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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Tryg Strand, BCHL Player of the Week! *VIDEO*

Excuse the delay it took me to get this up on the blog...getting the audio and video together is a long and very painful process, but certainly worth it in the end!

Big congrats to Tryg - and the team as a whole. Two Player of the Week honours in a row is pretty cool.

Here's the details from the BCHL website

And some video of a couple of plays from Tryg over the weekend.

The first is a slick assist on a Zak Bowles goal, a one-touch backhand saucer off a great pass by Darian Henry.

The second clip is a goal that is BEAUTIFUL - but not for it's incredible single handed/flashy/highlight reel etc stuff. It's beautiful for it's simplicity and for the teamwork it shows.

Play solid defence in your own end, then push the pace and move the puck. Communicate, share the puck,  go to the net and get a puck on net - just far pad low, no attempt at corner picking. And the result? A beautiful goal on the rebound!


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Cathie Gogo said...

What a "beauty" of a young man. He is a workhorse. He gives it his all each and every game. If every one on the team gave us much as he does the Bulldogs would be unbeatable!! He is the heart of our team. Bravo Tryg, well deserved!! Keep up the good work ethic, the tide is turning!