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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday ramblings.

Hello and happy Thursday.

The team has been playing so much lately, it feels almost weird to not have had a game last night or tonight, doesn't it?

Well I'll try my best to give you something to entertain you here on the blog.

By request, here's the Mitch MacMillan and Kevin Ross interview from AROUND THE POUND Monday night - CLICK HERE TO LISTEN

And some more audio for ya.... Former Bulldog Maury Edwards CLICK TO LISTEN

And speaking of former Dogs, I just spent about 30 minutes on the phone with Devin Timberlake, down at Brown University. You'll hear that interview this Saturday night in the second intermission show.

Here's some updates on playoff and season tickets from Laurie Smillie in the Bulldogs office, as well as a heads up on fund raising for Haiti on Saturday night:

Playoff tickets go on sale today for the first two games.

Also, you can now renew your season tickets for 2010/11 season. Get in on the early bird price before March 1st and be entered to win a Autograph Bulldogs 2009/10 jersey

Legion Branch 169 will be at the game on Saturday night in the upper lounge doing a fundraiser for HAITI, so anyone interested in donating please find them in the upper lounge area on Sat. night during the game

Thanks for the heads up Laurie. Talking about playoff tickets is an exciting thought!

I checked out the PPV archive this morning of the Smoke Eaters vs Kings game last night in Powell River. An interesting ending to say the least as Kings D-man Reid Campbell was the last man back when he blew a tire and lost an edge allowing the Smoke Eaters to score the double overtime double winner.

In the seconds that followed, Michael Garteig left the Kings net and skated towards the Kings bench. As he was doing so, the Smokies were racing towards the Kings end to celebrate the OT winner. Kiefer Smiley came off the bench to join the celebration only to be met by a fairly vicious one-handed chop to the legs by Garteig. Vicious enough in the ref's eyes at least for Garteig to pick up a match penalty. One would assume there's some prior history between the two or that something was said by Smiley. In the end it doesn't matter, you can't Paul Bunyan someone.

Speaking from a former goalies perspective, I've broken my stick over several things after an OT loss before. Just not people. I've certainly been there before emotionally and it isn't easy to keep it all in check. My dad stopped my poor sportsmanship by making my buy my own $70 goal stick the next time around. I learned pretty quick. Anyway, tough for the Kings and Garteig as he'll be unavailable to them as they hit the road next week. And I certainly feel for Reid Campbell, no one probably feels worse than him. A good win to open the trip for the Smokies, who visit the Dog Pound on Saturday.

Big thanks to Joe Scali's parents Nick and Mara for giving me the heads up on this one.

A great video with lots of BCHL'ers in it, including a clinical shift by Joe, although the announcers aren't pleased. Just look at the end result of what he set up. Way to go Joe!


Maggie said...

Happy Thursday to you too Hammer :)
Just wondered if you could do a repeat on the Kremyr interview.
Caught Angel's cookbook segment on shaw, well done. Looking forward to getting my copy of the cookbook
See ya at the Pound on Sat.
Loud & Proud

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Mr. Scali....amazing down low.

This year, it's Dizzy