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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Great E-Mail from the Rosses, more on the Riddle hit.

I received this great email from Kevin's parents Martin and Elizabeth last night. Just by reading it, you can see why Kevin is such a quality kid. The apple sure doesn't fall far from the tree.

Out of all the testemonials I have heard regarding the Alberni Valley, this may be the best....

Reflections on Last Season

Hi Hammer,

A belated thanks for posting the two highlight reel videos covering the Bulldogs' amazing season last year!  They brought back some great memories, especially of those unbelievable, improbable come-from-behind-wins that left all of us hoarse and shaking our heads in disbelief!  We all remember that it was a tremendous season, but after seeing all the highlights packed together, I'm convinced that the season was even more incredible than I remember it!

As you know, Kevin played for the Bulldogs for three years, and over that time we listened to a million of your broadcasts.  We still follow the Bulldogs, especially on your blog, and I expect we'll tune in to the occasional game this season, for old time's sake.  But it'll be strange not hearing Kevin's name on the blueline.  This year, his #27 will be sewn on the back of a Princeton jersey.

Mostly, though, I'm writing this e-mail to thank you, the Bulldogs and the whole community of Port Alberni for providing such a wonderful hockey experience for Kevin.  "Classy" is the word that comes to mind.  As far as hockey commentators are concerned, you're the best in our books!  And we're proud to have been connected, even in a small way, with such a super hockey town.  For Kevin, all roads led to Port Alberni, and we're glad they did.

In particular, though, Elizabeth and I would like to thank Kevin's billets, Larry and Nancy Doucette, for being the most amazing billet family that parents could ever hope for.

Best wishes for an even greater season this year!

Martin and Elizabeth Ross

What a nice email...thanks for sending it, and thanks for sending us Kevin as well. We are also glad that all roads let to Port Alberni!

Regarding the Frank Riddle hit - I have seen the video now, and it happened exactly as I described it during the broadcast. Things happen very fast, and as we don't have the benefit of replay, you just never know if you saw it how you thought you saw it...

Frank carried the puck behind the net from the right side, and then reversed the puck back the opposite direction and sent it up the boards as he continued moving forward coming out on the opposite side of the net. He comes out (without the puck) and as he's close to the opposite corner now (still without the puck, it was on the opposite side of the rink) he looks back and as he's doing so takes a charge/elbow/check to the head. Or just call it interference if you wish.

Needless to say, its a suspendable offence. I wouldn't be surprised if the Kings see if differently, as things look different from the other side of the puck. I'm sure they would see it just the same or worse however if it was their player being taken from the ice via ambulance.

All that matters is what the league thinks now. Is there a place in the league for hits like this? Do players need to be held accountable?

If the answers are NO and YES respectively, then hopefully a message will be sent.

I would hope Scott Renner felt bad, I'm sure he's a nice kid and he meant well and he was jacked up for his first might have even been his first shift. No matter what if you are reckless and you injure someone, you need to be held accountable.


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