calling the Blue Jays on CBC.

Happy sort-of long weekend, and thanks for checking the blog.

First off, my thanks to Judy for reading the blog and emailing me this incredible picture of one of the Martin Mars Water Bombers. What a great picture!
I was down at the Harbour Quay this morning picking up some produce and meat at the Farmers Market when I heard that beautiful sound again, that unmistakable drone.

Shortly thereafter the Hawaii Mars flew overhead at 11:04 am P.S.T and down the Alberni Inlet, no doubt bound for Northern California.

God speed gentlemen, and hang in there California, the Mars is coming!

Here's an update with some further news regarding what was going on with Flying Tankers Inc. yesterday, written by Sandra McCulloch from the Times Colonist Newspaper.

Thanks to Barb for the link to the story!

She's going to be a hot one today! And a nasty one on the UV scale.

Check out today's forecast from Environment Canada so you know what you are getting into if you are heading outside in the afternoon today and tomorrow...and Monday and Tuesday...Is summer finally here?

Take care of yourselves and your loved ones, don't let them get burned!


I was flipping the channels this morning and I also heard another unmistakable tone. This one wasn't due to four huge engines though! No, it was the sweet tones of Jim Hughson, back on the air with CBC's coverage of the Toronto Blue Jays.

Is it just me, or did the CBC never get the credit they deserved for everything they have done in securing Jim Hughson's services for not only Hockey Night in Canada, but also Blue Jays Broadcasts and anything else they do?

Hughson is such a pro, and so smooth. I'm not usually into BaseBall until September when the races are really hot, but when I landed on the game with Jim calling it I just couldn't change the channel. I could listen to him calling play-by-play of the gardening channel!

While all of his professional talents are evident for anyone watching CBC, what people don't know is that Hughson is a true good guy. A class act, a true gentlemen, if you will. How do I know this? Lets just say that I am extremely lucky to be able to know this first hand.

Off to a pool party today at my good friend Angel's house, then a little BBQ tonight.

Beware the sun!!


Friday, June 27, 2008

An update on Coulson Flying Tankers and the Martin Mars Waterbombers.....

Yesterday and today I had several inquiries while at the radio station and while on my own time regarding the status of the Mars Water Bombers.

In response to this, I put a call into The Coulson Group of Companies head offices earlier today looking for an update on Hawaii Mars and the overall status of Coulson Flying Tankers

Imagine my surprise minutes ago when Coulson Group CEO Wayne Coulson called me to give me an update! I have never spoken to or met Wayne before but he was a pleasure to chat with and I could sure tell how passionate he is about these planes and what they mean to this city.

Here is the update Wayne gave me:

  • The crew departed for California yesterday, but ran into a mechanical problem that required them to return to base to solve.
  • The problem has since been rectified, and the plane will depart at first light tomorrow for California.
  • They will operate out of Lake Shasta in Northern California.
  • Plenty of fires are currently burning, and things look to get worse before they get better as lightning is in the upcoming forecast.
I know I am not alone when I brim with pride not only for the City of Port Alberni but also for the Province of B.C. and the great country of Canada when I think of these magnificent behemoths of the skies arriving on the scene as the cavalry to save property, land, and lives!

The thought of the fire situation in California "hits home" with me when I think of all the Bulldogs players and their families down there. Hope you guys are doing alright!

I'm sure everyone has their own favorite piece of "Mars Media". I must've received the pictures of the Mars skimming the beach to pick up in the reservoir down in Cali last year about 50 TIMES. Here's my favorite items, taken with my own little digital camera off my deck 2 summers ago. Is there any sound as beautiful?

Thanks again to Wayne for the updates. I will get more when possible!!

This day in Hockey History: Bobby Hull and the WHA changed EVERYTHING

[Photo: Globe & Mail, Bruce Trickey]

Today's Canadian Headline....
Winnipeg Manitoba - Bobby Hull signs 10-year contract for $2,500,000 to coach and play for the Winnipeg Jets of the fledgling World Hockey Association, giving the WHA instant credibility; hockey's first millionaire, Hull plays out his career with Swedish stars Anders Hedberg and Ulf Nilsson. Here he is in action in 1967 against the Leaf's Bruce Gamble.

More on NHL numbers- Leafs vs Bryan McCabe

I thought that this was a funny thing to see on the wire first thing this morning when the last item I posted yesterday was about the NUMBERS of the game nowadays. Read below for the proof in the pudding!

Toronto Maple Leafs look to cut ties with defenceman Bryan McCabe

TORONTO - The Toronto Maple Leafs are looking for a way to cut ties with veteran defenceman Bryan McCabe.

The team has been working for almost a month on convincing McCabe to soften his stance on the no-trade, no-movement clause in his contract - with no success.

`We've asked (McCabe's agent Ian Pulver) about teams they would accept a trade to, but they said they wouldn't accept a trade, and that (the Leafs) should buy Bryan out,' Leafs GM Cliff Fletcher told the Toronto Star on Thursday.

'That's where it stands. There's a long time before camp and we'll see if we can resolve this closer to camp.'

Fletcher, through assistant Jeff Jackson, told Pulver the Leafs have no intention of absorbing the salary cap hit on the remaining three seasons of McCabe's contract. McCabe is owed US$6.15 million for next season and $4.15 million in each of the final two seasons.

Under a buyout scenario the Leafs would absorb two-thirds of the remaining salary and, according to a report on TSN's website, a $2-million signing bonus that has to be paid by Sept. 15.

(The Canadian Press)(Toronto Star)

The BC Bike Race comes to Port Alberni this weekend. Check it all out on their website HERE

Sunday is day two of the race, which sees the riders travel from Cowichan Lake to Port Alberni. I am not sure what the riders ETA is at Bob Dailey stadium, but it will be quite the site to see with all of the tents set up. If I can find out a estimated time of their arrival on Sunday, I'll post it here.

That's it for now!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

NHL News- NHL + NHLPA announce 2008-2009 payroll details

Lets be honest when it comes to the NHL fans in the salary cap era....

For every fan that doesn't get the system and doesn't care to follow the numbers closely, there is the opposite hardcore fan that could walk into an NHL office and do a good job of assisting the "capologist" in the following the numbers and the impact of contracts on the rosters. You may not believe that, but I believe those people are out there.

With the game this day and age under a salary cap, it is almost a full-time job to follow the numbers!

Click the link to read the release from NHL.COM about the numbers for 2008-2009

On the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show today....

Just after 8:10am we'll be talking about the Alberni Valley Charity Golf Classic at Alberni Golf Club July 4th and 5th. Special guests include Les Doiron and Kathy Cross who will be joining me in the studio.

Kathy appears on behalf of Community Schools, one of the organizations benefiting from the tournament this year.
photo:Jeff Vinnick/Getty Images

Joining us via the phone lines will be Port Alberni native and NHL referee Rob Schick. For those that don't know, this tournament was first started by Schick 14 years ago. While the tournament no longer carries his name as it used to, Rob's legacy lives on with the tournament still taking place every year and still raising money for worthwhile causes!

Should be a good interview, I hope you can listen in!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Kyle Wellwood to the Vancouver Canucks...

Ross Raymond, this one is for you.....we were just talking about this yesterday, lol!

As per a CKNW report...

CKNW Breaking News...

The Vancouver Canucks have claimed former Toronto Maple Leaf Kyle Wellwood off waivers.

Sent at 9:55am


Great article on Brett Hextall from

I was pleased to see this one end up in my email inbox from the NHL pr people, about Penticton Vee and recent NHL draft pick (Phoenix Coyotes) Brett Hextall....Great story, and great for the BCHL to get publicity like this!


I had to laugh after reading the comments from Coyote GM Don Maloney. How he desrcibes Hextall, is exactly how I thought of him after I heard he got drafted. I didn't get the chance to see him play often, but he was always a competitor. I still remember when the Vees visited the Dog Pound this season....the Dogs built up a 5-0 lead. I remember trying to do the play-by-play, but my eyes kept shifting towards Hextall. He had some sort of bone to pick with former Vee Chris Moulson. One shift, the next, and so on and so forth.

Now of course you want your leaders and battlers to not let you get into a 5-0 hole.....I still have respect for a guy who isn't just going through the motions by that point and start the bus.

Some of the good ones can turn the passion on and off. Some of the great ones NEVER turn it off.

Here's to Hextall being a future BCHL'er turned NHL'er.


"Celebration of Life" for Chris Talbot yesterday.

It was a nice afternoon yesterday as I attended the celebration of Chris Talbot's life at the Alberni Golf Club. It was indeed a celebration, with a large crowd in attendance.

The second I walked in and saw how many people showed up I thought "this obviously says something about the man he was"

It was nice to see so many people from the different Island Radio stations. The Wolf, The Wave, The Eagle, etc etc. Again, I think that says something about the man.

My thanks to Rob Bye, the other Island Radio staff, and the staff of the Alberni Golf Club who did all the work to plan and carry out the proceedings yesterday. It was indeed a day of celebration.

It was the wish of Chris and Marsha to not have a memorial service....My only regret from yesterday is that Chris wasn't present to see how many friends he really had! Maybe the boss had a nice view of the proceedings!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

From the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show today....BC Provincial Motocross Championships interview

I was pleased to have a couple special guests in the studios this morning from the Alberni Motocross Association- Brian Higgins, Myrna Hansen, and Paige Hansen- to talk about BC Provincial Motocross Championships being held right here in the Alberni Valley July 4th 5th and 6th.

If you missed it, click the below link to hear a copy of the interview from the show this morning.
All audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM, a Division of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, LP.

Click HERE for the INTERVIEW

For more information- check out the ALBERNI MOTOCROSS ASSOCIATION website


Monday, June 23, 2008


Good Monday to you!

Please excuse my lack of posting over the weekend. I had this little thing to do called RELAY FOR LIFE that kind of messed with my schedule!

Speaking of the Relay for Life- What a blast! And what a great showing by Port Alberni. Over $86,000 was raised for Cancer Support and Research. Yes, 86,000!! Quite a showing for a city of this size, and pretty incredible as the sheer numbers of people involved in the relay were down considerably with about a 50% decline in attendance being my estimate, and being a number I had heard on Friday night.

A few ideas as to why the numbers were down? Firstly, just plain burnout could be a factor. This is the fourth year of the Relay for Life in Port Alberni. Anyone that has done it every year so far might've needed a break this year. It is a lot of work to organize a team and fund raise and do all the planning and packing for hanging out at Bob Dailey Stadium all night. I met plenty of first-timers Friday night/Saturday morning and they were quite excited to be there and blown away by the experience of kids getting their heads shaved and the luminary and survivor laps. I hope they take the proverbial ball and run with it for next year's Relay.

Second possible reason- the WEATHER. That would be the weather at last year's Relay, and the weather we've had so far this spring. Last year the Relay was plagued by rain and hurricane-force winds. Anyone in Port Alberni can argue that we haven't even really had a spring yet this year as the weather has been for the most part pretty poor.

Maybe summer was just waiting for Relay? This year, the "first day of summer" really did mean something as the night was beautiful and perfect for the event. Not too damn, not too cold, little wind. Conditions for staying up from 7pm to 7am were PERFECT!

There wasn't a wink of sleep at the 93.3 THE PEAK FM tent! Peak afternoon host Jolie McMullan did a great job on Friday getting on my show bright and early in the morning hours to get the word out that we needed a putting green and plenty of gift certificates to make a good contest to help pass the time and raise some money while we were at it. The Port Alberni business committee came out in full force for this one, as Jolie had amassed a haul she estimated to be valued at around $1,000 when it was all said and done.

Our plan was simple- Make a putt, get your name in the drawbox, free of charge. Miss the putt, and you had to put a dollar in the "bogie jar" which we would donate to the Relay for Life organizers at the end of the Relay. It was a very simple idea but it went over very well! There are always tonnes of events to do over the hours of Relay to keep everyone busy, but sometimes you need to do something different to "change it up" and get another kick of energy. The golf seemed to be a perfect idea as I'm sure everyone tried it at least once. We must've had over 1,000 names in the drawbox and we ended up raising well over $100.00 for Relay. Now a hundred bucks doesn't sound like much, but keep in mind it was only a loonie a pop, and only if you missed your putt! So we did pretty good.

The heroes of the night in my eyes were the 7 and 5 year olds getting their heads shaved for more money for Relay! I think I heard the one girl raised over $500.00!!

Thanks to my co-MC's Jolie and Charles Mealey. I thought we did a great job keepin' em up all night! Thanks as well to the organizers for giving my compatriots and I a chance to MC. It is always a blast, even if it messes up the weekend!

I totally missed the NHL draft Friday, due to the Relay proceedings. I still haven't really heard what happened but I will do my best today to catch up on the picks and the trades and everything else.
My thanks to Danno for sending me this article to expedite that process- by my facebook friend Scott Brown, from THE NANAIMO DAILY NEWS

Congrats to the BCHL talent drafted:

Justin Schultz, Westside Warriors- 3rd round, 43rd overall Anaheim Ducks
Zac Dalpe, Penticton Vees- 3rd round, 45th overall Carolina Hurricanes
Derek Grant, Langley Chiefs- 4th round, 119th overall Ottawa Senators
Taylor Stefishen, Langley Chiefs- 5th round, 136th overall Nashville Predators
Grant Rollheiser, Trail Smoke Eaters- 6th round, 158th overall Toronto Maple Leafs
Brett Hextall, Penticton Vees- 6th round, 159th overall Phoenix Coyotes
Congrats Jade! a big congrats goes out to my good buddy Jade Vilandre for graduating from NIC last week. Jade is a true beauty, a big PEAK fan (as you can see below in the pic) and a good friend. I was most humbled to be invited to his after-grad party last Wednesday. I was even more proud for Jade and his accomplishments. He not only graduated, he also won several awards for students in the special needs program. It was inspiring to me to see Jade and his family so proud of his accomplishments. Way to go buddy!

That's it for now- more later!

Friday, June 20, 2008

(Updated with interview link) On the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show today...PLUS High hopes for BCHL'ers on NHL entry draft day

Just after 8:10am, new Alberni Valley Bulldogs Business Manager Blair Noel will be joining me in PEAK studios. If you miss it, I'll post it here to the blog later so you can listen to it at your own leisure.

Update- Here is the link- Click to LISTEN TO THE BLAIR NOEL INTERVIEW.

Audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM, a Division of the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, LP.

An exciting day today, with as many as 8 BCHL'ers possible to get drafted today.

Ranked players include:

Zac Dalpe, Penticton Vees
Ranked 16th among North American skaters, and 20th overall

Justin Schultz, Westside Warriors
Ranked 38th among North American skaters, and 40th overall

Derek Grant, Langley Chiefs
Ranked 40th among North American skaters

Taylor Stefishen, Langley Chiefs
Ranked 80th among North American skaters

Brodie Reid, Burnaby Express
Ranked 85th among North American skaters

Eric Filiou, Nanaimo Clippers
Ranked 155th among North American skaters

Russell Goodman, Nanaimo Clippers
Ranked 160th among North American skaters

Rich Manley, Burnaby Express
Ranked 163rd among North American skaters

Best of luck to all players today and tomorrow, I hope that all of them get drafted, plus we get a couple of sleepers drafted too!!


Jackie Little dominates to win BC Senior Women's Amateur Championship, RELAY FOR LIFE TONIGHT, The Internet is SERIOUS BUSINESS!

Hello, and happy Friday! First off today- A big congrats out to Port Albernian Jackie Little, for her dominating win at the BC Senior Women's Amateur Championship.

Read the story from the BC Golf Association website HERE

The Relay for Life goes at Bob Dailey Stadium from 7pm tonight to 7am tomorrow morning. I'll be involved as a co-MC along with Peak afternoon drive host Jolie McMullan and Port Alberni City Councillor and Public Address Voice of the Bulldogs, Charles Mealey.

If you are not taking part in Relay tonight, at least come out and watch some of the proceedings and cheer on the walkers. Opening ceremonies go at 7pm. Music and entertainment goes all night long. Stop by the 93.3 THE PEAK FM tent for a chance to enter a draw for a gift basket by donation, with all proceeds going to Relay for Life.

Of course you can also keep Jolie and I company!


The Internet is serious business folks. It is the present and it is the future and it is a legitimate and huge source of revenue. Big enough that the New York Rangers were willing to fight to retain control of their website, and big enough that the NHL is willing to try and get their ownership removed over it!

Serious business! Read the story from the Globe and Mail by clicking here

That's all for now!
See you at Relay tonight I hope!


Thursday, June 19, 2008

Sick Twist in the "Feet washing up on the BC Coast" story.

You probably thought that this story couldn't be any more weird and sad in the first place...Well, it just went from freaky street and made a U-turn towards sick and twisted avenue!

Some people are M-E-S-S-E-D!

This CKNW Breaking News Update just came to my phone:

CKNW Breaking News...

The BC Coroners Service says remains found yesterday in Campbell River are not human.

The Service says itself, a forensic pathologist and an anthropologist examined the
shoe and remains, and determined a skeletonised animal paw was inserted
into the shoe with a sock and packed with dried seaweed.

The Coroners Service calls this type of hoax reprehensible and
very disrespectful to the families of missing persons.

Sent at: 12:50pm

On the 93.3 The Peak FM morning show today

Should be fun this morning as I have a special interview with a couple of very special guests, just after 8:10am.

The topic will be the upcoming Alberni Valley Charity Golf Classic, at the Alberni Golf Club July 4th and 5th.

My guests today:

"King" Richard Brodeur...
A-Channel Sports Anchor/Sports Reporter (and my good friend) Mira Laurence...

AND local extraordinary volunteers Gerry Fagan and and Joan Hall AND the BIG DOG Les Doiron. He's the one on the left!

Should be fun!

BCHL not sure about playoff format, Great TRAVIS CROSS story, Port Alberni Golfer Jackie Little leads BC Senior Women's Amateur Championship

First off today- The BCHL has changed the format of it's schedule, but when it comes to the playoff format things are still up in the air.

I'm not sure what to think about this.

Read more with this great story by Michael Rhode in the Nanaimo Daily News.

Another great story by Mr. Rhode out of the Nanaimo Daily News focuses on Travis Cross, and how he has been inspired by the support he has received from the people of the Alberni Valley.

Click to read- Hometown Gets Behind Olympian

Way to go S'Port Alberni! Makes me proud to be one of you!

Port Alberni resident Jackie Little- owner of the Hollies Golf Club, but playing this week at the BC Senior Women's Amateur Championships out of the Alberni Golf Club, is running away with the tournament after two rounds of play. She holds a NINE stroke lead after 36 holes at the Spallumcheen Golf and Country Club in Vernon.

Read the press release from the British Columbia Golf Association website HERE

And way to go Jackie!

That's it for now!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Tiger's season done

From the wire

Tiger Woods to miss rest of season with torn left knee ligament

Tiger Woods will miss the rest of the season because of surgery to repair a torn ligament in his left knee, an injury he has been dealing with the last 10 months despite winning nine of 12 tournaments.

Woods also said he suffered a double stress fracture of his left tibia while preparing to return to the PGA Tour last month, which forced him to miss the Memorial and was the source of his pain at Torrey Pines when he won the U.S. Open.

He had arthroscopic surgery April 15 to clean out cartilage in his left knee, bypassing ACL surgery with hopes it could get him through the 2008 season. But going 91 holes for his 14th career major made it impossible to play any longer.

`Now, it is clear that the right thing to do is to listen to my doctors, follow through with this surgery and focus my attention on rehabilitating my knee,' Woods said.

Woods was last seen in public late Monday afternoon walking with a pronounced limp across Torrey Pines toward the parking lot, the U.S. Open trophy in his arms. Upcoming surgery makes his 14th major title even more staggering - despite the stress fractures, he managed to win a U.S. Open that required 91 holes over five days.

Woods played only seven events worldwide this year and won five of them.(The Associated Press)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Chris Talbot Passes Away

93.3 The Peak FM, The Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, and the City of Port Alberni, lost a great one on Sunday.

I was shocked, shattered, and confused when I got the call Sunday night that Chris had died. I wanted so dearly to write something here to share my thoughts on this the last couple of days, but it wasn't until today that a notice was officially sent out by company management addressing the issue to the public.

I know it is a small town and most of you have heard this news already, but I hope that given the circumstances you understand and respect my reasons for not addressing this until now.

This is the notice that was sent out to staff and the media today:

Chris Talbot passes away.

We have lost one of the great small market broadcasters in Canada. Chris Talbot, Operations and Sales Manager of CJAV-FM, 93.3 The Peak, Port Alberni, B.C., suffered a massive heart attack and passed away on Sunday.

His many friends and co-workers in the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group are in shock and deeply saddened by this unexpected news. Chris was a kind, caring and friendly soul.

Chris spent his entire 12-year broadcasting career in Port Alberni and oversaw the station through ownership changes and the successful conversion to FM.

He was a strong supporter of Port Alberni and lived a life of community support and giving. Chris was very active with many local causes and organizations including Raise-A-Reader, BNI, Under 17 World Hockey Championships, Alberni Bulldogs Hockey Club, Port Alberni Association for Community Living and the Alberni Valley Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Chris Talbot was 48 and is survived by his wife Marsha. He will be sorely missed.

For those wishing to send cards:


3296 Third Avenue

Port Alberni, BC

V9Y 4E1

Donations is Chris Talbot’s name can be made to:

Heart and Stroke Foundation of Port Alberni

Box 255, Port Alberni, BC. V9Y 7M7


Canadian Diabetes Association, Alberni Valley & District Branch

Box 1047, Port Alberni BC. V9Y 7L9

My thoughts and feelings on Chris? Wow, where to begin!

First and foremost, I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Chris. Back in the summer of 2003 a friend tipped me off to a Hockey Play-by-Play job open in Port Alberni, BC. I found the job posting, and sent an email to Chris with my resume and play-by-play demo. Not 20 minutes later, I was surprised to see an email already from Chris.

He said he was very impressed with my play-by-play work, and we immediately talked about duties and salary to see if me coming to Port Alberni would be a possibility.

Initially, it looked like it wasn't going to happen. Due to the size of AV1240am and the state of the economy of Port Alberni at the time, the job wasn't paying much.

I told Chris that in my current job I was working not only a play-by-play voice but also a morning show host and sports guy. I said that although I really wanted to get out to B.C, and into the BCHL, I wasn't able to take a pay cut to do it.

Chris responded to this by saying that AV1240 was also looking for a morning show host at the same time.....but he wasn't too hot on having his hockey guy also being his morning guy. He didn't believe that one person could do both jobs without one or the other suffering.

I had to convince him that not only could do both gigs, but that I could them WELL. I stressed that I was currently in a situation like this and it wasn't too bad.

I still remember this vividly- He made me send him some additional audio of me hosting my morning show. He said he had to be sure he "wasn't hiring some clown"


Long story short, Chris took a chance on me and a shot on me and believed in me. And here I am.

Now it wasn't ALL roses of course. Radio is a tough business at times. Conflicts come up often, and differences of opinion happen all the time. Being that I was the morning guy, AND the hockey guy, we had too many things to name that we argued and debated and discussed for hours on end.

Of course we didn't always agree. But the KEY is that in the end, we always were honest with each other and respected each other and the other opinion and side to the argument.

Chris taught me many many many things, and I think I probably taught him a thing or two as well. Or at least I convinced him to re-evaluate things. I remember when I first came out here when we were preparing for the first hockey season- on a small budget. I said that we NEEDED to have an Internet Broadcast. I had just come from 5 straight Championship teams and two Royal Bank Cup Tournaments with the OCN Blizzard, and I knew how important it was for the parents and families of the players all around North America to be able to hear their "boys" Chris said he would love to do the Internet Broadcast, but it was just an expense that couldn't be covered. All he was focusing on was LOCAL because that was the duty of the station- to serve the community. I made Chris promise that he would try to make the Internet Broadcast work. He said he would. Long story short, he did hours and hours of research to find just the right Internet Broadcast host at the right price to make it all work. I still remember the smile on his face when he came to me in March when the season was done with all the Internet-Listener numbers provided by the company.....We were one of their most listened to broadcasts!! This company had pro teams of all sports from the states as their clients, along with NCAA schools and High School Sports. We ended up in the Top 10. I remember we were both quite proud at making it happen, and making it a success. The next season, the high number of listeners made it something that businesses were quite interested in sponsoring.

I will never forget the things Chris did to make it all happen while on a budget that was tighter than tight. He was a fighter and a battler and a stubborn guy that just managed to somehow make it work.

He was equally strong through two ownership changes, both bringing about big changes in how things were run and what his responsibilities were. While I'm sure he might not have always liked the changes, he didn't for one second waver from his burning devotion to his job and his station.

This that I will most fondly remember about Chris, and what I will respect him the most for.

What I will miss most will be our 30 to 45 second long between-morning-show-duties chats we would have about last nights Bulldog game, or Canuck game, or NHL game, or insert sporting event here. He loved sports as much as I do.

The BULLDOGS. He had them on the radio from day 1 in Port Alberni. He even had the Junior B Bandits games broadcasted! He never missed a Bulldog game as far as I can remember. He was very proud of the product the radio station put out all the time, but I think he was especially proud when it came to the Bulldog Broadcasts.

One final note on Chris- He never said anything bad about anybody behind their back. If he didn't like what you were doing, or not doing, or how you were acting- He would let you know it, straight up. He would give you a nice compliment from time to time about your work, but not very often.

This one really blew my mind one day a couple of years back. I came home from work and I was frustrated with things at the station, inevitably involving Chris. My fiancé said "You should cut him a break. He said last night at the Hockey game that the best thing he ever did was hire you"

I don't know why he never said this to me. Maybe he was worried about my ego or what I might think of his gruff exterior. I don't know why, but I know I never forgot it and I never will.

Chris taught me many things. Too many to mention when it comes to computers. He was a tech-head through and through!

When I came to Port Alberni, I was used to having free reign, doing whatever I wanted, saying whatever I wanted. That changed in a hurry. He taught me respect, rules, responsibility and to always think of your entire audience, not just the audience you KNOW. I didn't always enjoy this, but what hurts me most is that I didn't get a chance in the end to thank him for all of this because I know that as a broadcaster and a professional and as a person, I am much better off with all of these lessons learned.

He was a boss but more importantly a great man and a friend.

I will miss you Chris, may you rest in peace buddy.

I need a Kleenex.


Zac Dalpe article

This may be of interest to BCHL fans- A story on Penticton Vee Zac Dalpe in advance of the NHL Entry Draft coming up

Click to read- From the Brantford Expositor


Monday, June 16, 2008

Tiger Woods birdies 18 (video) Woods and Mediate to play 18 hole playoff today- broadcast info

Wowzers, what a finish yesterday to the US Open. I wanted Tiger so badly to make his putt, but at the same time I almost wanted it not to fall because I so wanted Rocco Mediate to win. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Tiger fan. I have followed him since he was an amateur tearing it up. However- once you see an interview with Rocco, or just watch him play and interact with fans and his playing partners on the course, it's impossible to not root for him. At least for me. He seems like a happy, friendly, polite guy.

The polite thing was proven when Mediate gave one of the classiest interviews in sports right after Tiger forced the playoff- Mediate said that he knew it was going in-he's Tiger Woods, he's the best, that's what he does. The interviewer then asked something along the lines of "were you hoping that putt wouldn't go down" And Rocco seemed almost offended saying flat out NO, that he couldn't root against someone as it just wasn't in his nature.

In the end- Golf Fans win. At least I know I think I won. I get 18 more holes of golf (or more?) and I couldn't care LESS who wins. I want them both to win, I hope they both play well. Makes me miss hockey JUST A LITTLE LESS!!

In case you missed it, a little youtube action from Tiger forcing a playoff on the 72nd hole. WOW.

Tiger and Rocco tee off today for an 18 hole playoff starting at 9am PACIFIC time. For viewers in Canada, watch it on TSN and TSN HD....but only until 11am! Are you kidding me? This is right off the TSN website:

Rocco Mediate and Tiger Woods have finished in a tie at the U.S. Open, forcing an 18-hole playoff for the first time since 2001. You can catch the 18-hole playoff live on TSN and TSN HD starting at 11:30am et/8:30am pt. At 2pm et/11am pt, coverage will continue on the TSN Alternate Feed. will provide live coverage at Noon et/9am pt.

So for someone like me without TSN Alternate feed, I guess I really need to hope the TSN Video feed works. I tried it yesterday afternoon and got nothing but a black screen. I hope for the sake of everyone else out there that it was just my end and not their end, because if they have problems at their end a couple million people will be more than just a little sour today!

Why can't they join soccer in progress? I appreciate Euro 2008 and the great action to watch there and the amount of people that would be wanting to watch it today....but this isn't the final! I'm just guessing but I bet that 18 holes of Tiger vs Rocco would win a ratings war for TSN as opposed to Euro 2008. Sigh.

You can also LISTEN to the Final Round on Channel 146 on your XM Satellite Radio. I was VERY happy when I got in my car on Saturday and I had to be out for a while- and I found out that XM had the whole tournament covered. I almost drove off the road when Tiger drained the Eagle on 18 on Saturday.. At least I have something to fall back on should the webcast crap out.

For those in the US- ESPN has your coverage beginning at 9am PACIFIC time, for two hours. Action then shifts to NBC for the conclusion of the playoff at 11am PACIFIC.

You can watch the online broadcast in the US by VISITING THIS LINK

More later!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Video of Tiger's Eagles at the 08 US Open, Celeb BBQ Sunday

Hello all, and happy Father's Day!

Hopefully dad will be able to sit and watch the final round today at the US Open, if he so wishes to do so.

I will watch a good portion of the Golf today, but not all of it as I will be showing of my BBQ'ing skills at The Argyle Pub to raise some funds to the great Ty Watson House Charity! Yes, please come to the Argyle Pub for a Burger or a Smokie cooked by yours truly from 3 to 5pm this afternoon! So far it looks like a beauty of a day out there for a BBQ.

How about Tiger? WOW. View his two Eagles from the back nine of the third round yesterday at Torrey Pines below.

13th, then the 18th.

GO Tiger, and thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bulldogs + BCHL schedule released

The BCHL released the league schedule yesterday. Thanks to Dan "the stats man" Tisserand for doing the breakdown on the Bulldogs games for me.

Here's the breakdown for the home dates:
Tuesday: 2 games
Wednesday 1 game
Thursday: 5 games
Friday: 6 games
Saturday: 13 games
Sunday: 3 games

The Dogs head to their Interior road trip November 5th to the 9th where they will visit Trail, Penticton, Salmon Arm, and Vernon. (wow, did I ever luck out on the pressboxes there, haha)

Interior teams coming to the POUND will be Prince George, Quesnel, Merritt, and Westside.

Looking at the schedule, I can see that the Bulldogs did a masterful job of working around the 2009 World U17 Hockey Challenge games in Port Alberni. The Bulldogs had one of two choices I imagine, take the whole time the tournament is on as their Christmas break, or play on the road instead. The Christmas break is worked around the tournament for the most part, with the only Bulldog game conflicting with the U17's being the one in Victoria on Saturday, January 3rd, which is also semi final Saturday at the U17's.

Not a bad deal at all.

The final great thing about this schedule- The Bulldogs will start at HOME for the first time in 5 years, if not EVER. They will also END on the road for the first time in at least three years, maybe more. I haven't looked at that end of it that close yet.

Any Bulldog fans out there know if the team played it's inaugural game as an Alberni Valley franchise AT HOME or was it on the road? Because if it was on the road- then the team will open at home this year for the first time in franchise history. Usually the Fall Fair plays havoc with the chances of opening at home. I always said- not if you just wait a weekend. Which is what it looks like the Dogs have done.

Click to view the full Bulldogs sked HERE

And the 2009 World U17 Challenge sked HERE

Off to do an "On Location" at Co-Op on Johnston Road. Come visit me from 9 to 1pm!!



Friday, June 13, 2008

Interview- Believe it or not- Baseball Player Traded for 10 BATS! plus- David Aime to The Calgary Hitmen.

Two posts, both with a Calgary connection.

First- If you missed this story, you need to read the below press release from the folks at Ripley's. Then, be sure to listen to the interview I had this morning with Edward Meyer, VP of Exhibits and Archives with Ripley's. Pretty funny story, and with a nice ending as well.

Ten Bats Traded for Minor League Pitcher

Now a Part of Ripley’s Extensive Sports Archives

Bizarre Trade will be Focus of Future Believe It or Not! Exhibit and a Special Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Night at the Ballpark on June 14 at Foothills Stadium

ORLANDO, Fla. (June 11, 2008) - Minor league baseball pitcher John Odom has become part of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! history, thanks to the unusual trade that sent him to Laredo, Texas.

The 10 bats that the Laredo Broncos gave the Calgary (Canada) Vipers for Odom in a trade have been acquired by Ripley Entertainment for a future exhibit at a Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museum. Odom may still be battling for the big time, but the bats are sure to get star treatment in the future.

Ripley’s acquired the 10 “Prairie Sticks Maple Bats -- double-dipped black in 34-inch C243 style,” valued at $650, for $10,000. The Viper’s president Peter Young and Ripley’s VP Archives Edward Meyer worked out the deal, with all the proceeds going to the Viper’s children’s charity, “Snakes and Batters.”

“The final step of the trade is now complete,’’ said Ripley’s Meyer. “Mr. Odom is now pitching for Laredo, and we’re in the process of creating an exhibit that will highlight one of professional baseball’s most bizarre trades.”

“Originally we were going to put the bats up for sale on Ebay with proceeds going to our children’s charity,” said the Viper’s Young. “But when Ripley’s called, we decided it was a much better fit. Instead of the bats hanging in basements or sports bar around the country they will be properly displayed for many more fans to see.”

The backstory of the trade is nearly as interesting as the trade itself. The Vipers had signed Odom, who hadn’t pitched for 18 months, but the 26-year-old was barred from entering Canada and never made it to the ballpark. It seems he had a police record stemming from a fight when he was 17, and had neglected to disclose that information to immigration officials.

Odom, who never played a game for the Vipers, was traded to the Broncos, for something the Vipers needed the most – bats. "They just wanted some bats, good bats, maple bats," Broncos GM Jose Melendez told reporters.

The trade grabbed worldwide headlines within hours of Young registering it with the league. Meyer wasted no time in calling Young. “We knew as soon as we heard the story that those bats belonged in our truth is stranger than fiction collection,’’ Meyer noted.

Ripley’s will take possession of the bats on June 14 in Calgary during a special Ripley’s Believe It or Not! night at the ballpark. Ripley’s Meyer will accept the bats and promises more “Ripley-style” fun, prize giveaways and unusual activities during the game. The Saturday, June 14 game is against the Chico (Calif.) Outlaws at 5 p.m. at Foothills Stadium.

About Ripley Entertainment Inc.

Ripley Entertainment Inc. (, keepers of the venerable Ripley’s Believe It or Not! brand, is a global leader in location-based entertainment. More than 13 million guests visit its 60-plus attractions operating in 12 countries annually. The Orlando-based company also has divisions that oversee publishing, licensing and broadcast operations. Ripley Entertainment is a Jim Pattison Company, the third-largest privately held company in Canada.

Click the below link to listen to the interview.

Interview- Edward Meyer, VP of Exhibits and Archives

Thanks for your time Edward, it was a blast!

I got a text yesterday from David Aime informing me that he has been picked up by the Calgary Hitmen. I asked David if this was for "public knowledge" as I didn't want to step on the Hitmen's toes, and he said he has told "a ton of people" already. So I guess now I'm telling you!

To say it was a troubling and well traveled year for Aime would be an understatement. He began the season with the Prince Albert Raiders of the WHL before then arriving in Port Alberni via the Vernon Vipers. Aime's stay in Port Alberni ended after the Jan 10th trading deadline when he was picked up by the Red Deer Rebels-where he ended up finishing the season. After being subsequently dropped by them, he was picked up by Calgary.

I wish David nothing but success. He is a great kid and he impressed me when he was here with how hard he was working to try and get his game back. Extra practice, extra sessions with Perry Elderbroom at
Gold in the Net

Keep working at it buddy, and I believe you can achieve success. YOU keep chasing the dream.

I'm out for the day, thanks for reading!

Alex Ovechkin video ALL 65 goals of 07-08, party at the Frydrysek house? Go Croatia!

How do you win the Hart Trophy? See below. What a cool video, man I love youtube!!

All 65 goals of the 07-08 season for Ovechkin. Compete at times with some really bad play-by-play. No, not from the Caps guy, I don't mind him. The others? No comment!

Matt Frydrysek and family are you reading this blog?? Are you guys recovered in that house from yesterday? The name background is from Croatia, if I remember correctly. Right?

Come on, Croatia over GERMANY? Huge upset! The second I've watched so far in Euro 2008. I was screaming my head off when the Dutch downed Italy.

I don't know if you are like the majority (or so it seems) in this Country who don't get into soccer, but you should really give Euro 2008 a chance if you are into some great athleticism at the highest of stakes. Also, there always seems to be the unexpected happening, like when GREECE won the whole thing in 2004. That's why I love watching this when I get a chance.

Go Croatia! And pretty much whomever else....I just like watching the action and cheering for no one.

Keep tabs on Euro 2008 with the great website HERE

Ok enough for now, more later!

NHL Award Winners- Ovechkin X2, Lidstrom, Brodeur, Kane, Boudreau, Datsyuk X2, Blake,

Wow, look out for the Washington Capitals! Alex Ovechkin gets the Hart and Pearson Trophies, Bruce Boudreau gets the Jack Adams, and Backstrom loses out on the Calder.

Lots of repeat winners too- Lidstrom, Datsyuk, Brodeur.

Read all about it with outstanding coverage from

How popular is Ovechkin, how hot are the Caps right now? First off- they had an Awards Show viewing party at the Verizon Center. Anyone else in the league have that? Yes, I know that not every team in the league had three people up for awards....but still, the Caps fans rock. The team wouldn't do something like this if they didn't think that it would be supported. Or if the fans didn't let the team know that they would support it. I have been on the Caps bandwagon for a while now, man I would love to call games for that fan base, and especially in that wild rink. Oh yah, the wildly entertaining players couldn't be bad to watch either!

So again- how popular is Ovechkin? I just read that the mayor of DC will be giving Ovechkin the keys to the city!

From Washington Capitals owner Ted Leonsis' blog TED'S TAKE

Craig Hartsburg to Coach Sens

HL:Ottawa Senators name Craig Hartsburg new head coach
OTTAWA Craig Hartsburg is the new head coach of the Ottawa Senators.

The team introduced him at a news conference today.

Hartsburg takes over from Senators general manager Bryan Murray, who finished the season behind the Ottawa bench after coach John Paddock was fired in late February.

The Sens also interviewed former Atlanta Thrashers head coach Bob Hartley and Peter DeBoer of the Kitchener Rangers.

The position in Ottawa will be Hartsburg's first with an NHL team since serving as an assistant with the Philadelphia Flyers from 2002 to 2004. He also had head coaching jobs with Anaheim and Chicago.

The 48-year-old Hartsburg has been coach of the OHL's Sault Ste. Marie Greyhounds for the past five seasons.

He won three gold medals as a coach at the world junior championships one as an assistant to Brent Sutter and two as a head coach.

Read more at TSN.CA