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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Selanne's farewell, Gold in the Net GOLF, Daniel Sedin hit/injury, Live at SLAMMERS today

Pretty nice moment last night in Anaheim as Teemu Selanne played his final Regular Season game and then took a victory lap at the end before grabbing a friend - check out the video.

I can attest to the comment about Selanne being a great person in the community...for the last couple of years, I have been the Emcee for the Gold in the Net Golf Classic that benefits the Aaron Cornwell Memorial Scholarship Fund. Part of the event includes a Live and Silent Auction of jerseys, equipment and memorabilia to raise funds. Over the last couple of years there have been jerseys from Rick Nash and Hendrik Lunqvist, just to name a few. Those jerseys come with a "Certificate of Authenticity" from the team. Aaron's parents always get a couple of jerseys from the ducks, and included in that in the past has been a Teemu Selanne jersey, but no certificate of authenticity. Aaron's Dad last year addressed the crowd and said "Here's your certificate of authenticity - Teemu invited us to come to his house and accept the jersey from his Wife's hands right at the front door" Pretty authentic to me!

Hopefully you can make it out to the tournament coming up - always a tonne of fun, and for a great cause!

Daniel Sedin was taken off the ice on a stretcher last night after taking a hit from behind. I'm curious your thoughts on the incident. In my opinion, it's remarkably similar to the hit Tryg Strand put on Travis Stephens in the final moments of Game 6 of the Coastal Semi Final.

Sedin is first to the puck, Byron trails him. The SECOND that Sedin touches the puck, he immediately STOPS. What else can Byron do here?

I DO NOT want to see players hurt. I DO NOT want to see players take runs at other players from  behind.

I had to get that out there first.

Just as passionately - I DO NOT want to see hitting taken out of the game. This is a contact sport. You need to first and foremost protect yourself. With the way trends are continuing in the game, more and more hits like this are seeing the hitter taking all responsibility while the receiver takes none, and in my opinion, certainly deserves to take some responsibility for how it all went down.

Kids - please don't win a race for the puck to the corner and immediately, instantly STOP. Chances are, someone is going to hammer you from behind if you do that. It's not that they have the intention to hammer you from behind, or even hit you, but they don't know you are going to immediately stop and don't expect you to immediately stop. The game is way too fast to allow players to not think about self preservation.

Just my two cents!

I'll be Live On Location today at Slammers Gym on 6th Avenue from 10am to 2pm so be sure to come and check out their new facility. I went and took a tour when Jolie was On Location there for The Peak a couple weeks back and I was impressed!


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