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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FLASHBACK - Playoffs at the Dog Pound (UPDATED - THANKS!)

Flashback to March, 2010. It's the last time the Bulldogs won a Playoff game at the Dog never would have thought it at the time, but that's what Playoffs is all about. The Dogs won the game to tie the Coastal Conference Final at 1-1, before heading to Powell River and taking the next two games to lead the series 3-1. A loss at home in Game 5, in Powell River in Game 6 and at home in Game 7 still hurts like it was yesterday.

Like I said, it's what the Post season is all about. Expect the unexpected, cherish but don't get lost in the the old CBC Stanley Cup song says oh so perfectly "the chance may never come again"

Just wanted to add a note to the bottom of this today - a big thanks to everyone for passing along their kind words in regards to my "call" of this. I'm just lucky that I got to call a great moment, that's all.
I'll paste some of the feedback below, and someone also left a really nice comment at the bottom! Thanks all!

"Loved the flashback video on the blog. Actually gave me goosebumps having a pkayoff ot winner, the horn going off, you and Rick describing it perfectly. Ahhh the good ol days. Let's hope that all comes back this year."

"Few announcers can give anyone chills with their call. Hammer you're definitely one of those guys. Enjoy the dance."

 "I remember it well and we can do it again, but this time we'll go all the way. Let's bring a championship to Port Alberni and I believe we can do it. GO DOGS GO!!"

"Lets pack the Pound and show Our Support for the Boys! Go Dogs GO!!!"

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Anonymous said...

Your commontary reminds me of the the NHL announcer ( he puts it on the top shelf where dad keeps the playboys ) that announcing for our Bulldogs is our bonus.....will be there Friday cheering for our Bulldogs.....GO DOGS GO!!!!