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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

CHECK POLL, PLEASE VOTE, Hockeyville in Terrace, "Only in the BCHL" moment...Alberni Golf Club Men's Night!

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Man were they ever jacked up in Terrace last night. Who wouldn't have been though, when you know it's a once in a lifetime experience - a NHL game in your town.

Port Alberni should have won Hockeyville HANDS DOWN when they ran in 05-06. I still get a little fired up thinking about it and how we didn't win. They ended up selecting another city, a city with a rink SO SMALL that they didn't even get the NHL game in their city, they had to move it to the next city over with a rink big enough. Good thing they won though, eh?

Anyway, that's years ago already.

Terrace was sure pumped up, what a great atmosphere, and what a different vantage point to watch an NHL game. The camera was so close that you couldn't even see across the rink

Is their anyone in the NHL that is tougher, pound for pound, than Rick Rypien? I just hope he can stay healthy this season and show that he can do more than just beat up someone 2 feet taller than him. Although that is fun to watch some times!

AND if more guys on the 'Nucks would have played like this in the playoffs, they might have gone further than round 2.

This is a TRUE "only in the BCHL moment" on the Ferry back from Powell River early Saturday morning. Killer Whales playing around. Cool!

Above - my group from last Thursday's "Men's Night" at the Alberni Golf Club.

From left to right - Aiden Horton, myself, David Turner and Mike Hudson from Port Boat House, and last but not least the Host with the Most, Bruce MacDonald.

I mentioned during our Wednesday morning chat on THE PEAK that I had never played in Men's Night before, but I had heard the legends that come out of it. Not to mention the great grub and prizes for your money. Well after that Club Pro Bruce MacDonald was bound and determined to get me out to Men's Night for the first time, and am I ever glad I got out last Thursday. The weather was perfect, the course immaculate, the dinner delectable and the prizes were beyond expectations. Come on, a brand new golf towel and a sleeve of Pro V's for how I played? HA I almost felt guilty.

This Thursday will be the last Men's Night of the season, so call the pro shop and GET IN at (250) 723 5422!!

How did I play? Well I crushed a couple of drives, and I sunk the birdie putts on 1 and 9. Other than that, I took a divot so large that Bruce remarked "that's $100,000 worth of real estate in Qualicum" HA HA HA.

Thanks for the great time, I hope to be back this Thursday!

One more thing for today - this great picture I took on Saturday in the late afternoon while out for a round of golf with my buddy Gary. Mount Arrowsmith in the background.

Somewhere, a postcard is jealous!


Superstar Fan said...

Wild Island beauties - the whales not you Hammer. Thanks for the incredible video footage from the PR trip and the random pictures also. Us fans appreciate your effort. Looking forward to game day.

GB said...

Great pic on #10 green Hammer. That was a beautiful day to be on the course. (And thanks again for the tip!)


Eddie Gregory said...

One of the perks of the BCHL... Ferry rides in September. There isn't much that can top that.