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Thursday, January 07, 2010

D'OH Canada

After a self imposed day of mourning and reflection after the Canada loss to the US the blog is alive and well again today.

Well....what a game I guess. Highest scoring gold medal game ever. Overtime.

All four goalies used. That's a rarity in a championship game, isn't it?

I wonder what the outcome would have been if Willie Desjardins would have pulled his goalie earlier like Mr. Blais?

No, I'm not hanging it all on the goalie, but he gets a big part of the blame pie.

I said what Canada needed to do and what my fears were going into the game, and they were pretty much realized. As the US coach put it - "we played Canadian Hockey"

Does some of the blame go to Hockey Canada with how they put this team together? Maybe its just me, but I though the Americans just looked three steps faster all night, like they did on New Years Eve.

I think that's partly due to they just plain wanted it more. They just looked like the more desperate and urgent team. There's a fine line between being composed - and being too composed and appearing RELAXED.

I think they also looked faster because they just plain WERE. That's where I think Hockey Canada missed. Team Speed. If you don't have that advantage in this day and age, or if your opponent has a considerable edge on you in speed, its going to be a tough hill to climb and it sure was for Canada.

The late third period two goal comeback was again nothing but pure Canadian legend. AND pure Canadian fan support. Man was that place LOUD when those two went in. I didn't for one minute doubt that a comeback was in the cards when they were down two goals late.

Thanks to the Canadian kids with the big hearts for making us jump around and high five and scream our heads off a couple times late in the third. Now THAT was excitement.

In the end, the better team won.

I don't think I could say that the last time Canada didn't win in 2004 when Marc Andre Fleury scored on himself. Speaking of Fleury, and the last time Canada didn't win....

I'm sure its just coincidence that during their five year medal run Team Canada had goalies from the WHL and OHL carrying their mail, and the last two times they lost, five years apart a guy from the Q was starting?

From the WHL

Jeff Glass, Carey Price, Dustin Tokarski and Justin Pogge

From the OHL - Steve Mason

And lastlty, how about Jordan Eberle? Just plain wow.

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