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Friday, September 12, 2014

Clippers top Bulldogs 6-1, rematch tomorrow at Dog Pound

evening from the Frank Crane Arena... Updates to follow ... Let's start with a line up!

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Not a good start for the Bulldogs, as they give up a 2 on 1 rush in the opening seconds - they dodge a bullet as the shot hits the bar and stays out. Seconds later they give up another odd-man rush as Eric Rempal walks in alone on net where he goes top corner, far side over the glove of Nathan Warren. Yanni Kaldis picks up the only assist :55 seconds in.

Clippers take a 2-0 lead at the 7:18 mark on a nice feed out front to the slot for Jake Wozney from Anthony Rinaldi. Shots are 9-3 Clippers, and they have definitely carried the bulk of the play.

Score after 20 minutes 2-0 Clippers, shots favor the Clippers 12-4.

Clippers are 0 for 3 on the power play. Bulldogs didn't get a power play. Bulldogs certainly deserved a chance, but the officials have done a reasonably good job of maintaining order when tempers seem to be a little high.


 No scoring in the second period so far, 7:00 in. Shots 16-10 Clippers.

ROLL CALL time - add a comment - is anyone reading these updates, and should I keep doing them? Where are you checking the blog from?

UPDATE - Midway point of the game, still 2-0, shots 18-13 in favour of Nanaimo. Clippers change goalies, Cameron Pateman comes out, Jacob Severson comes in.

Clippers take a 3-0 lead on the power play as the Bulldogs lose their discipline a bit. Jacob Hanlon gets credit for the goal as it appeared a point shot hit traffic in front. Sean Buchanan picks up the assist at 13:20.

The Bulldogs take yet another penalty on the ensuing shift, but kill the bulk of it off before the Clippers take a penalty. Just as four-on-four hockey ends and the Dogs go to the power play, they find the score board as Kurt Gosselin drives down the wing and in on goal where he slides one through Severson. Scottie Clark picks up the only assist at 15:34 of the second.

Immediately afterwards, yet another Bulldog penalty. Clippers going to their sixth advantage, leading the game 3-1 with 3:44 to play in the second. 

Clippers score on the power play to go up 4-1 as a fluttering puck is swung at and missed by a Bulldog defender but perfectly bunted on net by Devin Brosseau through the legs of Nathan Warren. Assists on the play went to Sean Buchanan and Spencer Hewson at 16:59 to make it 4-1 Clippers.

On the next shift, the Clippers are penalized. With a power play pending, a Bulldog gives an excuse me tap to the back of a Clipper. By the letter of the rule book, a penalty, but not a lot of discretion shown by the Referee. Having said that, don't give the Referee a chance to give you a penalty - some have shown that they have a track record that they barely need a reason to give you a soft one. Better discipline is needed - as soft as the call was.

Second period ends with the Clippers up 4-1, and leading the shots 26-20.

Clippers are 2 for 6 on the power play, Bulldogs are 1 for 2.

I'm somewhat surprised no one posted a comment must be all watching the Pay-Per-View Broadcast!


No update in the scoring, 5:54 into the third period. Bulldogs are going on their third power play of the frame. They just had a 5 on 3 advantage. The Officials have given them every opportunity to get back into this one, but they have yet to capitalize.

Clippers score on the power play to take a 5-1 lead at 8:24 of the third on a nice cross-ice set up finished off by Edwin Hookenson. Assists on the play went to Brendan Taylor and Jake Jackson at 8:24 of the third.

One item of mention, both teams  began the third period with five defenceman as Troy Dobbs was ejected along with Brett Roulston for a second period dust-up.  

More rough stuff on the shift after the Clippers goal. Tempers are really high - not sure why, maybe just impatience to get the season really going. There certainly isn't much to be gained, and lots to be lost at this time of year when it comes to the rough stuff, just my 2 cents!

It appears the Bulldogs are now down to four defenceman as Darian Henry was just ejected, presumably for his part in an after-the-whistle skirmish.

Clippers take a 6-1 lead late in the game when Sheldon Rempal walks in on net and slides one past a prone Nathan Warren. Nicholas Carrier with the helper at 15:35.

There would be no scoring the rest of the way, with the final shots favouring the Clippers 42-40.

I had the Bulldogs at 1 for 7 on the power play and the Clippers at 3 for 7.

The teams meet Saturday night at the Dog Pound for the rematch to conclude the Exhibition schedule.

Thanks for following along tonight! I got some emails - but no comments...with the email feedback I have changed some settings so hopefully it's easier to leave comments now!



rick schievink said...

Hi Hammer...yup, always read your blog! signed in on the iPad. No other info available that i can find. dont stop now! took a bit of searching to track down the comment button?

Hammer said...

Thanks Ricky great to hear from ya!

Rick Bowles said...

We Read the Blog faithfully and watch almost all the games online or in person when possible. You do a great job and we appreciate the effort. Rick Bowles

Anonymous said...

Hey Hammer, Still reading and enjoying your blog. Thankyou.
Tim and Donna Strand

Cheryl Christopoulos said...

Following your blog from Raleigh, NC. Thanks for all the updates!!!

Anonymous said...

We always check out your blogs after the games:) Keep on blogging!
Monica & Fred Tironese

Hammer said...

Great to hear from everyone! Looking for great things out of Zack Rick.... Tim and Donna....miss Tryg already and miss you guys around the rink, very cool that you are still following along. I promise a copy of the alumni interview when we get that done! Cheryl - isn't the internet great...alot of miles from here to Raleigh....and Fred and Monica...well it's pretty cool that the blog serves a purpose as well even if you are just on the other side of the hump!

Thanks everyone!