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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Bulldogs open season 1 and 1, Broadcast Expectations

Hello and thanks for stopping by the blog. 

I meant to post this last week, to give some insight into what you can expect throughout the season with our Bulldogs Hockey Broadcasts on 93.3 The Peak/ FloHockey - but I got so busy I forgot! 

It's a couple games late - but here's my annual informational post in regards to what to expect when you tune in to Bulldogs Hockey on 93.3 The Peak FM (or another medium) through the next 52 games, and any subsequent playoff games.

First and foremost - understand the medium. Which means - we're broadcasting on radio. I am your eyes. My primary goal is to enable those not at the game to SEE the game. I very much understand that some people are watching the pay-per-view and can SEE the game and they might get too much, but the people that can't see the game need more, not less!

Some insight into the broadcast philosophy... as a general rule, I will always try to be positive. At the same time I try to be honest. The core fan base of this team from day one is an educated one. They want me to "call a spade a shovel" and not sugar coat things. Having said that, I'm well aware that there is always one fan on one side of the fence, and one on the other side of the fence. It is one of the challenges and benefits of having such a great fan base and community here that cares for the team and is involved with the team on many levels. There's also a few fans standing ON TOP of the fence - not sure what side they are on. Ha. 

The  job isn't an easy one, as I am always walking the fine fine fine line of not wanting to offend the parent/fan/billet/sponsor that is looking for entertainment, and something to root for and get emotionally invested in. The other side are the true hockey people/fans/parents etc. They want to know the REAL SCOOP. They want BLAME outright, and ANSWERS why the team isn't winning, or why they are winning, and they might have an agenda.

In my opinion there isn't anything wrong with being on one side of that or the other either! In the end the hockey is great, and it's highly competitive. You win some, you lose some, you can't win them all and the line between both results is sometimes - or more often than not - razor thin.

In the end, I'm just "calling it like I see it" as my employer (for those that don't know, it's 93.3 The Peak FM and the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group, LP, not the Alberni Valley Bulldogs that signs my cheques, a very common misconception) wants me to do, and as I have done for about 1300? games over the last 20 years or so. Why? Because it hasn't failed me yet. People won't always like what they hear, or don't hear, but I simply can't help it if the game on the ice isn't going the way you want for the team - or an individual on the team.

I'm very happy to inform you that we have Van Isle Ford (home games) and Pacific Chevrolet (away games) back as our title sponsors this year - if you appreciate the broadcasts, thank them with your business!

We begin our broadcasts approximately 15 minutes to puck drop with our pregame show where we speak with coaches from both sides of the puck about the game and current events. We end the game with a post game show with a game recap, a chit chat from a member of the Bulldog Coaching staff, post game show awards and out of town scoreboard updates. In between periods, we speak with Bulldog players both past and present, as well as Coaches/Broadcasters/Executives from around the BCHL and who knows where else!

If you are interesting in being a sponsor on Bulldog Broadcasts, the more the merrier - contact our sales staff at 93.3 The Peak at 250-723-2455, we have plenty of options from big to small available!

Listening Live on your computer:
Watching Live on your computer/SmartPhone

Also a huge thanks to ALL our sponsors that make the broadcasts happen. Fans that have listened before will know that we strive to put together a professional big-league broadcast, and in my humble and very biased opinion, I think we accomplish that.

If you appreciate and like the broadcasts, please thank the sponsors that make them all happen with your business!

If there is something you don't like, we always welcome your feedback - drop me a line by the contact form here on the blog. 

We would love to hear from you throughout the season - feedback, comments, complaints, criticism - constructive or otherwise, an interesting stat or fact about your son or brother or family member that may be on the team, where you might be listening to the game from, etc etc. 


The Bulldogs began the opening weekend with a win and a loss - 5-1 over Coquitlam Friday night, and 6-4 to the Langley Rivermen on Saturday night. 

I liked what I saw out of the team on both nights. I obviously didn't like the end result Saturday night, but I thought the team could've just as easily won that game. One can argue - leading by two at one point, and leading 3-2 after 40 minutes that they SHOULD have won that game. 

This league is way to good to take a shift off - better yet five to ten minutes off, which is what I thought happened Saturday night. 

The Rivermen came out to start the third inspired, to a man, at a level that the Bulldogs weren't at. Before they knew what hit them, they went from leading 3-2, to losing 4-3. 

Once in that position, they weren't able to push back immediately, and they fell into a 5-3 hole. 

You can't always be at your best - and despite your talent, it's not going to be easy. There's another team out there, and in this league - they are all good. 

The Bulldogs responded, and made it a 5-4 game. However - it took them too long to respond. Momentum is hard to earn, and turn sometimes. Good teams find a way to answer IMMEDIATELY - or better yet, they don't let the other team up off the mat at all. 

They did eventually respond, and they then spent the better part of the final five minutes all over the Rivermen in their zone. The game was lost either at the start of the period, or the following minutes where they gave up what proved to be the game winning goal. 

It sounds so cliche - but I think it's appropriate - you need to play a full 60 minutes. Here's hoping that the Bulldogs earned a valuable lesson Saturday night.

A 2 and 0 start to the season on the road was within reach - but a response from Langley wasn't immediately answered, and despite controlling the play late, they couldn't dig out of the hole and they came home with a 1 and 1 record. 

I'm very much looking forward to the team returning to action this weekend - especially seeing them play at home for the first time this season! 

Thanks as always for reading the blog. 



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