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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back to Hockey! 2003-2004 Highlights-part II, New Bulldogs website, Ace moves on.

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First off today- the second installment of the 2003-2004 Bulldogs "blasts from the past". The podcast today is the part 2 of the game highlights I originally posted. I'll post both parts again, incase anyone missed the first one. As I said before, as a broadcaster a couple of hundred games later, I can hear the progress made. The work has been worth it!

Part 1

Part 2

I have ONE more collection of 2003-2004 highlights that I will podcast in the near future. Playoff memories!

The Bulldogs new website went live this week. I must say- what a good job! Looks great, nice pictures, nice layout. It's still under development for now but it's miles ahead of before. See it for yourself by clicking this link

If you haven't heard yet, Ace has made the decision to not return to Bulldogs broadcasts next year. At the end of the season last year people were posting on the blog asking me "what is up with Ace next year?" I said I wasn't sure at the time, and I honestly wasn't. Sitting on Ace's dock at Sproat Lake enjoying the sun and a swim recently, Ace told me that he'll be taking over as Head Coach of the Alberni Valley Midget Rep Team next season. It's too bad that I won't be able to work with him again, but Ace has made this choice and if it's what he wants to do I'm all for it! It was a pleasure to work with him for 200 or so games, and I know the listeners enjoyed it as I did. He is a walking hockey encyclopedia and has great eyes for the game and great vision for what's happening out there. He did more work than anyone will know in regards to statistical information for the broadcasts, hours and hours of compiling. The trivia questions too. We didn't always agree, but we weren't paid to agree all the time. Most of the time we did though. "great minds think alike" I would say. Or "fools seldom disagree" haha. I don't think the listeners would've enjoyed us agreeing with each other 100% of the time anyway. We were both always honest and genuine. I'll miss him up in the booth but you never know maybe I'll need an intermission guest a time or two. Want to finish todays post by thanking Ace for all his help and contributions to the broadcasts, making them as good as they were. I know he will be proud of the quality of broadcast we provided. Also thanks to Ace for the friendship and the good times on the road. He knows he won't be getting rid of me that easy, not until he puts up a fence around his dock at least!

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dan "the stats man" said...

ace, thanks for 4 years of color commentary, as hammer said there is alot of work that people don't know about that you two do and that shouldn't be overlooked. i look forward to seeing you at the games and possibly doing some road trips. also best of luck to you and the midget reps on this coming season, they definataly have a great coach behind the bench.

Susan Jones said...

Thanks Ace!
Our family will miss you!