Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2009 World U17 Challenge update - Pacific 2 and 0, FIREWORKS TONIGHT, Angel's Fundraising Update.

It wasn't the thriller that Pacific vs Russia was, but in the end it was great hockey and a great end result as Team Canada Pacific beat Team Germany 4-1 to go to 2 and 0 to open the tournament. Canada came out flying, up 2-0 by the time the game was four minutes old. One more in the dying minutes of the period saw a 3-0 lead for the home team into the dressing room after one. The teams would exchange goals in the second, and that would be it for the game's scoring.

It's an off day for Team Pacific today, before they face Team Atlantic tomorrow.

Here's a quick video from the Broadcast Booth I took during the opening ceremonies.

This one is super cool....Big thanks to Team Canada Pacific Equipment Manager Cory Cameron, who was nice enough to allow me a quick trip inside the dressing room to take this video. Thanks Cory!

This should be a fun event tonight....

It’s a celebration! New Years eve at 945pm catch the Alport Insurance New Years Eve Light Up The Night Fireworks Show" presented by Alport Insurance, Alberni District Coop, and The Alberni Valley Lions Club. The fireworks display takes place over the fall fair grounds behind the Alberni Valley Multiplex following the December 31st U17 Tournament match up between Quebec and Team USA! Ring in 2009 – Wednesday night at 945pm with the Alport Insurance Light Up The Night Fireworks Show.

And here's an update and a heads up on Angel's fundraising efforts for VARIETY at the U17's.

Hello to all,

If you are able to can you please ask people who are attending the World U17 Hockey Challenge Games to please stop by Angel’s Variety table in the front lobby and consider purchasing a Variety Gold Heart Collector Pin or making a donation to the Jeneece and Friends Coin Drive for Variety. Angel wants so very much to reach her goal of helping to bring in $100,000.00 for Variety’s Kids this year. Business was very slow at the exhibition game last night but we also have a different crowd coming in to see the games. There are many people from other countries who are may not be aware of what Variety is or the work they do in BC and around the world. I don’t want Angel to feel that her work in trying to raise funds for Variety’s Kids is going no where nor do I want her to lose faith that she can motivate people to help her. One game down, 15 more to go this week.

Many thanks!


Alright, that's all the time I have....Maybe more later but I'm off to Nanaimo for a spell. Get out and catch some of this great action if you haven't already.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Team Pacific wins a classic, 6-5 over Russia

Excuse the late update. I was without internet for most of the day today due to a service outage in Port Alberni.

What else would you expect out of Canada and Russia? Just another classic last night at the Multiplex. Canada battling back all night. Canada gutting out a huge penalty kill with two men in the box with two minutes left in a tie game. Canada winning it with a last second goal. Might as well have been Paul Henderson instead of Brett Connoly.

I gotta run to get ready for Canada vs Germany, but here's some pictures from yesterday and today to get you behind the scenes and in the booth!

93.3 The Peak colour analyst Rick Schievink.

Ceremonial Puck Drop.

Outside the Team Pacific Dressing Room. Home is what you make it or something like that.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Final Score in U17 Exhibition Action....

USA 11 - Team Canada Pacific 0

Not much for the crowd to cheer for here at the Multiplex (besides the great quality of hockey, of course) as Team USA beat Team Canada Pacific 11-0.

Final Shots - 43-22.

For details on the game, check out

More tomorrow, when the tournament REALLY begins.


2009 World U17 Challenge sights and sounds

Some sights and sounds from the 2009 World U17's

Past Champs..Nice ice.

Americans warm up.

USA 9 Team Canada Pacific 0 - after 2.

Shots 36-13 USA. Team Pacific looked a little better, but still seem to be finding themselves.


USA 6 Team Canada Pacific 0 after 1st

Team USA looks everything like a team that plays together all year, while Team Pacific looks everything like 20 plus guys who have left their respective club teams to come together just for this tournament.

The score is quite indicitive of the play. The Americans dominated.

Here's hoping the final 40 minutes brings better things for Team Canada.



WORLD U17 CHALLENGE HEATS UP! Broadcast Schedule - 93.3 The Peak FM, SHAW TV and TSN

Absolutely crazy times right now with the U17 Hockey Challenge in full swing off the ice before the real action begins ON THE ICE tomorrow with day 1 of action.

For all your news and updates, listen to 93.3 The Peak FM - locally in Port Alberni, or anywhere in the world through our listen live link on our homepage at

The tournament homepage is a great source for all the up to date tournament stats, schedules, rosters, etc.

Check it out HERE :


93.3 The Peak FM
Myself and Rick Schievink will be providing the game call as 93.3 The Peak follows the "home team" We will provided the play-by-play for all Team Pacific games throughout the round robin portion of the tournament.

Myself and Ian Holmes will then provide the call for both the Bronze and Gold Medal games on Sunday, January 4th.

Again, catch it locally in Port Alberni on your radio, or anywhere in the world through our listen live link on our homepage at

SHAW TV BROADCAST SCHEDULE (all times are Pacific Standard Time)

6:30 p.m. Monday, December 29 Opening Ceremonies / Pacific vs. Russia

2 p.m. Tuesday, December 30 West vs. Finland

7 p.m. Tuesday, December 30 Pacific vs. Germany

7 p.m. Friday, January 2 Pacific vs. Team Ontario

2 p.m. Saturday, January 3 Semifinal

7 p.m. Saturday, January 3 Semifinal

Dan Russell and Bill Wilms will have the call for SHAW.

In addition to the extensive coverage provided by Shaw, the gold medal game will be televised live across the country at 5 p.m. PST by TSN on Sunday, January 4.

Off to the rink right now - more later. I hopefully will see all of you at the rink tonight for the exhibition tilt between USA and Team Pacific.


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas (or whatever you celebrate) and thanks for your readership and support of the blog!

Taking a couple days off, unless inspiration strikes me to post something. Which is probably likely with the World Juniors kicking off on Boxing Day.

Until then...Enjoy this!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

"MAC" named BCHL player of the week, what's up with Moulson's Christmas greeting?

Huge congrats to Mitch MacMillan for earning BCHL player of the week honours going into the holiday break. Read more by visiting the BCHL site here

Mitch had a FIRST PERIOD hat trick Sunday afternoon. When has a Bulldog player ever pulled that off before?

The only time I can remember, would be one of the most crazy 20 minutes of hockey I've ever seen. Game 2, round 2 of the 2005-2006 playoffs against the Victoria Salsa. The Dogs would score SEVEN times in the first period, on their way to winning 13-2. Tyler Ruel had played over 150 games or so by that point, and he had never scored three in a game before. Then he went and scored SIX after getting THREE in the first period.

So - Mitch MacMillan didn't break a record but he might have tied one. I'll do further research on it.

I looked through all my old audio stuff to see if I had any moments left from that crazy night....And I found "Dog Pound = BONKERS". What a blast from the past that one is.

No one would have EVER thought that the Bulldogs wouldn't win another game until the next season, as the Salsa won the next four to win the series.

Shifting gears...

OK, I've had about 9 emails already...."What's up with Moulson's Christmas Greetings"

Yes, if you didn't listen, Chris says he'd like to wish Merry Christmas to all his family, but not his brother. Of course I'm not airing something if I don't know what's going on with it, and I had to ask Mouly what that was all about. Turns out his brother Matt has listened to his past interviews and voice clips and said that he's not "funny" enough.

So Matt, are you reading the blog, and are you and Chris still speaking? HA HA HA.

If you missed the Holiday Specials, here they are again, click the links to listen:



That's it for now.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Dogs with three in a row + A Very Merry Bulldog (and BCHL) Christmas, anyone have a Sled?

What a nice Christmas present from the Bulldogs to their fans, their first three game winning streak of the season as they head into the holiday break. Things were more than a little interesting, as for the second straight game a 5-2 Dogs lead became 5-4 in the third period. Again, the Dogs were able to hold on and get some breathing room back when Zack Mazo scored on the power play after he initially drew the penalty with a strong drive to the net.

As the coaching staff said about Friday night's win, I think they'd say the same about yesterdays - A couple of weeks ago or 20 games ago the team would have found a way to LOSE the last two games after seeing three goal leads become one goal leads. Instead, they held on and fought back to get the "W" Fun to watch, and great to watch for the guys who have done nothing this season but work their tails off everyday.

Props to Prince George for coming out the way they did for the third period, playing their fourth game in three in a half days. No quit in those guys.

A nice return for Josh Pineiro and Adam Baldassarre - two goals on the game for him, and not so nice for Kevin Genoe, who was lifted after giving up the first three goals.

The whole "human" element of this game is something I love the most....Josh Pineiro was Bulldog fan Bobby McKenzie's favorite player. Josh always took time to talk to Bobby and just be a cool guy to him. So obviously Bobby was crushed when Josh was traded. It's a real part of the game, and a tough one to deal with sometimes but it always has happened and always will. Guys move on. Sometimes it's what you do OFF ICE when you are somewhere that makes just as big a difference as what you do off the ice.

Bobby waits for Josh after the game yesterday.
Look at the smile.
Lookin good, by the way, Josh. Always loved the hankie in the pocket. I'm just sad I didn't get a chance to talk to Josh or Adam or Kevin myself. Just too busy getting ready for the game yesterday.

And just for the record, Bobby is still a huge Dogs fan. Check the pic below for the OTHER side of his sign. His mom Richelle told me he didn't want the Dogs to feel bad if they saw the greeting to Josh.
Bobby you are a true beauty!

Alright, to my Christmas special...

Click the link to listen to A VERY MERRY BULLDOG CHRISTMAS

And along the same lines, click to listen to A VERY MERRY BCHL CHRISTMAS

A huge thanks to everyone that gave me their time to get this done. It's a huge amount of work to pull it all together and edit it down, but it's a fun thing to do.

I have a blooper reel a mile long with several Bulldog and BCHL personalities. I'm holding onto it for ransom! You guys that gave me the best bloopers know who you are so feel free to make me an offer I can't refuse!

And on a final note - Anyone have a old fashioned sled? Wood or Metal would do. I got an email from Angel's mom asking me if I could help them find one so Angel can get out in the snow and have some fun. Apparently the only ones available here in town are too short for Angel with her cast. So if you have one they can borrow buy or rent, please drop me an email HERE and I'll connect you with them!

And don't forget to keep yourself updated with Angel and the Variety Coin Drive by visiting the site HERE


Friday, December 19, 2008

Dogs win 6-4.

Dogs host Caps, Multiplex lights up for U17's

I don't know if it's possible through pictures and especially pictures on the Internet, but holy smokes was I ever blown away by the new lighting as I walked into the Pound today for the Bulldogs game day skate.

Kevin Ross and Zack Mazo give the lights a thumbs up.

I think how dark the seats are, is how dark the ice used to be. Or at least it seems so. This picture was taken before all the lights were even installed.

I hope I don't have to pronounce those greetings....the player names will be tough enough.
Apparently it's been a while since I looked at the camera....This poster was on a pillar in the bowels of the Wesbuild Centre in Vernon.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

NO Bulldogs This Week Monday.

Whoops. I had 1 more show written on my calendar for this coming Monday, but it appears I was incorrect on that one as we have a Canucks game on THE PEAK that night. Thanks to Wanda for the heads up.

So - no show this coming Monday!

That's good news as it's less work for me! Oh wait I've done it all already ahead of time...DOH....To make matters worse it makes for a smaller paycheque. Double Doh! Merry Christmas indeed!

More to come on my "A Very Merry Bulldogs(and BCHL)Christmas" specials. They'll be on the air and on the blog no matter what!


WorkWorkWorkWorkWork World Junior Gold Medal Stolen....Midget and Bantam Dogs updates.

A quick blog update....Still diligently working here to prepare for the two Dogs games this weekend, and "Bulldogs This Week" on Monday.

And it's a huge effort to throw together my "A Very Merry Bulldog Christmas" and "A Very Merry BCHL Christmas" specials.

Oh yah and this little World Challenge-thingy is taking up a bit of my time too.

One quick note regarding the Gold Medal Game January 4th. SOLD RIGHT OUT. I must have told you and anyone reading the blog or listening to THE PEAK to get your tickets cause it will be too late if you don't get them soon. Well SOON is NOW and it's too late. Good luck trying to get in the barn now! I'm just lucky I'm calling the game so I'm in already!

Yeouch. Hate to hear this stuff. Read a story today on Rod Pedersen's blog that Logan Pyett had his 2008 World Junior Championship Gold Medal stolen. He is putting out an A-P-B for the medal. I doubt this little blog could help find this baby, but at the same time I can't resist trying to help because I can't imagine how important that medal is.

Read more on Rod's Blog HERE

I hope they get that back where it belongs.


The Bantam A Bulldogs have battled through adversity to record their first regular season win and two hard fought losses in recent games.

On December 6 they made the long trip to Powell River. Perhaps it was travel, perhaps the opposition, but they were down 3-0 early in the third period. Alberni finally scored on a long pass from Ryan “Great” White that broke Cam MacAdams away late in the period. With the goalie out Mac Adams scored again with a minute to go, this time with assists from Dylan Haugen and Beau Wilson. But the rally came too late. Powell River scored an empty netter to end at 4-2.

At home on December 7 it was a different story. The Bulldogs played as a unit right through the game. A Nanaimo hooking penalty late in the first period allowed the first goal. MacAdams scored with an assist from Haugen at 4:23. Wilson scored from Colby Lim early in the second to make it 2-0. Nanaimo took one back before MacAdams restored the two goal lead with a solo effort to close the second frame. Nanaimo capitalized on a power play opportunity in the middle of the last period. The Bulldogs got that one back quickly when the defencemen jumped up into the attack. This time the goal went to Brett Williscroft assisted by White and MacAdams. A Nanaimo goal at the eleven minute mark brought the visiting team within one goal again. Multiple penalties to both teams, and end to end scoring chances left the outcome in doubt until the final buzzer. But it held up as a 4-3 victory for the Alberni Valley team.

Devon Cusson was solid in goal to notch the win.

On December 13 the Bantams were missing two of their regular defencemen as they went up against Juan de Fuca. James Martin came up from the B team to help out. Juan de Fuca ran the score up to 3-0 by the middle of the game and it was beginning to look as if the visitors would go home with a shut out. But the Bulldogs had other ideas, taking full advantage of a five on three opportunity late in the second period. Nathan Read faked a shot from the blue line then passed to White who one-timed it through to the net minder. Marino Somerville pounced on the rebound and put it in. A minute later Wilson created a similar opportunity with a pass from the half boards which Brandon Antonichuk put on goal from in front. This time Haugen finished and suddenly it was a one goal game. However they could not sustain the momentum. Early in the third they had to kill a two minute five on three with two defencemen in the box, including White who ended up sitting a penalty for another player. The others stepped up to keep the Juan de Fuca power play off the score board, as they did throughout the game. However some lapses at even strength gave Juan de Fuca a 6-2 game.


The AVMHA Midget A Bulldogs came from behind to beat Comox at the Cortenay rec centre on December 13. The game was a hard fought physical contest as usual, with few penalties called. Darrin Oscienny opened scoring for Alberni in the first minute with assists from Troy Rata and Catlin MacLeod. Comox tied it with a minute to go in the period then Kody Isherwood took a pass from Travis Coghill and snapped it in 16 seconds before the buzzer for Alberni to end the period up 2-1. Myles Fitzgerald picked up the second assist.

Comox scored twice in the middle of the second period to pull ahead of the Bulldogs. Then Boden Wangler passed to Isherwood who set up Myles Fitzgerald for the tying goal to finish the second period tied 3-3.

Comox went ahead again early in the third period. With 12 minutes left, Travis Coghill passed to Sheldon Trees who used speed to beat the defence and netminder. Seconds later Keenan McConnell playing, in his first game since his injury, took a pass from MacLeod in the slot and wristed it in for what turned out to be the game winner. Andre Savard netted an insurance goal from Jeff Dagg’s pass with five minutes remaining. Matt Larose played a great game, standing his ground and picking off Comox shots time and time again to back stop the win.

Congrats to the teams and thanks to Simon for the updates!