Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Broadcast Details Tonight, pictures from the boat

What a gorgeous day as we sail over to Powell River.

93.3 The Peak FM kicks off our pre game show at 7:15pm, 15 minutes before every scheduled puck drop.

Our pre game show consists of interviews with coaches from both teams, line up changes,starting line ups (when available) and any other pertinent information.

We will almost always catch up with a Bulldog player for an interview during our first intermission show, and our second intermission interview ranges anywhere from another coach or play by play throughout the league and the ever popular "alumni interviews" from former Bulldog players who have moved on.

Of course we'll have scoring summaries and stats from the game and scores and stories from around the league too.

We always welcome your emails to the broadcast booth to let us know you are listening or to provide feedback, information, concerns, questions, compliments, etc etc.

To drop me a line, EMAIL ME HERE

To listen to the broadcasts in the Alberni Valley, tune your radio to 93.3 FM.

To listen to the broadcasts anywhere else in the world visit our website at and click the LISTEN LIVE link to get our internet stream. OR go to the league website at and follow the links there.

The league offers a pay-per-view video broadcast which is great for fans to watch the games they can't make.

The only drawback of the videocasts is that you can only get the HOME BROADCASTER, not the away broadcaster, due to technical limitations.

Trust me if you do elect to listen to me when the Dogs are on the road, I will paint the picture for you like you were watching it anyway.

I take great pride in making the listener "see the game" I realize that I am your eyes and I try to make your ears see through mine at the rink.

My play by play is very directionally descriptive. Its my goal to make you know not only who has the puck, but WHERE they have it.

I will mention at the start of each period which way each team is travelling. I have had people - even very smart hockey people - ask me WHY I do this.

The answer - how do you know which is the LEFT and which is the RIGHT for each team if you don't know which way they travel up the ice?

Hopefully this provides some insight into why I call the game how I call it, and how serious I take my job of bringing the game to you!

Can't wait for tonight.

Kevin Ross is my first intermission guest.

Victoria Grizzlies play-by-play man Scott Didmon is my second intermission guest.

I'm hoping to have Nolan Graham on the pre game show, along with Kings Coach Kent Lewis. I'm also hoping to get some post game comments from New Assistant Coach Paul Esdale too.


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