Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Season Ticket Pick Up today, Port Alberni Toy Run Saturday, Female Hockey Fest Sunday, Lindores gets an "A", Fitzgeralds the sidebar to Dogs vs Clippers on Saturday, Ultimate Fishing Town

It's ticket pick up day today for Season Ticket Holders and Corporate Partners. Drop by the Multiplex Upper Lobby from 10am to 8pm.

To buy single tickets starting tomorrow go to

The 26th Annual Port Alberni Toy Run goes this weekend. In it's 25 previous years, the Toy Run has raised over 1,000,000 dollars (WOW) for local Children's Charities.

As always, THE PEAK is ALL OVER IT. We will be there live on Saturday, and we are all over town this week giving away tickets to the Toy Run Dance on Saturday night.

Get more on the Toy Run Website HERE

The Female Hockey Fest goes Sunday! Check out the official website HERE

The Alberni Valley Times has a story on the Female Hockey Fest HERE

Congrats to former Bulldog Robert Lindores, now a Surrey Eagle, as he was named an Assistant Captain this year.

It will be quite the sight this weekend with the Fitzgerald Triplets returning to their home town to play for the opposition in a Junior A game. While I don't expect the Bulldogs to treat it different than any other game with any other opposition, it will be no doubt be special for the fans here in the Valley as they always follow their local talent. To read more on the triplets, check out this story from the Nanaimo Daily News....


Release to all friends of BC: Please refer to links.

Port Alberni needs your help to get the word out in the province and to make the politicians aware that this contest is getting very heated. We are leading the way in the Ultimate fishing town contest, We led in the semi finals with over 56,000 votes to Dauphin Manitobas 53,000 and made the top 10 as the leader. We are leading now with a very slim margin against Nestor falls Ont, who passed Dauphin quickly over night with votes and now the other communities are getting govt support in cash donations to help win this contest against us.

I  dont believe we should have the govts get involved in this town contest to entice people to vote for a community in their province that made the top 10 in order for them to be crowned "Ultimate fishing town in Canada". I believe a town should stand on its own merits and it  takes away from the contests purpose to  find the ultimate fishing town in canada and the spirit of the contest. Having said that,  I certainly woudnt turn down any additional govt money after the contest, but to  use it as a way to entice people to vote just seems to be not in the spirit of the contest. We wont be asking our provincil govt to counter Manitobas offering to help us win this contest, but would like to make everyone in B.C. including the politicians aware of the uphill battle we are facing.

Port Alberni is known as a community with a heart as well as an Ultimate fishing town. We dont need our provincial govt enticing anyone to vote for us with cash as we KNOW we are the ultimate fishing town in canada.  Who ever wins, it has been alot of fun getting our communities involved in this and the promotion has been awesome for all the towns nominated. I wish all the communities the best as we get closer to the end, but Port Alberni has to really step up to the plate now as we are facing off against govts it seems. This community has worked extremely hard on its own to get where we are, and now we find a bigger task ahead of us to bring this cash donation and title home to Port Alberni. We need the support of British Columbia now and would like to reach everyone that has always considered us or B.C. an ultimate fishing destination. Anything you can do to help us would be appreciated. Please forward to all your contacts around the province.

Carolyn Jasken,  Port Alberni, B.C. 250-724-6077

My only comment on the above is -what about Chilliwack? Not that I want THEM to win of course, but they are also in the contest from this province. If all of BC split their votes between the two, that would be great...I don't like the thought of Chilliwack being closer to the Lower Mainland and the higher population base, my fear is that if the Province gets mobilized, it might not be for Port Alberni. It could very well kill our chances. Food for thought.

That's all I have for today!


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