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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Canucks open playoffs tonight on THE PEAK, Vancouver Giants advance, Golf Talk..

FINALLY, the second season is here, as the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs open up tonight!

Four series open this evening with the Rangers at the Capitals, Carolina at New Jersey, Philly at Pittsburgh and last but not least - the St Louis Blues visit the Vancouver Canucks
Of course 93.3 The Peak will be bringing you the play-by-play of all Canuck playoff games

Check out the preview from the Canucks website HERE

As for my thoughts on the series..... First off, don't expect it to be easy because no series will be easy, there is just too much parity in the NHL. Especially don't expect it to be easy as St. Louis has been extremely hot down the stretch and almost as hot since the All-Star break. And playoffs start from the goalie out. Well Chris Mason is a goalie that can be very hard to beat.

I actually wish that the 'Nucks were playing anyone BUT the Blues.

It isn't that I fear the match up, it's that I am a big fan of what's going on in St. Louis. I have always been a fan of John Davidson, and it's nice to see how quick he turned them around and got them back into the post season. It's also nice to see the fan support they have had there, with a loud and sold out building down the stretch. Canuck fans that haven't paid any attention will certainly see what I mean when the action shifts to St. Lou. The barn has been packed to the tune of 19,500 people I think, and it has been crazy loud.

I like seeing teams have success when their cities are 100% behind them, as opposed to teams winning when their own buildings aren't even sold out and their cities couldn't even care about the NHL or hockey in general.

They care BIG TIME about the Blues and the NHL in St. Louis again.



The rest of my predictions -

Capitals in SIX.

Carolina in SEVEN.

Pittsburgh in FIVE.

Blackhawks in SIX.

Bruins in SEVEN. I had Habs in seven, but chickened out.

Blue Jackets in SEVEN.

Sharks in FIVE.

Wow, what a Game 7 last night as the Vancouver Giants and Spokane Chiefs took a 0-0 tie into overtime. Coming off double OT in Game 6, and quadruple OT in game 5, I had a feeling that last night's OT would be a short one....That proved to be the case as Nick Ross gave Vancouver the win early in sudden death.

Some sweet pics, off the facebook of my good friend Eddie Gregory. Eddie of course is the play-by-play voice of the Burnaby Express. Check out his blog - the link is on the right - or click this link - Burnaby Expressions

The celebration after the winner....Man you had a great seat for that Eddie.

A great crowd at the Pacific Coliseum

The Giants play the Kelowna Rockets for the Western Conference Championship. No word yet whether SHAW will be carrying that series, or the Calgary Hitmen vs. Brandon WheatKings series for the Eastern Championship. I gotta cheer for the home-province team - GO WHEATIES.

On this side of things, go G-Men!

UPDATE - Gregg Drinnan reports on his blog TAKING NOTE, that SHAW will be staying out West, covering the Kelowna vs. Vancouver series.

GOLF TALK.... A great 9 holes for me yesterday at the Alberni Golf Club. A further tinkering of my swing and equipment has continued to help me. Yesterday was the consistently inconsistent round. I'd hit it huge up the middle, or throw a nice approach shot in there. Then I'd snap hook on in the woods or flub it. So it was a day of several pars (awesome!) and several triples. But all in all a fun day and the course is continuing to get in better and better shape everyday.

Special thanks to CPGA Professional Bruce MacDonald for allowing me to hit some demo clubs to continue to find the one that's right for me.

And a big thanks to assistant CPGA Pro Brian Rands for his help on the weekend getting me some new spikes. It was pretty funny actually, I walked in and tried to buy some spikes, and he said "let me see your shoes" and then he quickly wished that he hadn't asked. The spikes were all worn so bad he could barely get them out and get the new ones in. Long story short, he ended up giving me one of his old pairs of shoes, as he said "They keep giving me pairs, I must have about 15 lying around" THANKS BRIAN! As they say, your swing has to start with a good foundation, or something like that!

My dad is visiting from Manitoba, starting today. Needless to say, he'll be a huge regular out at the course for the next while!

That's it for now.....GO NUCKS GO!



Eddie Gregory said...

Row 9 buddy... It just seemed like a blur the game winning goal. I just remember Zabo w/ the pass to Ross, the tip and seeing it hit the roof of the net. I didn't initially know who shot it or that Nunn was in front or who it was tipped off of. It was an announced crowd of 10 800 in there... There was no way it was that low. Barn was pretty much full.

Hammer said...

I'm jealous Eddie that must've been fun!