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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Round 2 FINALLY HERE, Alberni Wrestling Awards Night

FINALLY round two is here.

Does it feel like anyone else that we've been through what feels like an entire off season, just to get from one round to the next?

I guess that's what happens when you sweep though.

My round one predictions - Not bad. I lost out on only two series - On one it was a major upset, on the other, I PREDICTED a major upset. I guess I was just a little off on which top seed in the West I thought that would be knocked off.

Here's a link to my round one predictions. Not bad not bad..

On to the present...

FINALLY round two. From the Canucks website, here's the GAME PREVIEW and GAME NOTES

Of course you can get it all on THE PEAK, part of the Canucks Radio Network...We've got your pregame show at 5:30, with the puck drop and play-by-play shortly after 6:00pm.

Should be a beauty!

My prediction?

Well, I don't see the 'Nucks clinching the series in Chicago. So I'm thinking Nucks in 5 or 7 games. A coin flip says Nucks in 7. Final answer!

The other series? Wow, there are some beauties.

Wings vs Ducks - Ducks in 6

Caps vs Pens - Caps in 7

Bruins vs Canes Bruins in 5

Alberni Wrestling had their annual awards night last night. I think I have attended 5 or 6 of these nights now, and every year it's the same thing. I'm blown away with how well run and accomplished the club is, and how deep their history is. Another year, another feather in their cap, this time it was Olympian Travis Cross. The full awards list is below.

Congrats to all the athletes, coaches, volunteers, executive, parents, and on and on and on. It's a huge group!

2. Appreciation and Announcements

Coaches – ADSS -John McDonald, Richelle McKenzie, Ryan Dvorak,

Dunn - James Messenger, Russ Bodnar, Alex Magnusson

Neill - Erin Anker, Grant Coates, Jason Wolff, Brandon Coates

NIC - Ivan Diaconu, Travis Cross

NAIG – Preston Charles, Aaron Keitlah

Club - Chris Bodnar, Ashley Cross, Joe Kalugin

Recognition of Olympian Travis Cross

Travis Cross Speaks

Special Coaches Recognition – Gene Spencer and John McDonald

Executive – Tom McEvay, Stu Messenger, Darral Clark, Deb Coates,

Richelle McKenzie, Hubert Vanderlee

Officials Recognition – Patrick McEvay and Richelle McKenzie

3. Middle School Team Awards (Certificates)

Dunn Middle School recognition- won the Valley Dual Meet Challenge

Neill Middle School recognition.

4. Grade 8 Graduates (Certificates)

EJ Dunn

Cody Bauml, Jordie Bodnar, Anthony Fred, Colin Simister, Casey Davidson,

Dakota Sutton

AW Neill

Jonathan Spencer, Graham Villette, Hailee Becket, Shelby Oxley,

Preston Antonelli, Cody Charles, Michael Ferguson, Danika Geddes,

Austin Jaworski, Leviticus Samson, Colton Walton

5. Coaches Recognition (Certificates)

ADSS - Wes Boris, Dustin Haddad, Ashton Lommen-Clayton

Dunn - Lucas Bitter, Nolan Badovinac, Wes Frank, Michel Kurucz,

Corey Rasanen, Nathan Sutherland

Neill- Michael Ferguson, Colton Walton, Leviticus Samson, Austin Jaworski,

Jacob Arcus Jared Beckett, Vanessa Beckett, Bryce Feltrin, Clayton Henderson,

Caden Smith-Stephens Nicholas Young, Lynson Neilson, Cody Charles

6. Masterful Match of the Year (Certificate) – Cody McEvay

7. Comeback of the Year (Certificate) - Kyle Plaunt

8. Top Grade Awards (Certificates)

Grade 6 Remi Wells, Emma Vanderlee, Russell David

Grade 7 - Rhea Wing, Jordan Wagner, Jesse Wagner

Grade 8 - Jordie Bodnar, Dakota Sutton

Grade 9 - Daley Forbes, Cullen Hines

Grade 10 - Brianne Charles, Isaiah Taylor

Grade 11 - Savannah Toth, Cody McEvay

Grade 12 - Michael Cappus

9. Rookies of the Year (Certificate) – Dustin Haddad, Preston Antonelli, Riley Kuxhaus

10 Dark Horse (Certificate) - Austin Evans

11. Diamonds in the Rough (Certificates)

Norman David, Alec Delcourt, Sky Daoust, Brittany Henderson, Colin Simister

12. Service (Certificates)

Kraig Doskotch, Danika Geddes, Cody Charles, Michael Ferguson, Dustin Haddad,

Travis Carey, Emma Vanderlee, Nolan Badovinac, Wes Boris

13. Most Improved Junior (Plaques and Scholarship) - Dakota Sutton

14. Most Improved Senior (Plaque and Scholarship) – Norman David

15. Gold Pin Awards (Team Total 130 )

Austin Evans (20) - Runner-up Isaiah Taylor (17)

Daley Forbes (16) - Runner-up Savannah Toth (14)

16. BC Summer Games (Certificate)

Cullen Hines, Kyle Plaunt, Isaiah Taylor, Jory Cole, Josh Readshaw, Austin Evans

Brittany Henderson, Tasis Pynn, Daley Forbes, Brianne Charles, Kyle Geddes

17. B.C. Placers (Certificates)

Michael Cappus – Gold 70 kg

Jordie Bodnar - Gold 40 kg

Daley Forbes - Silver 69 kg

Kyle Plaunt - Silver 57 kg

Cody McEvay - Bronze 66 kg

Isaiah Taylor - Bronze 78 kg

Austin Evans - 4th 54 kg

Kraig Doskotch - 6th 51 kg

18. Special BC’s Award Michael Cappus (6 times BC placer)

19. National Placers (Certificates)

Cadet - Isaiah Taylor - Gold 76 kg … plus photo and Taylor Scholarship

Daley Forbes – Silver 70 kg

Juvenile - Michael Cappus – Bronze 69 kg ; Savannah Toth – 5th 65 kg

Collegiate - Isaac Wing – Gold 65 kg CIS

Senior - Travis Cross – Gold 84 kg ; Ashlea McManus – 4th 74 kg

20. International Honour Roll

Summer Olympic Games (Beijing, China) Travis Cross

Senior World Championships (Baku, Azerbaijan) – Travis Cross – 8th 84 kg

North American Indigenous Games (Cowichan, Canada)

Isaiah Taylor – 1st 70 kg

Brianne Charles – 1st 60 kg

Preston Charles – Coach

Aaron Keitlah – Coach

Wilma Keitlah - Manager

21. Attendance (Certificates)

College – Travis Carey

Sr. – Norman David, Savannah Toth

Jr. – Remi Wells, Lauren Barker, Jonathan Spencer, Cody Bauml, Anthony Fred

22. Junior Honor Roll (Certificates)

AWN: Chelsey Charlesworth, Jessie Geddes, Sarah Edmonds, Nickolas Young

Lynson Nielson, Rhea Wing, Michael Ferguson, Graham Villette, Danika Geddes

EJD: Nolan Badovinac, Barry Fred, Eric Gill, Enya Graham-Fred, Andrew Quach,

Sophie Vanderlee, Emma Vanderlee, Riley Kuxhaus, Jordie Bodnar, Dean Leyland,

Lyndsey Taylor

23. Junior Academics/Athletics (Plaque and Scholarships)

- Danika Geddes, Eric Gill

24. Senior Honor Roll (Certificates)

ADSS : Daley Forbes, Austin Evans, Cody McEvay, Savannah Toth, Sky Daoust,

Michael Cappus, Christian Hansen

25. Senior Academics/Athletics (Plaque and Scholarships)

Michael Cappus and Cody McEvay

26. Junior Sportsmanship (Plaque and Scholarship) - Jonathan Spencer

27. Character (Plaque and Scholarhip) - Christian Hansen

28. Knights of the Armada (Plaques)

Michael Cappus, Kyle Plaunt, Christian Hansen

29. Special Appreciation (Plaques)

Jack Gilbert, Anne Cappus, Dave Cappus, Buy Low Foods David Turner

30. Leadership (Plaque and Scholarship) – Brandon Coates

31. Most Outstanding North Island College (Plaque and scholarship) – Travis Carey

32. Most Outstanding Juniors (Plaques and Scholarships)

Jordie Bodnar, Jesse Wagner, Jordan Wagner

33. Most Outstanding Seniors (Plaques and scholarships)

Daley Forbes, Savannah Toth, Michael Cappus



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