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Please visit the links and support my friends and supporters!!!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Georgeson/Makin POW mentions, , Dogs awesome in the community, $5 tickets/Food Drive Saturday

Well, that was a fun weekend, wasn't it? Two big wins, 12 goals scored, 4 goals allowed, and most importantly, four big points. Congrats to Justin Georgeson and Mitch Makin, who picked up Honorable Mentions for the BCHL's Player of the Week award - more details HERE

The players, staff, Coaching Staff, and everyone involved in the Bulldog family have done a pretty incredible job in this very tough first half of the season. Staying positive, and continuing to believe in one another and the process, are the biggest factors in my opinion that has seen this group go from 10 points and upwards out of a Playoff spot to all of a sudden just 2 points back.

Much has been accomplished but at the same time, nothing has been accomplished yet besides narrowing the gap. So keep at it everyone and know that the incredible effort to get to this point only has to be even better going forward! It's been fun to watch and be a part of over the last while.

I was very happy to receive this picture this morning...the first of many stops around the community for the Bulldogs to deliver all the Teddy Bears thrown on the ice Friday against Cowichan. The Dogs will visit Hospitals, Care Homes, those less fortunate, etc etc.

I'm very glad this is just a picture, and not a video, as I'm not sure how in-tune the guys are as they were singing Christmas Carols when it was taken. Kidding, of course!

The Dogs were also involved in the "Battle of the Badges" game on Saturday. I sadly couldn't make it, as I had a wedding to attend...I heard great things from all parties involved about the Bulldog involvement, and I then received this awesome email yesterday from the Port Alberni Association for Community Living Executive Director Craig Summers...

Hi Evan,

I’m hoping that you would be able to do me a huge favor, if at all possible,  the next time you broadcast the Bulldogs game? Could you please announce, or make reference to, the remarkable support the Bulldogs provided to the Battle of the Badges charity hockey game that took place on December 7th?

The event was a huge success in large part by the participation of the Bulldogs and it would be great to hear them thanked publicly at a home game for their contribution to the community and community events…their support was truly amazing and appreciated!

Thanks so much on behalf of the Port Alberni ACL foundation and the Bulldogs biggest fan club.


Ps…Jolie was also a great support at the game as well and promo’s provided by 93.3 The Peak were also very appreciated!

(Craig also offered the below note back when I replied to him if I could put his note on the blog)

Hi Evan,

Yes, please feel free to use this in your blog. As I eluded to in my email, I was truly impressed with the players and coaches and how genuinely supportive, interactive and approachable they were in assisting us in this event. 

Our participants (Adults with developmental disabilities) hold the Bulldogs in the highest regard and they sure were not disappointed. My staff and volunteers also commented to me several times how impressed they were with the Bulldogs organization.

Thanks a lot!

Now THAT is what being involved in your community is all about! 

This has been going on around the league for a while now, and it's finally the Alberni Valley's turn to show what we are all about, the Fivehole for Food Challenge! Bring your non-perishables to the game this Saturday and compete against other cities around the BCHL to see who can bring in the most food! Show 'em what you are made of Bulldog fans!

This season, the BCHL is teaming up with Five Hole for Food to assist on a goal for local food banks around B.C. Every club in the league will be hosting a night for the team and its fans, sponsors and boosters to raise as much food and gather as many donations as possible. The idea is for each team to outdo the others so, as a league, we can raise the maximum amount of food for food banks and the families that rely on them year round.


 It's tough to fill the rink this time of year with all the Christmas parties and events around town, combined with everyone spending a bunch of cash to get all the items on everyone's Wish better time of year to bring back the "Pack the Plex" pricing! 

That's right, this Saturday, all tickets for the Dogs vs Grizzlies game are just $5.00, that's right FIVE BUCKS!!

Pack the shack, tell your friends, your enemies, your inlaws/outlaws etc and lets get the barn full!


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