Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Bulldogs Year End Awards Banquet

Great job by everyone organizing the season ending banquet last night. Always bittersweet to end the season but also look back on the year that was. 

Accept my apologies, as I took pictures of every single individual award winner with their trophy and the Coaches but the blog apparently has eaten them somewhere into cyber space. I tried to publish this initially from the Rugby Club immediately at the conclusion of the final award last night but with just a single bar of cell service it wouldn't work...I even stuck my arm outside when the Captains were talking to try that, to no avail! 

Rookie of the Year
Nathan Dingmann 

Top Scorer
Chris Schutz 

Most Improved Player
Tristan Bukovec

Academic Player - High School
Cayden Kraus

Academic Player - College 
Quinn Syrydiuk 95%!

Most Valuable Player 
Chris Schutz 

Most Sportsmanlike Player 
Jordan Sandhu 

Best Defenceman
Garrett Halls 

Community Hero 
Garrett Halls 

Humanitarian Award 
Quinn Syrydiuk 

Unsung Hero 
Eric Margo 

Unsung Hero 
Rick Schievink 

Coaches Award 
Liam Conrad 

Port Alberni Port Authority Fan Choice Award 
Chris Schutz 

20 year olds 


Barb said...

Thanks, Hammer!!

Kaicee said...

I will make a video slide show of the pictures I took and you can post it on your blog for those who weren't there. Thanks for all your hard work and dedication from season to season!