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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Canucks at Avs today on THE PEAK, Bulldogs Prospect Camp All Star game TOMORROW, Golf and the Masters.

First things first, in less than an hour the Canucks will play the final game of their regular season as they try to sew up the Northwest Division title with a win over the Avalanche.
The pregame starts at 11:30, with the puck drop and all the play-by-play at just after high noon.

As always, catch it all on THE PEAK, part of the Canucks Radio Network.

From the Canucks website, check out the GAME NOTES HERE


I was down at Bulldogs prospects camp for a bit last night and this morning. There is a great mix of young talent and some older talent, and some returning Bulldogs mixed in too. Last night was full on game action, while this morning the goalies were getting a pretty intense work out in a specialized goalie session.

It's a little weird to me to be at the rink this time of year, when it's not for a playoff game. I kind of like to saunter in, and check out things for 20 minutes or so, then get back out into the sunshine and golf or do out side stuff.....Having said all that, if there is one time you should get down to the rink to check out the prospective future Bulldogs that would have to be tomorrow's ALL-STAR game, which goes at 11:15am at the Multiplex. All the best players from the weekend will be playing. The price is right, as admission is free, as it is for the entire camp if you wish to get out and watch.

Last but not least - GOLF. Not the best of forecasts this weekend for Port Alberni sadly, which means I might not be getting out today or tomorrow to swing the sticks. After how I played on Friday, when I got out to the Alberni Golf Club, maybe that's not too bad of a thing?
Yes, GOOD Friday was anything but for me out on the course. The company was at least good though! Thanks to Chris Colclough for the invitation, and thanks to Dave and Larry to for the good games. Now if my game would have actually have been good. Oh well, it was a nice day!
Special thanks as always to those at the Alberni Golf Club, especially Brian and Bruce in the Pro Shop for continuing to work on my game and my equipment. I haven't improved vastly, but I'm sure I can take on my dad Cal when he comes out here next week to visit. HA.

Ah yes, The Masters....What a tourney. At least if the weather is poor, there's hockey at the rink and Masters Coverage on TV.

Go Tiger!

And I love the Kenny Perry story too. It's a great thing about golf, how a 48 year old guy can still be out there tearing it up against the 20 year olds and the everyone in between.

Keep yourself up to date by visiting the official Masters site here.

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