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Friday, May 06, 2016

Hat trick of great news items from the Bulldogs, Alberni Wrestling Awards



May 6, 2016

Port Alberni, BC – The Alberni Valley Bulldogs are very proud to announce that Bulldogs’ captain Eric Margo has committed to the CIS Queen’s University Gaels for the 2016/17 season.

Margo played two full seasons with the Alberni Valley Bulldogs, appearing in 112 regular season games over the 2014/15 and 2015/16 seasons. He put up 51 points in regular season play and another 3 points in 12 playoff appearances.

Margo’s hard work and physical nature, along with timely goals, gave him the ability to change the momentum of a game, as Bulldogs’ fans experienced over the last two seasons. He’s a great addition by the Queen’s University Gaels.

“We’re very excited for Eric’s next step in life and hockey at Queen’s,” said Bulldogs’ head coach and general manager Kevin Willison. “His hard work and great attitude has paid off.”

“I’m excited for the opportunity to further my hockey career and education at Queen’s University,” said Eric Margo. “I can’t wait to get started.”

Eric gave his best on the ice and in the Alberni Valley community each and every day. We wish Eric all the best at Queen’s and with all his future endeavors.

For further information or comment on the above story please contact Alberni Valley Bulldogs’ head coach and general manager Kevin Willison


Very happy for Eric - awesome stuff! 

Moving on...

Kevin Willison and Adam Hayduk were guests at the Alberni Wrestling Awards night on Tuesday - read more from the Bulldog website HERE

While we're on the topic, here's the award winners...

            Appreciation and Announcements

Thank you to coaches - John McDonald, Jeanette Badovinac, Russ Bodnar, Ryan Dvorak, Chris Bodnar, Travis Cross,  Richelle McKenzie, Owen Coulthart, Mark Price, Erin Anker, Jen Johnson, James Messenger

Thank you to the teachers and coaches who helped make our Elementary program so successful – Jen Johnson, Erin Anker, James Messenger, Travis Cross, Chris Bodnar, Jan Davidson, Sarah Williams, Ernie Netzer, Trevor Little, Mike Mahovlic,

Congratulations ADSS Boys and Girls – Third BCSSWA Aggregate Championship 2016 plus ADSS Boys Wrestling Team Island Champions for the 29th time in the past 33 years.

  • Comeback of the Year (Certificate) – Noah Stampeen      

  • Rookie of the Year  (Certificate) – Lane Harris

  • Top Grade Awards  (Certificates)

      • Grade 8    - Anna Frost, Owen Spencer and Seth Price
      • Grade 9    - Mackenzie Boudreau and Jayce Clayton
      • Grade 10  - Isaac McDonald, Aaron Badovinac
      • Grade 11  - Morgan Dagenais and Trevor Barker 

  • Dark Horse  (Certificate)  -   Kyla McAuley

  • Diamonds in the Rough  (Certificates) – Ethan Tramer, Mackenzie Boudreau and Scott Coulthart

  • Wrestlers of the Week  (Certificates)
  • November 5  - Jayce Clayton
  • November 12 – Daniel Spencer
  • November 19 – Isaac McDonald
  • December 3 – Jayce Clayton
  • December 17 – Aaron Badovinac
  • December 24 - Trevor Barker
  • December 31 – Owen Spencer
  • January 7 – William Merry
  • January 14 – Seth Price
  • January 21 – Lane Harris
  • January 28 – Trenton Vanderkooi
  • February 18 – Mackenzie Boudreau

  • Service  - Keiyana Sterling

  • Most Improved Junior  (Plaque plus Bursary)   - Jayce Clayton

·         Most Improved Senior  (Plaque plus Bursary) – Kiarra Fong         

  • Coaches Recognition    - Darien Van Ingen, Duncan McLeod, Jarod Gagnon

  • Gold Pin Awards  (Plaques and Buraries)  (Team171) – Kiarra Fong (11) and Isaac McDonald (20)

  • Western Canada Summer Games Gold Medal Team BC -  (Certificates)         

              Seth Price – Individual Silver Medal
             Aaron Badovinac – Individual Gold Medal

  • BCSSWA Placers 2016  (Certificates)        

  • Aaron Badovoinac  - 2nd at 70 kg
  • Isaac McDonald      – 3rd at 54 kg
  • Ravi Manhas           - 3rd at 41 kg
  • Kyla McAuley         - 3rd at 110 kg
  • Kiarra Fong              - 5th at 54 kg
  • Morgan Dagenais     - 5th at 57 kg
  • Seth Price                 - 5th at 45 kg
  • Trevor Barker           - 5th at 48 kg
  • Kylea Anderson       - 6th at 90 kg
  • Owen Spencer          - 6th at 51 kg                                                                             

  • National Placers 2016 (Certificates)

      • Cadet         -  Isaac McDonald   - 2nd 54 kg Cadet Men’s Freestyle
          • Aaron Badovinac  - 2nd 69 kg Cadet Men’s Greco
          • Isaac McDonald   –  2nd 54 kg FILA Cadet Men
          • Ravi Manhas        -  3rd  42 kg Cadet Men’s Greco
          • Daniel Spencer     - 5th 76 kg Cadet Men’s Greco
          • Kiarra Fong           - 5th 52 kg FILA Cadet Women’s Freestyle

      • Juvenile      - Morgan Dagenais  - 3rd 56 kg Juvenile Women’s Greco           

      • Junior       - Nolan Badovinac   - 2nd at 84 kg Junior Men’s Freestyle                                      

  • Attendance  (Certificates) 

          Aaron Badovinac, Daniel Spencer, Isaac McDonald, Trevor Barker, Jayce Clayton,
                      Ravi Manhas, Owen Spencer

  • Aaron Keitlah Attendance Award  (Plaque and Bursary) – Aaron Badovinac

  • International Honour Roll (Certificate) – Aaron Badovinac - Bronze US Northwest Regionals

  • Junior Honor Roll  (Certificates)

                   Anna Frost, Circe Campbell, Duncan McLeod, Jarod Gagnon, Jayce Clayton, Kyla McAuley
                               Kylea Anderson, Mackenzie Boudreau, Madeline Duperron, Owen Spencer, Prateesh Giri,
                              Scott Coulthart, Seth Price, William Merry, Jayden Iverson (Principals)

  • Junior Academics/Athletics  (Plaque plus Bursary)     -  Jayden Iverson                         

  • Senior Honor Roll  (Certificates)                                                                            

                     Isaac McDonald (Principals), Aaron Badovinac (Principals), Ravi Manhas, Kiarra Fong,
                                Trevor Barker, Morgan Dagenais, Lane Harris, Trenton Vanderkooi

  • Senior Academics/Athletics  (Plaques plus Bursaries) – Aaron Badovinac, Isaac McDonald

  • Junior Sportsmanship  (Plaque plus Bursary)     -  William Merry

  • Character  (Plaque plus Bursary)     -   Trenton Vanderkooi

  •  True Grit  (Certificates) – Daniel Spencer, Kylea Anderson, Mackenzie Boudreau, Seth Price

  •  Special Appreciation  (Plaques) – Patrick McEvay, Mike Roberts and Darral Clark

  • Leadership  - Entire ADSS Team

  • Unsung Dedication (Certificates) – Prateesh Giri and Miranda Barker

  • Most Outstanding Juniors  (Plaques plus Bursaries) – Mckenzie Boudreau and Owen Spencer

  • Most Outstanding Senior Female  (Plaque plus Bursary) – Morgan Dagenais

  • Most Outstanding Senior Males  (Plaques plus Bursaries) – Aaron Badovinac and Isaac McDonald  

Last but certainly not least, huge congrats to Bulldogs Assistant Coach/Assistant GM Adam Hayduk for leading his team to victory at the U16 BC Cup, on short notice no less. Read more HERE

Way to go Adam, Eric, and all the Alberni Wrestlers!


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