Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Bulldogs Clinch first Banner with 5-0 win over Prince George, Bulldogs on Variety Telethon....

Well, if you showed up late, you missed most of the action last night, as the Dogs jumped out to a 3-0 lead before the game was four minutes old. Just two more goals came the rest of the way, as Frank Slubowski picked up his third shutout of the season, and the teams fifth shutout overall.

With the win, the Dogs have secured their first Coastal Conference Regular Season title.

Huge congrats to everyone in the organization from players to owners to staff to volunteers to fans. Now, please get us a banner that really means something!

Don't forget time is ticking to get a hold of the guys on the Variety Show of Hearts Telethon today.

More to come tomorrow with "Around the Pound" the Bulldogs Hockey Show, 6 to 7pm on 93.3 The Peak FM.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

Dogs win 4th straight

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Bulldogs Line Up tonight....

The Bulldogs won't make any line up changes going into tonight's game, save for in goal, as Frank Slubowski will get the start in net.

The Bulldogs magic number - it's 1 - but that's only in regards to the Powell River Kings. They can still be caught by the Victoria Grizzlies.


Game Day Brunch...

.... At the Swale Rock Cafe! Mmmmm...You gotta try it!


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Dogs host Spruce Kings with chance to clinch Coast, Ruel interview tonight, Happy HOCKEY DAY!

Happy Hockey Day in Canada!

Get more info on Hockey Day from the Official Website HERE as Tim Horton's and CBC celebrate the game all over Canada all day today. Great stuff!

What a way to celebrate. We get to go to the home rink to watch the home team in action. Couldn't be any better!

As Rick as mentioning last night, the Alberni Valley Multiplex will be a beehive of hockey activity today, from boys to girls to rec to competitive to the Juniors tonight. Cool stuff.

With a win tonight, the Dogs can clinch their first banner in franchise history.

I don't want to put the cart before the horse, but what a cool moment that would be, and a huge reward for the players, coaches, support staff, owners, volunteers, fans, sponsors....and on and on...that have supported the Dogs through thick and thin.

In the end, the regular season banners mean as much as the Top 20 CJHL National Rankings. Pretty nice to talk about, to celebrate, to get some recognition.....but in the end they don't do one single bit for your ultimate goal of getting that BIG TROPHY.

But still cool anyway! And a nice way to celebrate hockey day?

Standing in the Dogs way, the Prince George Spruce Kings. These two teams had a classic in Prince George in December, a 6-5 comeback win for the Dogs.

It was one of those games that makes coaches go crazy, and get a little angry, because the last thing the game had was attention to detail.

At the same time, it was one of those games that fans and broadcasters alike go "WOW!" It was fun to watch and fun to broadcast. Back and forth. Firewagon hockey. Last shot wins. All that was missing was the PA guy coming on the mic and yelling "CAR!" to get everyone out of the way. A glorified game of road hockey or shinny.

The Spruce Kings are always hard working, so I hope the Dogs are ready to play tonight from the start - unlike last night, where the Clippers came out and - according to the coach on the postgame show "outworked, outhit and out hustled" the Bulldogs. How often can you say that about this team?

It is WAY harder said than done to be on top if the standings and get ready to play teams below you in the standings, or at the bottom, etc.

Just my two cents from my experiences in the game - It's not as hard to get up for a lower team as it is to get your feet BACK UNDER YOU once you've started a game that you weren't really up for from the beginning.

Get it all on 93.3 THE PEAK tonight with our pregame show at 6:45 and the puck drop at 7:00 with Rick and myself.

Don't miss the second intermission feature interview with former Bulldog Tyler Ruel, now at UBC.

That's all I have for now. I'm off to the rink to get some pressbox set up done, and to do some interviews for tonight.

After that, it's off to Quality Foods to sign some Cook Books of Angels to raise funds for Variety, so please drop by if you are in the area! I'll be there from 12 to 1, and Angel is there to 3pm.

That's all I have for now!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Dogs top Clippers, Happy Hockey Day in Canada!

While the start wasn't great, and at times the puck was bouncing so much it was more like a tennis ball, in the end the Dogs earned their third straight win.

It was another full-team effort tonight, in a game where the Dogs never led until they scored the game winning goal.

Until the empty netter scored by Warren Muir that was engineered by Trent Dorais and Sam Mitchell, every Bulldog goal was scored by a MacMillan. Mark had the first two, and Mitch had the second two - 54 now in 53 for him.

The first goal by Mark was one of the prettiest individual efforts of the season.

Besides the two goals each brother scored, they also assisted on both of each others markers. If that isn't confusing enough, HAHA!

While the line of Hatch, Rogic and Lewis didn't score, they generated their fair share of chances. And the trio of Bailey, Eviston and Josh Mitchell also played a hard working and determined game.

I know it's not just me noticing it, so I'll just out and say it. How much has Josh Mitchell picked up his game over the last 3 or 4 contests?

He's hitting everything that moves, he's finding ways to win battles, he's reading the play well. I think it's just a case of a really focused guy lately who has coupled his high skill level with an increased work ethic. He just seems to bring something every shift, a steal, a play made, a good finished check. It's really hard to play like that but whatever he's done lately has really made him a fun player to watch.

And how about that great National Anthem by Kevin Ross' mom?

That's all I have for tonight. 1am and I'm back to the rink tomorrow morning!

Should be an interesting one tomorrow with the Spruce Kings and Capitals having what sounded like a VERY intriguing ending to the game in Duncan!

Oh yah - and it's technically TIM HORTON'S HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA NOW!


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Bulldogs Line up tonight

Just one change from Tuesdays game.

AP Evan Richardson comes out.

Casey Bailey comes back in.

Brody Lynott
Tyler Berkholtz
Robert Lindores

Scott Lewan starts in net.


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Just to fire you up for tonight.....


Take it away, Kevin Ross.


Dogs host Clippers

It's another installment of the Bulldogs vs Clippers rivalry at the Dog Pound tonight, the first meeting in the Valley in over TWO MONTHS. Yes, the Clippers were last in Alberni on November 20th. I can't believe it's been that long.

Since that game the Dogs have been to the Frank Crane Arena twice, winning both contests.

It's always a little "different" when these two teams meet.

Or it's at least different from the Port Alberni side of the puck.

There is a natural geographical rivalry that has existed through generations between Port Alberni and Nanaimo. From everything from tiddly-winks to senior citizens floor curling to every level of hockey, the kids to the big kids to the Juniors in between. This was about the VERY first thing that I was informed of when I moved to Port Alberni.

So, as I said, it's a little "different"

The Clippers have had a rough go this season and a tough stretch lately, as until Wednesday's 4-3 come from behind OT win over Prince George they had lost ELEVEN in a row.

Now here's something I need to tread lightly with, in light of everything I've said above.

It's almost a pastime for some people around these parts to give Bill Bestwick a tough time, to give the Clippers a tough time, etc etc etc.

Now I'm not about to bash anyone that gives the enemy a tough time or anything....but here's some food for thought. LAST year when the Dogs were having a tough go and a tough time Bill Bestwick took the opportunity during a pregame interview with me before a head to head game to pass along a message to the Port Alberni fans. The message was (paraphrasing a little here)

"We are feeling for you for going through tough times. No one supports your team like you guys do here. Your community deserves a winner. Your guys are working hard, stick with them, don't give up on them, things will turn around before you know it"

And wouldn't you know it. The Dogs are on top by a large margin, and the Clippers are a ways out of 5th spot in the Conference.

Food for thought Bulldogs fans. Times have been tough for them too. Don't get too distracted with where you are now - that forget where you've been, and where you COULD be.

It's not so fun when the shoes on the other foot. Dogs fans know that all too well the last couple of years. Enjoy the ride of course, but don't forget being a gracious winner is sometimes tougher than being a gracious loser.

But enough of that now. My 2 cents has been said. Fire up the "Bestwick Wave" I guess, and lets look FORWARD.

This is a big one tonight. Don't count the Clippers out. They just snapped a 11 game losing streak in thrilling comeback fashion. They come into a building that they've won 2 in a row in. They'll feel much better going into this game, coming off a win - than they did for the last month.

The Dogs had best be ready to battle.

Throw in a fact that this is a possible playoff preview, and this is the last game between the teams at the Pound this regular season, and this is an important game.

Of course you can get it all on 93.3 The Peak FM starting with our pre game show at 6:45 with the play-by-play to follow at 7.

Pearce Eviston will be tonight's first intermission guest, with Prince George Spruce Kings play-by-play voice Ron Gallo up in the second intermission show.

Just a heads up on tomorrow - my second intermission feature guest will be former Bulldog and Port Alberni Native Tyler Ruel.

Don't forget that the "Heart of an Angel" campaign continues tonight and tomorrow supporting VARIETY - The Children's Charity. Angel Magnussen will be collection donations of spare change for the Variety Coin Drive, she'll also be selling copies of her cookbook and paper hearts are also for sale - they get hung in the Multiplex with your name on them, or whomever you wish to honour while you support the cause.

Angel will be selling and autographing copies of the cookbook tomorrow at Quality Foods from noon to 3pm. Provided I don't come down with a busted face and a concussion again tonight, I'll be there from noon to 1 tomorrow signing books myself. You gotta try my Dill Cheese Bread recipe in the cookbook, mmmmmm good!

And also don't forget that it's HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA tomorrow!

What a way to celebrate with a game at THE POUND as the Dogs host the Spruce Kings!

See you at the rink tonight!


Thursday, January 28, 2010

Devin Timberlake. Trent Dorais. Adam Hout and Kevin Ross on Variety Telethon this weekend. Bulldogs in schools....Alberni Wrestling..

A little postgame write up on Tuesday's 2-1 Dogs win can be found in the Times Colonist Newspaper HERE

By request - here's the Devin Timberlake interview - click to listen -

As always, all audio is courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

And here's another update on Trent Doris' journey to the World Ball Hockey Championships this summer in Austria. Not a surprise, but quite obvious by this story how someones character crosses over through sports. "work ethic" "tenacious" sounds like things we know Trent to bring.

Read more from the Vernon Morning Star Newspaper HERE

The Variety Show of Hearts Telethon goes this weekend on GLOBAL BC, and a couple of the Bulldogs are taking part. To make your donation, by talking to the guys, see above and below!

Kevin Ross, Sunday January 31 from 11am to noon, 604-529-3002

Adam Hout, Sunday January 31 from 11am to noon, 604-529-3004

Way to go guys!

And here's a great email from Richelle. Way to go Dogs!

Hi Hammer.

Bobby got to play floor hockey with the Grade 5 girls and Grade 5 Boys Alberni team against the Bulldog players. He had a blast!!! Its such an amazing thing for these kids having the Bulldogs in the schools!! The kids love it.

Take care. Richelle



The 27th Annual Alberni Invitational Wrestling Tournament is scheduled for the Alberni Valley Multiplex February 4-6, 2010. The Invitational will bring over 600 competitors from all over B.C. to the Valley for three days of intense wrestling action in five different age groups .

The Alberni Invitational is widely considered the most prestigious high school wrestling tournament in B.C. and has received recognition across Canada. The tournament begins on Thursday, February 4th with weigh-ins for boys and girls all 3 divisions at 7:00 p.m. at Glenwood.

The Alberni Invitational tournament action will run all day on Friday, February 5th from 9:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the Alberni Valley Multiplex. There are age groups for School Age (gr 6-8), Cadet (grade 9-10) and Juvenile (grade 11-12). There will be lunch (11:30 am-12:30 pm) and dinner (4:30-5:30 pm) breaks. An Elementary Division returns this year with over 100 local youngsters expected to participate. The Elementary division runs from 12-3 pm Friday.

Friday night at 7:00 p.m. will feature the ever-popular semi-finals. Friday night will also feature the Open division where alumni and college wrestlers can test their skills. The new North Island College team will have wrestlers entered. The conclusion of the rest of the preliminary matches in the age class divisions will begin Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m. Medal matches will start at about 10:30 a.m. Saturday morning. The finals in the Schoolboy/girl division (grade 6-8) and Cadet (gr 9-10) will start at noon on Saturday. The Juvenile (grade 11-12) finals start at 2:30 pm on Saturday and wrap up by 3:30 p.m. There is not cost for spectators for the Invitational.

Not only do local fans have an opportunity for some great competition at the Invitational, you also will once again see very competitive Alberni wrestlers. The ADSS Boys team is currently ranked #8 in the province and will likely battle it out with over 60 other schools for the team title in the Juvenile and Cadet divisions. These teams include #1 and 2 ranked Burnaby Central and Burnaby South and other top teams such as Guildford Park of Surrey and Rick Hansen of Abbostford.

In the Juvenile Girls division ADSS is ranked # 2 in BC with WJ Mouat of Abbotsford #1. Port Moody Secondary, Terry Fox of Port Coquitlam and Carson Graham of North Vancouver round out the top 4 girls teams. In the Schoolboy/girl division Alberni will have strong teams from Neill and Dunn Middle Schools and both schools should be in the top 10. Ucluelet Secondary will also have wrestlers in most age divisions.

It will be an exciting few days of wrestling action in the place many observers call the Wrestling Capital of BC – Port Alberni!

For more information and information on wrestlers to watch at the Invitational contact Tournament Director

TOM McEVAY--- Phone home:724-0577 or work: 723-3744; email

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

No Hockey Wednesday

Out at the Alberni Golf Club. Thanks Bruce!


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Audio - Kevin Ross Penalty Shot Winner....

....Working on getting the video up, once I have access to it.

What a goal by "Rossie" for his second career double OT penalty shot winner.

And what a roar at the Dog Pound. Been a while since I heard the rafters rattle like that. A well played game by both clubs that had playoff intensity.

The penalty call that awarded the penalty shot is obviously one that's under the microscope. You'll hear me say on the play-by-play "he just didn't get the puck, is what the penalty call is"

At first glance when the play happened in real time, I thought he missed the puck. At second glance on the video replay after the game it looked like he DID get puck. THEN, after watching it in slow-motion it is just way to close to call if it's Ross first or puck first.

Put it this way - just my humble opinion - but I don't think it's worth debating something this hard that you can't even tell definitively either way if it was the right call or the wrong call once you watch it in super-slo motion several times. Especially when the official has one chance to make the call in one split second at full speed. It's a tough call, it's tough if it's a no call. I can see how the Grizzlies were upset about it. I could also see the Grizzlies just as upset if that's a 1 on 1 the other way, their player is taken down, and theres NO CALL.

What made it extra sweet, was that I picked Rossie to score the winner. Although I totally forgot until Rick and Dan reminded me!



Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2-1 Dogs, double overtime....

Kevin Ross with the penalty shot winner.
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Dogs vs Grizz

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Game Delayed....No officials

Kinda funny, a game after Saturday night where much hoopla was made about the officiating.....

.... we get a big reminder tonight that we CANT PLAY WITHOUT THEM.

Apparently there's been a snafu of sorts, as - again apparently - no officials were assigned to work this game.

We're told here in the Broadcast Booth that the game will begin 15 minutes late.


Line up tonight

Some changes to the line up tonight going into this one.

Brody Lynott and Robert Lindores come out of the line up, while Casey Bailey and Tyler Berkholtz are still out.

Making his BCHL debut tonight as an affiliate player is Evan Richardson. Richardson is 1994 born Nanaimo Native, who plays with the North Island Tips in the BC Major Midget Hockey League.

This guy can light it up big time. In 28 games this season with the Silvertips, Richardson has 28 goals and 24 assists for 52 points to go along with 45 penalty minutes.

Richardson was selected 15th overall in the 2009 WHL Bantam Draft by the Swift Current Broncos.


Wings fans take a catwalk...54 rinks in 54 hours...


I can hear "I'm too sexy" by Right Said Fred in my ears right now.

Do a little turn on the catwalk? How about the comments from the Kings Broadcast crew? Wow. Haven't seen this happen before.

And here's a pretty cool story from Greg Wyshynski's Yahoo Sports Puck Daddy Blog,

"Hitting 54 rinks in 54 hours, for one great hockey cause"

Sounds like a great idea for someone to try on Hockey Day in Canada.

Of course the Dogs face the Grizzlies tonight at the Pound. I'll be posting the lineup later this afternoon so please be sure to check back.


Dogs host Grizzlies.....Nucks over Blues

A big one tonight, as the Bulldogs and Grizzlies meet tonight at the Pound in the final meeting of the season between the two clubs.

The Grizzlies are red hot right now, winners of 8 in a row, including a 5-3 win over the Vernon Vipers last Saturday night. They were last in action this past Saturday where they won 1-0 in Cowichan.

And they are the only team not named Vernon to beat the Bulldogs over their last 17 games.

The last time these teams met was December 8th, a 2-1 Grizz win at the Dog Pound.

All points up for grabs aside, this game is a BIG one as it's the last meeting of the regular season between the two clubs. With a playoff meeting being a possibility, this game is that much more important in that it's an opportunity for someone to get some confidence in the head to head match up and send a message to the other team in the process.

Having said all that - if either of these teams meet in the playoffs they'll probably both say that this game means nothing now, or something along those lines, haha!

Lets not forget the two points up for grabs as they are big ones like any points are this late in the season. The Bulldogs magic number to clinch their first Coastal Conference title is 5.5 games. The Grizzlies are just TWO points out of a second place tie with Powell River. You can bet the Grizzlies will be motivated tonight and no doubt very confident riding an 8 game win streak. The Dogs had best be ready to play their best over a full 60 minutes.

Get it all on 93.3 The Peak FM with our pregame show kicking things off at 6:45


Monday, January 25, 2010

One more Monday tidbit....

....Sorry I missed this one on the blog earlier!

For those that missed it, the Dogs continued to rise in the National Rankings today.

Your Bulldogs are now ranked EIGHTH in the Country.

Way to go Bulldogs!

"Around the Pound", Canucks hockey TONIGHT ON THE PEAK, Canucks boycott CBC, Cormier done for YEAR, Cooke-ie Monster hungry, other tidbits.

Quite the night on 93.3 The Peak FM tonight starting at 6pm with "Around the Pound" the Bulldog Hockey Show.

My guestlist tonight - Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham, former Bulldog Devin Timberlake, Nanaimo Clippers play-by-play voice Dan Marshall and Victoria Grizzlies Head Coach and GM Victor Gervais.

I welcome your questions and comments at my email here

I will do my absolute best to get to all of them in their entirety, but I do have time constraints so please keep that in mind!

I'm pleased to announce that we have a title sponsor for the show who has come on board.... A huge welcome and and even bigger THANKS to Alberni Echo Toyota!

Alberni Echo Toyota's "Around the Pound, the Bulldog Hockey Show" goes from 6 to 7 tonight on The Peak!

Immediately following the game, we'll be joining the Canucks vs Sabres in progress, hopefully before the puck drop, so be sure to tune in to the Canucks on The Peak as well!

Speaking of the Canucks. This is some serious business here, as they have apparently boycotted CBC's Hockey Night in Canada....Read more from the GLOBE AND MAIL HERE

(photo: Canadian Press)

Patrice Cormier is done for the season after the QMJHL announced his suspension for his elbow to the head of Michael Tam

Your thoughts?

Matt Cooke, aka the cooke-ie monster, was apparently hungry yesterday in the Flyers vs Pens tilt

Angel Magnussen is doing her best to encourage you to purchase a cookbook, a gold heart, a paper heart, a ticket on a Quality Foods Gift Basket or to donate your spare change to the Variety Coin Drive.

You can read all about it on Angel's website HERE

You can also see Angel right at the front doors as you walk into the rink over the next three Bulldog home games. And finally, you can see Angel this upcoming Saturday at Quality Foods where she'll be sighing books from noon to 2pm.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Bulldogs on HNIC

Cool stuff! Had everyone at BP's glued to the screens.


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Dogs 4 Smokies 2

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Bulldogs line up tonight....

..... A couple of changes from last game heading into this one.

Casey Bailey and Jeff Reppucci come out of the line up.

Brody Lynott and Matt Hatch come back in.

Tyler Berkholtz remains out.

Scott Lewan gets the start in net.


Smokies @ Dogs, Devin Timberlake interview, post game show at BP's tonight...

Excuse the late update on a game day. I was up Mt. Washington taking in my first skiing experience in 21 years. And I'm not an old guy either! My first time down a Mountain since I was knee-high to a grasshopper was a fun experience, but also a rough one.

We ended up misreading the map and thought were were taking a beginners route. Which is what I am, full on beginner! Anyway, it was a DIFFICULT run. I almost made it down the run in one piece but I ended up airborne and face planted hard so I'm a little under the weather today with a cheek that looks like it ran headlong into a Mike Tyson punch. It's a little sore and I look like I'm related to Simon and Theodore, but I'm alive, HAHA!

A great experience I would certainly do again, but only on the easy runs. It's too bad that it's only one Bulldog game thats keeping me from being up there all weekend....but I'd never give up a Bulldog game of course!

It's the Bulldogs and Smoke Eaters tonight. The first meeting of the season between the two teams. I'm not up to doing all the schedule checking but I wouldn't be surprised if these are the final two BCHL teams this season that haven't seen each other yet.

Curtis Tonello and Nick Sandor will no doubt be excited, as they get to return to the Dog Pound for the first time. Tye Lewis will also no doubt be fired up on the Bulldogs side of the puck as he's set to face his old team.

Here's a highlight video of Tye Lewis, made by Smokies play-by-play voice Shawn Mullin

The Smoke Eaters are set to play their third game in four days, after a 4-1 loss in Victoria last night. They opened their trip with a 5-4 double overtime win in Powell River on Wednesday.

Former Bulldog Captain Devin Timberlake is now the Captain of the NCAA's Brown Bears. Be sure to catch the interview with Devin in the second intermission show tonight.

AND - be sure to head down to the Boston Pizza post game show live at BP's and live on 93.3 The Peak FM following the game!

Friday, January 22, 2010

No Hockey Friday...


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Larry Brooks vs John Tortorella II, Bulldog TV features, Canuck highlights, BCHL Magazine, Kremyr interview

Whats the level of interest on the blog for videos?

These guys first went at it a couple years ago. Here's another episode. I did some research, Brooks called Redden "Golden Gloves" in his column....

Here's the Mitch MacMillan feature from CHEK NEWS. Odd there's been talk about these parts lately that MItch gets too much attention yet in the piece here they say he may be "the best player you've never heard of"

And the MacMillan brothers on SPORTSNET CONNECTED

Nucks vs. Stars highlights. Anyone want these on the blog? Alex Auld has been watching too much Marty Turco.

The BCHL Magazine "Smart Hockey"is very well put together, and is a must read for BCHL fans. The most recent issue is a must read for Bulldog fans as well as the team gets lots of love. Former Bulldog Tyler Ruel is featured in the magazine, as is current Bulldog Mark MacMillan. The cherry on top? Former Dog Daniel Moriarty is on THE COVER!

And finally, by request - here's a link to the Jordan Kremyr interview. Just for you Maggie :)


Have a great Friday and we'll talk to you all tomorrow!!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Bulldogs Release Playoff Tickets, 2010/11 Season Ticket Info

Alberni Valley Bulldogs home playoff tickets for games 1 and 2 now on sale

January 19, 2010


With strong play over the past months, the Alberni Valley Bulldogs have secured a position in the BCHL’s Fred Page Cup playoffs for the first time since the 2006 – 2007 season.

This season’s playoff format will see the top team in the BCHL’s Coastal Conference receive a first round bye, while the 8th place team at the end of regular season will miss the playoffs.
The Fred Page Cup playoffs are set to have the first round begin on Tuesday February 23rd, 2010.

The first round matchups are based on the regular seasons final standings. The first round will see the 2nd seed vs 7th seed, 3rd seed vs 6th seed, and the 4th seeded team facing off against the 5th seed. All series in the Fred Page Cup playoffs are the best of seven. The top seeded teams in each series will have home ice advantage during Games 1,2,5*,7* (*if necessary) in each round. Teams will then be reseeded for round two, with the first placed team entering in as the top seed.

2010 Alberni Valley Bulldog playoff ticket prices are as follows:
Adult $15.00
Senior $13.00
Student $ 9.00
Child $ 7.00

Season ticket holders will have until February 12th, 2010 to reserve their seats for the first two home playoff games. Beginning February 15th, 2010 tickets not secured by season ticket holders will be opened up to the general public for purchase. All non reserved tickets (currently not held by a season ticket holder) will be on sale beginning Thursday January 21st, 2010.
Round 1 start dates

GAME 1 Tuesday February 23, 2010 Top seeded team is home
GAME 2 Wednesday February 24, 2010 Top seeded team is home
GAME 3 Friday February 26, 2010 Lower seeded team is home
GAME 4 Saturday February 27, 2010 Lower seeded team is home
*Games 5,6,7 if necessary to be determined

Round 2 start dates
GAME 1 Friday March 5, 2010 Top seeded team is home
GAME 2 Saturday March 6, 2010 Top seeded team is home
GAME 3 Tuesday March 9, 2010 Lower seeded team is home
GAME 4 Wednesday March 10, 2010 Lower seeded team is home
*Games 5,6,7 if necessary to be determined

For further information please contact the Alberni Valley Bulldogs office at 250.723.0488

And here's a press release regarding 2010-2011 season tickets. It's hard for me to comment on ticket prices because I don't buy tickets, but I'm going to go out on a limb and say that just over TEN BUCKS A GAME is an absolute STEAL for your entertainment value!

Alberni Valley Bulldogs launch 2010 – 2011 season ticket campaign

January 19, 2010


The Alberni Valley Bulldogs have announced ticket prices for the 2010 – 2011 season. The 9th ranked Canadian Junior Hockey League (CJHL) Bulldogs are now accepting season ticket renewals for next season.

The Bulldogs will begin accepting season ticket renewals on Thursday January 21, 2010. Season tickets will be offered at an early bird discount, if tickets are renewed or purchased before March 1st, 2010.

Single Game
Season Ticket prior to March 1, 2010 (discount versus gate prices)
Season Ticket after March 1st, 2010 (discount versus gate prices)

$320 ($100 discount - $10.67/game)
$340 ($80 discount)

$270 ($90 discount - $9.00/game)
$290 ($70 discount)

$195 ($75 discount – $6.50/game)
$215 ($55 discount)

$135 ($15 discount - $4.50/game)
$135 ($15 discount)

Ticket holders who purchase tickets prior to the early bird cutoff date of March 1st, 2010 will be entered in a draw to win a signed Alberni Valley Bulldogs team jersey. The draw will be made March 2nd, 2010.

Current season ticket holders will have until March 31st, 2010 to renew and reserve their season tickets. Beginning April 1st, 2010 all remaining unclaimed tickets will be open to the general public for purchase.

As a season ticket holder you will receive special privileges, not only do you have your seat reserved for the 30 home games, you are also given the first right of refusal on all Bulldog playoff tickets.

To renew your season tickets or to purchase a season ticket for the 2010 – 2011 season, please contact the Alberni Valley Bulldogs office at 250.723.4412

Thursday ramblings.

Hello and happy Thursday.

The team has been playing so much lately, it feels almost weird to not have had a game last night or tonight, doesn't it?

Well I'll try my best to give you something to entertain you here on the blog.

By request, here's the Mitch MacMillan and Kevin Ross interview from AROUND THE POUND Monday night - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

And some more audio for ya.... Former Bulldog Maury Edwards CLICK TO LISTEN

And speaking of former Dogs, I just spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Devin Timberlake, down at Brown University. You'll hear that interview this Saturday night in the second intermission show.

Here's some updates on playoff and season tickets from Laurie Smillie in the Bulldogs office, as well as a heads up on fund raising for Haiti on Saturday night:

Playoff tickets go on sale today for the first two games.

Also, you can now renew your season tickets for 2010/11 season. Get in on the early bird price before March 1st and be entered to win a Autograph Bulldogs 2009/10 jersey

Legion Branch 169 will be at the game on Saturday night in the upper lounge doing a fundraiser for HAITI, so anyone interested in donating please find them in the upper lounge area on Sat. night during the game

Thanks for the heads up Laurie. Talking about playoff tickets is an exciting thought!

I checked out the PPV archive this morning of the Smoke Eaters vs Kings game last night in Powell River. An interesting ending to say the least as Kings D-man Reid Campbell was the last man back when he blew a tire and lost an edge allowing the Smoke Eaters to score the double overtime double winner.

In the seconds that followed, Michael Garteig left the Kings net and skated towards the Kings bench. As he was doing so, the Smokies were racing towards the Kings end to celebrate the OT winner. Kiefer Smiley came off the bench to join the celebration only to be met by a fairly vicious one-handed chop to the legs by Garteig. Vicious enough in the ref's eyes at least for Garteig to pick up a match penalty. One would assume there's some prior history between the two or that something was said by Smiley. In the end it doesn't matter, you can't Paul Bunyan someone.

Speaking from a former goalies perspective, I've broken my stick over several things after an OT loss before. Just not people. I've certainly been there before emotionally and it isn't easy to keep it all in check. My dad stopped my poor sportsmanship by making my buy my own $70 goal stick the next time around. I learned pretty quick. Anyway, tough for the Kings and Garteig as he'll be unavailable to them as they hit the road next week. And I certainly feel for Reid Campbell, no one probably feels worse than him. A good win to open the trip for the Smokies, who visit the Dog Pound on Saturday.

Big thanks to Joe Scali's parents Nick and Mara for giving me the heads up on this one.

A great video with lots of BCHL'ers in it, including a clinical shift by Joe, although the announcers aren't pleased. Just look at the end result of what he set up. Way to go Joe!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snakes 6 Dogs 3

The biggest crowd in a long while at the Dog Pound rocked like old times, but the Champs were the silencers in the battle of Conference leaders.

The Dogs looked like a team from the outset that was tight, nervous, or puck watching.

I think they just looked like what they were - a team that was playing in front of the biggest crowd that any of them had ever seen in their own rink.

The Vipers on the other hand looked focused and ready to battle from the word go. And quite simply - VERY GOOD. And I'd hazard a guess that there wasn't one fan in the stands that didn't think the same thing?

The Snakes bit the Dogs 32 seconds into the game on a and from that point on the Dogs were in fightback mode. And the Vipers just kept taking the better of the fight to them. To say that offense was hard to come by for the Dogs from scoring areas through the first 40 minutes would be an understatement. The last thing you can say about the Dogs is that there wasn't anything less than a 100% effort. However, it seemed that the Dogs never got any sustained pressure going, and it seemed just like "one of those nights" repeatedly with how the puck was bouncing. But maybe that's just a cliche said by a team that doesn't win?

I feel for Frank Slubowski. Fair or not, in every game as big as this one the goalies are under a microscope. As one Mr. Plante once said - "goaltending is the only profession where when you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and thousands of people either boo or cheer" I said on the broadcast that Frank would have wanted to have 1 or 2 back. And I also said that when anyone says anything about goal tending during games they need to look at the bigger picture. And that is that Frank is one of several big reasons that the team is at it's place in the standings.

It was just so great to see the Pound that full, and it hear it that loud. Port Alberni, give your selves a round of applause..

I hope the fans that came for the first time this year saw the effort that the team put in. That they didn't "punch the clock" as Nolan Graham said on the post game show. They kept fighting and eventually made a game of it.

It would have been quite easy with the Vipers dominating the game and up 5-1 to just run out the clock. Instead, the kids didn't quit and they scored two quick ones and were all of a sudden one end-board bounce away from making it a one goal game which would have REALLY made a game of it.

I can't imagine how loud it would have been if that one went in. As I remarked on the broadcast - I don't know if I've ever heard a noise like that out of the crowd in a long time, or ever. It was as if every single fan was instantaneously making the same excited noise trying to will the puck into the net...Cool stuff.

In the end the Vipers should be proud of a solid win and a great end to the longest road trip ever.

And the Dogs should be proud of coming up with a valiant effort. I know to the players that the comment is a hollow one, as all they wanted for all the fans was to just give you guys the win.

The sun comes up tomorrow, starting a new streak.....


30 seats left..Bulldogs lineup

Last update from the office - 30 seats left. They will cram standing room until they are out of tickets.

The Bulldogs line up tonight -

Matt Hatch and Tyler Berkholtz are still out due to injury.

Sam Mitchell comes back into the line up, Brody Lynott comes out.

Frank Slubowski starts in goal.


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Less than 100 seats left....

We are still over 5 hours away from game time and the Bulldogs Office tells me there is around 70 seats left, and an assortment of standing room tickets!

Only in Alberni moment of the day....the Bulldogs office opened up at 10 this morning. To a line up of people waiting to buy tickets!

AWESOME. Call the Bulldogs office at 250 723 4412 or get down to the Multiplex like five minutes ago!

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Dogs vs Vipers, BRING BACK THE STANDING O, tickets selling fast, Adam Hout on The Peak Morning Show today...

Man, do I ever wish it was 7pm already.

This is a BIG one.

B - I - G.

Ah, so that's what Rick looks like! It's been a long time since we did a game together. Rick of course was gone to Timmins, Ontario as part of the staff for Team Pacific at the 2009 World U17 Challenge. Then as he returned, the Dogs played six in a row on the ROAD. So it will be great to be back at home on the air with Rick tonight.

Of course our pregame takes to the air just around 6:45 with the puck dropping at 7:00. If you can't pick up THE PEAK on your radio, listen live through our website at

So why is tonight BIG?


The home side is on a 14 game win streak. And the home fans are RABID to say the least.

The Bulldogs haven't played at home since January 3rd. Since that game, they have went on back to back three game in three day road trips. And they won all six games.

As I predicted, ticket sales yesterday were brisk.

Everyone loves a winner, and a bandwagon.

My question - I wonder how good must this feel and how much fun must this be for all the fans and supporters and sponsors that have never been off the wagon, the ones that have been there through thick and thin over the last 3 or 4 years. THIS is why you are a fan, and why you are a sponsor isn't it? Just plain awesome. I know how it feels from a broadcaster standpoint as I'm someone who's been through the thick and the thin, but unlike you all I was doing a job not spending my hard earned money and advertising dollars.

NOTHING has been accomplished yet. At the same time, there are peaks and valleys and this is a big time PEAK and its fun when you are in the middle of that instead of a valley.

As Kevin Ross said yesterday on "Around the Pound" about the 14 game winning streak:

"Well, at one time last year we were on a 13 game losing streak. This is a lot more fun"

Well said Rossie.

A quote from the 'Dogs office yesterday "LOTS" of tickets were selling. It's still a ways away from a sellout, but at the pace it was going yesterday it just might get there. How incredible would that be?

SO - get to the office asap at 10am today if you want tickets, and spread the word for those that don't read the blog or listen to The Peak that the Dogs are red hot, they have the National Champs paying them a visit tonight, and we need to PACK THE SHACK.

Those that attend the game tonight that read the blog and/or listen to THE PEAK where I've mentioned it several times - BRING BACK THE STANDING OVATION. For the die hard fans, it's never really totally disappeared. Its just that with the last couple of years and where the team has been at, there hasn't been a HUGE game like this one. It's one of the coolest "unique to Port Alberni" traditions that has come out of the Bulldog fan base.

Here's the jist of it from Bulldog Billet Mom Nancy Smeltzer, second mom to Frank Slubowski and David Dziurzynski:

In past years we have had a standing ovation at the first puck drop of every period, where everyone in the arena stood proud and made lots of noise, and the Bulldog players have loved it. It showcases what amazing fans we have and the support they show for their team. In the past couple of years the ovations have faded away except for the few dedicated fans who continue to stand. On Tuesday night when the Vernon Vipers are here, we need to bring back the 'O' in a big way. Show our Bulldogs that we know how hard they have worked to make us a first place team in our division and ranked 11th in Canada, and that we are proud of them and will continue to support them through the rest of the season and into the playoffs. So, on Tuesday night, when Charles gives us the cue, stand on your feet, make lots of noise, and show our Bulldogs how wonderful we know they are, and thank them for the great entertainment they provide for us game in and game out. Go Dogs Go! Who let those Dogs out anyway!

And here's an interesting email from another Billet Parent, from a PLAYERS perspective regarding another legendary manufactured in Alberni tradition from years gone by: THE COUNT. I'm too superstitious to put the cart before the horse regarding the count...but how amazing it would be to be able to see it again.....

Hey Hammer,

The guys and I were talking tonight and they are so pumped about the game tomorrow. They were wondering when they won the game tomorrow would the crowd start counting like they have heard happened during the 20 game winning streak. They said that would be awesome!!! If there is anyway you can get that out there to the fans that would be great, I think they would love it.

Thanks Hammer,

I'm somewhat concerned about the players feeling the pressure tonight. Biggest crowd in a LONG time. Maybe the biggest that any of these guys have played in front of.

What the players need to know - these fans are here for you. They have ONE expectation.

And it's not A WIN.

It's what you've done all season, and that is- that you work your tails off, and you try your best. In the end, if you don't get the win but you gave it your best effort, they'll be happy.

Of course everyone loves a win and it's more fun than a loss. But these fans are smart ones. They know you can't win them all.

I think back to the Penticton game when the Dogs mounted a furious comeback that came up short at the buzzer and they lost.

What did the fans do? They stood up as one and cheered and gave the guys a standing ovation. Why? Because the effort was all they could have asked for.

Having said that, they still probably want to show off their counting skills tonight ;)

It's the "Heart of an Angel" campaign at the Multiplex this month, and today is an even bigger day with the official launch of Angel's Cookbook that you've no doubt heard about over the last year. Below is the release going out to the media on the official release of the book tonight.

Angel along with her mom and Bulldog D Man Adam Hout will all be on the morning show just after 8am this morning to talk about the book so don't miss it.

Angel Magnussen, Port Alberni's Variety girl, is ready to take her newly-released cookbook from the press to the streets to raise money for her favourite charities.

The "Celebrity Charity Cookbook" features a variety of people including celebrities, politicians and local community heros. Each were asked to submit a recipe and include a personal biography and story behind the recipe. It quickly grew from a simple cookbook to a coffee-table book and special keepsake.

Included are stories from people who make a difference in our community, children who have overcome challenges and tributes to loved ones who have passed on.

The first official launch will take place Tuesday night at the Alberni Valley Bulldogs game, where Angel will have her Variety table set up.

As a hobby, Angel loves to bake and the idea came about while she was in the kitchen with her caregiver about a year ago.

"Angel decided then that she wanted to make a cookbook," said her mother, Cheryl Magnussen. "The two of them talked about it and by the time I got home, they had it all hatched out."

Born with a number of medical conditions, Angel has never let her challenges get in her way. She loves doing things for others and cooking gives her great satisfaction. Feeding others is a way she can give of herself. She often volunteers at Echo Village where she conducts "Baking with Angel" sessions.

Recipes cover everything from salads to desserts and include such items as Buffalo Wings, Smoked Salmon Spinach Salad, Chocolate "Muff" Cakes, as well as a full Mexican fiesta. The result is an interesting and unique cookbook with a difference.

The aim is to raise funds to contribute to Variety, The Children's Charity, as well as stock pediatric wards of three Vancouver Island hospital pediatric wards with toys and games.

Magnussen feels such distraction items are necessary to help families cope with the emotional roller coaster of a child experiencing hospital visits.

"The hospitals have no money for these kinds of things," said Magnussen. There are no child life specialists locally or anyone to help distract a child who is going through scary tests, admissions or an emergency."

She hopes that by equipping pediatric wards with toys and games it will help families going through a crisis in a small way.

"It is hard enough in that kind of situation for a parent to hear and understand what the doctors are saying, so this will help the families cope and better support their children," said Magnussen.

Following Tuesday night's Bulldogs game, the Magnussen's will be hosting book signings at Home Hardware on Saturday, January 23 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm and at Quality Foods on Saturday, January 30 from noon until 3:00 pm. Both stores will then stock the book for sales.

Monday, January 18, 2010

The boys on "Around the Pound"

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Update from the Bulldogs office....

There's lots of tickets left - BUT they are going VERY fast.

So - get to the office today or early tomorrow, and spread the word that seats are filling up fast.

This is just plain AWESOME!


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Dogs office open today for ticket sales....

Don't forget the Bulldogs office is open today for ticket sales!

Nice of Jess Moser to step up and work the office as I made the mistake of wondering aloud yesterday on the air if the office would be open today. Turns out it wasn't, but she's going in anyway.

My bad - For some reason I thought that for Tuesday games that the office was open on Mondays. I don't know how I came up with that in my head - please accept my apologies fans and ladies in the office!

Now - get down there and buy your tickets. Goin' like hotcakes I'm sure!


What a Monday ! 9th in the Nation... Update - Mitch gets 50 - and BCHL player of the week honours UPDATE - Talk show tonight, Sportsnet Connected too

Here's the latest rankings from the CJHL, as the Bulldogs continue to rise - to 9th in the Country!

Way to go Bulldogs!!

And the hits just keep coming this morning...

Congrats to Mitch MacMillan - He's been named the BCHL's player of the week. I couldn't hazard a guess as to who the last Bulldog was that earned this award. Read more from the BCHL website here.

Tonight marks the debut of "Around the Pound, the Bulldog Hockey Show" from 6pm to 7pm on 93.3 The Peak FM.

If you aren't in radio range, get it on our website at

If you are a business and you want to be a part of the program as a sponsor, call the station at 250-723-2455!

If you have a question for the show for me or my guests - drop me a line via email HERE

Tonight's line up:

Nolan Graham

Kevin Ross and Mitch MacMillan

Vernon Vipers play-by-play voice Todd Miller

Trail Smoke Eaters Head Coach and GM Jim Ingram

Don't forget to catch Sportsnet Connected tonight - at approximately 10:45pm - for a feature on the MacMillan brothers. Cool stuff!


And -

Here's a weekend recap from the Alberni Valley Times - click to read "Bulldogs go 3-0, while win streak hits 14"

And last but not least don't forget the Bulldogs office will be open at 10am today selling tickets for tomorrows game against the Vernon Vipers!


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