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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dogs and Clippers split weekend, the "CanPar" man fills in, Summit Send off and Hockeyville pics.

Hello and thanks for stopping by the blog. I'm still trying to make my posts all about quality rather than quantity. First off, the weekend split. Great effort and great goaltending for the Dogs in Nanaimo Friday, and great to get a win in the Frank Crane. Those there to witness it could say that the Clippers did the same thing to the Dogs at the Pound Saturday. Great effort and great goaltending. Too bad for the Dogs to lose it the way they did scoring on their own net, but that's sometimes the way you lose the 1-0 games. The game was a must win for the Clippers and it showed in their effort. Great defensive game from Nanaimo overall and while on the penalty kill. No, not a typo that the Bulldogs went 0 for 13 on the powerplay. Crushing for the team to lose the game when it seemed the script was written so right, last home game of the regular season, hockeyville day and flag night, in a game that was sold out for days upon days where they had a chance to clinch. Someone forgot to mention to the Clippers how it was all supposed to turn out, from a Bulldogs perspective. Looking back from a Dogs perspective I guess you would certainly take a split, as the Dogs still control their destiny. From the Clippers side a split is nice and the win in Alberni in a must win was nice to stay alive. In retrospect from the Clippers side they may be wondering "what if" they won Friday night in the Frank Crane as well, as they would be even in points.

Time to introduce a true "BCHL Beauty" in my opinion. Meet Bruce Sly, or as I call him "the Canpar guy" He has been an off ice official in Nanaimo for sometime, since I've been in the league at least. Bruce is in the "tomb sin bin" and works the game clock for Clippers games. Working with Canpar he is in the enviable position to travel to both Nanaimo and Port Alberni, and he's a fixture in the rivalry of the two teams getting to talk hockey in both cities at places all over. Friday in Nanaimo I thought I had a guest for my second intermission, and for whatever reason it didn't work out. In the pressbox in Nanaimo was Bruce, and I said "get in here Bruce" as I knew he would be a good interview, in a pinch. I know those that know him wouldn't believe it to be true, but he was nervous of his radio debut. My thanks to Bruce for helping me out and doing a great job at the same time.

Click here to LISTEN to the interview from our 93.3 The Peak FM broadcast.

Funny story leading upto this weekend about Bruce. Whenever the Bulldogs-Clippers scene heats up, emails are exchanged discussing the upcoming games. I got Bruce's permission to post this part of his email from the past week

Should be a terrific weekend of hockey 6 periods and 4 points,,,,possibly more points what will happen????????
On a much more important note....
Prestige....see Fancy. High Class. The Best of the Best. The Webster says...influence arising from reputation or position...
Now all that said here is my point/request.
Ace I think that I am ready for an ACE ballcap. Monday could be a tough day for me either way the weekend goes. An ACE ballcap is what I am now in need of.
Alf I have put in my time in the trenches. I have been to the Barns and I have dealt with the people In Alberni as well as Nanaimo.
I have heard it all and then some.
Do I get the hat or not??????
I think I have earned one. If I am fortunate enough to acquire the prestigious ACE lid I think I may get it stitched with "TOMB SIN BIN" that would look good on my bean don't you think.....?
Do I get one have I earned it or do I have to do more time......

Well, when I emailed Bruce back I told him that I thought his bid for a hat would fail. I had mentioned to Ace a while back that I thought Bruce deserved a hat. Ace said he agreed, but his last hat went to JB in Chilliwack. Ace then decided to give Bruce his own hat that he was holding onto. Below is a picture I took of Bruce with his hat. Congrats Bruce, well deserved, and thanks for the interview. Also below are pictures of the sendoff at the summit, and from the hockeyville photo shoot, taken by the BIG DOG. Thanks to him, and get those pictures and ideas sent into me people! EMAIL ME

Thanks for stopping by the blog, more to come as the next games near.

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Bulldogs Game Day #58 vs Clippers

Hello and thanks for stopping by the blog. It's the biggest game of the season in the DAWG Pound tonight, no doubt about it . A game that's been sold out since Tuesday, and was designated "FLAG NIGHT" on Hockeyville day to boot, has now become a game where the Alberni Valley Bulldogs can clinch their first banners in the franchise's history in the Alberni Valley. With a victory over the Clippers tonight the Bulldogs would claim the regular season BCHL overall crown, and the Island Division and Coast Conference regular season title. Of course, banners at this time of year are not what you play a season for. However, they are what you play a regular season for.

Great effort by the Bulldogs last night with the 3-1 win in the Frank Crane Arena, the first time this season that a road team emerged victorious in the Clippers-Bulldogs series so far this season. Brian Stewart was stellar in goal, and Bert Watkins, Jordan Kremyr, and Harry Zolnierczyk scored the goals. The Bulldogs led 1-0 after two (the first time in 7 games that they scored first) before Craig Gaudet tied it up six minutes into the third. Kremyr scored the winner less than two minutes later, and less that a minute after that Harry Zolnierczyk scored the insurance marker.

Big time Kudos to the Bulldogs faithful that packed the hump for the send off at the summit. Rolling through on the bus it was impossible to count the people, but it was quite a crowd and I know the team was impressed and motivated. I heard estimates from anywhere to 150 to 300 fans were there. It was impossible for me to sleep on the bus on the way down, due to the fact that every 30 seconds or so someone else passed the bus honking, others held Bulldogs flags out the window, etc. Quite the showing by the fans in the building too.

The community of Port Alberni and the Alberni Valley showed up in big numbers again today for the "Hockeyville" photo shoot infront of the Mulitplex. How fitting that on "Hockeyville" day there was snow falling? Any estimates had anywhere from 1000-2000 people showing up today. Good on ya fans!

Tonight's 93.3ThePeak FM Bulldogs broadcast kicks off with the Alberni Engineering pregame show at 6:45, with the puck drop at 7:00 with Ace and myself. Tonight's second intermission feature guest is Victoria Salsa play-by-play man Scott Didmon.

Don't forget to send an EMAIL to the pressbox

Those out of the 93.3The Peak FM listening area can catch the internet broadcast through the BCHL's FANZONE

Last but not least, don't forget tonight is FLAG NIGHT. Bring an extra $5.00 to the game to get a flag at a "one night only" half price. I don't know how many Bulldogs flags the booster club has, but I sure hope they sell out!

Thanks for stopping by the blog,

Should be nuts in there tonight.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Bulldogs Game Day #57 vs Clippers

Hello, happy friday, and thanks for stopping by the blog. The battle for first on the Island and first in the BCHL overall heats up tonight as the Bulldogs travel to the Frank Crane Arena in Nanaimo to take on the Clippers. The Clippers are 3 and 0 against the Bulldogs on home ice. The Bulldogs are 4 and 0 against the Clippers on home ice- although the Clippers have taken the last two games in Alberni to overtime to earn two big points.

Tonights 93.3 The Peak FM Bulldogs Broadcast is on the air at 7:15 with the Alberni Engineering pregame show with Ace and myself. Puck drop is 7:30. Tonights second intermission feature guest is BCHL Commissioner John Grisdale.

Not in the Alberni Valley and the 93.3 The Peak FM listening area? No problem, catch the internet broadcast, and internet broadcasts of all BCHL games, through the BCHL's FANZONE

Don't forget to send an EMAIL to the pressbox to Ace and myself.

Hope to see many people at the "Sendoff at the Summit" and of course the "Hockeyville" photoshoot tomorrow at 1pm at the Multiplex.

Thanks for stopping by the blog,

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hockeyville Indeed, some more audio stuff, other info for this weekends home and home.

Wow, hows that for a title. Thanks for stopping by the blog. Been busy here latley, doing some interviews and preparing for the battle this weekend. Friday in Nanaimo on the 93.3 The Peak FM broadcast our second intermission feature guest will be Mr. John Grisdale. Saturday's second intermission feature guest will be Salsa play by play man Scott Didmon. What a weekend for the Salsa and Kings. In Powell River tonight and tomorrow, then back to Victoria, Kings vs Salsa again Saturday night.

The Alberni Valley's CBC Hockeyville bid is in full swing. On Monday night I was a guest on Aaron Vissia's shaw media panel show in a special "Bulldogs/Hockeyville" edition with Tom McEvay and Bulldogs coach Jim Hiller. I found out alot then how the typical Port Alberni and area effort was being put into this. An "ad hoc" committee has been formed I think, and what I do know is that the hockeyville group is meeting in the upper lounge of the Multiplex Friday at noon, and they've invited anyone interested to attend and share their ideas. On my morning show Wednesday I interviewed Russel Dyson and Ron Paulson from the city, and we pushed everything to the public more. Saturday at 1pm, anyone and everyone is invited to the Hockeyville photo shoot which is part of the bid process. Bring the inlaws, bring the outlaws, come one and come all. If you are a hockey player/fan/parent/grandparent you are invited to wear a jersey or bring a stick if you have one.

Send off on the Summit- this happens Friday at 4:15 at the top of the hump, the dirt pile past the brack check pull over and bring your signs and yourselves and anything else. Kudos to Nancy Smeltzer for coming up with and spearheading the idea to show support for the Dogs and show how Port Alberni is Hockeyville. All in my humble opinion of course.

Saturday the booster club is having "FLAG NIGHT" where they are selling Bulldogs flags for half price while also encouraging everyone with a Bulldogs flag already to bring it to the game to add a little more craziness to the DAWG pound this weekend and into the playoffs.

Funny last story on how this is Hockeyville. When I was given two flags by the booster club to give away on the air in support and promotion of flag night, I was instructed to give them away with the tickets the radio station gives away for games. I went into work and gave the flags to the boss and said that we were supposed to give them away when we gave away tickets. A week or so later the flag were given back. No Bulldogs tickets left. This being just this Monday morning. The station ALWAYS has a ticket or two or three to give away by the on air staff here in promotion of the game and in promoting listenership and giveaways. Just shows the exitement this weekend brings, that there has already been that many people getting the Peak's tickets. I left work at noon, and went home. I then stopped at a convenience store, and when I walked in the person at the till said "Hey Mr. Peak" (new one by the way, haha) she continues "You wouldn't be able to get me a ticket for the Bulldogs game Saturday would you" I said "funny you ask, I just found out that the stations tickets are all spoken for already" She says "amazing, I just went to Safeway, (an alternate Bulldogs ticket location) and there are sold out too" I thought "Hockeyville indeed"

Tuesday morning Noreen from the Bulldogs emailed me and the tally was at about 70 standing room tickets left, if I remember correctly. By 3:00pm Tuesday the numbers were down to 30. 3:30pm she emailed again and I was pleased to be informed the game was SOLD OUT.

One thing I forgot to mention. Tuesday morning after I was on Aaron Vissia's shaw show, he brought me two tickets to the station, and told me he couldn't go to the game and told me to give away his tickets. All of a sudden the ticket/flag giveway was solved. I then found out that afternoon of the sell out. So I realized I had the last two tickets to the Dogs vs Clippers game, flag night, Hockeyville day, last home game of the regular season. Not to mention what could be on the line, haha. After I realized I had the last two tickets I was pained with a suitable idea to give away the tickets. Not a "correct number of caller through" thing, not a triva question, not a two person battle. I wanted everyone to have a chance. So I came up with this idea- "What would you do for the last two Clippers at Bulldogs tickets" Everyone has a shot. I've been telling people on my morning show at The Peak to email me- and tell me what they would do for the tickets. Some thing crazy, something nuts, something for someone else, what-have-you. I stressed to keep it legal and family friendly (family show, family show, haha) As a staff the radio station will pour over the emails and pick the one we think is best. That person then has to come to the radio station after the deadline, 10AM Friday, to do what they said they "would do for the last two Clippers at Bulldogs tickets". So GET your submissions in and email that link! My thanks again to Aaron Vissia!


It's always a challenge to come up with an interview with any coach that I'm happy with. All coaches are interesting and different individuals that I am glad to have the pleasure to interview before every game. I thought this interview with Bulldogs coach Jim Hiller was a not bad one, talking about the Bulldogs because I know the team more and see EVERY SINGLE game, plus I know Jim better. It's different talking to the oppositions coaches. Most that have been here for 3 or more years I feel I have a good repoire with at least. It's tough sometimes for both parties I'm sure to remain neutral in their comments and thoughts. Also when it's not a team that the Bulldogs don't see often, it's a totally different interview.

Jim Hiller interview from the Alberni Engineering pregame show on the 93.3The Peak FM Bulldogs broadcast. Click HERE to listen

I think I'm remembering all I hoped to remember with todays posting. I also hope I posted and wrote most of it correct. That's alot of stuff, off the cuff.

Thanks for stopping by the blog,
Hammer in Hockeyville.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Highlights vs Cowichan, other stuff

A picture with a twist to start off with today. First female from the left is my dear mom Heather Hammond, on the ice at the Whitney Forum in Flin Flon, Manitoba. (my home town) She is representing the local Royal Bank there for three star awards that the bank sponsors with the hockey team. Photo is credit

Greetings and thanks for stopping by the blog. Many things to talk about in this post. Been very busy latley. I was a guest on a "media panel" hockey show Monday night on ShawTV with Aaron Vissia hosting, along with Bulldogs coach Jim Hiller and Bulldogs educational advisor Tom McEvay. Good fun and good to talk some hockey.

Big series coming up this weekend- I'm not sure the status of tickets for the game in Nanaimo Friday, but I know that the game here Saturday was SOLD OUT as of 3:30pm today. Maybe a new record for time before a game and being sold out? The fans and others here since day one would maybe remember.

I'm going to post tomorrow about plans for the Dogs game Friday, and plans for the Hockeyville photo shoot in Port Alberni Saturday.

For now, I give you this- a highlight reel I put together taken from the 93.3 ThePeak FM Bulldogs Broadcast Saturday night as the Dogs beat the Capitals 7-5. Click to LISTEN

Thanks for stopping by the blog and keep posting your comments and requests and ideas and start some discussion. Don't forget to submit your pictures and anything else EMAIL ME

Thanks for stopping by the blog,

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Bulldogs Game Day #56 vs Cowichan

Greetings and thanks for stopping by the blog. Firstly, my apologies for not being able to post a game day post yesterday. I just didn't have time after I finished at the radio station before I had to get ready to get on the bus to go to Victoria to get anything done. In case you missed it the Bulldogs lost 3-2 to the Salsa last night after being down 2-0 before the game was four minutes old. The last time the Bulldogs scored first in a game was in Merritt, when their 20 game winning streak was snapped, oddly enough. The Bulldogs are back in action tonight at home as the host the only team to win in the DAWG Pound this season , the Cowichan Valley Capitals. The Caps have won two straight, outscoring their opponents 16-1 over those two games after beating Williams Lake 11-1 last night. The Caps have a 1 point lead on Victoria for third on the Island. The Bulldogs have a 2 point lead on the Clippers for first on the Island and first overall.

Tonights 93.3 The Peak FM Bulldog Broadcast is on the air at 6:45 with the pregame show with Ace and myself. The puck drop is 7:00. Our second intermission show feature guest is former Bulldog first year goaltender Tom Gillard.

Send an email to the PRESSBOX

Out of The Peak's listening area catch the internet broadcast through the BCHL's Fanzone

To make up for my not being able to post yesterday, here's a bunch of pictures I took from the game yesterday of the beautiful Bear Mountain Arena, and our broadcast vantage point in it.

Thanks for stopping by the blog,

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Powell River pictures.

Greetings, thanks for stopping by the blog. The Merritt Centennials did the Bulldogs a favour tonight, beating the Nanaimo Clippers 6-2. The Clippers remain four points behind the Bulldogs, now with one game in hand. I will post on game day tomorrow to set up the Dogs vs Salsa game. For now, some pictures I took in Powell River last Friday from our broadcast booth to show you the view Ace and myself have while we call the game for you. Nice booth and nice people in Powell River- especially the two gentleman doing the PA announcing and music in the room next door to us who always help us out and are great to talk to. Note the out-swinging windows that Ace and I talk about from time to time, usually in a negative way, haha.


Thanks again for checking out the blog. Get ahold of me with your suggestions, reguests, complaints, questions, and SUBMISSIONS get those pictures in if you have any.



Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Vs Centennials highlights, highlight reel.

Bulldogs 3 Centennials 2 in OT, click HERE to listen to the 93.3 The Peak FM broadcast.

A good story highlight reel. I find it hard to put hockey to music and actually like the audio I come up with. I don't ever like to cut anything, but songs are only so long. Instrumentals work best when it comes to music. But I digress. As a Broadcaster I know I'm more than passionate and sometimes too much so and I get fired up in the excitement and emotions of a hockey game. It's my thought that if anything I'd want to be too passionate than not enough. The happy medium is the goal any broadcaster, myself included trys to find. Not hard to get fired up listening to some of the great hockey the team has treated the fans to. Also not hard getting fired up being in the 'Pound. You the crowd make it such an experience to be in there. Last but not least, credit to the Bulldogs opponents, for playing great hockey too. BCHL action is well worth the dollar.

Comeback vs Williams Lake, parents night. Win over Clippers in OT. Both game storys fit well highlight wise when it comes to the songs.

BulldogsTopGun+U2reel of the 93.3 The Peak broadcast highlights HERE

Great email from Bulldog fan Lyle Pitts after the Bulldogs win in Vernon, their first road game after 8 in a row starting December 31st at home. I got his permission to post it here. Thanks for stopping by the blog, more stuff to come so be sure to check back!

> WE
> AT
> IT


Coming today- Monster Posting.

Hello to anyone checking out the blog! Big post coming up today to make up for my lack of posting due to lack of time the last couple of days. Coming up- new highlight reel, highlights from the game vs Merritt, and pictures from the "broadcast view" out of the booth in Powell River, and more!

Thanks and keep coming back!

Coming today- Monster Posting.

Hello to anyone checking out the blog! Big post coming up today to make up for my lack of posting due to lack of time the last couple of days. Coming up- new highlight reel, highlights from the game vs Merritt, and pictures from the "broadcast view" out of the booth in Powell River, and more!

Thanks and keep coming back!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Bulldogs Game Day #54 vs Merritt

The Bulldogs look to break a five game winless slide today as they take on the streaking Merritt Centennials at the DAWG Pound. The Bulldogs last action was a 4-3 double overtime loss Friday night in Powell River, while the Cents were last in action in Duncan last night, skating to their 3rd win in a row with a 5-0 win over the Caps. Matt Shuya had 2 goals, Brandon Campos had three. Brandon Wong assisted on all 5 Cents goals. Brad Thiessen got the win in goal, and added to his BCHL record with his 7th shutout of the season. The Bulldogs haven't won since Merritt snapped their 20 game winning streak a couple weeks ago. The Centennials are also on an impressive consecutive game point streak, 12 games by my count, where they didn't always win, but with ties and overtime losses they still took points.

The 93.3 The PEAK FM pregame show is on the air at 2:45 this afternoon, the puckdrop is 3:00pm with Ace and myself.

Those not in The Peak's listening range can catch the internet broadcast through the BCHL's FANZONE

Send an EMAIL to the pressbox

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Thursday, February 09, 2006

4-4 final vs Vees, great pictures.

The Penticton Vees are unbeaten in 10 and the Bulldogs are winless in 4 after last nights 4-4 tie. Good game, too bad their wasn't a winner. Penticton is a very good team. They were also missing 3 forwards from their lineup last night, and didn't look bad at all. Good hard played and hard fought. Nice comeback from down 3-0 by the Bulldogs, and good to get back into the 'Pound and the atmosphere and friendly confines of home... Back on the road again Friday to Powell River to face the improved Kings who are pushing hard for the final playoff berth in the Coast.

The Alberni Engineering pregame show on 93.3 The Peak FM is 7:15 and the puck drop is 7:30 from the Powell River Rec Complex with Ace and myself. Our second intermission "feature guest" is Centennials marketer and broacaster Keegan Goodrich from RadioNL 1230 in Merritt.

Email the PRESSBOX

For those not in Port Alberni or the surrounding areas of the Alberni Valley, catch the internet broadcast through the BCHL's FANZONE

Very cool to have a guest from Ireland in the pressbox with us watching his first hockey game ever. Being it's his first couple of days in Canada, I think the teams gave him a good show for a Canadian initiation. Thanks David Turner for getting him to the game.

Picture time. Yesterday's pictures of the different views of gameday. Matt Auerbach took the camera and took some shots from his perspective, I did mine, and last but not least BIG DOG took a couple great shots from his NEW camera.

Matt Auerbach's degree of gameday.

My perspective-Game day. Far corner shot, left/middle/right out of pressbox.
Great action shot, starting lineup/pregame ceremony shots by Big Dog.

Thanks to everyone for stopping by the blog and for the help from pictures to the Matty for the gameday perspective, and everyone else for requests and ideas. Keep em coming I'll post all I can.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bulldogs Game Day #52 vs Penticton

After last playing at home January 22nd- a 3-1 win over the Salmon Arm Silverbacks for their 19th win in a row- the Bulldogs return to home ice tonight after 4 games in a row on the road as the Penticton Vees make their only regular season trip to the 'pound. The Vees have won three in a row and are unbeaten in NINE games, while the Bulldogs have lost three in a row. The last time these two teams met- November 19th in Penticton- both teams were streaking, having both won 7 games in a row. The Bulldogs won that game 3-1 after taking a 3-0 lead after two periods.

The 93.3 The Peak pregame show is on the air at 6:45 tonight with Ace and myself, the puck drop is at 7:00pm. For those not in The Peak's listening range, catch the internet broadcast through the BCHL's Fanzone

During the broadcast, send an email to the PRESSBOX

Now, for the first of several installments of "four degrees of game day" First up is Bulldogs Athletic Trainer/Equipment Manager Matt Auerbach. I hope you enjoy gameday with Matt.

Four degrees of gameday- Edition #1

Matty Auerbach

Game day preparation begins the evening before game day. Matt will sharpen the skates for the players that like to skate ONCE on freshly sharpened blades before the game.

All laundry is also done the night before, so on game day at 8:30am when Matt opens up the room and turns the lights on, the dressing room is already set up for pregame skate.


9:15am- Any physio, wrappings, tape jobs, or anything else needed to get players ready for the game day skate are done.

Game day skate from 10:30am-11:15 or so.

Matty will then watch the gameday skate, and attend to any players needs.

If the team is on the road that night, the loading of “the trunks” begins. There are two trunks.

One trunk contains equipment, tape, laces, tools, the skate sharpener, riveter, and any spare skate and helmet parts.

Matt says “If I ever need it for a game it’s in there”

The other trunk is medical. It holds all needed medical supplies from medications to wraps, towels, gatorade mix, food, powerbars etc.

11:15am-Game day skate is done. Matt then does laundry immediately so it’s ready for game time, then sharpens the remaining skates for that night.

12:00pm- Matty then sets up the dressing room for the game. Jerseys and socks are put into the individual player stalls. Then on tables in the room Matt sets up sweat towels, gatorade, all sorts of tape, powerbars, and anything else. This part of the day ends at 1pm.

1pm- Matt heads home for lunch and rest and relaxation.

3:30pm- Back to the rink first for the pregame shower. Follwing that, Matt sets up the hallway outside the room with the Bulldogs banner as a divider. He then sets up the skate sharpener in hallway, and the stick preparing table. The stick prep table has everything the players need to get their sticks ready- tape, a heat gun, glue, wax, etc.

About 3:45 first players show up. Jordan Kremyr is usually the first

Matt then sets up the stationary bikes in the hallway outside the room for players, and the glove dryers for intermissions and after warm up to keep the players gloves dry.

All of this is usually finished by 4:30pm

4:30-6:00pm Matt attends to any lingering injuries, and any wraps, tape jobs, or anything else needed to get players ready.

5:30pm- In the dressing room, the players do their warmup of stretching etc. After that’s done, around 5:45 or so, Jim Hiller talks to players about the nights game.

While that’s happening, Matt and his assistant Jamie Amos set up the bench.

On the bench for a game there’s tape of all varieties, spare sticks, Matt’s medical bag, and ice.

Jamie Amos then sets up water bottles, towels, as well as the pucks used for warm up.

Jamie then sets up the penalty boxes with 2 water bottles each side, a towel each side, and a bag of ice each side. Jamie also delivers the frozen game pucks in a cooler, to the scorekeepers booth

6:25-6:45pm The players are then on the ice for warm up, which Matt and Jamie watch, and make sure everything is going smoothly.

6:45 to 7:00pm Any final player concerns are dealt with, and Matt then listens to the 93.3 The Peak FM pregame show and usually catches Jim Hiller’s interview, then half of interview with the other coach. Thanks for listening Matty. Then it’s everyone out of the room and onto the bench and the ice for gametime.

After game is finished, laundry is started post haste, with the jerseys going in first. Matt then delivers ice to any players needing it, and deals with any injuries. By the time the players are done icing, most of the players are gone. Dressing room cleanup then begins, followed by the take down of the hall way set up, the skate sharpener, the bikes, the stick prep table, and the Bulldog banner.

Hometime is about midnight for your average home game.

Thanks for stopping by the blog

Later today- By Request "Inside Gameday"

Greetings and thanks for stopping by the blog. Today's "gameday" posting will be a little different. At the request of blog/bulldog fan "danthestatsman" I will try to take you all inside gameday. Dan emailed me the request, and while I'm only getting it started, I'd like to thank him for the idea. His request- he suggested that I talk to certain people, and get them to tell me what game day is like for them, from start to finish. I'm still working some of the other people that Dan suggested, but I'm getting there. I'm going to call this request "Four degrees of game day" I will be a look at four different people and their perspective and itinerary from start to finish on game day. Cool stuff. First one will be posted later today! Thanks again Dan for the great idea.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Blogger, back up and running, crazy busy weekend, Nanaimo pictures, latest rankings.

Greetings and thanks for stopping by the blog. I had hoped to post earlier on today but was down. No one, myself included, could get on this blog or any other blog. My apologies for not posting since Friday. I promise, it's just lack of time why I am not posting, not another Bulldogs loss. The Dogs lost 4-2 to the Clippers in Nanaimo Friday, in case you missed it. Here was my weekend sked- it's funny, I complain that hockey takes up all my weekends and time, and when I only have a one game weekend, I'm just as busy. After the game Friday night in Nanaimo I was back at the radio station Saturday morning. After my work there, I attended/covered the 24th Annual Alberni Invitational Wrestling Tournament, at the invitation of tournament director Tom McEvay. Along with Charles Mealey, and "the professor" Ryan Dvorak, I provided commentary on the final matches of the invitational for Shaw TV. It was my first try at calling wrestling, and it was a pleasure to be a "third wheel" for a change as the more experienced Charles and Ryan did the most of the talking and I added a word or two here and there. Kudos to everyone with Alberni Wrestling and everyone involved as a volunteer with the tournament or the staff working at the Multiplex. Usually when there's an event like that at the Multiplex, it's because the Dogs are on the road, because the building is free. It was the first time in the three years that I've been here that I could see the Invitational first hand, as this year the Dogs weren't on a weekend roadie.

To continue with the recap of my weekend- after covering the Alberni Invitational, it was off to Nanaimo with my girlfriend Sarah for an Island Radio function- our company Christmas party actually. After a long night there and a night at a hotel in Nanaimo, it was right back to Port Alberni yesterday to tee it up at the Alberni Golf Club's "Superbowl Tournament" My thanks to the "Big Dog" Les Dorion (our team leader), his wife Crystal, David Turner, and Freddy Grey, the rest of the team. I will not speak of the teammate that DIDN'T SHOW UP yesterday. It was a great time, and a great round of golf. Too bad for the Seahawks, I know I wasn't alone in thinking they got the major short end of the stick when it came to a couple big calls. I wasn't really a fan of either team for the Superbowl. I like and respect Jerome Bettis and Bill Cowher. I liked the Seahawks for their proximity to all of us here, making them quasi-local, I guess. But I still thought the calls really didn't go Seattles way. Oh well.

Latest CJAHL Rankings. Click HERE to view

Not really surprising that the Bulldogs fall to 4th and are leapfrogged by the Clippers. The Clippers won the most recent head to head game, have won 5 in a row if I'm not mistaken, and the Dogs have lost 3 straight. I see the anonymous people are already taking swipes at me on the message boards....As one intelligent poster on that board was said on my behalf- "shame on Hammer, putting his name on his words and actually sending them to the people that mattered" I take the heat. Oh well. I still haven't gotten an answer from the CJAHL on what the rankings structure REALLY is. Oh well. Shame on me to think that the players, staff, media, and fans of the CJAHL actually deserve an honest structured ranking system. I could care less where the Bulldogs are in the rankings. People don't understand that. Maybe I should've made my arguement as to how flawed and baseless the rankings were when it involved another team. I just care that as a member of the media, what I look at as an official Canada wide release from the CJAHL (and honestly, how often do we get ANY of those anymore?) is at least done with SOME thought and care and structure.

I said this last time, I'll say it again. READ please. STOP. Turn off the TV. PAY ATTENTION.

"I could care less what position MY team is in the rankings. I know they mean nothing when it comes down to it. NOTHING. But if you are going to do these rankings, make them have structure, and make them make sense."

And just to reiterate AGAIN, I see no problems with the rankings this week. I just hope that if in two or three weeks the situation with the Bulldogs and the Clippers are reversed, that it's reflected in the National Rankings the way it was this week. Mark my words, if the opposite DOES happen in the game results, the same thing WILL NOT happen with the rankings. That's my point on how they don't make sense and have no structure. Wow, I've talked to much about this, especially when I say they mean nothing. I guess in closing, they DON'T mean nothing. The fans care and talk about them. Radio stations and message boards and newspapers across just this province quote them and refer to them. So how much NOTHING to they really mean?

Picture time now. Starting off with pictures from Nanaimo's Frank Crane Arena from Friday. The view "from the pressbox"
Looking Left
Centre viewRightSmallest "counter space" in the BCHL. Ace and I are always pressed for room"Course Marshall" BIG DOG Les Dorion. Crystal is in the maroon cart to the left. Behind Les on the left is Freddy Grey, to the right, David TurnerDavid tees on of #5 with a bomb.David's approach shot on #5. The shot of the tourney. From 100 plus yards out, he almost slam dunked it in the hole. Look at the damage the ball made almost landing right in the hole. The ball sucked back to where you see it above.
Last but not least, the BIG DOG's artillery. I asked if the bag was once used by Baggar Vance. A wood, a wedge, a putter. Why carry more?

That's all I've got. Morning show tomorrow, I'm out. Have a good one, and thanks for stopping by the blog.