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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snakes 6 Dogs 3

The biggest crowd in a long while at the Dog Pound rocked like old times, but the Champs were the silencers in the battle of Conference leaders.

The Dogs looked like a team from the outset that was tight, nervous, or puck watching.

I think they just looked like what they were - a team that was playing in front of the biggest crowd that any of them had ever seen in their own rink.

The Vipers on the other hand looked focused and ready to battle from the word go. And quite simply - VERY GOOD. And I'd hazard a guess that there wasn't one fan in the stands that didn't think the same thing?

The Snakes bit the Dogs 32 seconds into the game on a and from that point on the Dogs were in fightback mode. And the Vipers just kept taking the better of the fight to them. To say that offense was hard to come by for the Dogs from scoring areas through the first 40 minutes would be an understatement. The last thing you can say about the Dogs is that there wasn't anything less than a 100% effort. However, it seemed that the Dogs never got any sustained pressure going, and it seemed just like "one of those nights" repeatedly with how the puck was bouncing. But maybe that's just a cliche said by a team that doesn't win?

I feel for Frank Slubowski. Fair or not, in every game as big as this one the goalies are under a microscope. As one Mr. Plante once said - "goaltending is the only profession where when you make a mistake, a big red light goes on and thousands of people either boo or cheer" I said on the broadcast that Frank would have wanted to have 1 or 2 back. And I also said that when anyone says anything about goal tending during games they need to look at the bigger picture. And that is that Frank is one of several big reasons that the team is at it's place in the standings.

It was just so great to see the Pound that full, and it hear it that loud. Port Alberni, give your selves a round of applause..

I hope the fans that came for the first time this year saw the effort that the team put in. That they didn't "punch the clock" as Nolan Graham said on the post game show. They kept fighting and eventually made a game of it.

It would have been quite easy with the Vipers dominating the game and up 5-1 to just run out the clock. Instead, the kids didn't quit and they scored two quick ones and were all of a sudden one end-board bounce away from making it a one goal game which would have REALLY made a game of it.

I can't imagine how loud it would have been if that one went in. As I remarked on the broadcast - I don't know if I've ever heard a noise like that out of the crowd in a long time, or ever. It was as if every single fan was instantaneously making the same excited noise trying to will the puck into the net...Cool stuff.

In the end the Vipers should be proud of a solid win and a great end to the longest road trip ever.

And the Dogs should be proud of coming up with a valiant effort. I know to the players that the comment is a hollow one, as all they wanted for all the fans was to just give you guys the win.

The sun comes up tomorrow, starting a new streak.....



Anonymous said...

They boys tried hard as always. If Ryan doesn't lose his edge while defending thats probably one goal they have back. Also if Frank stole a goal or two from the vips, thats a game at that point.
The one thing is this they can beat the vipers.

But my good god whats up with the music. That was horrible.
beatles, love shack? and others are they joking?

Hey Mr. DJ said...

A good lesson learned that will hopefully make the Bulldogs that much better.

The music? LOL, don't get me started on that one!

Hammer said...

I'm afraid I don't have much to add to the music discussion and I'll have to defer to you guys/gals....I just don't get a chance to hear any of the music with the earmuffs on while we're calling the game. Believe it or not I never notice whats going on in the background unless it's a PA announcement of a scoring play. Just too much going on at the time for me to pick up on the tunes.

If it's something that you are passionate about and it's rubbing you the wrong way, as always I suggest you send the team an email or or give them a phone call. They won't know how you really think unless you let them know!

Thanks for the comments, EH.

Anonymous said...

(Wayne) The music sucked.

I really enjoyed the game, very few penalty's, not chippy and very action packed, for me it was the best game of the season. ( except for the score ).

Frank didnt look like himself right from the start of the game and I thought the rest of the team had that deer in headlights look for the first period. It looked to me the Viper's had a little more skill and the Bulldog's had a little more heart and by the middle of the 3rd the heart was winning out.

In my opinion the coach should start a different line in the next couple of games, they are giving up too many 30 second goals at the start of the game lately. I also think the whole team should work on their passing accuracy, it was terrible in this game. JMO.

Larry said...

You are so right in your assessment of the Dog pound for last nights encounter with the Vipers. Vernon is definately a good team, but so are the Dogs. I just wished the league thought enough of this encounter to have a seasoned referee call the game rather than a rookie. I think the outpouring of the fan appreciation last night may have worked a bit against the Dogs, as they appeared to be tight early in the game. A good team like Vernon is, knew how to take an early advantage of their opponent being up tight and they did.

So from my perspective I would rather have this streak stopper earlier in the season, than what the team encountered a few seasons ago. It can only prove to be a great learning process, and if the Bulldogs (and I say this with caution optimsm) can bounce back to their winning ways, they will prove that little glitches along the way will not destroy the chemistry and fabric of their good team, rather build character for all the players. Its a special trait to know how to win consistently, but its also special how to take a negative from a loss and to turn it in to a positive. It now rests with the coaches, the players, and the fans to respond even stronger. They thought they knew what it would take, they now know it!!

Keep pumping their efforts as you are doing. The only real game that is important to win, is the last game of the entire hockey season this year.

Anonymous said...

The MacMillan boys score and it is all over the news, they don't score, nothing is mentioned. Was really looking forward to their help.

Hammer said...

I was in the middle of writing what was going to be a big long post for you anonymous, but you aren't worth the time or effort. Go on hating. I'm sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised at your reaction to this individual's comment. Seemed innocent enough to me. You could have responded in a more positive manner. It was not very professional. People will get the impression that you want only "feel good" comments. It gets boring.

Hammer said...

If ragging on kids is what keeps it interesting for you, sorry, but take a hike.