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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Yan Kalashnikov wins BCHL Player of the Week, Josh Mitchell heads to R.I.T for 2012-2013, Harry Zolnierczyk heads back to Flyers...

Mitchell Commits to the RIT Tigers

October 31st 2011

The Alberni Valley Bulldogs would like to announce that 91 F Josh Mitchell has committed to the Division 1 hockey program of Rochester Insitute of Technology. The RIT Tigers play in the Atlantic Hockey Conference of the NCAA.

“Josh is a great kid that has worked his way up the lineup over the course of the last three seasons with the Bulldogs,“ comments Head Coach/Assistant Director of Hockey Operations Paul Esdale.
“He has proved to be a premier player in this league and we are very excited and proud for him and his family,”states Esdale.

Mitchell will suit up for the Tigers in the 2012-2013 season.

“I would like to thank the entire organization of the Bulldogs especially the Coaching staff and Tom McEvay. I also would like to thank the Okanagan Hockey Academy, my parents, my billets and the entire community of Port Alberni for supporting me throughout my hockey career,” comments Mitchell. “I am excited for the opportunity that RIT has given me and look forward to finishing out the year with the Bulldogs,” said Mitchell.

One of my favorite Josh Mitchell highlights is the game tying goal in this video...

For more information please contact Assistant Coach Adam Hayduk at 250.723.4412.

More great news came from the BCHL yesterday as they named Yan Kalashnikov their Player of the Week. I know that I had absolutely zero to do with Yan winning the award, but I did send a heads up the League's way just to make sure they were aware of Yan's performance last week. It isn't easy to try and track every player and every game around the league over the course of the week.

Check out the announcement from the league website HERE

Huge congrats to Yan! He was outstanding over the two games, and its nice to see him get some recognition.

Finally - what a way to finish a great news day for the Bulldogs, as Harry Zolnierczyk has "got the call" again, as he's headed back to the Philadelphia Flyers to hopefully see action Wednesday when they take on the Sabres in Buffalo. Here's hoping Harry is getting the call to be in the line up as tomorrow's game is on TSN 2!



Anonymous said...

You always want to keep yoru fans up to date with past staff/players - why don't you have anything about Bryant Perrier?

Hammer said...

Thanks for the comment.

I haven't said anything for several reasons - I always keep try to keep it positive. I don't see a need to keep anyone up to date with players failing, coaches being involved in scandals, etc.

Its not that I don't attempt to paint a fair picture, its just that I have found through experience that as a general rule people aren't really interested in negativity, failures etc. I also don't see how I am keeping anyone up to date when the story is on TSN, CBC, CTV, etc. When a story is picked up there, I usually keep it there. I have generally followed that stance with everything throughout the life of the blog, positive or negative.

Lastly, maybe I don't have anything here on the blog for the same reason the Penticton Vees blog doesn't have anything on this story either. The Bryant Perrier book has been burned, the page has been turned, etc, and was long ago, with the final game of the 2008-2009 season as it was announced by the organization that his contract wasn't renewed the very next day. I think that my further publicizing anything done by someone the organization wanted to distance themselves from would only serve to paint the organization in a negative light and I never want to do that.

You have obviously heard about the latest Bryant Perrier story, and it wasn't from this blog. I'm sorry if you just heard the news and that you wish you had heard it sooner.