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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Around the Pound - The Bulldog Hockey Show - WRAP UP EDITION

By popular demand, here's a FULL VERSION of "Around the Pound, the Bulldog Hockey Show" presented by Alberni Echo Toyota from Monday night on 93.3 The Peak FM.

Audio is - as always - courtesy and copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

Click the link below to open or download the file.




Canucks + working on final "Around the Pound" posting + make a donation!

Admittedly, I don't watch much Canucks Hockey during the Bulldogs season. Just no time. I did watch the game last night though, and I was pretty impressed. The sequence in the third period when the 'Yotes couldn't get out of their own zone for several minutes where the 'Nucks seemed to move the puck at will was an impressive sight to see.

Luongo still doesn't look right. I don't get how a goalie as BIG as he is, always looks so SMALL. Is that just me? He seems to fold up like an accordion the way he moves, getting smaller and smaller. Maybe just the way I see it, but it seems whenever the action gets closer he gets smaller. I know you need to shut those holes but you also don't want to open up the NET! Having said all that, he played great last night so I should zip my lip.

To those of you that haven't followed the blog when the 'Dogs are out and I start talking freely and openly about anything I please and anything I get passionate about.....well lets just say for some of the long-time readers, the fun is REALLY about to start, haha!

(Of course I'll still be talking Bulldogs, but they aren't the focus as much anymore as the news starts to slow down to a trickle pretty quickly)

At the request of many people - some via comments on the blog, some through emails; I have been working the last couple of days on getting a downloadable copy of the final edition of "Around the Pound, The Bulldog Hockey Show" from Monday night.

It's challenging, as the show was well over an hour long. I'm sure many of you have no clue what I'm really talking about when I get into the techie stuff....but it's easier said than done when it comes to finding a company to HOST a file of that size, that will also let the general public download that same gigantic file.

It's a work in progress, so be sure to check back later!

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Yes, I know.....what amazing timing to really "strike while the iron is hot" by me. Wait until the season is OVER, and THEN put up a "Donate" button. I guess I didn't want anyone to feel obligated, haha!

Honestly, I just simply didn't have time while the season was going on to do it, and I only noticed recently that other bloggers have a donate button so I thought I would follow suit.

And mostly, getting something BACK for what I do here is the last thing on my mind. I do everything I do on here for the fans, for the parents and siblings and grandparents and extended you can all feel closer to your boys when they are so far away.

Or so close, yet STILL so far away.

The best thing I can recieve is an email or a personal face to face "thank you" for my efforts. And I am lucky enough to have had plenty of both throughout the season!

Having said all that, if you have enjoyed the blog and wish to make a donation, I certainly won't say NO. I know full well that I will never get back from the blog what I put into it, but I'm fine with that. Like I said already, its more about what YOU all get out of the blog, not what I get.

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Last but not least, don't worry, if I don't get a single red cent donated I won't stop doing what I do on the blog!!!!!


Monday, March 29, 2010

"Around the Pound" on THE PEAK tonight...

For those ready to accept the ending of the hockey season, we will have one last "Around the Pound" tonight, brought to you by Alberni Echo Toyota as we look back on the season that was.

Get it on 93.3 The Peak FM starting at 6pm.

More on the show later, be sure to check back.

If you have any questions, send them in by clicking here

Here's a story from the Alberni Valley Times today regarding the Dogs season ending Saturday. Click HERE to read it.


Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Kings are off to league finals with 3-0 Game 7 win. 

The Dogs had more than ample opportunities, racing out to a 20 to 8 shots advantage after one, but they couldn't capitalize. The Kings found two in the second, a seeing eye wrister from the point, and a beautiful goal on a puck that bounced over a Bulldog stick that saw Brenden Forbes in alone where he ripped one top shelf.

Final shots 41-25 Bulldogs, Final Score 3-0 Kings with an empty netter.

Nothing for the Dogs to hang their heads about with this one. You came out hard, you played hard, you couldn't get any puck luck around the net. The way she goes sometimes.

Good luck Kings, great effort and great battles. 

Great season Dogs, well beyond what anyone could have ever dreamed possible, even if right now it feels like a nightmare ending. 

More later. 

A Salmon made an appearance, sadly not in a winning cause.

Bulldogs Line up tonight....

Two changes tonight to the Bulldogs line up. Jeff Reppucci comes out of the line up while Brody Lynott comes back in. Up front, Evan Richardson comes out and Robert Lindores comes back into the lineup.

Tyler Berkholtz and Trent Dorais are also not dressed. 

Frank Slubowski starts in net.


Thanks to Dennis See for the great picture.

Game 7 goes tonight at the Dog Pound. It's not yet 12 noon and when we arrived back at the Multiplex there was a line up outside the Bulldogs Office for those purchasing seats for the available public, and there is currently a long lineup upstairs in the upper lounge of season ticket holders picking up their seats for tonights game.

A winner moves on loser goes home Game 7 at what I'm sure will be a SOLD RIGHT OUT Dog Pound.

What more could you ask for, besides a win?

A tip of my cap to Mark who posted this in the comments section of the blog.....It sure inspired me!

Alberni, the time is on you to grow as individuals and as men. You have gotten this far on the backs and accomplishments of certain members to lead you, to motivate you, and to put the puck in the net. Tonight requires efforts from the most unlikely places. Everyone must be a leader, must contribute, and grow beyond your current level of play. One game to be extraordinary, each and every one of you. Take the wind out of their sails early with a quick goal, or a big clean hit. Make them chase you to the finish line. New heroes will be created tonight, play like there is no tomorrow! I would say 'good luck,' but it will be big hearts that determine the outcome... let it be your time Alberni!

Well said Mark. 

Catch the pregame show with Rick and I starting at 6:45 with the puck drop and play-by-play to follow at 7:00 on 93.3 The Peak FM, and our website 

See you tonight, bring the noise and wear red!


Friday, March 26, 2010

Kings take Game 6, Game 7 at the Pound tomorrow...ticket details

GAME @ home vs. Powell River
Sat. March 27th

Tickets will go on sale for season ticket holders only starting @ 8am in the upper lounge area. Season Ticket Holder will have until 2pm to pick up tickets or call the office. After 2pm any tickets that have not been purchased will go out to the general public.

General Public will be able to purchase available seats starting @ 9 am in the Bulldogs office.

Please listen to 933 the Peak for all your ticket updates
Any questions please call 250-723-4412

For the first time in Bulldog history, a series will go a one game "winner take all" as the Kings took a 3-1 win on home ice Friday night to force Game 7 in this Coastal Conference Final Series.

Peaks and Valleys, ups and downs. The Dogs don't have any time to be DOWN as tomorrow night they will play the first Game 7 in team history, and the first Game 7 at the Alberni Valley Multiplex. On the line is the right to battle for the Fred Page Cup. And a season. And some Junior Hockey Careers.

In regards to getting back UP for tomorrow after losing tonight -  as Assistant Coach Paul Esdale said on the post game show "you gotta park it"

This was a tense game from the get go, with no scoring through the first 40 minutes of play. A crowd of over 1000 people was certainly entertained even with the lack of scoring. It had the atmosphere of the crowd I talked about from the past that I had seen in the Rec Complex.

The Kings had the shot and chance advantage through the first period, but in the second the Dogs came back with chances of their own as the teams were tied in shots at 22 aside into period three. The Kings would have several great chances a second period power play but Frank Slubowski came up with several huge stops, most notably a pad save on a cross ice one-timer attempt.

The Kings drew first blood just over a minute into the third period when Chad Niddery drove the net down the wing and put a shot off the shoulder of Slubowski and up in the air before it fell into the back of the net. Just over two minutes later it was a 1-1 tie when David Dziurzynski dished the puck perfectly to Kevin Ross who put a quick one-timer on net. On the rebound that resulted Mitch MacMillan somehow found a way on the scramble to get a puck home and over the line while he was down tied up with a defender. The score stayed 1-1 until just over 8 minutes to play when the Kings went ahead 2-1 on a power play of their own when Mitch Labreche knocked down a Reid Campbell shot from the point straight down as Frank Slubowski was attempting to make the save high. The Dogs would protest that it was a high stick. It looked like it was a good goal in my opinion, but at the same time I'm high up and maybe it looked different to the players who are lower down on ice level. The closest the Dogs had to evening the game might have been on a low Frank Riddle one timer from the top of the left circle that snuck through Josh Watson low and appeared destined to be crossing the line until someone saved the day and cleared it off the line. The net came off on the play and it remained that way for a long time until it was spotted, which could have made things very interesting if the Dogs had scored with the net dislodged.

The Kings sealed the deal into an empty net after an earlier goal was waved off by an off-side when Matt Bodie put a saucer from his own zone off a faceoff win high and down the ice into the open cage with 24 seconds to play.   

Should be fun night at the Dog Pound! Pack the shack and come support the guys.

It's Game 7 winner take all and as anyone knows anything can happen. I think it's natural to expect a win coming back home up 3-1 in a series with back to back wins on the road. When that didn't happen, it's natural to expect a win in Game 6 heading back on the road as the Dogs have been such a great road team, and they were heading to a place where the Dogs had some recent success, taking 4 straight. Having said all this, the deciding thing the last two games is that with the stakes this high it isn't about EXPECTING, it's about going out and DOING. Plain and simple fundamentals. Skating, shooting, hitting, team work,wanting it more and winning battles. No more pressure and expectations, just come out and play the game of your lives. The Kings have done it the last two games with their backs against the wall. Now that the Bulldogs are there too with their backs against the wall, it will be interesting to see how they react.

Talking at the dinner table after the game, the topic of past game sevens came up in regards with any experience that any of us had. My story is a neat one. I have called ONE Game 7 in my 10 plus years of calling hockey games. It was during the 2001-2002 season, and it was in the Conference Finals just like this one. Someone asked how that season ended. My answer?  "The Royal Bank Cup Championship Game"

You gotta believe, and I know everyone in Bulldog land does.

That's all I have for now, bed time with an early boat tomorrow.

Bulldogs Line up tonight....

One change to the Dogs line up tonight, as Brody Lynott comes out of the line up, and Jeff Reppucci comes back in.

Tyler Berkholtz, Trent Dorais and Sam Mitchell are also out of the line up.

Frank Slubowski gets the start in net. 

There is a chance of more changes closer to game time.
Rick Schievink and I have the call from "the perch" in Powell River with the pregame show getting underway at 7:15 and the play-by-play following at 7:30 on 93.3 The Peak FM


Off to Powell River....

....Play nice on the Ferry guys!

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Vamos Perros Vamos!

Bulldogs Bussie Ron Sandberg is back in the saddle after missing the last couple of weeks as he was down in Mexico.

He brought back a cool decoration for the bus from a Mexican Artisan he ran into down there. The story goes Ronnie said "can you paint Go Dogs Go" on it and he did it in both languages. Cool stuff!


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Dogs @ Kings Game 6 tonight.

A huge one tonight as it's another "win or go home" game for the Powell River Kings, and a "win and go to the BCHL Finals" game for the Alberni Valley Bulldogs as these two teams go at it again at the Powell River Recreational Complex.

After dropping Game 5 last night, the Bulldogs continue to lead the series 3 games to 2.

As much as they had to love playing in front of the first sell out last night that any of the players have ever seen at the Dog Pound, I'm sure they are just as excited to try and win the series tonight in Powell River. That's how it goes in the playoffs. A huge UP leading into a game like last night, a huge DOWN losing it, and now the less than 12 hours later it's UP again, on the bus and heading to Powell River.

The Bulldogs have won 4 straight playoff road games, and 4 straight games in the Powell River Recreation Complex. I know the Dogs are confident in their abilities to win on the road, as they have done it time and again all season. Regular season, playoffs, these guys are road warriors. At the same time I don't expect them to be overconfident, they will be going into this one expecting nothing less than a full on drag 'em out battle against a team that is still on the brink of elimination.

Get it all on 93.3 The Peak with the pregame show at 7:15 tonight from Powell River, with the play-by-play to follow at 7:30.

That's it for now, off to the bus!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Kings stave off elimination, Game 6 in Powell River tomorrow (Friday)

A hard fought win for the Kings tonight at the Pound, 2-1. That means Game 6 will go in Powell River 7:30 Friday night.

The Bulldogs lead the series 3-2.

More later.


Bulldogs Line up tonight....

And update on the line up tonight. There will be no changes. Jeff Reppucci, Trent Dorais and Sam Mitchell are all out of the line up. AP Evan Richardson is again in the line up up front.

Frank Slubowski gets the start in goal.


40 seats left plus standing room, Hardware IN the building tonight

At last report about 12:15pm from the Bulldogs Office there were 40 seats left, and more than that in standing room available.

The Dogs will be selling Hot Dogs outside the rink with proceeds going to Relay for Life. Two bucks gets you a Dog, while supplies last!

So tell your family and friends, your inlaws your outlaws and just plain strangers on the street - GET TO THE DOG POUND TONIGHT!

If they ask WHY, just tell them that tonight is a little different. Why? That's easy.  While the Bulldogs have given this community and their fans some incredible entertainment over the years filled with unforgettable moments, they have never before played in a game that has hardware in the building, and on the line.

Meet the Cliff McNabb Cup, the spoils that go to the winner of the BCHL's Coastal Conference Championship Series. Image Courtesy the British Columbia Hockey League

Mr. McNabb will be in the building tonight.

While everyone always knew what was up for grabs this series - the Coastal Conference Championship, this is the first time that someone can actually WIN it.  

The Dogs need to think about nothing more than doing what they are doing, and how they are going to try and do it. I have full faith in the team that they are well aware of the gargantuan effort needed to win Mr. McNabb's Trophy.

It's been said time and again, but it comes down to who wants it more, and who can keep their brain going along WITH their heart. Not an easy thing when you have a close to sold out crowd that you are so desperately trying to please, but at the same time also not a hard thing when you have such a SUPPORTIVE crowd at the Pound.

The fanbase has shown on countless occasions this season that they "got the guy's backs". When it comes to games like this with stakes like this on the line, I think that makes a big difference when you are the home team.

For some of the defending Cliff McNabb Trophy winner Powell River Kings, they know first hand how hard it is to win Game 4 in any series, and this trophy especially.

Last year the Kings took a 3-1 series lead on the Grizzlies. They lost Game 5 in Victoria, they lost Game 6 in Powell River, but emerged the winners on the road in Game 7 in Victoria.

Another possible "instant classic" tonight at the Dog Pound. Should be fun!

Go Dogs Go!


Huge Game 5 at the Dog Pound tonight.....

A picture from Nick's facebook shows the Bulldog fans looking on at the team celebrates on Tuesday night. They turned the scoreboard off quickly on this night. When it was all said and done, it read: VISITORS 4 HOME 1.

Tonight, the Dogs try to make the home side the winning one, as they attempt to advance to their first ever BCHL Finals.The Kings of course will come out fired up as they try to pick up a win to stay alive and force Game 6 in Powell River tomorrow.

This has all the makings of an epic one. Gotta love playoff hockey!

Bring out the cliches.

Backs against the wall. Win or go home. Do or die. The fourth one is the hardest to win. And on and on.

It's my hope that the Dogs will play the same way at home as they played in Powell River for Games 3 and 4. Like I said when people starting hitting the panic button and campaigning for change after Game 1 against Nanaimo -  (of course I know as fans that this is your right) I said that the Dogs didn't need to change anything but their battle level, their composure level, stuff like that. And a credit to the team and staff. They haven't gone away from what got them to this point. They have just raised their game.

The guys played inspired and controlled hockey on the road. Fire in their bellies and under their butts, ice in their veins at the same time. It may sound silly, but this time of year sometimes it comes to that simple of a level. Want it more than the other guys. Keep your head about you as you try to do it.


Seating is limited, but there STILL ARE SOME SEATS LEFT.

Hopefully you can brave the conditions and get their early for all the festivities starting at 4:30 with the 3 on 3 Road Hockey tourney in the Parking Lot to win tickets to the game. Jolie from 93.3 The Peak will again be coming to you live from the Multiplex so be sure to tune in!

Get it all on 93.3 The Peak FM with Rick and myself with the pregame show at 6:45 and the puck drop at 7.

Vernon Vipers play-by-play voice Todd Miller will be my second intermission guest. The Vipers lead the Interior Final 3 games to 1 after a 5-0 win last night in Penticton, the second large-margin shut out win in the series by the Vipers after they took Game 1 by a score of 6-0. I'm sure it will be a great discussion with Todd, as it always is.


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Youngest and Oldest, Game 5 tickets.

Jamie Amos told me it would be a cool idea since they are sitting together, to take a picture of the youngest and oldest guys with the Dogs.

Jamie Amos at 42. Evan Richardson at 15.

Season ticket holders, you have until 1pm today to claim your seats for Game 5 on Thursday. After 1 they are sale to the general public - who I assume will be buying 'em up like Wildfire, so get to the office in a hurry or call them at 250-723-4412


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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dogs win 4-1, lead series 3-1. Game 5 at the Dog Pound Thursday.

After a 4-1 win tonight in Powell River, the Bulldogs return to the Dog Pound Thursday for Game 5 with a 3-1 series lead.

As great as a 3-1 lead is, there is a reason you have heard 1 million times that the fourth game is the hardest to win.

The team has accomplished NOTHING yet.

At the same time, it feels a little odd to write this - with a win Thursday night at the Dog Pound, the AVB would advance to the the BCHL Finals.

Just plain W-O-W

It's a three game winning streak overall, and a four game road winning sreak for the Dogs now. It was a very solid effort for the Dogs, a game of big plays made on goals and in goal.

With Jordan Grant in the box for a double minor for Butt-Ending, the Dogs went up 1-0 after one with Mitch MacMillan tipping in a Ryan Renz point shot. The Kings had a great chance to tie it in the second, with Matt Garbowski having what looked like an open net on a rebound in front. Frank Slubowski only seemed to get his pad half way across but it was enough to keep it out.

Moments later The Great 8 (Dizzy, David Dziurzynski) scored what might be the goal of the playoffs as he picked up a clear and a chip by the brothers MacMillan and raced in 1 on 1 chance where he danced by a Kings dman before being tripped up. He would stun the rink and score anyway, poking the puck from his stomach in front of him and past Josh Watson.

Just two minutes later it was 3-0 Dogs as Ryan Renz walked into the right circle and blew a low shot through everything and into the back of the net on the power play.

The Dziurzynski goal would have some company in terms of highlight reel markers two minutes later again as Evan Richardson cleared the Dogs zone and found Pearce Eviston who put a perfect pass to Robert Lindores with speed who drove over the line 1 on 1 down the left wing where he put a perfect backhand short-side high on Watson to make it 4-0. That would be it for Watson's night, as Michael Garteig entered the game in relief.

The game would take a turn in short order, with Robbie Bailey getting a charging penalty for drilling Nick Cecere in the corner. Bailey appeared to drop his gloves after the hit and throw several punches. After the two minutes were up Bailey came out of the box and in a nasty looking incident (in my humble opinion) intentionally blindsided Mark MacMillan -who didn't have the puck - in open ice.

No penalty was called on the play. To say that the Bulldogs bench was up in arms would be an understatement. That point is proven by the referee going directly to the Bulldogs bench to speak to the coaches the second play was stopped.

The Kings hit the scoreboard just over three minutes into the third to make it 4-1 when Frank Slubowski lost sight of the puck and Brenden Forbes deposited it into an empty net. 

Just three minutes later, the Kings picked up two penalties on the same play. The first one was for two minutes to Chad Niddery for roughing, as after he and Casey Bailey collided at centre and he ended up on top of him he appeared to throw a punch at him. After that call was made, the officiating crew had a conference call in the Powell River zone and out of that came a 5 minute major for slashing to Jordan Grant for a wack on Evan Richardson.

The Dogs wouldn't be able to score on the power play, and they eventually took a penalty themselves to go off the advantage. The Kings would have a great chance to get back into it with over six minutes to play as they went to a 95 second long 5 on 3 power play. While the Kings would generate several chances moving the puck, they couldn't pull the trigger and the Dogs remained composed and made several good plays with clears and shot blocks to kill it off to skate to the win.


Bulldogs Line up tonight....

No changes tonight to the Bulldogs line up.

Jeff Reppucci, Trent Dorais, and Sam Mitchell are all out of the line up, with AP Evan Richardson again in the line up up front.

Frank Slubowski starts in net.

Huge Game 4 tonight...

Game day. Saw this sign while on a little morning walk here in Powell River.

And yes - I know, I know, they are all huge this time of year.

A Bulldog win and they have a 3-1 stranglehold heading home for Game 5 Thursday.

A King win and its a 2-2 series and it becomes a best of 3 with the Bulldogs holding home ice advantage. If that is the case, you know the Kings will be thinking of going and stealing one at the Dog Pound with a chance to clinch at home.

But that is all a ways off still, the focus for now is TONIGHT.

For both teams the focus might be the same. Work on staying out of the box, and work on the penalty kill, as both powerplays have been

And most importantly in my opinion, work on being more desperate and more hungry than the other guys.

This time of year, when the teams playing are so good already, more often the difference is the fire underneath you and inside of you, while also maintaining the ability to remain composed.

While there is still work to be done, I like what the Dogs have shown so far in that regard. This playoff run has been all about lessons, and ups and downs for the Dogs.

Here's hoping they bring the level of intensity needed tonight, as you can bet the Kings will come out with everything they have to no go to the Pound down 3-1, much like the Dogs did in Game 2 to not head to Powell River down 0-2.

I know that there are more Bulldog fans coming over on the boat today, and they are threatening to be noisy. Just what I want to hear, and just what the guys might need. Gotta love the Dog fans.

Get it all on 93.3 The Peak FM tonight with Rick Schievink and myself with the pregame show at 6:45 with the play-by-play to follow at 7. Or possibly 6:58 like last night, haha!

Penticton Vees play-by-play voice Ryan Pinder will be my second intermission guest.

That's it for now. Off to Breakfast.


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Monday, March 22, 2010

Bulldogs 5, Kings 4, Dogs lead series 2-1

What a crazy game, as the Dogs surged ahead but the Kings seemed to always have an answer. That is, until the Dogs went up 5-4 with six minutes left, a lead that they made stand to take a 2-1 series lead.

The Bulldogs took the lead for the second time in two games when David Dziurzynski made a great cross ice pass through traffic to Mark MacMillan who fired it into the open side for a power play marker and a 1-0 lead after one.

The Kings tied it up just over a minute into the second on a power play goal of their own as Daniel Carr scored his fourth goal of the series in just the second period of game 3, banging a loose puck past Frank Slubowski. The Dogs answered back less than a minute later with their second power play goal of the game when Dziurzynski walked off the right wing wall and snapped one short side on Josh Watson to make it 2-1. Again the Kings tied it with Daniel Carr getting his second of the game on a great pass from Mat Bodie to make it 2-2 as he beat Slubowski who was trying to get over.

The Dogs took their third lead of the game at 3-2 when Dziurzynski scored his second of the game (and the first even strength goal of the game) as he just plain never gave up on a puck in the slot, spinning and firing one far side inside the post. Just 19 seconds later the only other 5 on 5 goal of the game was scored by the Dogs as Ryan Renz put it ahead for Tye Lewis up the right wing where he and Johnny Rogic raced away on a 2 on 1 rush. Lewis would put an absolute perfect pass to a flying Rogic who tipped it into the open side for a 4-2 Dogs lead after 2.

The Kings made it 4-3 before the third was 30 seconds old on another power play goal as Mat Bodie made a great pass to Carr at the side of the net where he one-timed it through a sliding Slubowski to make it 4-3. Another penalty, and yet another Powell River power play goal tied it at 4-4 when Jordan Grant ripped one upstairs on a nice pass by Chad Niddery from behind the goal line.

The Dogs found the winner on a battle in front of the Kings net for their third power play goal of the game with just under six minutes to play when Mitch MacMillan somehow found a way to bang it home. Rick and I thought that Mitch scored it, but the goal was given to Dziurzynski. In talking to the guys after the game, it was indeed Mitch's goal.

I asked Dizzy (sorry getting tired of typing Dziurzynski so much) how his empty net chance didn't go in. Rick and I thought that the King defender made a great play to knock it out of mid air.....but Dizzy swears it was in, and so does Mark MacMillan. That goal was lost in the fray of Mat Bodie and Matt Hatch fighting behind the play.

In the end it's a 5-4 Dogs win, and a 2-1 series lead. Credit to the guys for how hard they battled tonight. Some pretty gutsy efforts by lots of guys. Some good composure shown for the most part as well. It's easy to have emotions get the better of you but especially when it counted with six minutes left, the Dogs made the lead stand.

What's up with the power plays? The Dogs had the second best PK in the league in the regular season, and the Kings had the fourth best. Without the power play goals this series would be low scoring. The Kings have only had ONE five on five goal in the series, that being the OT winner in game one. They scored all four on the PP tonight, three on the PP in game one, and two on the PP in game 2. So they haven't scored a 5 on 5 goal in two games. The Dogs had 2 even strength goals in game 2, and 2 more tonight.

Oh well, the fans playing the Safeway Bulldog Power Play contest love it!

I'm not sure the coaches, defenceman, and goalies are too fond of it though.

Time for bed, should be another fun one for Game 4 tomorrow!


Bulldogs Line up tonight....

One change to the line up tonight as AP Evan Richardson comes into the line up, while Jeff Reppucci comes out.

Frank Slubowski starts in net.



One of the best places to chow down on the BCHL Circuit - Kane's Sports Bistro in Powell River.

Great food, great service, and great atmosphere.

Here's a funny story from a couple of years back. One of the Kane's servers gave me a rough time - jokingly because I was with the Bulldogs. I jokingly said "I know your owner, I'll get you in trouble if you don't treat me nice" And she just laughed....

So I texted a mutual friend of Kane's owner Lori and I, and told her to message Lori and get her to call the restaurant to let them know I was important and needed preferential treatment.

A minute later the phone rang at the till and the waitress said "Is there a Hammer here" and I raised my hand. She had a dumbfounded look on her face and said "that was my owner, I need to make sure we take very good care of you"

And I said "see, I told ya"

Needless to say, the boys loved it and it was an instant classic "tale from the road"

If you ever come to PR - you haven't really BEEN here if you haven't ate at Kanes!


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Alberni School shows their Bulldog Pride!

Just got this picture sent to me via text from Melinda (edit - Richelle now sent some camera pics as opposed to the cell phone picture too) thanks ladies!

It's a couple classes from Alberni School!

This is a direct rip-off of Rod Pedersen's "Show your Rider Pride" on his blog where he gets people from all around the world sending in pics of them showing off their Saskatchewan Roughrider pride.Here's one example and here's another

Since imitation is the finest form of flattery and since I'm getting lots of pictures like this anyway already I thought I might as well start putting them up here!

So - if you want to show your Bulldog pride, send in a pic by email to 

*Please put "Bulldog Pride" in the subject line to I filter out the junk mail!

Game 3 Bulldogs @ Kings Tonight

Good morning from the Queen of Burnaby enroute to Powell River. A beautiful sunny day to make the crossing. As we departed, we were treated to a fighter jet of some sort from CFB Comox doing laps around the boat. It's one of the reasons I love going to the games in Powell River. It is always an adventure of sorts where you see some cool stuff. People that have followed the blog all season might remember the video of the Orcas I took on the Ferry ride coming back from Game 1 of the season.

Fast forward to today.

Its a huge early turning point in the Coastal Conference Finals with Game 3 tonight in Powell River. A 2-1 lead for either team after tonight has to be a powerful motivator, so I think we will see a heck of a contest tonight.

You can catch the pregame show at 6:45 on 93.3 The Peak FM with Rick Schievink and myself from the Powell River Rec Complex with the play-by-play to follow at 7:00.

BCHL Commissioner John Grisdale will be my Second Intermission guest as he talks about the experience of watching the first 2 games of this series in the Dog Pound, the Interior Final, the Burnaby Express move - and more, so be sure to tune in.

There is a nice number of Dogs fans on the boat this morning, hopefully more are coming this afternoon!

And here's hoping the people of Powell River will come out and support the Kings to get that great atmosphere back in that building. I have been lucky to have called a handful of games in the rink when there has been 1000 or more people in attendance and it makes for a fun experience and a great game.

Funny enough as I write this a young trio of kids just walked by me on the boat chanting "Kings Kings Kings" after they saw my Bulldog track jacket. Tell your friends to go to the games guys!!


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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mitch wins it again....

Special thanks to Dennis See with some help with the video side of things today.


Video Courtesy the Alberni Valley Bulldogs and the BCHL.

Audio Courtesy and Copyright 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dogs tie series 1-1

The largest crowd in recent memory left the Pound happy tonight as for the second straight series the Dogs dug themselves out of a 1-0 hole with a 3-2 overtime win in game 2.  It was again Mitch MacMillan coming up with the overtime winner, on a great keep by David Dziurzynski, and a great set up by Mark MacMillan.

Close to 10% of the population of the city was in the building, over 1770 fans. Keep mind that the building doesn't even have 1600 seats and you realize how hot of a ticket the Bulldogs are right now.

It was also nice to see a small but strong group of Kings supporters making some noise for their guys too.

The Kings took a 1-0 lead early on a power play goal as Mark MacMillan was sent to the box for cross checking. I don't know how you cross check someone when your stick is being held under their armpit, but never the less that was the call as Mark was too agressive in trying to get his stick back. Daniel Carr put the rebound home in front as he continued his strong play in the series with his 3rd goal in just the first period of game 2.

The Dogs evened it up later in the period just after a power play elapsed as David Dziurzynski put a backhand on the scramble past Watson for a 1-1 tie after 20.

The only goal of the second came with five minutes left in it as Ryan Renz took a shot from the line on the power play that went off a King to a wide open Matt Hatch who one-timed it home before Watson could get over and get set for a 2-1 Bulldogs lead after 40 minutes.

The Kings would even the score on Reid Campbell's first of the post season on a quick shot through traffic from the top of the point six and a half minutes into the third to tie it up at 2-2. Neither team would find the net throughout the rest of the third as the game went to sudden death overtime for the second night in a row.

The Kings would have a great chance in OT to win it as they won a battle for a loose puck in the right circle that was found by Jordan Grant who was in alone on Frank Slubowski from in tight, but the Bulldog goalie came up huge.

Moments later David Dziurzynski kept in a Mat Bodie clearing attempt that he fired down to the left corner to Mark who found Mitch in the slot where he one-timed it past or under Watson to bring about Bedlam in the Dog Pound.

Some much needed rest and recovery now before heading to Powell River for Games 3 and 4 Monday and Tuesday. As the series goes along I'm sure the intensity will only go higher. For the team that wants to win it to advance to the league finals, the battle level of the players will have to go higher as well.

It was nice to see such a great crowd in the building, and it was also nice to see BCHL Commissioner John Grisdale in attendance for the second night in a row. He must be pretty happy with the hockey that he saw played, and with the great crowds on hand both nights.


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Bulldogs Line Up Tonight...Schmidt gets 2 games

Tyler Berkholtz, Trent Dorais Sam Mitchell are out of the line up tonight while Jeff Reppucci, Pearce Eviston, and Josh Mitchell draw into the line up.

In other news, straight from Kent Lewis - Ben Schmidt has been suspended for two games for his major penalty last night for boarding.


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Dogs host Kings in big Game 2 tonight

It's what the playoffs are all about. Up one night or down the next, and then you have to come out the next day the be ready to play again.

You know the Dogs have to be just downright angry with the opportunity they let pass last night, up 3-0 halfway through the third only to see the Kings score three straight to tie it up and then eventually win it in overtime. I'd hope they are also motivated to come out and play better and raise their level to what the Kings brought on the other side of the puck.

They were at Coastal Conference Finals level, while the Dogs were not, in my humble opinion.

You know the Kings have to be licking their chops with the prospects of going home up 2-0. They will be no doubt extremely motivated tonight to attain that goal, so it's my hope that the Dogs are ready for the Kings to raise it even another level.

Should be another fun one tonight at the Pound. We've got it all for you with Rick and myself with the pregame show at 6:45 and the puck drop and play-by-play following at 7:00.

Kings cap comeback with OT winner to take game 1

Wow, where do you start with that game? What a crazy game for the first ever Coastal Conference game at the Dog Pound.

I guess you start with the beginning, with the Kings coming out as the better team. They seemed in a different gear than the Dogs. Maybe the Dogs felt the pressure at home. Maybe the Kings were the team with the better battle level. Whatever the case they ran up a shots on goal lead but they weren't able to find the scoreboard.Down to the final minutes of the period, the Dogs didn't have more than 1 or 2 shots on goal with the Kings blocking shot after shot. The Dogs went to a power play when Ben Schmidt was given 5 and a game for a board on Tyler Berkholtz - a hit the Bulldog forward did not return from. In the final minute of the period David Dziurzynski put a quick shot home after Mark MacMillan got the puck to the net for a 1-0 Dogs lead after 20.

The Dogs would take a 2-0 lead 8:35 into the second on the power play again as Mark MacMillan got credit for the goal on what was one of the longest scrambles of recent memory, as again the Dogs just got the puck to the net. Josh Watson would be incensed that there was no whistle, going after the referee behind the net to protest it but the goal stood. The Kings would lead the shots 29-14 after 40 but trail the Dogs by 2 goals.

With just 10:29 to play the Bulldogs took a 3-0 lead on a great cross ice feed put home by Mark MacMillan
only 11 seconds into a power play opportunity. It had me fooled thinking it was Mitch MacMillan taking the usual classic cross ice pass but it was actually Mark to roofed it from in tight. Most people at this time probably thought the game was over. I for some reason had a feeling it wasn't as there was still lots of hockey to be played. The Kings made it 3-1 just 1:11 later on the powerplay when Daniel Carr made a diving play to bang home a loose puck in front off the post and in. Less than a minute later the Dogs would go to the power play with Jordan Grant kicked out of the game for a check from behind. The Kings would kill it off and then go to a power play again where they made it 3-2 on a goal that saw the puck go high in the air and then in as the net was dislodged. The referee pointed to the net and signalled goal, then raised both arms up the in air...but not in a wave-off motion. I didn't know what the call was for a moment. The linesman were eventually called in for a discussion and the goal ended up standing. Less than 20 seconds later Matt Hatch was kicked out of the game for a hit from behind on a hit on Mat Bodie. A tough break to take for Hatch as right before he was sent to the box when the Kings scored their second goal, he took a hit that I thought was comparable on the halfwall from - Mat Bodie. Daniel Carr would get the equalizer banging home a rebound in the slot for his second of the game as sudden death OT would be required to find a winner.

The Dogs would have several great chances early to win it in OT, with a Casey Bailey-Tye Lewis chance coming painfully close in tight. Mitch MacMillan was then robbed by Josh Watson on the doorstep. Mat Bodie would be sent to the penalty box in OT for tripping, I read this one wrong as I thought he made a good play on the puck. It wouldn't matter though as the Dogs couldn't find the winner. The Kings would end up getting the game winning goal after the Bulldogs were denied a line change by the referee, resulting in a conversation between the coaching staff and the offical. Off the ensuing draw the Kings would get the puck to the Dogs net where it was slapped in by Chad Niddery as Frank Slubowskis leg just came off the post. I only half saw the goal as I was concerned with a Bulldog player struggling to remain upright to get off the ice after a King player dodged his check and he slammed head first backwards into the boards.

For the Dogs it's not a new situation. For the second straight series they will come out for game 2 at home down 1-0. What is new is that they were happy with their game last series in the opener. I'm not thinking that would be the case tonight. While the Dogs certainly had flashes of brilliance, the Kings seemed to compete harder more consistently thoughout the game. Bulldogs Head Coach and GM Nolan Graham was bang on in the pregame show when he said it's just about the little things when it comes to your compete level that are all so big when the stakes are so high. Winning all the battles, all the draws, races to pucks, and on and on. The Kings won more tonight, and the Dogs would be best served to win more tomorrow night if they hope to even the series at 1-1.

Should be another fun one in the Dog Pound!


Friday, March 19, 2010

Bulldogs Line up tonight....

Two changes to the Bulldog line up tonight from Game 6 in Nanaimo.

Up front, Pearce Eviston will come out of the line up and Robert Lindores will come back in. On the back end, Frank Riddle will come back in and Jeff Reppucci will come out.

Frank Slubowski gets the start in net.

The picture says it all...

Good on ya Hollies, you made me pull over and get out of the car again!

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Coast Finals open tonight at Dog Pound, RBC Cup 2012, Island Radio to Broadcast Cyclone Taylor Cup....

Big thanks to Judy Bailey for the above picture - a big goal, the 4-2 goal in Nanaimo on Tuesday night. What a shot!

It's the Dogs and Kings kicking off the Coastal Conference Finals at the Dog Pound tonight.The Alberni Valley Multiplex has seen some great games and some great playoff action in the 8 years that the Dogs have been in the Valley, but never action in Round 3. Drop the puck already!
You can bet it will be a battle - the teams split the season series, three wins each in six games played. The Kings won the first two and the Dogs won the last two. The most recent meeting between the teams is the picture below, as the Dogs picked up a huge 3-2 win saw them win their 12th straight game away from home back on January 15th.


Get it all as always on 93.3 The Peak with Rick Schievink and myself with the pregame show kicking off at 6:40 tonight (we'll go five minutes early to get all the scene-setters on the series in) with the puck drop to follow at 7:00. If you aren't in PEAK listening range you can listen live on our website at

Should be fun! We will see you at the Pound tonight!

Don't forget to WEAR RED, and don't forget to tune in to THE PEAK starting at 4:30 for Jolie reporting live on all the happenings in the parking lot - the 3 on 3 ball hockey tourney and Kevin Falkenberg and the Family Stone performing live under the tent!

 The Powell River Kings are of course the opponents for the Dogs - the defending Coastal Conference Champs. The Kings have won 5 in a row - Game 5 of round 1 vs. Cowichan, followed by a four game sweep of Langley in the second round. The Kings have had the advantage of scouting the Dogs in person as they haven't played since last Saturday. Assistant Coach Shane Luckinchuk was at the Dog Pound for Game 5 on Monday night, and Assistant Coach Chad Van Diemen was at the Frank Crane Arena for Game 6 on Tuesday. I caught up with Chad for an interview that we ran in the second intermission show of that broadcast as we talked about the Kings road to the Conference Finals, and their thoughts on either the Dogs or the Clippers as opponents. Not surprisingly, there wasn't any "locker room bulletin board" type material, just thoughts on how the Kings were preparing for a hard fought series.

Here's an update from Tom McEvay on the RBC Cup 2012 bid. Tom will join me on the second intermission show of the broadcast tonight to talk about this in further detail. 

Hi everyone, we are back from the RBC Presentation in Calgary and I wanted to give you all an update on our Bid for the 2012 RBC Cup.

The presentation to Hockey Canada in Calgary went very well yesterday. Our team of Andy Oakes, Colleen Sawyer, Ron Paulson and myself didn’t leave anything to chance. The search committee now know full well what we have to offer and the tremendous passion and credibility that we bring to the table. Thank you to everyone who worked on the bid and to those who assisted with the preparation of the presentation and particular to Stephanie Weber who put in lots of time helping prepare the power point. Thank you to Mike and Yvette Carter and their volunteers for handling the distribution of the support cards. Thank you to Peter Weinhold and the Graphics Factory for sponsoring the printing of the cards. Thank you to Rob Thompson at JAL for getting our team shirts ready on time. Thank you to Nancy Wilmot for producing the testimonials video that we included in the presentation and to all the people who spoke in the testimonials.  Thank you to Pat Deakin and David McCormick who were busy gathering supporting information.  Thank you to the Bulldogs, the BCHL and to BC Hockey for their support throughout.

Each of the four short listed communities ( Kingston Ontario, Humboldt Saskatchewan, Fort McMurray Alberta and ourselves) presented in different rooms at separate times so we had no interaction with each other. We have every reason to be confident that ours is one of the front runners but Hockey Canada cannot give any of the communities that information at this stage of the process. The search committee will now deliberate and determine what additional information they need. During the month of April they may visit some of the bid communities, although they do not see that as likely for us since they have such recent experience with Port Alberni and the 2009 World Under 17. During April there may be additional questions sent to us for response. In May the search committee will make their recommendation to Hockey Canada’s Junior Council. Junior Council will in turn submit their recommendation to the Hockey Canada AGM May 26-28. We have been told that an announcement will be made on or about June 1st.

While we are very confident that we have every chance of winning this bid we are also realistic that other factors may come to play that are beyond our control. Hockey Canada has been clear that there is not a geographical rotation of the RBC Cup and that the event is awarded to the best bid. Realistically, however, if another area of the country has a bid equally as strong as ours and that region has not recently hosted an RBC Cup this could become a deciding factor since BC has had the RBC twice in the last 3 years with Victoria in 2009 and Prince George in 2007.  There may be other compelling reasons why one community may get consideration over another. We certainly feel that our presentation and our bid coupled with the tremendous success of the 2009 U 17 event and the fact that 2012 is the 100th Anniversary of the City Port Alberni are all compelling factors in our favour.

I will endeavour to keep our committee, our supporters and the community at large informed of any new developments as we move forward. Thank you again to everyone who has contributed to our bid in any way over the past several months. I am proud to be associated with such great people, such a solid organization as the Bulldogs  and such a special community as the Alberni Valley. We are winners no matter what happens.




Here's a story on the Cyclone Taylor Cup that might be of interest to hockey fans around the Island. Read more - from the Parksville Qualicum News here.

Nice to see our parent company of Island Radio taking a leading role in supporting and promoting the event!


That's it for now!


Thursday, March 18, 2010

Open Mic at Boston Pizza tonight, Video - Dogs and Clippers handshake, Alberni Golf Club news, Bantam Bulldogs

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs will be hosting another Open Mic tonight at Boston Pizza from 6:30 to 7:30.

Come up, meet the guys, ask a question, and GET EXCITED for the Coastal Conference Final Series starting tomorrow at the Dog Pound.

AND don't forget that if you are a season ticket holder you have until 5pm tonight to get your tickets for Games 1 and 2 tomorrow and Saturday. Get to the Dogs office ASAP, they are open 10am to 7pm today. Again, 5PM is your deadline!


Another season has rolled around, not soon enough for most of us. On Sunday March 28th, opening day starts off with a four man best ball, sponsored by Duncan, Sabine, Collyer, Partners. with the best net and best gross counting on each hole, The same player may not record both net and gross scores on any one hole. Please register in the Pro. Shop with your own foursome or as a single and you will be placed on a team. The shotgun start takes place at 9AM following a short meeting, try to be in the clubhouse no later than 8:30. Breakfast will be available starting at 7:30, on the opening and closing days only. There are 13 special events spread through the season., which as usual cost $10 to enter, this is to cover prizes for the day.
As in the past couple of years the Men’s Club dues is only $10, which entitles you to some awesome draws on the windup day as well as throughout the season.

For every Sunday you play, event or open day your name goes in that many times for a draw to be held on October3rd. for some outstanding prizes. The Club Championship will be match play again this year with Club Captain Craig Acland running the show. To all you hot shot golfers who think they have a chance at the title you have last years Champion Brett Parhar to contend with. Qualifying for the Championship takes place on July, 4th, so keep that day open.

Just a couple of reminders Gentlemen. When you come into the Clubhouse on Sunday morning there will be three boxes set up, one for the ball sweep, one for the money pot and one for the Charity closest to the pin. You must put $2 in each box and register your name before teeing off if you intend on entering. The Charity closest to the pin is usually set up on #2, if you haven’t paid your two dollars please don’t write your name on the card no matter how close you are. Please make sure that you fill out your score cards correctly, last name, gross score handi-cap and your net score. Also make sure the addition is right, any incorrect score cards turned in will be disqualified.


Remember to keep up to the group ahead of you, it makes for a smoother round for everyone.


Alberni Valley’s Bantam A Bulldogs finished their season by bringing home gold medals from the gold division of the 33rd Port Coquitlam Bantam International Tournament which was held over Spring Break.  The last time an Alberni team did this was in 1982.

The first game was at 7:15 AM on Thursday morning against Surrey Hurricanes.  The Bulldogs took a while to get their legs going, but in the end ran the score up to 8-1.  Beau Wilson had a goal and four assists and Tyler Wilhelm contributed a goal and 3 assists.  Wilson was named as game MVP for offense and Nathan Read was MVP for defence.

Thursday afternoon against the South Side Athletic Club out of Edmonton, the bounces all seemed to go to the other team in a game where shots on goal favoured Alberni 35-19.  Edmonton scored first on a power play early in the first period.  Beau Wilson tied it up for Alberni with an assist from Chase Gaudreault early in the second period.  The go ahead goal in the second period went in and out so fast that the referee missed it. Then an icing that was brushed off by the linesman caught the Bulldog defence by surprise, which allowed Edmonton to score and finish with a narrow 2-1 win.  MVPs for the Bulldogs were Ryan Buse on defence and Sam Visona on offence.

On Friday afternoon the Bulldogs took a while to find their game against host Port Coquitlam Pirates before opening up with 4 goals in the third period to finish at 8-2. They outshot Poco by 46-10.  Chase Gaudreault led the scoring with 2 goals and an assist.  Logan Savard had 3 assists and was named as the offensive MVP.  Dawson Marlatt collected the defensive MVP of the game.

After the game the team got together for dinner.  After dinner, Read thanked Coach Kevin Somerville for all his work with the team over the season.  Wilson gave similar thanks to Assistant Coach Rob Gaudreault and also acknowledged coach/manager Ron Buse who was unable to be at the tournament.  In responding Somerville noted the talent of the plalyers and also thanked the parents and sponsors, Sure Span Construction and Dave Koszegi of ReMax Realty.

Friday evening was the skills competition where Read and Wilson represented Alberni and contributed points to their black team’s tie with the white team.  Wilson clocked the fastest time of all competitors on the agility drill and was runner up on speed.

The final round robin game on Saturday saw the Bulldogs up against Comox Chiefs.  Because Comox had tied Edmonton earlier, Alberni needed a win to stay in contention for the gold semi-final.  Coach Somerville said, “The team really gelled when they needed to.”  In this game they did everything right against a very competitive team.   Good team puck control and positional play created the first goal for Alberni.  Buse collected a pass back to the right point and put it across to Read who one timed a hard shot from the other side.   The Comox keeper couldn’t contain the rebound and Liam Macleod was right there to put it in top shelf before the goalie could turn back.  In the second period Comox piled into the slot and evened it up at 6:02.  The momentum might have shifted, but barely a minute later Marino Somerville passed to Savard, setting up 2 on 0 rush where Savard put the puck cross crease for Wilson to finish on the right side.  Comox tied it again two minutes later and once again Alberni answered to hold the lead.  This time it was Gaudreault deflecting Tyler Ibsens’s shot from the point to make it 3-2 for Alberni.  The Bulldogs defensive play kept the puck out of their own zone for most of the game and minimized good scoring chances for Comox when it was there.  Both goalies made key saves throughout the game.  Bryce DiRocco was given the nod as MVP defence and MacLeod as MVP offense.

The win put Alberni Valley into the semi-final on Sunday against undefeated Calgary Blazers.  The game was scoreless for ten minutes until the Alberni defence turned over a Blazer break out attempt inside the blue line. This created an opportunity for Read to pass to MacLeod in the slot for a high shot into the net.  Two minutes later Buse put out a long stretch pass which Wilson chased down deep in the offensive zone and converted.  The next goal came off hard work deep in the Calgary zone.  It finished with a Savard pass to Wilson behind the net from where he put his second goal in off the back of the netminder. Alberni kept up the pressure in the second period and was rewarded at the mid-point when the cycle from Somerville to Spencer Pierce behind the net to Wilson jumping into the slot made the next goal happen.  In the dying seconds of the third period Alberni added one more on a power play. Again good puck control was a factor as the puck went from Visona to Wilson in the left circle to Tyler Wilhelm in the high slot from where he wristed in a hard shot.  MVPs for the 5-0 semi-final win were Wilson on offense and Read on defence.

Edmonton defeated Kerry Park Islanders in the other semi-final, giving Alberni a rematch and a chance to avenge their only round robin loss in the gold medal game.  They wasted no time.  Somerville and Wilson combined on the first shift to put Alberni up 1-0.  Before the period ended, some well controlled passing from MacLeod to Read to Visona set up a backhand goal at the left post.  In the second period with a man advantage it was from Wilhelm at the blue line to Gaudreault in front and then to Savard to finish from the open side.  Then with under a minute to go Austyn Smith passed to Wilson in the slot to make it 4-0.  In the final frame Savard passed to Pierce at the blue line from where he split the defence and bent the twine at 11:29 with a hard shot under the goalie’s left elbow. 

MVPs for the gold medal game were Savard on offence and Wilhelm on defence.  In addition tournament MVPs included DiRocco in goal and Read on defence.

Coach Somerville summed it up by saying “The kids played hard this weekend.  Due to the injuries that were plaguing us we had to play a real defensive style which ironically created some great offensive opportunities We only had seven goals scored against us in six games ad the final two were shut outs.  I wish we had been playing like this 3 weeks ago in the play offs.  Its great to see this group of kids earn some recognition and finish on a positive note.  They really are a talented bunch.”

How about the little Bruins vs. Pens match-up tonight? Should be interesting, as it's the first time the teams have played since Matt Cooke succeeded in his attempt to take Marc Savard's head off. 
The NHL doesn't want Bertuzzi-Moore all over again, so the commish, the disciplinarian, and more, will attend the game. Read more- from

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Details on Ticket Sales....

Here's the details regarding ticket sales for the Coastal Conference Final Series, off the Bulldogs Website

There's no mention of ticket sales on the Powell River Kings website for the Coastal Finals, so if you are heading to Powell River for Games 3 and 4 on Monday and Tuesday I suggest you visit their website and get their contact info and give their office a call. You can find their contact info under the "TEAM" tab at the top and then " Team Personnel" on their website HERE

As of 4:30 there was still a line outside the Bulldogs office. Get there in a hurry if you want tickets, call there if you must be remember they only have so many hands and they have to deal with the people there in person as well! The office staff are the MVP's today!


Tickets on sale at Noon....

Just got this sent to me - tickets on sale at 12 noon, but the line up has started well ahead of that!


Go Dogs Go!


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Dogs fans on the road....Newspaper reactions, TICKETS ON SALE NOON TODAY

We talked often over the last couple games in the Frank Crane Arena about how incredible the Bulldog fan support was.

Here's a great example. Big thanks to Dennis See for sending me the video.

And here's a story by Greg Sakaki from the Nanaimo News Bulletin...Click to read "Clippers battle, but Alberni wins series

A final tip of the cap to the Bulldog fans...I ran into Ken Wagner in the second intermission, one of the Nanaimo Clipper owners. He asked me to please do him a favor, to please go on the air and say a huge thanks to the Bulldog fans for their incredible support of their team, and for coming down to the Frank Crane to support them on the road. Nice move by Ken.

And a final tip of the cap to the Clipper players. You guys certainly fought incredibly hard. Nothing to hang your heads about. Best of luck in life and hockey the rest of the way, and thanks for the entertainment!

SELL OUT THE DOG POUND! Tickets are on sale starting at noon today. When I get more details, I'll get them to you ASAP, busy times right now.