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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Bulldogs Prospect Camp, Brad May hits 1000, Canucks host Kings, THANKS CHRYSLER!, REMEMBER VIMY.

Please accept my apologies for not posting yesterday. It was a crazy busy day for me. I finished work, and had a good walk home. I then headed to Alberni Chrysler and spent the next couple of hours finalizing a deal on a vehicle. More on that later.

I then flew out to the Alberni Golf Club at Cherry Creek Road where I played 18 holes. My best 18 of the season by the way, I shot an 89 with only 2 pars all day and no birdies. CONSISTENT. After that, it was off to Softball practice. Finally an after-practice beverage and some supper. And a good nights sleep!

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs prospect camp opens tomorrow - with a twist. Not only will prospective Bulldogs be attending, but half of the returning Bulldogs will be there as well. The other half will attend the upcoming prospect camp in Osoyoos.

For more information on the camp, including a camp schedule - CLICK THIS LINK


Brad May has just seemed like one of the good-ole hard working honest guys to me. It's nice to see him hit 1000 games. It's especially nice to read a story like this one, where we find out he couldn't even play DOUBLE A hockey. You just never know kids.

Read it HERE

Man I love Rick Jeanneret.

The Canucks host the Kings as they play their final home game of the regular season tonight.

As always, you can catch all the action on 93.3 THE PEAK with the pregame show at 6:30 followed by the play-by-play at 7:00.

From the Canucks website - check out the GAME PREVIEW and GAME NOTES

Now - LAST, but certainly not least. Maybe LEST, as in LEST WE FORGET.

Adults, you know about it. I hope. Kids - If you don't please read more HERE

Or read THIS:

On This Day - April 9th, 1917: Vimy France - Arthur William Currie 1875-1933 leads all four divisions of the Canadian Corps. fighting as a unit for the first time, with one British brigade under Lt.-Gen. Julian Byng, to Easter Monday victory at Vimy Ridge. Using 1,000 guns and a masterful artillery barrage technique developed by Currie and his gunners, they take the German stronghold where the French and British had earlier failed; 4,000 Canadians killed, 6,000 wounded. From that day onward, Germany is on the defensive.

Nothing else to say other than THANKS.


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Anonymous said...

on the prospect camp;in years past, teams would generally announce a commitment of a new player or two from one of these camps. have the rules changed regarding signing or commitments?