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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Slackin' on bloggin' , Cup Final down to best of three, Alberni Golf Club Men's Club update, BCHL AGM Report

The Stanley Cup battle is now down to a best of three after a 4-0 Boston win last night. The Canucks can't get out of Beantown fast enough, where they were taken out behind the woodshed to the tune of 12-1.

After a 2-0 series lead, I just couldn't get over the amount of Canucks fans I ran into or I read into on facebook and elsewhere who were hoping for the team to lose in Boston "so they can win the Cup at home"

I reacted the same way every time - ARE YOU INSANE? Never, and I mean NEVER hope to lose. Exhibit A - the last two games. One loss turns to an 8-1 loss which turns into ANOTHER loss.... I would guess that 99.9% of all of those people would now be quite O.K. with the Canucks winning the Cup in Boston in 6. They have much to do if they hope to accomplish that feat.

I "sort of" want to get into the Aaron Rome hit and subsequent suspension....but I don't have that much time. I have said my 2 bits on facebook over the last couple of days, and holy smokes the responses have been quite impassioned, to the tune of about 150 of them over several different thought lines. I'll try to make this quick....

The NHL has said that nothing was wrong with the hit, except that it was late. Great. Except I am having a tough time understanding how late is "late" The ruling from the NHL says to me that admiring your pass just became allowed, and that finishing your check just became outlawed.

Is a hit that occurred LESS than 1 second after a player has released the puck  "late" - or at the very least late enough to warrant a major and a suspension?

Nathan Horton admired his pass, and paid the price. The culture of the game has changed SO MUCH, SO QUICK that Aaron Rome is a now villain for doing what he is supposed to do - step up, defend his zone, and make a big check. Nathan Horton is the VICTIM for admiring his pass and not having his head up?

Are you kiddin' me?!

Hockey players are taught from age 3 and up to keep your head up and not to admire your pass. Horton did neither, and THAT is why he ended up hurt and why this is such a big deal. If he has his head up, if he doesn't admire his pass and instead PROTECTS AND DEFENDS himself, he and Rome collide, both of them go flying, the entire rink is on it's feet and every play-by-play guy is goin' nuts about a huge hit...Instead we are looking at Horton on the ice with his brain on reboot. No one wants to see a player, a PERSON in that state.

I said I would make this quick. I am doing a poor job of it....The long and the short of it is this: NHL can put in any new rule they want to protect the players, but if the players DO NOT PROTECT THEMSELVES, none of it matters. Admiring your pass at the offensive blue line? You deserve to get drilled. Too bad it resulted in the injury and the ugly scene, and too bad for Aaron Rome who did nothing more than step up and finish his check.

Here's the Alberni Golf Club Men's Club update courtesy Gerry Fagan....

This is more like golfing weather, clear skies and warm temperatures. A good turnout for the optional Toomstone event. All the competitors played from the blue tees which made the course a little tougher especially for us short ball hitters. There was a tie for first between Wayne Cheveldave and Colin Hamilton, coming in third place was Dennis Debolt and rounding out the prizes in fourth position was non other than Gerry Fagan     (rah, rah, rah ). 

In the ball sweep Wayne Cheveldave had the best of the day, shooting a gross score of  80, taking home 3 balls, followed by Dennis Debolt coming in with 81, winning 2 balls. On the net side of the day it was Cal Davies winning 3 balls for his 72, Jack Sparks and Bob Matlock both coming in with 73 taking home 2 balls each.

Closest to the pins were won by Bill Morin on #2 Fred Fredrickson collected $21 for the Charity closest to the pin on #4, Chazz Lazorko for his second shot on #6.  No one was on #13, it is a very tough hole from the Blue tees, and Bill Barrett on #17.

This Sunday June 12th. is the Port Boat House red, white and blue competition. The way it goes is as follows, each hole you hit from a different tee marker. Just so there won’t be any confusion the score cards will be marked. Every man for himself in this event, just make up your own foursomes and register in the Pro Shop.

You can also register as a single and Bruce or Brian will put you in a group. The shotgun start is at 8AM. Don’t forget gentlemen to enter the ball sweep, money pot and the Charity closest to the pin. Also that guests are always welcome at the Alberni Golf Club.

June 8, 2011
For immediate release:

The British Columbia Hockey League held its Annual General Meeting June 2 to 4 in Richmond and met with governors, coaches and team marketers to wrap up the 2010-11 season and set out plans for 2011-12. The coming season will be the league’s 50th anniversary and as it approaches, several celebratory events will be announced.

An important task completed at the AGM was determining the number of home and away games for in-conference play. The half-interlock schedule will have each team play every other team but visit only four rinks in the opposing conference.

Each club will play three of their conference opponents four times at home and four times on the road. Against the remaining four conference opponents, it will be four at home and three on the road.

“We will have the 2011-12 schedule completed by the first week of July,” said BCHL executive director Dave Sales. “Within conference, this is going to be the most balanced schedule we’ve ever seen.”

Another change is that the schedule will start Sept. 23, two weeks later than last year. As such, it has been mandated that each club’s main training camp will begin no sooner than Aug. 22.

With respect to the board of governors, executive committee chairman Darcy Rota of the Coquitlam Express and Vernon Vipers owner Duncan Wray were named co-recipients of the league’s Executive of the Year award. Rota also took the opportunity to announce he is stepping down as chairman and Wray was nominated to take his place and has accepted.

“Both Darcy and Duncan have been exemplary partners in our league and have elevated the BCHL’s status through their dedication,” said league commissioner John Grisdale. “With Duncan moving into the chairman’s role, I know we will not miss a beat moving forward.”

Also, as Wray was already on the executive committee, Westside Warriors owner Mark Cheyne has joined the group to keep it at five members. Surrey’s Ronnie Paterson will continue as co-chair and Trail’s Tom Gawryletz and Alberni Valley’s Andy Oakes stay on board as well.

“I have a great deal of respect for what Darcy did and I understand his reason for moving on,” said Wray, who served a six-year term as chairman prior to Rota. “There are still some things I’d like to accomplish and hopefully I can lead the charge with the new board.”

Please contact the league office if you have any further questions.
Best regards,
Brent Mutis
Communications director
British Columbia Hockey League

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