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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Dylan Haugen Press Release/Interview, Mitch Crisanti Interview...

Bulldogs Sign Local Hockey Prospect Dylan Haugen

May 28, 2012

Port Alberni, BC – The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are very excited to announce that Port Alberni hometown player Dylan Haugen has committed to play for the Bulldogs this coming season. Haugen (94) spent the last two seasons with the Oceanside Generals of the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League. In 2010/11 as a 16 year old in his rookie campaign, Haugen appeared in 44 regular season games along with 8 playoff games.

Haugen showed continued improvement through the 2011/12 season, appearing in 37 regular season games for the Generals. He contributed with 13 goals, 11 assists for 24 points, putting him 4th in team scoring. Of Haugen’s 13 regular season goals, three were on the power play, two came short handed, and three were game-winning goals. Haugen also contributed with 5 points in 6 playoff games for the Generals and appeared in 14 regular season games as an AP with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs, scoring two goals (versus Victoria and Langley).

“The Bulldogs are very please to have hometown prospect Dylan Haugen commit to us for next season,” said Alberni Valley Bulldogs Head Coach Kevin Willison. “Dylan brings a lot of energy on the ice and will play a big roll for the ‘Dogs in coming years,” added Willison. “He will add a lot of speed to our line up and to our penalty killing unit. Dylan's game fits for the type of player we were looking for.”

Haugen is a product of the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association and has continued with his on-ice development over the last few years with the Alberni District Hockey Canada Skills Academy.

“The Alberni Valley Bulldogs organization is committed to helping develop local players,” said Bulldogs’ Assistant Coach and Assistant Director of Hockey Operations Adam Hayduk. “With the help of our Director of Hockey Operations Rick Schievink and the Alberni Valley Minor Hockey Association, we invited several bantam and midget rep players to practice with us this past season. We are committed to providing local players who have what it takes to be successful in the BCHL on and off the ice with an opportunity to play for their hometown Bulldogs,” concluded Hayduk.

The organization is very pleased to welcome Dylan to the Alberni Valley Bulldogs family and look forward to seeing him play for the Alberni Valley Bulldogs in years to come.

If you missed it last week, here's my interview with Mitch Crisanti, regarding his commitment to the Dogs for next season. As always, all audio is courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.


Cool picture from the Bulldogs on twitter snapped by Adam Hayduk this morning. It's impossible to look cool in headphones Dylan, but you are pretty close!

Click here to catch Dylan Haugen's interview from the show today - click here to listen DYLAN HAUGEN INTERVIEW Audio courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.


Monday, May 28, 2012

Dogs sign Dylan Haugen for 2012-13

Huge news, as the Dogs will have a local player for 2012-2013.

Where he's from means nothing, how he plays is everything - but for those in the city that want to watch local talent you now have it in a great kid in Dylan!

Catch him on 93.3 The Peak FM tomorrow at approximately 8:10am!


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Raise $6000 today for PJAHS with Van Isle Ford's Drive One 4 Ur Community, Buy Low Foods/Lions Club Dash tomorrow!

Big day today for the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society as they are hoping to get a nice contribution to their fundraising kitty through Van Isle Ford's Drive One 4 UR Community at the Alberni Valley Multiplex.

I will be Live On Location at the Mutliplex from 10am to 2pm today trying to spread the's the jist of what I'll be relaying to you today...They WILL NOT try to sell you a car. They won't email you, phone you, snail mail or fax you! ALL THEY WANT is you to come and take a 7-8 minute test drive, fill out one minute of paperwork AND THAT IS IT.

For every person that does this - Ford donates $20.00 to the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society.

Hopefully we'll see you there!

The Supermarket Dash goes TOMORROW...get your tickets TODAY!!!!

Lions Club Fundraiser with Buy Low Foods

·         Super Market Dash
·         May 27th at 10am at Buy Low
·         ticket sales start April 15th – May 20 3pm – 5pm Monday to Fridays or noon – 3pm on Sat. And Sundays at Buy Low.
·         $2 each or 3 for $5 limited tickets and players must be 19 years or older.
·         1st prize is a 2 minute Dash to a maximum $500
·         2nd prize is a $150 Buy Low Gift Basket,
·         3rd prize is a $75 Gift Voucher
·         4th prize is a $25 Gift Voucher

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Men's Night

At the Alberni Golf Club...Adam Hayduk grips and rips! (about 40 yards shorts of me :). )

Mitch Crisanti on THE PEAK 8:10 today, An open letter from Tom McEvay, PJAHS info session tonight

 Catch one of the new members of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs on my 93.3 The Peak FM Morning Show today as Mitch Crisanti will join me just after 8:00am. Mitch almost seems like a vet with how many games he appeared in as an AP. Don't get too excited Mitch, the vets still need you with the rooks to load the bus, etc! Catch Mitch just after 8:00am today on 93.3 The Peak FM or online at 

Here is Mitch's first BCHL goal...

Dear Friends, Colleagues and Alumni,

Most of you are likely aware that a group of us have formed the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society with the goal to purchase the Alberni Valley Bulldogs as a non-profit community owned team.  We realize that we have had to come out very quickly with a campaign that had many challenges and variables that have not been of our making. We appreciate that time has not afforded good communication. I have attached some info for you but I wanted you to know why I agreed to be a part of this effort during this initial phase and why I hope you will consider pledging some financial support.

My motives are complex yet simple …

·         There is a very real danger that the Alberni Valley may lose this franchise. We have tried not to use this fear factor as a main motivator for people and we have tried to stay positive BUT the bottom line is people should not be complacent and think that this team will be staying no matter what. If we lose this franchise I would doubt we would ever get another back.

·         In my opinion Port Alberni is a community with a high degree of fragility. Our community has taken many financial and social hits over the past couple of decades and we continue to be under the gun with the Catalyst situation, a weak economy,  increased poverty and social challenges. We can throw our hands up and lament what we cannot control or we can make a difference in areas where we can make a difference. This has always been my rationale for any of the contributions I have made to our community.

·         I am not na├»ve that a Junior Hockey team can change the fortunes of a community. I am also, however, keenly aware that our community needs positive opportunities and activities that contribute to the healthy social fabric of our community. We need opportunities to come together, to take pride in our community, to celebrate, to network and to feel good about where we live. We cannot afford to lose another positive entity that contributes in this way.

·         The young people of the Alberni Valley need as many positive role models as we can provide. The Bulldogs are comprised of young men who come from all over North America and the world to live in our community. The are involved as volunteers in our schools and in many, many charitable and healthy activities throughout the valley. They are positive examples of young people setting goals, aspiring to reach their dreams, smart decision making, healthy living, the value of education, working toward scholarships, career ambitions and so much more.

·         From a economic perspective this franchise has a $650,000 yearly budget with much of that spent in our community. More importantly it is an economic generator. Educationally each year over 15 players attend North Island College, 3-5 attend ADSS and 3-5 attend Vast, all generating income for NIC and the School District. Our team travels all over BC promoting and waiving the banner of the Alberni Valley. We have close to 300 alumni and their families all over North America and other parts of the world who love this community and our citizens. They are the most powerful ambassadors and marketers we could have. The Bulldogs have provided a core tenant for one of our most important community facilities, they have helped give rise to the ADSS Hockey Academy and bring positive National and international attention with events such as Hockeyville, the World Under 17 Hockey Challenge, international games and so much more.

·         When I was involved in the efforts to build the Alberni Valley Multiplex I was accused of being a dreamer, out of touch with the needs and economic realities of the Alberni Valley and now I have heard these same criticisms again. I respect people’s opinions and their right to how they feel.  I do, however, ask that we all look at the bigger picture of what it takes to make a strong and vibrant community. A community is like a living organism where all of its parts are linked and mutually dependent. We cannot ignore one part and think the rest will stay healthy. It is a delicate system of social and economic pieces that we must be very careful to preserve or our community will suffer.

During our campaign for the Multiplex I was on an open line show and an elderly woman called in. At the time we didn’t think we had the support of many seniors so I prepared myself to get criticized. What I heard put our efforts into perspective even for me. The woman said she was 84 and that she was in favour and would be voting for the Multiplex. Her words still motivate me. She said …..

Mr. McEvay, I may never set foot in a new multiplex but I know it will make my life better. Recently I was visiting my new young Doctor who I love dearly because he cares about me and looks after me. I asked him why he brought his young family to Port Alberni. He told me that they researched communities all over North America and decided on Alberni because the community had good schools, great recreational facilities, a new hospital in the works, endless outdoor opportunities, sports for their children (including hockey for himself and his kids), arts and cultural opportunities for his wife and they felt a strong sense of community and community pride. He went on to say that they were really impressed that there were people always trying to make the community better and he was totally behind the drive to get a new arena.”

She went on to conclude, “ Mr. McEvay, at that moment I realized that a new Multiplex would enrich our community and enhance my life whether I used it or not. Thank you for having the vision and courage to try to make this happen.”

After I whipped away the tears and took a deep breath to thank her I vowed to never forget that perspective about community development. It is that perspective that has led me to once again support an initiative that makes a contribution to life in the Alberni Valley. I hope you will be able to find a way to help as well. If you have already made a pledge thank you so much.

Thanks for taking the time to read this email.  Feel free to share this email with others.



PS: Please remember we are in need of pledges not the actual funds at this point.  Pledges will only be used if we can find a way to move forward in the weeks ahead that makes sense for our community. We will not make a bad deal and we have already engaged top legal and accounting people. We will also be creating a membership structure and looking at shares options as well as electing a new and expanded Board.  If we cannot move forward then cheques will not be cashed nor credit card pledges processed. However, if we can move forward we will need more people to step forward to take on volunteer roles or Board responsibilities. Let us know if you are interested. Once we get through this initial phase I will return to my role as the Educational Advisor of the Bulldogs because that is where I can make the most valuable contribution while others sort through the challenges facing this franchise.

Tom McEvay

 Here's a Press Release from the PJAHS regarding an Information Session tonight!

Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society
Our Community Our Team Our Commitment
May 18, 2012 For Immediate Release

Community Information session announced for Thursday May 24th
The Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society will be hosting a Community Information and Question & Answer session on Thursday May 24th. This public meeting will be hosted by PAJHS Directors at Echo Center starting at 7pm.
The Society is currently working hard to raise the funds necessary to purchase majority ownership of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs and has surpassed the $150,000 mark in that effort. The goal is to secure the team in our valley, provide fundraising alternatives available to non profits and ensure that the team continues to serve the values of our community. Many questions have arisen during the campaign and the community information session is intended to provide as many answers as possible.
One of the key questions has been on membership in the Society and whether or not donors and others will have an opportunity to participate directly. The answer is an emphatic YES! It is the intention of the society to first clear the hurdle of securing the team and then seek the advice of contributors to develop an inclusive community model for the society moving forward. The initial discussions with the current ownership group, research into other society owned teams, due diligence with lawyers and accountants and other steps required for the purchase of the team necessitated the formation of a society in very short order. Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society is a legally registered non-profit Society formed with the single purpose of promoting civic spirit and community engagement by owning and operating a Junior A Hockey Team based in Port Alberni, British Columbia. The constitution and bylaws were written by experienced lawyers in simple and effective terms as a means to get the process started. Until June 1st, the Society is focusing its efforts on raising the funds needed to purchase the team. This deadline was set with the goal of having a potential commitment forged prior to the BCHL Boards of Governors AGM June 6th.

Once ownership has been secured, options will be developed to amend the bylaws to create the
operating society. “Current PAJHS Board members have committed themselves to the purchase of the Alberni Valley Bulldogs and a transition process to an operating board will start once the purchase is achieved.” noted PAJHS Chair Darren Deluca. “The BCHL currently has four teams operating successfully as societies, some of them the longest standing franchises in the league including Powell River, Merritt, Trail and Prince George. These communities have been our inspiration and will be there to help us succeed as we move forward”.

If you want to help the PAJHS achieve their initial goal of purchasing majority ownership in the Bulldogs then now is the time to make that pledge with a cheque or credit card. If the Society is unsuccessful all pledges will be returned. 

Donation forms and further details are online at .

Friday, May 18, 2012

Lough commits to St. Lawrence, Ness pledges ownership shares,

(Image:Dave Cusson)

Lough Commits To St. Lawrence University
May 18, 2012

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are very proud to announce that Ryan Lough has committed to the NCAA Division 1 hockey program of St. Lawrence University. The St.
Lawrence University Saints play in the Eastern College Athletic Conference of the NCAA.

St. Lawrence University is named for the St. Lawrence River, which is about 15 miles from the campus. The university, founded in 1856, is located in Canton, New York, and offers diverse liberal arts programs. The university boasts of a student-faculty ration of 12:1.

“The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are very excited for Ryan and his commitment to St. Lawrence University," said Alberni Valley Bulldogs Head Coach Kevin Willison. “As we all know, this is the ultimate goal for these young hockey players who play in the BCHL. To get to that next level takes dedication, commitment and a lot of hard work,” added Willison. “Ryan has shown those qualities over the last year and that has allowed him the opportunity to play NCAA Division 1 hockey following his junior career. Congratulations to Ryan and his family for his commitment.”

Lough will compete against several BCHL alumni in the ECAC, including current
Alberni Valley Bulldogs forward Evan Tironese who recently committed to the RPI Engineers who play in the same conference.

“I'm very excited for the opportunity St. Lawrence University has provided, to live my dream of playing NCAA Division 1 hockey,” said Lough. “After playing so many years away from home, I am very lucky to be able to play at St. Lawrence University which is only an hour away. It's a great school with a great hockey program,” added Lough. “I would like to thank the entire Alberni Valley Bulldogs organization especially the coaching staff and Tom McEvay for helping provide this opportunity. I would also like to thank Notre Dame, my family for all their support, my billet family The Mesics for opening up their home, and the community of Port Alberni for the support everyone have shown me.” Lough closed by saying, “I look forward to playing here in Port Alberni and striving to win a championship with the Bulldogs before leaving to go on to St. Lawrence.”

Lough will be joining the St. Lawrence University Saints for the 2014/15 season.

For more information please contact Assistant Coach Adam Hayduk at
250.723.4412 or

Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society
Our Community Our Team Our Commitment
May 17, 2012 For Immediate Release

Bulldog Minority Owner Pledges Shares To Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society 

Alberni Valley Bulldog minority owner Dr. David Ness has announced his full support behind the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society’s bid to purchase the team. After eight years as an owner Ness has pledged to donate his 20% share in the Bulldogs to the Society should they be successful in purchasing the 51% majority shares from Okanagan Hockey Schools of Penticton.
Ness was one of the five local owners who bought the Alberni Valley Bulldogs in 2004 and has remained loyal to the team and the community throughout other ownership changes. He thinks this is the time for the team to move toward community non-profit ownership and he is willing to help in a very significant way. In a statement this week Ness described his offer and his motivation. “My offer is only for the community of Port Alberni, because I feel that it really is a great hockey community. I firmly believe that the Bulldogs have made a positive contribution during their 10 year tenure in Port Alberni, especially in the growth and development of minor hockey which has benefitted many of the youth (both male and female) of the community.”

Ness emphasized that, “My wish is for the community to obtain control of the Bulldogs, and to make the team a perennial part of the social fabric of the Valley. My offer is, however, contingent upon the community stepping up to affirm my belief in it. If the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society do not get enough support in their bid to buy the team, then I have no doubt that the Bulldogs will eventually be sold to some other buyer.”

Ness was clear that, “I would not be willing to extend this offer to any other community. Nor would I be willing to protest the re-location of the Bulldogs to some other community, despite having a 20% interest in the team. In other words, the community of Port Alberni has an opportunity to obtain control of the Bulldogs, and I am willing to make a significant contribution to this process, but if it is not successful, then I will not oppose a sale to any other buyer or re-location to a different area.”

Ness also clarified that the offer is solely based upon his own personal feelings and preferences, and should not in any way reflect negatively upon the other owners, both of whom have contributed significantly to the development of the Bulldogs. Ness stressed that he has every intention in staying involved with the team on the medical side of the operation and he will remain a loyal fan who seldom misses a game.

Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society President Darren Deluca was extremely appreciative of Dr. Ness’s pledge. “David Ness has shown a true love of the Alberni Valley and the value he believes this franchise has to the greater good of his community. To show this type of confidence and support for what we are trying to do sends an incredibly strong message to all of us to make every effort to do our part.” Deluca urged the rest of the community to, “please help us take advantage of the opportunity we have while we have it. There is a bit of complacency out there because we haven’t been playing the negative card and stressing enough that this team could be lost to the Alberni Valley.

We need people to step up and make a pledge big or small to show your support.” Society Director
Bob Cole echoed these sentiments by saying, “we will not make a bad deal to buy this team but we need to show that the community is behind us and that we have the financial clout to make any deal at all. David Ness’s contribution puts us in an even stronger position and we thank him sincerely.”
If individuals, organizations or businesses want to make a tax deductible donation, full details are available on the website at or call the office at 250-724-1356. Pledges can be made by cheque or credit card and will not be processed until the Society knows they can move forward. If the Society is unable to purchase the team all pledges will be returned.

For further information contact:
Society President – Darren DeLuca at cell 250-720-7453 or email
Society Director – Tom McEvay at cell 250-720-7624 or email

Here's hoping we get great weather for the long weekend, AND everyone is SAFE and SMART!

More to come....


Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Support the PAJHS tonight at Multiplex, Relay for Life at Van Isle Ford, Beaver Creek Home Center, AV Lions at Buy Low

All the "stray dogs" will try to get out of jail tonight, including my little guy and I! Here's hoping we will see you at the Multiplex for a quick few minutes tonight!

From the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society on Facebook -
On Tuesday May 15th the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society invites you to join in more fun and festivities starting at 5pm at the Multiplex. We’ll be saluting the engagement for two very special dogs, Alberni and Vallerey as their tale of community love continues. The Stray dogs will also return to the Kennel to report on their fundraising efforts and hockey fans everywhere are invited to come out and be part of a great celebration of community spirit in support of the effort to make the Bulldogs a truly community owned team!
Cool fundraiser for the Relay for Life tonight at Van Isle Ford - a friend and supporter of the blog - here's hoping you can stop by, possibly after seeing us breaking out of jail at the Multiplex!

Van Isle Ford Vendor Night
May 15, 6pm-9pm

Van Isle Ford, 4985 Johnston Rd

Shop your favorite vendors and support Relay For Life!

Vendors include: Silpada, Epicure, Tupperware, Party Lite and Norwex.
Partial Proceeds go to Relay For Life

Call 250-724-6577 for more information

And here's another way you can support the Relay for Life today at Beaver Creek Home Center -  get a quick lunch!
Hotdog Sale
Tuesday, May 15, 10:30am-1:30pm
Beaver Creek Home Center, 4643 Gertrude Street
Last but not least - another great event and group to support to WIN, and another friend of the blog!
Lions Club Fundraiser with Buy Low Foods
·         Super Market Dash
·         May 27th at 10am at Buy Low
·         ticket sales start April 15th – May 20 3pm – 5pm Monday to Fridays or noon – 3pm on Sat. And Sundays at Buy Low.
·         $2 each or 3 for $5 limited tickets and players must be 19 years or older.
·         1st prize is a 2 minute Dash to a maximum $500
·         2nd prize is a $150 Buy Low Gift Basket,
·         3rd prize is a $75 Gift Voucher
·         4th prize is a $25 Gift Voucher

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Walk with your Doc...

"Walk with your Doc" is on now at Bob Dailey Stadium!

Lots of fun in the name of being active - plus a couple live bands AND the first 400 registrants get a free pedometer!


Dogs announce four recruits, SHAW TV PAJHS story...keep me out of jail!

Anderson, Craft, Crisanti, Gosselin Commit to Bulldogs

May 9, 2012

Port Alberni, BC – The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are very pleased to announce that four players have committed to the Alberni Valley Bulldogs for the 2012/13 season. Evan Anderson (95) played Junior B this past season for the Penticton Lakers in the KIJHL. Anderson put up 40 points (15 goals, 25 assists) in 50 games as a 16-year-old rookie and added 72 PIMs. Anderson, who is from North Vancouver, also played 4 games this season as an affiliate with the Westside Warriors of the BCHL, chipped in with one goal. Anderson (5’11”, 170lbs) and was signed out of the Port Alberni spring
identification camp.

Nathan Craft (94) played this past season with the Cariboo Cougars in the BC Hockey Major Midget League. Craft plays a very physical, hard working style of hockey with an ability to put the puck in the net. Craft contributed with 48 points (27 goals, 21 assists) in 35 games for the Cougars and added 103 PIMs. Craft’s 27 goals were 4th best in major midget. Craft was named to the major midget all-star game earlier this season. Craft and his family are from Kitimat, BC. Craft (6’1”, 196lbs) was signed out of the Quesnel spring identification camp.

Mitch Crisanti (94) played this past season with the Vancouver North West Giants in the BC Hockey Major Midget League. He also dressed in 7 games as an affiliate player with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs adding 1 goal and 2 assists. Crisanti, one of the assistant captains of the Giants, had 32 points (20 goals, 12 assists) in 40 games and 60 PIMs. Crisanti added 4 points in 5 playoff games as well. Crisanti also participated in the BC Hockey Major Midget All-Star this season. Crisanti (6’2, 180lbs) was signed out of the Port Alberni spring identification camp. Crisanti’s hometown is
North Vancouver, BC.

Kurtis Gosselin (94) played this season in the Detroit Falcons U18 program. In 21 regular season games with the Falcons, Gosselin had 16 points (5 goals, 11 assists) and 37 PIMs. In the playoffs he added 3 points in 4 games. Gosselin is from Brighton, MI and comes in at 5’11”, 192lbs. Gosselin was signed out of the Port Alberni spring identification camp.

“We are very excited at this point with the commitments of these 4 players,” said Alberni Valley Bulldogs head coach Kevin Willison. “These are four young athletes that we feel bring the character and compete level that it takes to play in the BCHL and be an Alberni Valley Bulldog,” added Willison. “These are pieces of the puzzle that the coaching staff feel we needed have a strong and competitive team on the ice.”

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs organization is very excited to welcome these four newest
recruits to the Bulldogs’ family.

Additional commitments will be announced in the near future.

Help keep me out of jail! Make a donation to the cause (tax deductible) and keep me out of the slammer! Visit for details, or drop by the office on 4th Ave next to the Coastal Community Credit Union.

I spoke with Wendy Ewing today and she told me that there has been a good amount of people stopping by the office with donations on my behalf - THANK YOU VERY MUCH, and please tell you friends/family/in-laws/out-laws/enemies etc to please do the same!

Last but not least, check out this great story by SHAW....

Friday, May 04, 2012

Tironese to RPI for 2014/15, Junior Golf OPEN HOUSE tomorrow!

Huge congrats to Evan Tironese, or "Tiro" as the guys call him, who has committed to RPI for 2014/15!

Tironese Commits To RPI
May 3, 2012


The Alberni Valley Bulldogs would like to announce that 95F Evan Tironese has committed to the NCAA Division 1 hockey program of RPI. The RPI Engineers play in the Eastern College Athletic Conference of the NCAA.

Located in Troy, Michigan, the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is a private research university that was founded in 1824. RPI’s campus is 275-acres and overlooks the city of Troy, NY, and the Hudson River.

“We are extremely happy for Evan’s commitment to RPI,” said Alberni Valley Bulldogs Head Coach Kevin Willison. “It has been Evan’s goal and dream to play NCAA Division 1 hockey and he has actualized that dream with this commitment,” added Willison. “We look forward to working with Evan over the next two seasons before he joins RPI for the 2014/15

Two former Bulldogs are currently with RPI: former head coach Nolan Graham and former forward Johnny Rogic. “I’m very excited for the opportunity to be able to go to RPI,” said Evan Tironese. “It’s a great school and I’m very grateful. I’d like to thank my parents, coaches, my billet family The Mesics, and Tom McEvay for providing the opportunity.”

Tironese will be joining the RPI Engineers for the 2014/15 season.

For more information please contact Assistant Coach Adam Hayduk at
250.723.4412 or

Get the kids out to this one tomorrow - I'm going to be there around 3pm to talk to the kids about the benefits of golf - it's all FREE, it's a great sport and a fantastic way to keep the kids off the streets and on the greens!


Thursday, May 03, 2012

Keep me out of jail, support the PAJHS, Motorhome FOR SALE, Hike for Hospice...

Help keep me out of jail! I need 250 "Dog Donors" by Tuesday, May 15th. Post a comment here, facebook me, text me, email me or call 93.3 The Peak FM at 250-723-0933 if you would like to make a donation on my behalf! Above are a couple of photos - TOP is myself and Bulldogs Assistant Equipment Manager Jamie Amos in jail asking for help. BOTTOM is my little guy Griffin, who got thrown in the slammer with me, complete with his Piggy Bank to make bail!

Cool stuff! Get to for more info, and make a donation to me PLEASE!


Some friends of ours are selling the above Motorhome, a 1979 20' Frontier. I offered them some assistance in their efforts in getting it sold by putting it up here on the blog. "Everything works" they say, so give them a call if you are interested, and say Hammer sent ya! $3750.00 O.B.O, call 250-720-5793

The Alberni Valley Hospice Society/Ty Watson House's Hike for Hospice is THIS SUNDAY!

·         The AVHS/Ty Watson House is hosting our annual Hike for Hospice on Sunday May 6th, 2012! We have lots of exciting things in store for the Hike this year! The Hike starts at 12noon, at Blair Park... with a Zumbathon® Warm-Up Event with Nicolette at 11:30am. There will be a BBQ by donation, Annamaria Gaiga's famous plant sale, music and improv for your entertainment! Back by popular demand will be the wacky tie contest (Jim's Clothes Closet will donate $5 for every participant who wears a tie -prizes for the wackiest adult and kids' tie!)... Come support the AVHS and celebrate the memory of a loved one... All funds stay in the community! $10 registration fee per adult gets you a goodie bag! Please phone 723-4478 for details.

For further details and a pledge form, visit their website here ALBERNI VALLEY HOSPICE SOCIETY

That's all for now!


Tuesday, May 01, 2012

My bail!!

Please help me stay out of jail!! Of course all in the name of the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society! Email me call me text me facebook me call the station and make a donation in your name, the name of a family member or loved one, or your business!


Off to Jail!

In cuffs in the Boston Pizza Silver Bullet Limo heading to jail at the Alberni Valley Multiplex to raise funds for the Port Alberni Junior Hockey Society!

Bring your $$ to get me out of jail...AND...get a free hotdog and drink!


Fundraising kickoff TONIGHT at Multiplex!

The PAJHS has their "Fundraising Kick off" tonight at the Multiplex from 5pm to 7pm and I hope to see you there!

The community at large is invited to come down for a free hot dog and drink, and to "join the fun" (I'm not sure how much fun this will be for me, but it's for a great cause) as Port Alberni's favorite "Stray Dogs" are captured and thrown in the "Dog Pound" to help raise funds for the PAJHS initiative!

Here's hoping you will be at the rink - and if not, I very well might be calling you or throwing you a text!