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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Thursday, March 06, 2014

VIDEO - Pretty tough, pretty gutsy.

This play in my opinion shows what the Playoffs are all about, and how tough hockey players can be. A very big turning point in last night's game. Given that it's a series, any turning point of a game could be the turning point of a series as well.

Zak Bowles takes a dump in off the face. A pretty scary play, where I was surprised that there wasn't a whistle by any of the four Officials, as the Dogs touched the puck almost immediately afterwards. Listening to the Grizzlies Broadcasters, they were also surprised that there wasn't a whistle and it appeared as nasty to them as it did to Bruce and I.

Maybe a whistle would have came, if Bowles would have stayed down on the ice. He refused to, and instead got up, bleeding all the way to the bench. The payoff to his team was immediate, as Craig Martin finishes the rebound on the Mitch Makin breakaway, for the first Bulldog lead of the series.

I gave credit to Bowles after the game for being tough and getting up. He said that someone yelled at him (he thought it was maybe Tryg Strand) "GET UP!!" 4

Thank goodness he did. Great leadership and heart shown all around.

What a beauty series of events, and a very small but very appropriate example of how the Bulldogs played last night. It's just one win and one game, but it's a great small example of what it takes to win in the big picture.

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