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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Pens off to final again - yawn - Messenger named National Team Coach, Adam Hout off to Europe(for summer)

The Pittsburgh Penguins are off to the Stanley Cup Finals again, after a 4-1 win over the Carolina Hurricanes last night.

And.....GASP!!... Sidney Crosby TOUCHED the Prince of Wales trophy! But hey - last year it was a "no touchie" acceptance of the trophy and they didn't win the big one so maybe that's Sid's line of thinking. I wonder if he asked his teammates for their thoughts first? Kind of hard to do that until you've actually won it. Interesting anyway.
Where did the whole "no touching" thing come from anyway? I only remember it from the Jerome Iginla acceptance in 2004. And it didn't work then either.
I have not watched one SINGLE game of the Conference Finals. Sad but true. Too busy.

Go Pens Go now I guess. Unless the Hawks have a miracle of a comeback in them.

PLEASE, ANYONE but the wings. Heck I'll even cheer for the Flames before I cheer for the Wings!!

Alberni Wrestling Press Release ……. Wrestling Canada Selects James Messenger as National Cadet Coach

Alberni Wrestling received another national accolade recently with the selection of school and club coach James Messenger as one of the coaches of Canada’s Cadet Women’s team. The National FILA Cadet team focuses on wrestlers 16-17 years of age and Messenger will lead his team to Turkey May 25- June 3 for a major international tournament and then later a high performance summer camp in Ontario in July.

“ We are extremely proud of James and the work he has done as a coach since he returned to Port Alberni to teach a number of years ago.” said Alberni Wrestling Director Tom McEvay, “ Not only does James coach our middle school team at E J Dunn, he assists with our high school team at ADSS and he is head coach of our Alberni Valley Club team. James also helps with the new wrestling program at North Island College, he has been the Island Regional Coach for a number of years and has coached many provincial teams. Being selected as a National coach is not a surprise to us as James is extremely well respected all across Canada for the work he is doing with young wrestlers. We couldn’t be happier to see him get this level of recognition and this opportunity.”

Messenger is the only BC coach selected and will form part of a National Cadet coaching partnership announced by Wrestling Canada that includes …..

Men's Coaches: Corey Robinson(Halifax, NS) and Ray Takahashi (London, ON)
Women's Coaches: Shane Bradley(Saskatoon, SK) and James Messenger (BC/Alberni)
Team Leader: Doug Yeats (Montreal, QC)
Official: Guy Quenville (Sudbury, ON)

Wrestling Canada also announced the Men’s and Women’s teams ….

Men's Team:
Jesse Reid - Cattown (SK)
Rehan Merchant - Metro Amateur(NS)
Luke Roberts(Butt) - Matmen (ON)
Richard Balfour - London Western (ON)
Ilya Abelev - National Capital WC (ON)
Riley Otto - Metro Amateur (NS)
Sunny Dhinsa - Mouat (BC)

Women's Team:
Hiroko Araki -Capilano (BC)
Darby Huckle - Sarnia (ON)
Cassandra Leigh - Mariposa (ON)
Jade Papke - Matmen (ON)
Kesie Boszak - Saskatoon (SK)
Alison Sokalski - Capilano (BC)
Dorothy Yeats - Monteal YMHA (QC)
Kelsey Gsell - Saskatoon (SK)

Unfortunately Alberni didn’t see any of our local athletes selected for the team this year. The FILA Cadet team actually covers wrestlers a year older than the normal Canadian Cadet ages of 15-16. Most of the National team are 17 year olds. Alberni’s National Cadet Champion Isaiah Taylor is just 16 and could have a shot at this team next year. 2008 National Cadet Champion Savannah Toth was close to making the team this year as a 17 year old. The fact that Alberni has these and many other young athletes excelling at the National level certainly was factor in Messenger’s selection as a National coach.

Messenger graduated himself from ADSS in 1998 after being part of the vaunted ADSS men’s team that won three BC High School titles in a row from 1996 – 98 that included future Olympian Travis Cross. Messenger started his wrestling career at Mt. Klitsa Junior High and after high school he went on to Simon Fraser University on a wrestling scholarship. He received his teaching degree at SFU and returned to the valley in 2003 to teach and was fortunate to get a position at Dunn Middle School where he continues to teach.

The National FILA Cadet team leaves early next week for Izmir Turkey and the prestigious International Cadets Victory Tournament. The top wrestling countries from all over the world will be competing at this event. Messenger is excited about the opportunity, “This is a great honour and a tremendous experience for me as a young coach,” expressed Messenger, “ I am looking forward to coaching on the international stage and to working with these fine young athletes from all over Canada. I am also very fortunate to have an employer in School District 70 that is willing and able to accommodate my leave of absence so that I could accept this opportunity. I am very grateful for that. ”

Congrats to James and everyone with Alberni Wrestling!

Hello from the Houts!

Just wanted to let you know that Adam left yesterday for a month-long backpacking trip to Europe. He will be backpacking through England, France and Italy with three of his best buddies from high school. It should be a trip of a lifetime, but we could sure use your prayers for his safety and his buddies safety.

Hope all is well with our good friends to the North.

Kathy Hout & family





Anonymous said...

I will keep Adam and his buddies in my prayers! I hope he has a faboulous trip! I miss him!

Anonymous said...

Checking Gregg D's blog & see that the old coach has landed on his feet!

SLY said...

Wings Clippers same thing....gott'a hate somethin :)