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Monday, January 11, 2010

More Monday stuff....Does Mitch have 47? All Star Banquet TOMORROW, Game Wednesday (on 93.3 THE PEAK!) BullDogs All Star Bus....

Does Mitch MacMillan have 47 goals?


For road games, the tradition on the bus after the game sees Bulldog Bussie Ron Sandberg calling the game-winning goal scorer up to the front of the bus for the customary "two honks" of the horn - symbolizing the two points earned. When he yelled at Tye Lewis to come up yesterday, he said along the way that he thought Mitch might have tipped the shot on the goal that made it 3-2 Dogs.


I'm only bringing it up for the significance in the 50 for 50 race, not to talk one away from Tye Lewis.

Tye Lewis already thinks I don't like him (jokingly) as when I got on the bus after the game yesterday the guys asked me who got the "crunch of the game"

"Lindy" I answered - Robert Lindores.

Lewey (as I call him) was adamant that he thought his open ice crunch on Carson Schell was deserving of the award.

I said sorry, I love ya buddy and it was a great hit, but I just liked Lindores' hit on Gladuik just a little better. Funny stuff.

I don't know if the Dogs will review that goal or not. I don't expect Mitch to say much about it as it's all about "team" but if it makes it 47 in 46 maybe the staff should review it?

Mitch was actually credited with the game winning goal last time in Nanaimo in overtime, but it was reviewed and then given to Sam Mitchell after a scoring change as he tipped in the winner in overtime.

So it would be fitting if this go around if Mitch ended up getting one that he tipped in.

In the end, I know some of you are saying "who cares, the team won"

I know the guys are saying that too.

The BCHL All-Star festivities get going tomorrow in Nanaimo with the 2010 All-Star banquet at the Vancouver Island Conference Centre.

A great line up of special guests will be there - Dave "Tiger" Williams, Darryl Sittler, Lanny McDonald and last but not least - Paul Kelly as the keynote speaker.

I was NOT planning on attending the banquet, as I'm going to be back in Nanaimo Wednesday to call the All-Star game....but my good friend and Clipper fan Al has been twisting my arm literally out of the socket to attend, even going to far as visiting the broadcast booth yesterday to force a ticket to the banquet into my hand.

Al fought of my protests of "I have to do the morning show the next day, and come back to Nanaimo again anyway" and said "You'll be very happy you decided to make it when you show up" And I conceded he was right.

So I'll probably see you all there tomorrow night.

Where's the Vancouver Island Conference Centre anyway?

Anyone from Port Alberni heading down, into car pooling? Let me know.

Of course the game goes Wednesday at 7:00 at the Frank Crane Arena. Get it on 93.3 The Peak FM as we simulcast the game with our sister station 106.9 The Wolf FM in Nanaimo.

I won't be calling the game - that hurts a little - but I'm just excited to be able to take part as a roving reporter and I'm excited to work with Clipper play-by-play voice Dan Marshall, one of the best in the business, and colour commentator Marlow Weldon.

Dan and I were actually supposed to work together last year at the U17 World Championships.

The original plan was that Dan would do the play-by-play of the bronze medal game while I would do colour, and he'd do colour of the gold medal game while I did play-by-play.

Unfortunately the Clippers BCHL schedule messed things up and we didn't get a chance to share the booth.

So this should be cool Wednesday, as I'll attempt to get some interviews from the benches and dressing rooms and stands as the game goes on.

Catch the pregame show on 93.3 The Peak FM (and 106.9 the Wolf) at 6:30 with the play-by-play beginning at 7.

At last glance there were FOUR seats left for the Bulldogs All-Star bus leaving Wednesday afternoon from the pound. Call the Bulldogs office tomorrow at 723-4412 to battle for the final four seats!


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