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Friday, December 11, 2009

Mitch MacMillan has NOT broken the team record...


Funny story on this one. Mitch MacMillan has in fact NOT broken the team record for goals in a season.

Stick with me here - Just got on the bus and found this all out.

The game winning OT goal in Nanaimo Sunday, credited to Mitch, should actually have been given to Sam Mitchell as it hit Sam and then went in.

So - the Coaching staff notified the league of the scoring change on the goal.

The league didn't change the stats until sometime during or after tonights game. So they took the goal away and rightfully gave it to Sam.

Usually no one notices this, but
when its a record breaking goal people do. Just too bed that the change couldn't have been made and the stats couldn't have adjusted before the game tonight.

Not sure if they've given Scott Lewan his shut out yet from a week ago tonight, as it was accidentaly given to Frank Slubowski, who still had three shutouts on his stats going into tonight.

So Mitch MacMillan now joins Tyler Ruel, Josh Bonar, James Ardelan, and Jordan Kremyr in the record books with the most goals in one Bulldog season, all tied with 34.


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Anonymous said...

Kremyr was always a treat to watch... One thing we don't have is any break away guys, that was always exciting to watch, along with Scali etc.

On to the next game - new day.

Anonymous said...

Hammer: What does today's itinerary look like?