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Friday, May 02, 2014

S'Port Alberni busy this weekend....Alberni Wrestling Awards, Bulldogs Spring Camp II in Osoyoos

A very busy weekend in S'Port Alberni!

The Alberni Valley Track Club is holding their annual meet at Bob Dailey tomorrow and's a note from them.

This weekend the Alberni Valley Track Club will be hosting our annual Bob Dailey Track Meet on May 3rd and 4th at the Bob Dailey Stadium (proud of our new track surface and revitalization!!!) We have athletes from all over Vancouver Island and Mainland attending our meet. On Saturday at 1pm we will all be cheering on a male athlete from Comox who will be throwing Javelin in hopes to make the standard for World Jr’s. Come out, watch and support all these amazing athletes!!!

The Alberni Golf Club's Junior Program Open House goes tomorrow from 1pm to 3pm. Here's my thoughts on it from the blog on Wednesday....

Assistant Pro Brian Rands and all his volunteer teachers do a fantastic job at not only introducing kids to the game, but also fine tuning those that have been playing for a while. It must be incredibly gratifying for everyone that has a hand in teaching these kids as young juniors when they go on to the NCAA/CIS and compete in National and International events! Get your kids out to the club this Saturday.

There's also Soccer action at the Echo and ADSS Armada Fields with the 50th playing of the Island Invitational Cup in town

The 50th Island Invitational Cup goes this weekend at Echo Fields and the Armada Turf Field.
Top Soccer teams from Comox, Campbell River, Powell River, Cowichan, Nanaimo and Victoria will be competing for the coveted Island Invitational Cup. Please come out and watch the top male and female soccer players on the island on Saturday May 3rd

Game times are 10, noon, 2 and 4 pm

The Bulldogs Coaching and Support Staff have a very busy weekend as they are on the ice for their second Spring Identification Camp in as many weeks today through Sunday in Osoyoos.

A great indication at the effort put in by the Staff to make the team competitive, as they search high and low, far and wide for players who can make the club and make a difference next year and in the future.

The team responded recently in regards to their Port Alberni Spring Camp - read that story HERE

Alberni Wrestling had their awards night last night - here's some of the winners.

Team Awards (Certificates Presented by Coaches)                                                                                            

·         Neill   - several top 3 finishes                                                                                                              
·         Dunn  - several top 3 finishes and Valley Middle School Champions                                                                                                      
·         ADSS                                                                                                                  

5.         Grade 8 Graduates (Certificates)                                                                                   

·         Dunn - Aaron Badovinac, Ravi Manhas, Isaac McDonald, Shaunine D’Andrea
·         Neill - Leonard Nookemis, Daniel Spencer, Shane Leeper

6.         Coaches Recognition                                                                                                       
·        Dunn - Philip Broadbent, Daniel Marriott, Ethan Tramer, Darien Van Ingen, Jayden Iversen

·         Neill - Daniel Spencer, Cade Neuwirth, Lily Timothy, Kiarra Charlesworth, Kodi Van Den Broek, Leonard Nookemis, Owen Spencer, Ripley Janzen, Scott Coulthart, Seth Price, Shane Leeper, Spencer Lutar

·         ADSS -Russell David, Isabella Jones

7.         Wrestler of the Week   (Certificates)

Jordan Wagner – November 7
Jarred Beckett – November 14
Dean Leyland – November 21
Christian Anderson – November 28
Aaron Badovinac – December 5
Lauren Barker – December 12
Jesse Wagner – December 24
Scott Coulthart – January 16
Isaac McDonald – January 23
Trevor Barker – January 30
Emma McGowan – February 13
Michel Kurucz – February 20

8.        Come Back of the Year (Certificate) – David Wilson                    

11.       Top Grade Awards  (Certificates)
                        Grade 6   Seth Price, Anna Frost
                        Grade 7    - Ally Flaro, Jayce Clayton
                        Grade 8    -  Aaron Badovinac, Isaac McDonald
                        Grade 9    -  Morgan Dagnais, Trevor Barker
                        Grade 10  -  Oliver Witham
                        Grade 11  -  Remi Wells, Nolan Badovinac
                        Grade 12  - Jesse Wagner, Jordan Wagner

12.       Rookie of the Year  (Certificate) – Emma McGowan

13.       Diamonds in the Rough  (Certificates)

·          Dean Fyfe, Kylea Anderson, Johannes Kulich

16.       Service  (Certificates)

Nolan Badovinac, Aaron Badovinac, Isaac McDonald, Ravi Manhas, Lauren Barker, Trevor Barker, Emma Vanderlee, Seth Price, Morgan Dagenais

18.       Most Improved Juniors  (Plaques)  Jayce Clayton and Mackenzie Boudreau

19.       Most Improved Senior  (Plaque)        David Wilson

20.       Gold Pin Awards  (Team Total  129 )
·         Boys – Dean Leyland – 12
·         Girls – Remi Wells - 16

23.       B.C. Placers  (Certificates)  

Jesse Wagner 1st 54kg
Jordan Wagner 2nd 57kg
Remi Wells 2nd 57kg
Michel Kurucz 4th 60kg
Dean Leyland 4th 74kg
Isaac McDonald 5th 41k
Christian Anderson 6th 90kg

24.       Canada Games  (Certificate) – Nolan Badovinac 3rd Individually 2nd Team

25.       National Placers  (Certificates)

·         Jesse Wagner (2nd 54kg Greco),
·         Jordan Wagner (2nd 58kg Greco)
·         Michel Kurucz (2nd 56kg Greco)
·         Jesse Wagner (3rd 54kg Freestyle)
·         Jordan Wagner (4th 58kg Freestyle)

26.       Attendance  (Certificates) 

·         ADSS – Michel Kurucz, Nolan Badovinac, Jarred Beckett, Johannes Kulich, Dean Leyland, Lauren Barker, Jesse Wagner, Jordan Wagner.

·         Dunn – Aaron Badovinac, Darian VanIngen, Miranda Barker, Anna Frost, William Merry, Ravi Manhas, Naqui Devlin, Isaac McDonald, Jarod Gagnon, Skylar White

·         Neill - Daniel Spencer, Owen Spencer, Shane Leeper, Leonard Nookemis, Kenji Boyko, Scott Coulthart, Spencer Lutar

27.       Aaron Keitlah Attendance Award  - (Plaque)  

·         Nolan Badovinac, Jarred Beckett, Johannes Kulich, Dean Leyland.

28.       Junior Honor Roll  (Certificates)

AWN:  Kiarra Charlesworth , Ripley Janzen  Scott Coulthart, Seth Price, Cade Neuwirth,
Lily Timothy
·         EJD:   Jenna Sportak, Miranda Barker, Hunter Cootes, Daniel Marriott, Nevada Grist,
Jayce Clayton, William Merry, Jarod Gagnon, Aaron Badovinac, Isaac McDonald,
                       Anna Frost, Jayden Iversen, Olivia Zanette, Sophie Saunders

29.       Junior Academics/Athletics  (Plaque and Bursary)     -    Aaron Badovinac

30.       Senior Honor Roll  (Certificates)                                                                            

·         ADSS : David Wilson, Emma McGowan, Christian Anderson, Jesse Wagner, Michel Kurucz
Nolan Badovinac, Oliver Witham, Darryn Lockwood, Lauren Barker, Johannes Kulich,
Jordan Wagner, Dean Leyland, Emma Vanderlee, Trevor Barker, Mathew Grimston, Bella Jones

31.       Senior Academics/Athletics  (Plaque and Bursary) – Nolan Badovinac

32.       Junior Sportsmanship  (Plaque and Bursaries)  -   Shane Leeper and Jarod Gagnon

33.       Character  (Plaques and Bursaries) - Jarred Beckett and Lauren Barker

34.       Knights of the Armada  (Plaques and Bursaries):

·         Jesse Wagner, Jordan Wagner, Christian Anderson.

35.       Special Appreciation  (Plaque) – Lee Gibson SD70 Transportation Department

36.       Leadership Award  ( Plaques and Bursaries) – Nolan Badovinac and Jordan Wagner

37.       Junior Leadership Award (Certificate) – Daniel Spencer

38.      Most Outstanding Juniors  (Plaques and Bursaries)

·         Girls – Ally Flaro
·         Boys – Aaron Badovinac and Isaac McDonald

39.       Most Outstanding Seniors  (Plaques and Bursaries)

·         Girls – Remi Wells
·         Boys – Jesse Wagner, Jordan Wagner  **

40.      Educated Wrestler Scholarships (Bursaries)

·         Jordan Wagner and Christian Anderson

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