Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tall Ships in the Alberni Inlet- 2008 Festival of Sails...enough pictures to choke a pirate!!

Wow, what an evening! For the first time (if you can believe it) I got to see Port Alberni from the WATER! Incredibly, I have never before been in a boat in the Inlet.

Huge thanks to Shiggy, AKA MIKE from Six Gill Adventures for taking us on the water to tour the ships for the purpose of getting some great pictures and videos for the blog!

I am READY FOR BED right now, but first I will post some pictures directly on the blog...I will then post a link below that will open into a photo album so you can review all of the pictures in large sizes and great quality.

These pictures are NOT FOR SALE and NOT FOR REUSE but just my own personal pictures.

Please do me ONE FAVOR....Do not complain about the quality of my pictures! I am a huge rookie amateur picture taker, and I use a simple, cheap, low quality camera. Point, click, voila. Throw me in a bouncing Zodiak and my bad pictures get WORSE!

I hope you appreciate the work put in to getting all these pictures off the camera and on here for you to see, no matter how they look.

I also hope you appreciate the vantage point as much as I did. Thanks a HUGE THANKS again to Six Gill Adventures for giving me the adventure of a lifetime! I was giddy like a school boy to go to this today!

I will also work on a VIDEO that I will embed on the blog in the future. Don't expect it too quick, bed time remember?

Some favorite pics first!

Paul knows where the STAR is. I say the STAR because the Bounty attracts lots of attention for being a historical vessel while also being a movie star- Most recently Pirates of the Caribbean II, and, yes, Sponge Bob Squarepants.

The Hawaiian Cheiftan chases the Lynx in the Gun Battles...
My boatmates: Lynn, Celeste, Little Paul, Sarah, Keith, Big Paul, Jolie, Shig, and two fellows from Ontario that also were on the ride. Sorry guys I can't remember your name but I hope you email me from the card I gave you so you can see my pictures and we can also see yours! Cool story, the one guy just bought a place here and LOVES it. I know, what is not to love right?
This is me and 93.3 THE PEAK afternoon drive host Jolie McMullan.
And her better half and my good friend Paul. Look at the true worker hands on him.

Below- V.I. FRIES. Home of many yummy things- I suggest the TWISTED TATERS. I ran into these guys at the MotoCross last Friday. They say that they believe that they are the best new chip truck running and that they are proud to be Port Alberni owned and operated!
Upon closer zoom if you missed it.....They are rocking the NEW PEAK STICKER on the truck!! Thanks guys and gals!
And a final thanks again to Mike aka Shiggy from Six Gill Adventures!

Now- My huge photoset from today can be viewed by clicking the below link. You can click on the pictures and MAKE THEM BIG and then even bigger by ALL SIZES.

The quickest and most convenient way to look at all the pictures might be to click the slideshow link after you have navigated to the photoset- by clicking the link below


(Hopefully this method works better as some were having problems going directly from this blog to the slideshow......Thanks Kris and Maggie for the feedback on that, it is much appreciated!)

I know some of you need it super easy and right here on the blog but it would be a HUGE chose to post all those pictures!

So just enjoy it this way....pretty please!



kris said...

unless the slideshow is a bunch of pics you took in complete darkness without flash then it didnt work for me

Maggie said...

Worked for me on my second attempt. Some great pictures there Hammer. Must of been fun to be out on the water looking at the ships.
I took in some Girls Provincial fastpitch today. Excellent ball! Some really tight games. Probably take in some more Sunday after I watch the ships sail away.
Ahh! Summer is great in the Alberni Valley.

kris said...

it didnt work with firefox but it worked in internet explorer