Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


FINALLY! I have been waiting since February 21st. 202 days by my quick count.

Enjoy the video below, which I made to kick off the 09/10 season. Please accept my apologies if I used your picture and didn't give you credit. I went back to 2002 and went through all of the pictures I had on my computer, most of which weren't credited to anyone!


I have a bus to catch, more on tonight and the broadcast later!



Anonymous said...

Great video Hammer, can't wait for tonight and next Friday when the boys are back at home!!

Superstar Fan said...

Fantastick way to start the new season, superb job! I will have to start charging my camera batteries for next Friday. haha Good luck to the dogs and the new coaching staff - have a safe trip to PR. Looking forward to tonight's broadcast.

Anonymous said...

Awesome Video Hammer, I reconzie some of my pics haha well 2. Your welcome to use them at anytime :) I will be listening tonight !! I am exicted I also agree with you that we have waited so long.. Go luck with the new names, numbers and hometowns I am sure you will do great :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Bulldogs, kick some Powell River Queens' butts!

Maggie said...

Your the simply the best Hammer!(Hmm isn't that a song) Way to pump the fans. Good Luck to boys, coaching staff, and to you ! Cant
wait for the broadcast to start!
I'm so excited!!(yet another song )

Anonymous said...

That was Great Hammer! looking forward to another year! GO DAWGS GO!

Hammer said...

Thanks for the great feedback everyone. I can't remember the last time in Bulldog land that I have felt this kind of excitement!

I really appreciate the kind words on my efforts. They make me that much more motivated to keep bringing you all the 'Dog stuff you crave!

Maggie - Are you giving me song ideas for my next reel? ha!