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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Former Bulldog Dziurzynski, Clipper Greening, Capital Kindrade Express Wiercioch all in the line up as Baby Sens visit Baby Leafs on CBC *NOW*, 5 minutes and a game for a "check to the shoulder"

Pretty cool stuff here on two parts.

One - the CBC is broadcasting some AHL Hockey. I don't know if this is a first, but it's gotta be close to it as I have never seen AHL Hockey on CBC.

Two - David Dziurzynski is in the line up for the Binghamton Senators

Go Dizzy!

It's a neat morning for the BCHL and for fans of Island teams as former Nanaimo Clipper Colin Greening is also in the line up for the Sens, as is former Cowichan Valley Capitals Geoff Kindrade. Patrick Wiercioch of the Burnaby Express is also suited up.

Just gotta love the Puck Daddy Blog for all they do to keep the hockey world up to date. I love this one this morning, click to read "Kris Letang ejected for legal hit not to the head"

If you are lazy, here's the video evidence....


Eddie Gregory said...

CBC is broadcasting 10-12 AHL games on Sundays this season featuring all the Canadian teams.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a bit of paranoia on the part of the officials. They dont have the benefit of slow motion replay, or they would likely change their call.

Hammer said...

I saw that on the CBC website Eddie.

Anonymous - Can't blame the officials for being paranoid, it's the way the game is going now a days. I'm paranoid we may lose body contact all together.

Eddie Gregory said...

Problem w/ that hit was it came from the blind side. Certainly is a tough call to make. Hockey is walking a fine line of losing physical contact. But we've seen so many hits like that result in serious injuries.

The officials played it on the safe side and gave him the boot. The fact it came from the blindside hurt Letang. Anything like that will probably result in similar calls regardless of whether the player hit is hurt or not.

Hammer said...

And that will result in hockey becoming a non-contact sport. Very very quickly.