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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

CANADA vs. USA at the World Juniors go for GOLD.

Man I wish it was 5pm PST already, because I am pumped up for this game big time!

Here's a video I took from O Canada at the start of this years World Juniors in Saskatoon....

Some memories to maybe get your blood going?

Gord Miller has apparently always been bad at play-by-play.

Painful painful painful. Get me in that booth. Or get any other guy from the BCHL calling those games. Sheesh.

Movin' on.......

It would be interesting to hear the banter in the Bulldogs dressing room today.

I'm pretty sure I know which team Frank Slubowki, Brody Lynott, Ryan Corbiell, Frank Riddle, Tyler Berkholtz,David Dziurzynski, Mitch and Mark MacMillan, Johnny Rogic, Warren Muir, Trent Dorais, Sam and Josh Mitchell, Kevin Ross and Robert Lindores are cheering for.

And I'm pretty sure I know which team Casey Bailey, Matt Hatch, Jeff Reppucci, Nick Cecere, Tye Lewis, and Scott Lewan are cheering for.
It would be interesting to hear the "chirping" back and forth between the two sides. And even more interesting to see if any bonds with teammates were so tight that someone might forsake country for teammate and cheer for "his" side.

Funny stuff.

I'm confident in Team Canada, and I'm REALLY confident in the rabid Canadian fans at Sask place.

Quite frankly, I'm a little worried about the American squad. They out played Canada for 90% of the game on New Years Eve in my opinion. They kinda reminded me of the Bulldogs actually - always skating, always flying, just simply in a different gear than Canada was.

If that's the same deal tonight - there won't be a record breaking 6th straight gold medal for Canada, unless the crowd is just that amazing, or the goal tending steals the game for them.

They must be MUCH better.



Anonymous said...

I would like to hear that conversation as well hammer. It is definately going to be a great game tonight!!!!!!!! Go Canada Go !!!!!!!! Is it 5pm yet??????

Mutt said...

USA hockey seems to be narrowing the gap a little more each year. And that is a good thing. This should be an entertaining and emotionally intense game!

PS - Don't do the Pepsi cheer. How embarrassing is that? LOL

Anonymous said...

I carry 2 passports and have lived equally both sides of the border and elsewhere. Come game time in this neck of the woods, the streets will be silent. I've never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world, including Europe during the soccer finals.

Anonymous said...

The crowds have seemed very quiet this year, maybe it's the sound on the TV or something.

Anonymous said...

The boys put in a good game; a very emotional i thought i was doing the go bulldogs go cheer; not pepsi........I didn't say eh; in my cheer.....Way to go Canada; glad I was able to watch the game, next year!

Judy said...

Hey Hammer - I heard that you have a new email address? Sent some stuff to your peak address, check it please. Thanks and have a good night.